425 DX News issue #720

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                              425 DX News #720
                              19 February 2005
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

>>> 3Y0X POSTPONED UNTIL 2006 <<<

The team had to change the point of embarkation from Punta Arenas (Chile)  to
Ushuaia (Argentina) and planned to set sail on 18 February, with a  shortened
operating period (from 24 February to 3 March) on Peter I. At 1 AM local time
on 17 February  the team learned  that their charter  vessel, the  "Cavendish
Sea", had not yet sailed from the port of Comodoro Rivadavia and had  delayed
their arrival until Sunday, with a  projected Monday departure. "This  latest
delay on  top  of numerous  previous  delays", Bob  Allphin/K4UEE  and  Ralph
Fedor/K0IR say, "simply  makes it  impossible for  us to  spend a  sufficient
amount of time on Peter I to justify the DXpedition this year".

5T      - The 5T0CW  team [425DXN  711]  now includes  Phil/G3SWH,  Jim/G3RTE,
          Jean/ON8RA, Harry/ON4HVO  and Nicolas/5T5SN.  They will  operate  on
          160-6 metres  CW and  SSB from  Nuachachott, Mauritania  between  24
          February and 4  March 2005. QSL  via G3SWH, direct  or bureau.  [TNX
5Z      - Enrico, IV3SBE is currently working in  Kenya and has just  received
          his 5Z4ES licence. He plans  to operate during  the weekends on  80,
          40, 20, 15, 12  and 10 metres  SSB. QSL via  bureau to IV3SBE.  [TNX
9K      - Members of the  Kuwait Amateur  Radio Society  will operate  special
          call 9K44NLD  on  25-28  February  to  celebrate  the  National  and
          Liberation Day. QSL via 9K2RR (Faisal Al-Ajmi, P.O. Box 1124,  80000
          Al-Farwania, Kuwait). [TNX 9K2HN]
C6      - Bill, NE1B (C6AWB) and Tom, C6ANM  will operate from the islands  of
          Eleuthera (NA-001) and New Providence  (NA-001), Bahamas between  24
          February and 8 March. On 1-3 March they will make a side trip to the
          Berry Islands (NA-054). They plan  to participate in  the 160 CQ  WW
          SSB and the ARRL SSB DX contests. QSL for both via WA2IYO. Logs will
          be uploaded to LOTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
CE      - Marco, CE6TBN and Zoli,  HA1AG [425DXN 719]  expected to operate  as
          CE6TBN/P and CE6/HA1AG  from Mocha  Island (SA-061)  starting on  18
          February, with an emphasis on 20m  SSB and 30m during the night  and
          15m SSB during the day. QSL  via home calls, direct or bureau.  [TNX
CN      - Jim, W7EJ  will  participate in  the  CQ WW  160  Meter  SSB  (26-27
          February), ARRL DX SSB (5-6 March)  and CQ WW WPX SSB (26-27  March)
          contests as CN2R from Morocco. QSL via W7EJ. [TNX NG3K]
CT      - Filipe, CT1ILT reports he will participate in the ARRL DX CW, CQ  WW
          WPX CW, ARRL DX SSB and CQ WW  WPX SSB Contests as CT7B. QSL  direct
          to CT1ILT.
EI      - Special event station EI05CCC (Echo India Zero Five CCC), as well as
          EI5CRC, EI1C and EI7M, will be  aired regularly through the year  to
          celebrate Cork City's status as European  Capital of Culture  during
          2005. All QSOs can be confirmed via the bureau. Cork Radio Club  and
          the East  Cork  Radio group  have  introduced the  Cork  Capital  of
          Culture Award for working these calls.  The award is also  available
          to  SWLs   on  a   heard  basis.   Please  e-mail   Finbarr,   EI1CS
          (buckleyf1@eircom.net) for further information. [TNX EI4BZ]
FR/G    - The  final  authorizations  have  been  received  for  the   mid-May
          DXpedition to the Glorioso Islands [425DXN  719]. Actual dates  will
          be given in due course. There will be twelve operators (namely  team
          leader F5OGL, F0CRS, F1AKK, F5AEP, F5CW, F5IRO, F5MSR, F5PTM, F8UNF,
          FM5JC, FR5IZ and TZ6SA), and  they plan to  operate on 160-6  metres
          CW, SSB  and digital  modes. QSL  via F5OGL.  The web  site for  the
          expedition is at http://glorieuses2005.free.fr/index_frame.html [TNX
