425 DX News issue #724

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                              425 DX News #724
                               19 March 2005
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

3D2     - Brian, N6IZ will operate as 3D2IZ from Namotu Island (OC-121),  Fiji
          from 26 March until 2 April. He plans  to be QRV on +/- 1828,  3508,
          7008, 10110, 14025, 21025 and 28008 kHz CW, plus 7087, 14245,  21245
          and 28345 SSB during the WPX Contest. The trip is focused on surfing
          and activity will center around the times posted on http://n6iz.com.
          QSL via N6IZ.
CE      - Marco, CE6TBN  has  had to  reschedule  his CE6TBN/7  activity  from
          Ascension Island (SA-043)  [425DXN 723],  which is  now expected  to
          take place on  20-22 March. He  will operate on  40, 20,  17 and  15
          meters SSB and CW. QSL via home call (P.O.Box 1234, Temuco,  Chile).
          [TNX CE6TBN]
CE_ssh  - Yuri, CA8WCI/9 (http://www.qsl.net/ca8wci  reports he will  operate
          from 21 to 23 UTC until  21 March to celebrate the 75th  anniversary
          of the Chilean Air Force. He is currently stationed at the Antarctic
          base "Presidente Eduardo  Frei Montalva" (CE-03  for the  Antarctica
          Award) on  King George  Island, South  Shetlands (AN-010).  Contacts
          made during the celebration (14-21 March)  will be confirmed with  a
          special QSL card. QSL via CA8WCI  (Yuri De La Barra Echeverria,  c/o
          Radio Club Punta Arenas, P.O. Box  2000, Punta Arenas, Chile).  [TNX
DL      - DL5CW/p will operate from Usedom Island (EU-129, O-13 for the German
          Islands Award) from 29 March to 1 April. [TNX DL2VFR]
DL      - Look for DF0CB to be active from Helgoland Island (EU-127, N-14  for
          the German Islands Award) on 15-17 April. [TNX DL2VFR]
DU      - Jose, DU1BP will  operate as  DX1PHG on  15-31 March  for the  third
          anniversary of the International Pharmacists Ham Group [425DXN 719].
          He will be  active on 80,  40, 20,  15, 10  and 6  metres SSB.  [TNX
DU_spr  - Gil/4F2KWT, Ed/4F1OZ and Eddie/DU1EV [425DXN 722] hope to be able to
          catch a plane for Pagasa, in  the Philippine Spratly Islands, on  19
          March, otherwise they  will have  to travel  by a  ship that  should
          reach the island on the 27th. These are military transports and  the
          team is given a ride only on a space available basis. Look for  DX0K
          to operate on  160-6 metres until  the end of  March. Eddie  reports
          that "our special project this time  though is six meters EME  using
          digital mode WJST".  QSL via 4F2KWT  (Gilbert Lappay,  P.O. Box  89,
          2500 San Fernando  City, La Union,  Philippines). The  web page  for
          DX0K can  be  found at  http://www.geocities.com/dx0kkalayaan/  [TNX
          DU1EV and 4F2KWT]
EA      - A group of  operators from the  Union de  Radioaficionados Vigo  Val
          Minor will be active as ED1VIG from the lighthouse at Cabo  Silleiro
          on 19-20 March. QSL via bureau. [TNX EA1RX]
EY      - Thanks to  the  support  given  by  EY8MM,  EY8CQ  and  other  local
          operators, UA4CC, UA4LU and RX3APM will  participate in the  Russian
          DX Contest  (19-20 March)  as  EY0R (QSL  via  UA4CC; logs  will  be
          uploaded to  LoTW) from  Tajikistan. Before  and after  the  contest
          (17-21 March) they will operate on all bands as EY8/UA4CC, EY8/UA4LU
          and EY8/RX3APM (QSL via home calls) [TNX UA4CC]
FG      - Look for FG/F6HMQ and FG/F6GWV to  operate from Guadeloupe  (NA-102)
          from 23 March to 2 April. They will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB
          Contest as TO1T. QSL via F6HMQ. [TNX F6HMQ]
FT*W    - Jean-Paul, F5BU/FT5WJ [425DXN 721] expect to go QRT from  Possession
          Island, Crozet Islands on 22 or 23 March. [TNX F5NQL]
GJ      - Frank/DL1WA, Jun/JH4RHF (OE1ZKC) and others will participate in  the
          CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as  GJ2A (M/S) from  Jersey. Before and  after
          the contest look for activity by MJ/homecall(s) and MJ0RHF (QSL  via
          OE1ZKC). [TNX OE1ZKC]
GU      - Ric, M5RIC  will  operate on  10-160  metres SSB  as  MU5RIC/p  from
          Guernsey (EU-114) on 24-28 March. He  will participate in the CQ  WW
          WPX Contest as MU2Z. [TNX NG3K]
I       - Walter, IN3XUG will  operate (mainly  on 20  and 40  metres SSB)  as
          IC8/IN3XUG from Ischia Island (EU-031, IIA NA-001) from 19 March  to
