425 DX News issue #726

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                              425 DX News #726
                                2 April 2005
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

A5      - Stig, LA7JO (9N7JO)  will be  active as  A52JO from  Bhutan on  4-12
          April. He will operate SSB and CW in his limited spare time. QSL  to
          Stig Lindblom, Jum Changphimai 147/1  - Moo 3,  Tambon Boot, Ban  Ta
          Bong,   Phimai,   TH-30110   Nakhon   Ratchashima,   Thailand   [TNX
4U1UN   - On  their   way  to   Dayton,  Mustapha/DL1BDF,   Karl-Heinz/DL1BAH,
          Manfred/DK1BT and Stefan/DG2BDB  will stop  in New  York City.  They
          plan to operate from the  4U1UN ARC at  the United Nations  sometime
          between 12 to  15 May. QSL  via HB9BOU, as  usual (not via  DL1BDF).
          [TNX F5NQL]
EX      - Jaak, ES1FB and Oleg, ES1RA will be travelling to Kyrghyzstan on  19
          April; they plan to operate as EX/ES1FB and EX/ES1RA until 28  April
          and 16 May respectively.  Oleg might operate  also as UK/ES1RA  from
          Uzbekistan during that time frame. QSL via home calls.
F       - Look for F/LX9EG/P to operate CW from the islands and lighthouses of
          Groix (EU-048, DIFM AT-012, WLOTA L-0050)  on 2 April and  Belle-Ile
          (EU-048, DIFM AT-015, WLOTA L-0872) on 3 April. [TNX LX1NO]
F       - Christian, F6FTB will  be active  from Belle-Ile  (EU-048) on  10-14
          April. [TNX La Gazette du DX]
FM      - Berthold, DF5WA and  Gunter, DF7GB  will be  active from  Martinique
          (NA-107) starting on  8 April.  They plan  to operate  on all  bands
          (160m if the location is suitable) CW with some SSB, RTTY and PSK31;
          QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX GM3VLB]
HR      - Rene, HR1RMG is  active as HR6/homecall  from Roatan Island (NA-057)
          for a few days. QSL via home call. [TNX HR1RMG]
PJ4     - Look for Andy, PJ4/W9NJY to operate  (on 10-40 metres CW, with  some
          SSB) from Bonaire (SA-006) on 2-12  April. QSL via WD9DZV. [TNX  tha
          Daily DX]
SP      - Andy, SP5XSD  will  be  active on  10-40  metres  as  SP5XSD/1  from
          Karsibor Island (EU-132, SZ-003 for the Polish Islands Award) on 2-3
          April. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
SV      - Ben, OZ5AAH will operate CW and SSB as SV/OZ5IPA from Greece on 5-13
          April. QSL direct  only to Preben  Jakobsen, Gjethusparken 25,  3300
          Frederiksvaerk, Denmark. [TNX OZ5AAH]
YU      - Massimo, IZ0BGS reports  he will  be working  in Pristina  (Kossovo)
          through the end of July. He plans to  operate on 10, 15, 20, 40  and
          80 metres SSB as YU8/IZ0BGS in  his spare time  using 10 watts.  QSL
          via bureau to IZ0BGS.
ZK1_sc  - Rick, AI5P will be active as  ZK1APX from the South Cook Islands  on
          4-12 April. He  plans to  operate on  40-10 metres  mainly CW.  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

60 METRES ---> Club stations in  Norway are allowed to  operate on 60  metres
from 31 March at 22 UTC (1 April at 00.00 local time) until 31 December 2007.

ARI DX CONTEST  ---> The A.R.I.  International DX Contest,  sponsored by  the
Italian amateur radio IARU Society, is  open to either licenced amateurs  and
SWLs. This year's event will take place from 20 UTC on 7 May to 19.59 UTC  on
the  8th.  Full  rules  and  information,  including  a  brand  new  software
downloadable for free, are available at http://www.qsl.net/contest_ari/

BEACON ---> A new 6m beacon has been  on the air since January. The  callsign
is IT9X (WWL JM78SG) and transmits  24 hours a day on 50,057  kHz CW with  10
watts.  Further  information  can  be  found  at  http://www.iw9cer.com/it9x ;
reports should be sent to it9x@iw9cer.com  [TNX IW9CER]

COOK ISLANDS --->  Many thanks to  The Daily DX  for providing the  following
excerpt from the ITU Operational Bulletin No. 818: "Following a request  from
New Zealand, the International Call Sign  Series E5A-E5Z, in accordance  with
the provisions of No. 19.33 of the Radio Regulations, has been  provisionally
allocated to New  Zealand for  exclusive use  by the  Cook Islands  (formerly
ZK1).  That  provisional allocation is  subject to confirmation  by the  next
radiocommunication conference".