FT*W    - The  amateur  radio  equipment  for   Nicolas,  F4EGX  (FT1WK)   and
          Jean-Paul, F5BU (FT5WJ)  [425DXN 718] has  finally arrived. The  two
          have been on Possession Island, Crozet Islands for a couple of weeks
          and now expect to be QRV  (FT1WK on VHF/UHF and  FT5WJ mainly on  20
          metres SSB) in a few days time. [TNX The Daily DX]
HA      - Special  station  HA80IARU  will  be  aired  until  31  December  to
          celebrate the 80th anniversary  of IARU. QSL  direct only to  MTTOSZ
          Gyor Varosi  Radioklub,  P.O. Box  79,  H-9002 Gyor,  Hungary.  [TNX
HI      - Dennis, K7BV will operate in  the ARRL DX  CW Contest from  HI3CCP's
          mountaintop QTH. He will  sign HI3TEJ (QSL  via ON4IQ) and  K7BV/HI3
          (QSL direct to home call) outside the event. [TNX K7BV]
HL      - A group of operators from the Anseong DX Club, the Pyungteak DX Club
          and the Suwon  DX Group will  be active as  DT0HF from Taebu  Island
          (AS-105) on 25-27 February. QSL via  HL2FDW, direct or bureau.  [TNX
I       - Special calls II2V (by ARI Como, together with ARI Erba, ARI Lomazzo
          and ARI Cantu')  and II2PV (by  ARI Pavia)  will be  aired until  20
          February for the VII Volta International Memorial Day. QSL II2V  via
          IK2LNJ, QSL II2PV via IK2SGV. [TNX Info Radio by I1SCL]
LU     - The Almirante Brown  Radio Club (LU3DY)  will be  active during  the
          ARRL  DX  CW  Contest  (19-20  February)   to  celebrate  the   40th
          anniversary of their first Multi-Single operation (hosted in 1965 by
          LU1DAY, now SK). [TNX LW2DX]
LU_ant  - Ricardo is the  operator currently active  from LU1ZAB at  "Teniente
          Matienzo" Antarctic base  (LU-16 for  the Antarctica  Award) on  the
          Larsen Ice Shelf (AN-016), Antarctica. Look for him on 14290  around
          21 UTC on  Saturdays and  Sundays with  LU4DXU. Further  information
          will        be         avalaible         at
          http://www.mdxc.org/antarctica/activity/2005.htm [TNX IZ8CGS]
LU_ant  - George is the operator currently active from LU4ZS at  "Vicecomodoro
          Marambio" Antarctic base (LU-13 for the Antarctica Award) on Seymour
          Island (AN-013), Antarctica. Look for him on 14290 around 21 UTC  on
          Saturdays and  Sundays  with LU4DXU.  Further  information  will  be
          avalaible at  http://www.mdxc.org/antarctica/activity/2005.htm [TNX
LU_ssh  - LU1ZC (operator Gustavo)  at "Decepcion Detachment"  (LU-04 for  the
          Antarctica  Award)  on  Deception  Island,  South  Shetland  Islands
          (AN-010) and  LU1ZS (operator  Mario)  at "Juan  Camara  Deatchment"
          (LU-17  for  the  Antarctica  Award)  on  Livingston  Island,  South
          Shetland might  be found  during the  weekends around  21-22 UTC  on
          14290 kHz  with LU4DXU.  Further information  will be  avalaible  at
          http://www.mdxc.org/antarctica/activity/2005.htm [TNX IZ8CGS]
OE      - Special station OE7XBH/WM05 (WM  stands for Weltmeisterschaft,  i.e.
          World Championship) will be  operated (on 2-160  metres SSB, CW,  FM
          and some SSTV) by the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS) on 3-13
          March for the Biathlon World Championship at Hochfilzen, Tirol.  QSL
          via bureau to OE7SPI. [TNX OE3EPW]
P4      - John, W2GD will operate as P40W from Aruba (SA-036) from 23 February
          to 8 March. He will participate  in the CQ WW  160 Meter SSB  (26-27
          February) and ARRL DX SSB (5-6 March) contests. Before and after the
          contest he will operate CW on all bands. QSL via N2MM. [TNX NG3K]
TL      - Claudio, IV3OWC  plans to  operate from  Central Africa  between  28
          February and 5 March. He will  run 100 watts from a battery  powered
          transceiver and  will  be QRV  in  his limited  spare  time  from  a
          location at 250 km from the capital. QSl via home call. [TNX IV3OWC]
UA      - The RK3DZJ  group will  be active  on 15-80  metres  CW and  SSB  as