          2 April. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX IN3XUG]
I       - Special calls  II0SRM (QSL  via IZ0BTV),  II1SRM (QSL  via  IZ1EGT),
          II7SRM (QSL via IZ7AUH), II8SRM (QSL via IZ8EDJ) and IO8SRM (QSL via
          IK8WEJ) will be aired on 26-27  March, 2-3 April, 9-10 April,  16-17
          April and 23-24  April for the  Strange Radio  team Meeting  [425DXN
I       - Mediterraneo DX Club members IK8BIZ (Roberto), IZ8DEP (Alfredo)  and
          IK8RRY (Luciano) will operate on 80-6  metres CW, RTTY, PSK and  SSB
          as IB0CW  (www.mdxc.org/ib0cw) from  Ventotene island  (EU-045,  IIA
          LT-011, MIA MI-118) on  2-4 April. QSL  via IK8RRY, direct  (Luciano
          Luongo Via Degli  Innamorati 143, 80014  Giugliano -  NA, Italy)  or
          bureau. [TNX IK8BIZ]
I       - Stefano Badessi, I0WTD reports that "in conjunction with ENEIDE,  an
          ESA mission co-sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Defence and  the
          Lazio Region will carry ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori for 10 days on
          the ISS". To celebrate this event,  the special call II0ESA will  be
          aired from the  club station located  at the  European Space  Agency
          (http://www.esa.int)  premises in Frascati, Rome between 15 April and
          15 May. QSL via IZ0FEJ, direct  (European Space Agency - ESRIN  Club
          Station, Via Galileo Galilei s.n.c., 00044 Frascati - RM, Italy)  or
J6      - Bill, WB5ZAM  will operate  mainly CW  as J6/WB5ZAM  from St.  Lucia
          (NA-108) from 20 March through 3 April. QSL via home call. [TNX OPDX
J7      - Bob/WB2NVR, Mike/WA2VQW, Bob/N2DVQ  and Adam/N2DHH  will operate  as
          J75RZ from  Dominica (NA-101)  on 23-29  March, CQ  WPX SSB  Contest
          included. QSL via W2RZS (direct or bureau). Logs will be uploaded to
          LOTW. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
OH0     - Andrius, LY2TA will be active as OH0/LY2TA (QSL via home call)  from
          the Aland Islands (EU-002)  on 25-28 March.  He will participate  in
          the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as OH0Z (SOAB, QSL via OH5DX). [TNX LY2TA]
OX      - Retu, OH4MDY  reports he  has received  his own  OX call,  and  will
          operate as OX3RZ. QSL via home  call. Retu - as  well as OH4JGE  and
          OH4HJI - will be in Greenland on 23-30 March [425DXN 723].
PJ      - OM1KW, OM4KW, OM6NM  and OM1ATT will  operate as  PJ4Y from  Bonaire
          (SA-006), Netherlands Antilles  on 22-31 March,  CQ WPX SSB  Contest
          included. QSL via OM1KW. [TNX The Daily DX]
SP      - Look for SO9PT  (HA5PT) and SO9XC  (HA5X) to operate  from the  High
          Tatras in Poland on 23-30 March. They will participate in the CQ  WW
          WPX SSB Contest using the  club callsign SO9HA.  QSL via HA5X.  [TNX
TT      - Michael, TT8M and Pierre,  TT8AMO expect to  remain in Chad  [425DXN
          723] until around  early May. They  are active in  their spare  time
          mainly during the  local evenings:  TT8AMO operates  CW only,  while
          TT8M will also do SSB and some digital modes later. They did operate
          on 160 metres, but they have had to take the antenna down because of
          limited space. Pictures and on-line logs for either TT8M and  TT8AMO
          can be found at http://www.pa7fm.nl/; QSL for both via PA7FM (please
          note  that  1  USD  no  longer  covers  postage  to   extra-European
          destinations; direct requests without sufficient return postage will
          be answered via the bureau). [TNX PA7FM]
UR_ant  - Pavel, UX2HO (EM1HO) expects to leave Akademik Vernadsky Base (UR-01
          for the Antarctica Award) on Galindez Island (AN-006), Antarctica by
          the end of March. QSL via I2PJA. [TNX I2PJA]
XE      - The XF2ZEX team  [425DXN 723] will  operate from Sacrificios  Island
          (NA-224) and lighthouse from 30 March  to 3 April.  They plan to  be
          QRV on 160-2 metres CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via IT9EJW,  direct
          (Alfio Bonanno, P.O. Box 18, 95028 Valverde - CT, Italy) or  bureau.
          [TNX IT9EJW]
YB      - Sanyi, HA7VK  (ex YB0AVK)  and Gyuszi,  HA2VR  (ex YB0AVR)  will  be
          active as YB0/homecalls from Jakarta on  20-29 March and between  23
          March and  5  April  respectively.  QSL  YB0/HA7VK  via  HA0HW,  QSL
          YB0/HA2VR via home call.
ZD8     - Jim, N6TJ  will  be  active again  as  ZD8Z  from  Ascension  Island
          (AF-003) starting  on 22  March for  ten days,  CQ WPX  SSB  Contest
          included. QSL via VE3HO. [TNX The Daily DX]