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations are approved for DXCC credit:
6O0X (Somalia) 18-26 November 2004
TT8AMO (Chad)  current operation effective 9 March 2005
TT8M (Chad)  current operation effective 9 March 2005

EU SPRINT CONTESTS ---> The two Spring events will  be held on 20, 40 and  80
metres only from 15.00 UTC until 18.59   UTC on 9 April (Spring SSB,  managed
by G4BUO) and  16 April (Spring  CW,  managed  by 9A6XX). Full details  (free
software included) can be found at http://www.eusprint.com/

FT5XO ---> The Microlite Penguins DXpedition to Kerguelen closed down  around
2 UTC on 31 March.

PIRATE --->  Laurent, F8BBL  reports that  his callsign  has been  repeatedly
pirated on the PacketCluster (typically for FT5XO spots) and on the air  (CW,
SSB, RTTY and SSTV) for intentional QRM on DX stations.

QSL 6O0CW ---> More than 1200  direct cards have  been processed and  mailed,
and Silvano, I2YSB has run out of blank cards. Please be patient while a  new
batch is being  printed, and  note that  I2YSB handles  direct requests  only
(bureau cards should be sent to M5AAV). Silvano also reports the sad news  of
the untimely passing of Adam Nuur Maxamed Islam, 6O0N. Adam was the  director
of Daljir Radio, from whose premises 6O0CW operated, and he was  instrumental
in the  success  of the  DXpedition.  The home  page  for the  3-17  February
operation from Somalia is at http://i2ysb.com/6o/index.htm

QSL VIA IK7JTF ---> Rino, IK7JTF reports he  still has cards and logs (up  to
2002) for  the  following  stations:  4L0CR,  4L1UN,  5N9RGP,  9K2AI,  A61AP,
A71/9K2AI, AP2KSD, AP2MAM,  CN8SN, CN8VK,  OD5PI, TT8AM.  He has  run out  of
cards for 5N9EAM and BV5BG. QSL to P.O. Box 20, 70010 Cellamare - BA, Italy.

WORLD ROBINSON CUP 2005 --->  The Russian Robinson  Club sponsors the  "World
Robinson  Cup"  (wrc_rrc@mail.ru)   for  contacting  stations  operating  from
islands between 1 April and 30 September 2005. The national island programmes
considered by  WRC  are BIA  (Belarus),  CIsA (Canada),  DIA  (Denmark),  DIB
(Brazil), DICE (Chile), DIE and DIEI  (Spain), DIFM, DIFI and DIFO  (France),
DIP (Portugal), GIA (Germany), IIA and ILIA (Italy), IOCA (Croatia), IOSA and
SCOTIA (Scotland), JIIA (Japan), RRA (Russia), SPIA (Poland), UIA  (Ukraine),
USIA (United States). Full information is  available on the Russian  Robinson
Club's web site (http://www.hamradio.ru/rrc/wrc_e.htm). [TNX RZ3EM]

WRTC 2006 --->  The rules  for the  next World  Radiosport Team  Championship
(Florianopolis,   7-10    July    2006)    are    now    downloadable    from
http://www.wrtc2006.com ; Referees  Selection  Criteria  and  Team  Selection
Criteria will follow in 30-60 days. [TNX PY5EG]

YU DX CONTEST ---> The Amateur  Radio Union of Serbia and Montenegro  invites
amateur radio  operators all  over the  world to  participate  in the  YU  DX
Contest, which will take place on 16-17 April (from 21 UTC on Saturday till 5
UTC on Sunday, and on 9-17 UTC on Sunday). The contest will be held on 160-10
metres CW  only  (WARC bands  excluded).  The new  rules,  as  well  as  free
software, results and other information can be found at http://yudx.net  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