          RK3DZJ/p from  the  national park  "Losinyj  ostrov"  (RFF-127,  RDA
          MO-57) on 18-20  February. QSL via  RV3DPM, direct  or bureau.  [TNX
V3      - NS0B, WC0W and NU0Q will participate  in the ARRL  DX CW Contest  as
          V31EV (Multi-Single) from Belize. QSL via  NS0B. Expect activity  on
          SSB and CW, but no WARC bands,  for about 24 hours before and  after
          the contest. [TNX NG3K]
V7      - The OPDX Bulletin  reports that Steve,  N4TKP is now  living in  the
          Marshall Islands. His callsign is V73CS and he is working  currently
          off Majuro Atoll. Steve hopes to activate many atolls there over the
          next 18 months.
VK      - Bill, VK4FW  reports  that his  16-22  February operation  from  the
          Solitary Islands (OC-194) [425DXN 718] has  been postponed. The  new
          dates will be announced in due course.
VK      - Special event  station VI3GP  will be  activated by  members of  the
          Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club  on 4-7 March to  celebrate
          the 10th annual running of  the Australian Formula  1 Grand Prix  in
          Melbourne. QSL via VK3ER, direct (P.O.  Box 87, Mitcham, Vic.  3132,
          Australia) or bureau. [TNX VK3DYL]
VK      - The operators who activated OC-251  (September 2002), OC-261  (April
          2003) and OC-228  (April 2004) now  plan to operate  from St.  Peter
          Island, Nuyts Archipelago  (OC-220) on  7-11 April.  This rare  IOTA
          IOTA group  was activated  for the  first and  so far  only time  by
          VK5ISL back  in March  1997, and  this second  operation will  be  a
          special event, commemorating the 350th Anniversary  of the death  of
          Pieter Nuyts. St. Peter Island  is a closely  protected area, and  a
          permit has  been obtained  for four  operators (namely  Peter/VK3QI,
          Keith/VK3FT, Jack/VK3WWW and  Max/VK3FT) to land  and operate for  a
          limited period.  Operating  dates/times  are  dependant  on  weather
          conditions, which  can be  unpredictable at  any time  of the  year.
          Plans are to operate CW and SSB on the usual IOTA frequencies,  with
          an emphasis on 30  & 40 CW,  20, 17 &  15 SSB and  on the long  path
          opening to Europe around 0500-0800 UTC. Special arrangements will be
          put in place to  maximize contacts with  African and South  American
          stations. A special commemorative callsign has been applied for. QSL
          via VK3QI, direct or bureau. [TNX VK3QI]
VP2V    - DL7DF, DL7UFR  and  DL4WK will  operate  as VP2V/homecall  from  the
          British Virgin Islands (NA-023)  from 22 February  to 9 March.  They
          will have three stations and plan to operate on all bands and modes,
          with an emphasis on the low bands. QSL via DL7DF. [TNX NG3K]
W       - Bodo, DL3OCH plans to be  active from Key  West (NA-062) between  25
          February and 6 March. Look  for W4/DL3OCH on  40-10 metres CW.  Bodo
          also hopes to activate some other  Florida islands during his  stay.
          QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
ZD8     - Andy, G0JLX will be  on Ascension Island  (AF-003) from 24  February
          until 21 March. He hopes to get the call ZD8AD and to operate on the
          HF bands and 6 metres mainly during the weekends. QSL via home call.
          [TNX K1XN]
ZK1_nc  - The  17-24  February  operation  from  Manihiki  Atoll  (North  Cook
          Islands) by ZK1SDE and ZK1SDZ [425DXN 710] has been cancelled  owing
          to the cyclonic depression covering the Cook Islands area. The  team
          (ZK1SDE, ZK1SDZ,  ZK1WET  and ZK1XMY)  is  on Aitutaki  (South  Cook
          Islands), which has been  already hit by  Cyclone Meena and  Cyclone
          Nancy, and a  third one (Olaf)  is approaching from  Samoa. "A  very
          disappointing decision", Tim, ZK1SDE (M3SDE) says, "but safety comes
          first". The antenna  systems were  taken down,  but will  be put  up
          again after Cyclone Olaf has passed by.