                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

AA SCORES ---> The  new  Antarctica  Award  score tables are now available at
http://www.mdxc.org/antarctica/award.asp  They  include  the  Certificates of
Excellence, Honour Rolls,  Basic Awards  and  Operator Certificates issued so
far. [TNX IZ8CGS]

CQ DX FIELD AWARD ---> CQ  Amateur Radio magazine announces the  introduction
of a new operating award, the  "CQ DX Field Award," recognizing  achievements
in contacting at least 50 of the world's 324 10x20-degree "grid fields."  The
new award is based on the Maidenhead Grid Locator system, in which the  world
is divided into 324 10x20 degree  "fields" and each field  is broken up  into
100 1x2  degree "grid  squares"  or "locators."  Contacts  made on  or  after
January 1, 1980 (the year in  which the grid system  was adopted for  amateur
radio use) will count toward the  new award. Complete details and rules  will
be posted on the magazine's website (http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com).  Billy
Williams, N4UF (CQ DX  Awards Manager) has  compiled a cross-reference  guide
for   converting    countries    to    fields;    it    is    available    at

DIA ---> Jens, OZ5MJ  reports that the  Danish Islands Award  has come to  an
end,  apparently  because  lack  of  funds  prevents  him  from  having   new
certificates printed. At all events, he says, it is still possible to upgrade
awards that have been already issued.

DXCC HONOR ROLL ---> The  deadline to be  shown in the  next DXCC Honor  Roll
list is 31 March 2005. Submissions must be postmarked 31 March 2005 for  your
submission to count for this listing. The DXCC Honor Roll list will appear in
August 2005 QST.  There are 335  entities on the  DXCC list and  you must  be
within the numerical  top 10 DXCC  entities to qualify.  The current  minimum
requirement for Honor Roll is 326 current entities. [TNX NC1L]

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations have been approved for DXCC credit:
6O0CW (Somalia), 3-17 February 2005
A52CDX (Bhutan), 24 October - 13 November 2004
T6KBLRM (Afghanistan), current operation
TT8M (Chad), current operation effective 14 March 2005
YI9GT (Iraq), 7 May 2004 - 8 February 2005
YI9KT (Iraq), 7 May 2004 - 8 February 2005

HOLYLAND DX CONTEST  ---> The Israel  Amateur Radio Club  (IARC) invites  all
amateur radio operators  and SWLs to  participate in the  annual Holyland  DX
Contest, which will take place on 16 April (from 00.00 UTC until 23.59  UTC).
Details can be found on the IARC web site (www.iarc.org). [TNX 4Z4KX]