QSL GALLERIES:  The large collection of QSL cards (2200+) on Les Nouvelle DX's
                web site  has been  updated. Six  different galleries  include
                cards for each of  the 58 deleted  DXCC entities (400+  QSLs),
                obsolete prefixes (850+ QSLs), Antarctic  bases (400+ QSLs)  &
                TAAF  (Terres  Australes  and  Antarctiques  Francaises,  190+
                QSLs), pre-1945 countries (200+ QSLs) and French  Departments.
                Several cards  are  still needed  and  your  participation  is
                welcome - please visit http://LesNouvellesDX.free.fr and  send
                send your comments to LesNouvellesDX@free.fr [TNX F6AJA]
TOP LISTS:      The  latest  Topband,  Topmode  and  Toplist  listings are now
                available at  http://www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.
                Please send  your scores,  as well  as any request for further
                information, to Erminio Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@fastwebnet.it)
YE3K:           Pictures of the recent operations from Kangean (OC-217) can be
                found at http://www.mdxc.org/ye3k/photo.htm  [TNX IZ8CCW]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2IZ       N6IZ        ED7CK       EA7HBC      S09A        EA1BT
3W2TXR      JA2TXR      EM1HO       I2PJA       SA60A       SK3BG
3Z1IARU     SP3MGM      EP4HR       I2MQP       SF50A       W3HNK
3Z75GFI     SP9GFI      ES70B       ES4OJ       SN75JMR     SP2JMR
4F3CV/1     HB9CXZ      ES70I       ES4RD       SO9HA       HA5X
4L1MA       ON4RU       ES70J       ES1WN       SO9PT       HA5PT
4L4CH       LZ1OT       ES70M       ES1QD       SO9XC       HA5X
4L8A        OZ1HPS      ES70Q       ES5RY       SQ6Z        SP6RZ
4N2Z        YU7KW       EW6AC       DL8KAC      ST2NH       EA7FTR
5B/AJ2O     RA3AUU      EY0R        UA4CC       SU9BN       EA7FTR
5B4AHS      RA3AUU      EY8MM       K1BV        SU9HP       SM0CFO
5H9KR       KF9TC       FO0/F8UFT   F5NQL       SV0XAO      DJ5JH
5R8GT/P     DK8ZD       FT5XO       VE3XN       SZ5Z        SV5FRD
5R8GZ       G3SWH       G6PZ        M5AAV       SZ6P        SV1BJW
5U7B        I2YSB       GI1W        GI0NWG      T49C        K8SIX
5U7JB       ON5NT       GM7V        M0CMK       T68G        LA4YW
5V7BB       W2FUI       HF70PRT     SP2PI       TM1MIL      F5TPA
5Z4DZ       PA1AW       HF75PZK     SP3IQ       TM1PHG      F5RPB
6Y6Y        WA4PGM      HI3CCP      ON4IQ       TM2PHG      F5RPB
8J1ODA      JA1BAB      HK1XX       EA7FTR      TM6OVN      F6KPM
8P9AM       VE3DZ       HR1AAB      EA7FTR      TM8D        F8ADY
8Q7DV       UA9CLB      HZ1EX       SM0BYD      TO1T        F6HMQ
8R1K        EA4BQ       IB0CW       IK8RRY      TR8FC       F8BUZ
8R1RPN      EA4BQ       IG9R        IK8HCG      TS3A        YT1AD
9H3LEO      IK1PMR      J20FH       F5PRU       TT8KLJ      ON6NL
9H3MR       IK1PMR      J48A        SV8CYR      TU2OJ       F5IPW
9H9JR       DJ0QJ       J62HB       8R1WD       UA0AZ       W3HNK
9J2BO       G3TEV       J75RZ       W2RZS       UA0AZA      RX3RC
9J2SZ       SP8DIP      J79DL       N1DL        UA0FZ       W3HNK
9Q6MGK      ZR5MGK      J79XBI      SM0XBI      UN7JX       IK2QPR
A6/ON5NT    ON5NT       JU1DX       JT1BV       UP5G        LZ1YE
A61Q        EA7FTR      JW5NM       LA5NM       V25DL       N1DL
A71AW       W3HNK       JW9TKA      LA9TKA      V25O        LY2CY
AN9IE       EA9IE       KC4USV      K1IED       V25OP       W9OP
AP2NK       W3HNK       KG4WW       KX4WW       V73HE       JA1HEE
B3C         BA3CE       KH7X        K2PF        V73JY       JA1JQY
BP0A        BV2KI       KP4SQ       W3HNK       V73KJ       JA1KJW
BV50CRA     BV2KI       KP4WW       W3HNK       VC3A        VE3AT
BX3AC       G3SWH       LA5M        LA1YKA      VE2/VE3EXY  VE3EXY
C37URA      C31LM       LG5LG       SM5DJZ      VK0MT       JE1LET
C38JM       C31JM       LT0H        EA7FTR      VO2ZT       VE2TKH
C39DR       C33DR       LU1ZB       LU4DXU      VP8DIN      KC6AWX
C39JS       C31JS       LU8XW       WD9EWK      VP8DIO      KC6AWX
C39LJ       VE3GEJ      LX6T        LX1KC       VP9BO       W4ZGR
CE1HBI      EA5KB       LX7I        LX2AJ       VP9I        N1HRA
CE1YI       EA5KB       LZ2TU       WB2RAJ      VQ9OW       KA9JOW
CE2GLR      EA5KB       MJ0RHF      OE1ZKC      VU3BPZ/A    VU3MKE
CE2LZR      EA5KB       MM0LEO      W3LEO       XF2ZEX      IT9EJW
CE6TBN/7    CE6TBN      MU2Z        M5AAV       XX9TST      VR2ZST
CE9/R1ANF   RK1PWA      MU5RIC/P    M5AAV       YB0AZ       W7TSQ
CN2BC       DL7BC       N2G         JH0MGJ      YI1EM       EA7FTR
CN2R        W7EJ        NQ4I        K4PK        YI9QWO      K5QWO
CN2US       NJ2D        OD5WPX      I1HJT       YI9VCQ      N3ST
CN8NK       EA5XX       OE4A        OE1EMS      YI9XJ       LY2XJ
CO2CI       WD4OIN      OH0I        OH3BHL      YL380FW     YL3FW
CO5FR       EA5KB       OH0Z        OH5DX       YU9YM       OK1YM
CO8LY       EA7ADH      OM7M        OM3PA       YW4M        W4SO
CQ6STR      CT1BXT      OO175B      ON4UN       Z22JE       K3PD
CT7B        CT1ILT      OX3RZ       OH4MDY      Z24S        W3HNK
CX9AU       KA5TUF      OZ5HCA      OZ3FYN      Z35X        DJ0LZ
D4B         K1BV        P40A        WD9DZV      ZB2/GM4FDM  GM4FDM
D70YT/5     HL5BDD      P49MR       VE3MR       ZB2/PA3EWP  PA3EWP
DX0K        4F2KWT      PJ2T        N9AG        ZC4LI       G0LII
DX1PHG      DU1BP       PJ4Y        OM1KW       ZD8I        G4LTI
EA6WX       N7RO        PJ5NA       K1NA        ZD8Z        VE3HO
ED1VIG      EA1RKV      PZ5DK       PA0DKA      ZF1A        W6VNR
ED2LCC      EA2AWA      R1ANC       DL5EBE      ZF2SC       KA9P
ED4URH      EA4ECY      R1ANF       RK1PWA      ZF2UJ       K4UJ
ED5TEF      EA5ELT      R1ANN       RZ3DJ       ZL1V        N3SL
ED6EDC      EA6ZX       R1ANT       RW1AI       ZP0R        W3HNK
ED6IDP      EA6AEI      RU3HD/ANT   RZ3DJ       ZS75PTA     ZS6KR