ARRL DX CW CONTEST --->  It will take  place this weekend.  Do not forget  to
give a look to the Announced  Operations listing maintained by Bill, NG3K  at


                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

                    >>> NAVASSA (KP1) & DESECHEO (KP5) <<<
                    >>>     APPEAL TO U.S. AMATEURS    <<<

The KP1/5  Project Team  in conjunction  with the  Lone Star  DX  Association
announces that the effort to gain access to Navassa and Desecheo Islands  has
begun again. The following is a  summary  of a release circulated by  Michael
Thomas, NA5U (Lone Star DX Association) on 15 February.

Introduced in the  108th Congress on  16 November 2004,  the bill  # HR  5361
[425DXN 707] has now been introduced in the 109th Congress and its number  is
H.R. 298. The  bill - sponsored  by US Congressman  Nick Rahall (Democrat  of
West Virginia) and co-sponsored by Congressman  Richard Pombo (Republican  of
California) - in effect would force the US Fish and Wildlife Service to allow
occasional DXpeditions to either Navassa and Desecheo.

On 8 April the KP1/K55 Team will be travelling to Washington, D.C. to make  a
presentation on Capitol Hill. The purpose  of the presentation is to  educate
the legislators about the Amateur Radio Service, highlight the importance  of
Amateur Radio  and  the  vital  role  it  plays  in  national  and  worldwide
communications, and  of  course focus  on  the facts  surrounding  the  FWS's
unjustified closure  of  Desecheo and  Navassa  to Amateur  Radio  DXers  and

DXers  all  over  the  US  are  now  invited  to  contact  their   respective
Congressperson as  soon  as possible,  and  ask them  to  support  H.R.  298,
co-sponsor the Bill, and finally encourage them or their staff to attend  the
briefing on Capitol Hill on 8 April.

You can find your Representative's name at http://www.house.gov/writerep/  and
your 9-digit zip code at  http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp  (if you  need
assistance, please e-mail KP1-5@DXer.org).

A sample letter to legislators, news updates and information about the  KP1/5
Project can be found at www.KP1-5.com

Those who  would  like to  receive  future news  releases  and  news  flashes
directly, are invited to contact Mike, NA5U (see www.KP1-5.com).

Editor's note: Mike also notes that  "opposition to H.R. 298 has begun":  see
(article published by the San Francisco  Chronicle on 17 February). In  fact,
IOTA enthusiasts please  note that  H.R. 298  concerns not  only Navassa  and
Desecheo, but also  the Farallon Islands  (NA-178). This is  one of the  most
Most Wanted IOTA groups, and it was activated only once several years ago  by
Dr. Robert W. Schmieder, KK6EK.