KH8SI ---> The KH8SI expedition to  Swains Island (OC-200) went QRT at  00.10
UTC on 9  March, after 9460  QSOs in less  than three days.  "Because of  the
oppressive heat and humidity, and poor band conditions, and the storm reduced
length of the  operation", they say,  "we concentrated on  maximum number  of
QSOs on the bands that were  open, vice trying to give  every band/mode to  a
few. The bands were simply dead during several hours each day, and 10, 12 and
160 were non productive. We primarily worked from 80/75 to 15 meters SSB  and
CW (with a few other mode QSOs attempted). We recognized the great demand  in
Europe for  IOTA  OC200 and  attempted  to catch  every  opening  to  Europe.
Following the sun, as  usual, we had  long runs of  North and South  America,
brief openings to Europe, long runs of the Pacific area, and long runs of  JA
and Asia".
An important aspect of KH8SI was the help  they gave to the people living  on
Swains, as the  island had been  hit by Typhoon  Percy. "The  need for  food,
water and assistance  was real.  In addition  to our  radio equipment,  food,
tents, generators  and  gasoline; we  carried  food,  water,  generators  and
gasoline for the  people living on  Swains Island  We had  meetings with  the
families of those living on Swains,  the Government in  Am Samoa, and  nearly
all  of  the Pago Pago  evening TV  news was devoted to coverage of the KH8SI
trip. The rescue meant as much to the Government and People of American Samoa
as the Tsunami effort  did to the  people around the  Indian Ocean. And  once
again Amateur Radio was the first communication from the disaster area to the
outside world".  The  "Swains  Island  DXpedition  Story"  can  be  found  at

PACIFIC NORTHWEST DX  CONVENTION ---> The  50th annual  Pacific Northwest  DX
Convention will  be held  on 5-7  August at  the  Monarch Hotel  in  Portland
(Oregon).      Full       information       can       be       found       at

QSL AY1ZA ---> Following an agreement with Horacio, LU4DXU, a large batch  of
outstanding AY1ZA direct  cards for European  stations has been  sent to  and
received by the Mediterraneo DX Club. These cards are being posted right  now
and should reach their destinations in a few days' time. Horacio operated  as
AY1ZA from the  "Orcadas del Sur"  base (LU-14 for  the Antarctica Award)  on
Laurie Island, South Orkneys in January-February 2004, and the QSL cards have
been donated by the MDXC. [TNX LU4DXU & IZ8CCW]

QSL MANAGER OFFERED ---> Tina Spano', IZ8DPN is willing to offer her services
to stations in need. She can be contacted at iz8dpn@virgilio.it

QSL OC-194 ---> "Despite the fact I have been to North Solitary before, I  am
having a hard time convincing the  government departments to  allow me to  go
back", Bill, VK4FW, says. Bill still  has the log for his VK4CRR/2  operation
from North Solitary Island (from 31 March  to 3 April 1994); cards should  be
sent direct only to Bill Horner, P.O. Box 612, Childers, 4660, Australia.

QSL XW2A --->  Hiroo Yonezuka (XW0X,  XW2A, XU7AAA, etc)  moved from Laos  to
Bangkok on 1 February. His new  address is: Hiroo Yonezuka, Baitong  Mansion,
Room 811, 354/2 Rama 9 Rd, Bangkapi Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

QSL VIA W9OL ---> Bill, W9OL is the QSL manager for YO3APJ and still has logs
and cards for the following operations:
9X5AA       15 Nov 1987 - 19 Dec 1989
A4XYS       13 Sep 1983 - 30 Mar 1984
KB4ATV/4S7  04 Apr 1984 - 08 Apr 1984
KX6PO       10 Jun 1983 - 14 Dec 1983
TYA11       19 Jun 1981 - 21 Jun 1981
W4LZZ/V21   02 Nov 1988 - 24 Dec 1988
V29A        25 Dec 1988 - 29 May 1981
YB1AQC      16 Feb 1988 - 11 Oct 1988
ZD8XX       05 Aug 1989 - 10 Jun 1991
All logs have been uploaded to LoTW. If  you do not find your QSO(s),  please
e-mail Bill  (w9ol@billnjudy.com): the  logs were  handwritten, an  error  in
deciphering may have occurred and he can recheck the paper log. [TNX W9OL]

SH/425 STATISTICS --->  Leonardo Lastrucci, IZ5FSA  has developed a  software
which  allows   to   query   the  425   DX   News   Archive   maintained   on
www.ariscandicci.it from   the  PacketCluster [425DXN  697].  The  command  is
SH/425 , where  should be  replaced with a callsign, a  reference
number, etc. The SH/425 DxSpiderCluster Command statistics are now  available
on the  web site  above. The  software has  been included  in the  DX  Spider
Cluster version  1.51  (build  58.3) by  Dirk  Koopman,  G1TLH.  For  further
information, please contact IZ5FSA (webmaster@ariscandicci.it).