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

4F2KWT    Gilbert Lappay, P.O. Box 89, 2500 San Fernando City, La Union,
DJ0LZ     Ace Jevremov, P.O. Box 14, D-82378 Peissenberg, Germany
DL5EBE    Dominik Weiel, Johannes-Meyer-Str.13, D-49808 Lingen, Germany
EA4BQ     Olli Rissanen, Calle Ciguela 331, 28729 Venturada, Madrid, Spain
F5TGR     Nicolas Quennet,  8 bis rue de la Marne, 95220 Herblay, France
G4LTI     Mike Coverdale, 1a Halton Chase, Westhead, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40
          6JR, UK
GI0NWG    Andrew Williamson, 23 23 Iskeymeadow Road, Roughan, Armagh, BT60
          3JS, Northern Ireland, UK
HR1RMG    Rene Mendoza Garay, P.O.Box 1000, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
IK8RRY    Luciano Luongo Via Degli Innamorati 143, 80014 Giugliano - NA, Italy
IT9EJW    Alfio Bonanno, P.O. Box 18, 95028 Valverde - CT, Italy
IZ8CCW    Antonio Cannataro, P.O. Box 360, 87100 Cosenza - CS, Italy
LU4DXU    Horacio E. Ledo, P.O. Box 22, 1640 Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
PA1AW     Alex van Hengel, Bovenkruier 18, NL-2995CA Heerjansdam, The
TZ9A      Christian Saint-Arroman, BPE 1490, Bamako, Mali
          Christian Saint-Arroman, Chemin de Mousteguy, F-64990 Urcuit, France
VE3AT     Ron Vander Kraats, 9 Jopling Avenue South, Islington, ON  M9B 3P4,
VU3MKE    Manoj Kumar Dhaka, Trupati Valley No 7, D-Lane, Kewal Vihar,
          Dehradun, Uttaranchal 24001, India
WB2RAJ    Kash Kashdin, 4591 West Overlook Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221, USA
YL3FW     Sergei V.Gorchinsky, P.O. Box 120, Liepaja LV-3405, Latvia
YU7KW     Zoran Pekmezovic, P.O. Box 36, 26101 Pancevo, Serbia and Montenegro
ZS6KR     Hans Kappetijn, 1250 Barret St., Queenswood, Pretoria 0186, South

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