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Maurice, F5NQL is receiving cards for stations he is not
and has never been  the QSL manager  for. He provides  the following list  of
correct QSL routes:
5V7C         via F5TVG               TM5AUX       via F5SM
9Q/F5LTB     via F5LTB               TM5SIA       via F2WS
F5KCC        via F5LBR               TM5SIR       via F5SM
F8UFT        via F6ICG               TM5SM (1995) via F5SM
HW1SIA       via F5SM                TM5SRA       via F5SM
HW5SIA       via F5SM                TM60SA       via F6GXL
HW6SIA       via F5SM                TM6BFY       via F5NII
HY3SIA       via F5SM                TM7OXR       via F2WS
HY5SIA       via F5SM                TM9AF        via F5SM
For Maurice's  current (F5NQL)  and previous  callsigns (FB1NQL,  F89/FB1NQL,
FD1NQL, F1NQL, FBC1NQL), as well as  for all of his portable operations,  the
QSL manager is F3GJ. The QSL cards for F5MCC, his previous callsigns (FA1MCC,
F1MCC, F89/FD1MCC, FD1MCC, FBC5MCC) and his portable operations from Corsica,
should also go via F3GJ.

QSL 3E1DX ---> Ken, SM4EMO has  had some e-mail correspondence with  Guenter,
HP1XX (formerly known as HP1XVH) about the QSL route for 3E1DX (contest call)
for the 1998 CQ  WW Contest and  later QSOs. The  previous manager, WC4H  has
been dropped  in favour  of DJ0LZ,  who is  also the  QSL manager  for  HP1XX
himself. [TNX SM4EMO]

QSL EY7AF ---> Ed,  EY7AF reports that  RW6HS is no  longer his QSL  manager.

QSL FP/VE7SV  ---> "Due  to circumstances  beyond our  control",  Paul/VE7AVV
says, "the processing  of QSL cards  for FP/VE7SV  has been  delayed. We  are
working towards  resolution  of operational  issues  and apologize  for  this
unexpected inconvenience. All QSL card requests on hand will be processed  in
due     course.      Further     updates      will     be      posted      at

QSL MANAGER OFFERED ---> Graham Ridgeway, M5AAV currently handles QSLs  G6PZ,
GB6MD, Z21KF, TX4PG (bureau),  ZK3SB (bureau) and  6O0CW (bureau). Those  who
would like to avail themselves of his services as a QSL manager, are  invited
to   contact   Graham   at   m5aav@zetnet.co.uk;    his   web   site   is   at

WRTC 2006 ---> Organized by the the Liga de Amadores de Radio Emissao (LABRE)
and  the  Araucaria  DX  Group  (GADX),   the  next  World  Radiosport   Team
Championship, the  amateur radio  olympics, will  be held  in  Florianopolis,
capital of the Santa Catarina State in Southern Brazil, on 7-10 July. The web
site for the event is at http://www.wrtc2006.com  (under construction).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