TO7C ---> The TO7C operation  from Ile Royale,  French Guyana started  around
19.15 UTC on 7 March. As of 10 UTC on the 17th, a few hours before going QRT,
about 24,500 QSOs had  been logged. On-line  logs will be  posted on the  web
site (http://to7c.free.fr/homeuk.html) once the operators are back to France,
as there was no internet capability on the island.

+ SILENT KEY + Mac, W3HC  reports that Park, BA1CO became a  silent key on  9
March. Mac was his QSL manager.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

LOGS:     Juan, EA9IE  reports  he has  updated  his on-line  log,  which  now
          contains 225,307 QSOs from 30 July 1979 through 28 February 2005. It
          can be found at http://dx.qsl.net/cgi-bin/logform.cgi?ea9ie
LOGS:     On-line logs  for  V5/SP6IXF  and  V5/SP7VC  are  now  available  at
          http://www.sp5zcc.waw.pl/dxpeditions/v5/  [TNX SP5UAF]
QSL DB:   Boye Christensen, OZ7C has updated his QSL DBase (which now contains
          368,520 unique  records)  for Packet  Cluster.  The package  can  be
          downloaded at http://www.ddxg.dk/oz7c  A web based search machine can
          be found at www.ddxg.dk/oz7c [TNX  OZ7C, oz7c@qsl.net]
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3W2XK       W9XK        II5PHG      IK2UVR      TM3PHG      F5RPB
3Z4IARU     SP4JWD      II7PHG      IK2UVR      TM6OVN      F6KPM
4L8A        OZ1HPS      IR2M        IZ2FDU      TO5A        F5VHJ
4U1UN       HB9BOU      IY9MAR      IT9MRM      TO7C        F9IE
5N6EAM      IK2IQD      J20FH       F5PRU       TP1CE       F5LGF
5N8NDP      IK5JAN      J41PHG      SV1DPP      TT8AMO      PA7FM
5R8FU       SM5DJZ      J41V        SV1CQN      TT8M        PA7FM
5R8GT       DK8ZD       J68XC       G0IXC       UA0ANW      RX3RC
5T5SN       IZ1BZV      J73CCM      SM0CCM      UA0AZA      RX3RC
5W1VE       DL9HCU      J79XBI      SM0XBI      UE0SZB      UA0SE
5Z4DZ       PC1A        J88DR       G3TBK       UE0SZI      RZ0SB
8Q7DV       UA9CLB      JA6WFM/HI8  JA6VU       UE0ZRD      UA0ZD
9H3LEO      IK1PMR      JT1FCZ      I1ZB        UE3EDC      IT9DAA
9H3MR       IK1PMR      JW0IB       SP9EMF      UE4HDA      RW4HB
9H3RN       G4IRN       JW1CCA      LA1CCA      UE9XLS      UA9XC
9M6BG       VR2BG       JW5E        LA5NM       UK8FF       W3HNK
9V1NC       W3HNK       KH8SI       VE3HO       V25OP       W9OP
9Y4/CX6VM   W3HNK       KL7DX       AC7DX       V25WY       W4OWY
9Y4/N3BNA   KA2AEV      KP4SQ       KD8IW       V31LZ       LZ3RZ
9Y4/ZP5AZL  ZP5MAL      LU1ZS       LU4DXU      V31NZ       NZ9Z
9Y4W        W3HNK       LW9EOC      EA7JX       V47KP       K2SB
AL5A/NH2    JH0MGJ      LZ127LO     LZ1KZA      V85NL       JA4ENL
C38LJ       VE3GEJ      LZ800AB     LZ1PJ       VC3A        VE3AT
CE9/R1ANF   RK1PWA      MM0LEO      W3LEO       VI3GP       VK3ER
CN2R        W7EJ        MM0VSG/p    GM7WED      VK0MT       JE1LET
CN2US       NJ2D        NH6/KD1N    JR2KDN      VK4FW/P     VK4FW
CO3VK/4     IZ8EBI      NH8/KD1N    JR2KDN      VP5H        W0GJ
CT7B        CT1ILT      OH0Z        OH5DX       VP8DBR      G0SWC
CV5D        CX2ABC      ON400S      ON5UR       VP9BO       W4ZGR
DU9/N0NM    W4DR        OO175RM     ON6RM       VU3BPZ      VU3MKE
EA6UN       EC6TK       OY1OF       ON5UR       VU3CAH      I1HJT
ED1MAG      EA1BT       P40A        WD9DZV      WH8/F6EXV   F6EXV
ED7CK       EA7HBC      PA60ZVL     PI4ZVL      XT2JZ       SM5DJZ
ED7SCT      EA7RCT      PJ2T        N9AG        XV3BV       JA9BV
EG1SIS      EA1EG       R1ANN       RZ3DJ       XV3DYU      JA3DYU
EM1HO       I2PJA       RK0AYB      RX3RC       YB0A        W3HNK
ES70J       ES1WW       RM0A        RX3RC       YB0ECT      K3AIR
ES70L       ES6PZ       RW0BB/9     UA4RC       YB1AQV      N2KFC
EX9A        DF8WS       SN3IARU     SP3KT       YB1HDF      EA5KB
FT5WJ       F5BU        SO1WQ       DL1JGO      YB5/9V1GO   OK1DOT
GP0STH      G4DIY       SQ0NATO     SP1PBW      YB7M        YB9BU
GW7X        G3SQX       ST2BF       W3HNK       YC0IEM/7    IZ8CCW
HC8/N1KO    W1ZS        T49C        K8SIX       YI1UNH      WA3HUP
HF6IARU     SP6BOW      T6KBLRM     DL2JRM      YI9B4E      WB4E
HI3CCP      ON4IQ       T6X         UA3DX       YR50KAD     YO5BJW
HP3XBH      W4WX        T88CW       JD1BLQ      YT2M        YT1AT
HS0ZFS      LX1KQ       T88ME       7N1RTO      YZ35EW      YZ1EW
II0PHG      IK2UVR      T88NF       JA0FOX      ZB2FX       G3RFX
II1PHG      IK2UVR      TF3CW       LX1NO       ZK2HA       VE7HA
II1TPG      IZ1CCE      TM1MIL      F5TPA       ZL1V        N3SL
II2PHG      IK2UVR      TM1PHG      F5RPB       ZL6A        ZL2GJ
II2R        I2RFJ       TM2PHG      F5RPB       ZL6FF       ZL3CED
II4PHG      IK2UVR      TM2R        F6KKN       ZS100RI     ZS6CKB