LOGS:  The log search page for EY8MM, YA5MM,  D44AC and D44TT can be found  at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2RR       HA8IB       HS0ZFI      SM5GMZ      ST2T        S57DX
4N7ZZ       YU7FIJ      HZ1AN       DJ9ZB       SU9FL       WD9DZV
4T75O       DL5WM       HZ1EX       SM0BYD      SV0XAI/9    LA4XFA
6F1IHF      XE1HPT      HZ1IK       DK7YY       SX1R        SV1XV
6G1KK       W5UE        II8MDC      IT9DAA      T77CD       I0MWI
6O0CW       I2YSB (a)   II9MDC      IT9DAA      TG9NX       N4FKZ
6O0CW       M5AAV (b)   IO8MDC      IT9DAA      TM0ANT      F6KDF
7S2E        SM2DMU      IQ7TA       IK7AFM      TM7VM       F5UJZ
8J1ODA      JA1BAB      IR2MDC      IT9DAA      TM8ANT      F8DVD
8P5A        NN1N        IR8M        IT9DAA      TO0O        KC0W
8P9JG       NN1N        IU1MDC      IT9DAA      TT8KLJ      ON6NL
8P9LP       K3LP        IU8GMM      IQ8DP       UE4HDA      RW4HB
8P9NX       W0SA        J43BSF      SV1CIB      UN7MMM      EA7FTR
9J2BO       G3TEV       J6R         K3LP        UT5FC       W3HNK
9J2SZ       SP8DIP      J73CCM      SM0CCM      UY2VM       DL6MHG
9N7JO       LA7JO       J73JT       KK4WW       V26G        N2ED
9Q0AR       SM5BFJ (c)  J88DR       G3TBK       V31DK       K0ZV
9Y4W        YL2GM       JA6WFM/HI8  JA6VU       V31JZ/p     NN7A
A41KJ       N5FTR       JW0IB       SP9EMF      V31WR/P     NF7E
A43MF       A47RS       JW1CCA      LA1CCA      V47KP       K2SB
A45WD       YO9HP       KH0AC       K7ZA        V47Z        K3TEJ
C6AKQ       N4BP        L40E        LU7EE       V51XG       DL8AL
C6ALK       K7RE        L73E        LU7EE       VK0MT       JE1LET
C6AMM       K1CN        LU/F2JD     F6AJA       VP8BF       M0GCR
C6ASB       AK0M        LU/K4SV     K4YL        VP8DIN      N6TQS
C6ASC       AK0M        LU/N2WB     N2OO        VP8RAF      MM0BUL
CA8WCI/9    CA8WCI      LU7EH       EA7FTR      VQ9JK       G4FJK
CE8/HA1AG   HA1AG       OC4P        DL5WM       WP2Z        KU9C
CE8A        CE6NE       OH0I        OH3BHL      WP3C        W3HNK
CN8IG       EA7FTR      OH0W        OH3LQK      XQ3BRN      IZ6BRN
CO6TY       EA5KB       OH0Z        OH5DX       YA5Y        DL5SE
CU1CB       EA5KB       P29KPH      N5FTR       YB9AY       YB9BU
CU2M        DL5AXX      P40MH       OH2BAD      YI9VCQ      N3ST
CU3N        CU3CY       P49Y        AE6Y        YN4SU       TI4SU
D44AC       RW3TN (d)   PJ2MI       W2CQ        Z24S        W3HNK
ED8MDC      IT9DAA      PJ2T        N9AG        ZC4LI       G0LII
EF8BDX      EC8ADU      PJ4/NE8Z    NE8Z        ZD8I        G4LTI
EM1HO       I2PJA       PJ4R        N4GG        ZF2TJ       VE3HO
ET3TK       OK1CU       PY0FF       W9VA        ZK1SDE      M3SDE
FK8AH       W3HNK       PY0ZFO      W9VA        ZK1SDZ      M3SDE
FR/F5TNI    F5TNI       R3ARS/p     RA3AKF      ZK1WET      M3SDE
HI8/JA6WFM  JA6VU       RA6AX       W3HNK       ZK3HC       DL9HCU
HS0/OZ1HET  OZ1ACB      S21BI       EI3IO       ZL1V        N3SL
HS0ZEP      HB9FAF      SQ75FMU     SQ9FMU      ZS6CCW      OK1LL

(a)  direct   (c)  only for operations by SM5BFJ
(b)  bureau   (d)  16-18 February 2005

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

5B4AHA   Steve Hodgson, 4 Nikolaou Michael Street, 5523 Dasaki Achna, Cyprus
CE6NE    P.O.Box 866, Temuco, Chile
DL5WM    Jeff Gerth, Obere Dorfstrasse 13 A, D-09648 Gruenlichtenberg, Germany
F8DVD    Francois Bergez, 6 rue de la Liberte, 71000 Macon, France
LA7JO    Stig Lindblom, Jum Changphimai, 147/1 Moo 3, Tambon Boot, Ban Ta
         Bong, Phimai, TH-30110 Nakhon Ratchashima, Thailand
LU7EE    Arnoldo Jorge Corda, Calle 8 N. 3465 entre 500 y 501, 1897 Manuel B.
         Gonnet, Argentina
NN7A     Art Phillips, P.O. Box 201, Flagstaff, AZ 86002, USA
S57DX    Slavko Celarc, Ob Igriscu 8, 1360 Vrhnika, Slovenia
SQ9FMU   Robert Prorok, P.O. Box 113, 41-800 Zabrze, Poland
XE1HPT   Porfirio Lomeli, P.O. Box 7177, Morelia, Mich 58262, Mexico
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