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

D2DX     Janne Hatakka, FELM/IELA, P. Bag 2015, Ondangwa, Namibia
DJ4JI    Klaus Helmbrecht, Schuhhof 4, D-38640 Goslar, Germany
EA9IE    Juan J. Rosales Fernandez, P.O. Box 410, 51080 Ceuta, Spain
F5CWU    Flo Moudar, 25 Rue du Castel Salis, 37100 Tours, France
F6EXV    Paul Granger, 51 Rue Marcel Sembat, 33130 Begles, France
F9IE     Bernard Chereau, P.O. Box 211, 85330 Noirmoutier en l'Ile, France
I2RFJ    Ivano Rigoli, Via Spluga 3, 21050 Gorla Maggiore - VA, Italy
IK1PMR   Andrea Panati, Via Caccia 52, 15033 Casale Monferrato - AL, Italy
IZ1CCE   Carlo Sobrito, Via I Maggio 9, 10051 Avigliana - TO, Italy
IZ8EBI   Giuseppe Gerace, P.O. Box 364, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy
JA0FOX   Nobuhiro Fukuzawa, 2498 Nakadaira, Kanae, Iida-city, Nagano 395-0801
JD1BLQ   Ryosei Aimiya, 4595 Kamikatagiri, Matsukawa, Shimoina, Nagano
         399-3301 Japan
JE1LET   Masahiko Otokozawa, 985-7 Kuno, Odawara 250-0055, Japan
LZ1KZA   P.O.Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria
RK1PWA   Nick Shapkin, P.O.Box 73, 164744 Amderma, Arkhangelskaja, Russia
RU3DX    Eugene Pletnev, P. O. Box 33, 109240 Moscow, Russia
RX3RC    Roman A. Novikov, P.O.Box 21, 392000 Tambov, Russia
SM5DJZ   Jan Hallenberg, Vassunda Andersberg, SE-741 91 Knivsta, Sweden
UN7AB    Aleksandr Zavodyanyj, 9 MKRN, 29 dom, 37 kv, Aktau, 466200,
VU3MKE   Manoj Kumar Dhaka, Trupati Valley No 7, D-Lane, Kewal Vihar,
         Dehradun, Uttaranchal 24001, India
WB4E     Hal Weeden, 422 Hiddenbrook Ln, Maryville, TN  37804-3688, USA
YB9BU    Kadek Kariana SP., P.O. Box 106, Singaraja 81100 Bali, Indonesia

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