425 DX News issue #746

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                              425 DX News #746
                               20 August 2005
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

DL      - Enrico, DL2VFR will  operate as  DA0GLH from  the Gellen  Lighthouse
          (ARLHS FED-088, GLHA  022) on  Hiddensee Island  (EU-057, GIA  O-05)
          during the ILLW. QSL via home call, direct o bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
DL      - The MF-Runde (http://www.marinefunker.de/) will be signing DL0MFK/LH
          from Karnin  Lighthouse (ARLHS  FED-274) on  Usedom Island  (EU-129)
          during the ILLW. QSL via DL2ARH.
EA8     - The Gran Canaria  DX Group will  participate in the  ILLW as  ED8LHT
          from Taliarte Lighthouse (ARLHS CAI-065). They will run two stations
          on SSB and CW. QSL via bureau to EA8AKN. [TNX EA8AKN]
F       - Laurent, F8BBL (CW)  and Jean-Marc,  F4ECL (SSB)  will operate  from
          Banc d'Arguin (EU-159, DIFM AT-033) on 20 August. This QRP  activity
          is expected to take place between  10.30 and 15 UTC. QSL via  F8BBL,
          direct or bureau. [TNX F8BBL]
F       - Claude, F5MCC will  operate CW only  as F5MCC/p from  at least  five
          lighthouses of the  Finistere Department,  French Brittany,  between
          20-23 August. QSL to his  home call (direct)  or via F3GJ  (bureau).
          [TNX F5NQL]
GM      - G3ZAY, M0GMT  and  G7VJR will  be  active from  the  Outer  Hebrides
          (EU-010) on 24-28 August. They might  operate very briefly from  St.
          Kilda (EU-059) on the 24th or 25th if the weather is suitable.  [TNX
GM      - Peter, GM3OFT  reports he  plans to  operate  as GM3OFT/P  on  80-15
          metres from a few Scottish islands as follows:
          25-26 August  Eileen Horrisdale    -     CN-27  SC-12
          26-27 August  Longa              EU-123  CN-28  SC-13
          27-28 August  Gruinard           EU-123  CN-30  SC-09
          28-29 August  Isle Martin          -     CN-31  SC-14
          29-30 August  Isle of Ewe          -     CN-29  SC-29
          30-31 August  Ristol               -     CN-34  SC-20
          In general he expects to be QRV mid  or late afternoon of day 1  and
          QRT late morning or early afternoon of day 2.
GW      - The Barry Amateur Radio Society will operate as GB5FI from  Flatholm
          Island (EU-124) on 26-30 August. They will be active on all bands (6
          metres included) and modes. QSL via  GW0ANA, direct or bureau.  [TNX
HI      - Roberto, EA2RY  and  Inigo, EA2BXV  will  operate as  EA2RY/HI7  and
          EA2BXV/HI7 from the Dominican Republic (NA-096) from 27 August to  8
          September. They plan to put an  emphasis on PSK31 and RTTY. QSL  via
          EA2RY. [TNX EA2RY]
HL      - Pyongtaek DX  Club members  Han/DS2GOO, Kim/DS4PAI,  Lee/6K2CEW  and
          Kim/6K2CSD will operate as homecall/4 from  Saok Island (AS-060)  on
          26-28 August. They  plan to  be active  with two  stations on  80-10
          metres SSB, RTTY and BPSK31. QSL  via home calls, direct or  bureau.
          Logs will  be  available  at  http://myhome.naver.com/dxer2han/as060
          [TNX DS2GOO]
I       - Alberto, IW1RLF reports will operate on 6 and 2 metres as IW1RLF/IA5
          from Capo Sant'Andrea (JN52BT) on Isola d'Elba (EU-028, IIA  LI-001)
          from 29 August to 4 September. QSL via bureau.
JA      - Look for JQ2PYB/6 to operate from the Yaeyama Islands (AS-024) until
          22 August. Announced plans included activities  from the islands  of
          Ishigaki (JIIA  AS-024-004) and  Hatoma (JIIA  AS-024-002). QSL  via
          home call, direct or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
LU      - The Radio  Club  Tandil  (LU2EE) and  the  Mistongo  DX  Group  will
          participate in the ILLW  as L84V from  the lighthouse Baliza  Camino
          (ARLHS ARG-084) in Rio Negro Province. Plans are to operate SSB  and
          CW on 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 15  and 10 metres. QSL via LU2EE,  direct
          (Radio Club Tandil, P.O. Box 184, Tandil 7000, Argentina) or bureau.
          [TNX LU3DR]
LU_ant -  Gustavo,  LU1ZD  from  General  San  Martin  base  (LU-11  for   the
          Antarctica Award) on  Barry Island  (AN-016) and  Mario, LU1ZI  from
          Teniente  Jubany  Station  (LU-15)  on  King  George  Island,  South
          Shetlands (AN-010),  are used  to showing  up on  the Antarctic  Net
          controlled by LU4DXU  starting at  19 UTC  on 14290  kHz during  the
          weekends. QSL via LU4DXU.  Further information will  be avalaible at
          http://www.mdxc.org/antarctica/activity/2005.htm [TNX LU4DXU&IZ8CGS]
PA      - Dan, PA0AKN  and others  will be  signing PA3BDQ/LT  from  Westhoofd
          (Ouddorp)   Lighthouse   (ARLHS   NET-074)   on   the   island    of
          Goeree-Overflakkee (EU-146) during  the ILLW. Another  team will  be
          active as PI4VPO/LT from ARLHS NET-071.  Expect activity on 80,  40,
          20 and 2  metres in the  daytime hours only.  QSLs via PA2CNR.  [TNX
P4      - The Aruba Amateur Radio Club, P43ARC, will participate for the first
          time in the ILLW from the California (Hudishibana) Lighthouse (ARLHS
          ARU-001). QSL via P43E.
SM      - Look for SM7/DL5ME and SM7/DG3HWO to  operate CW and SSB on 40,  30,
          20, 17 and 15 metres  from Hasslo Island  (EU-138) on 27-31  August.
          QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX DL5ME]
SP      - Special event station SN25SOL is operating  on 10-80 metres CW,  SSB
          and digital  modes until  31 August  from  the Gdansk  Shipyards  to
          commemorate the 25th  anniversary of  Solidarity (Solidarnosc),  the
          Polish  trade  union  federation  founded  in  September  1980   and
          originally led by  Lech Walesa. QSL  via SP2AYC,  direct or  bureau.
          [TNX SP2DX]
SU      - A team including operators from  Egypt and Italy  will be active  as
          SU8GFT from Giftun Island  (Red Sea Coast  North Group, AF-NEW)  for
          about four days and for at least 18 hours a day during the last week
          of September. They plan to operate  SSB and CW mostly  on 20 and  40
          metres, with  two  100-watt stations,  a  beam  and  two  verticals.
          Further details are expected in due course. [TNX IZ8CCW]
SV9     - Kostas, SV1DPI will  be active  from Crete  (requested call  SY9DPI)
          from 24 August to 3 September. He expects to operate mainly RTTY and
          PSk31, with  some CW  and SSB,  during his  late evening  and  early
          morning hours. QSL via home call. [TNX SV1DPI]
TA      - Alessio,  IZ0CKJ   and  Simon,   IZ7ATN  have   been  operating   as
          TA0/IZ7ATN/p  and  TA0/IZ0CKJ/p  from  Bozcaada  (AS-099)  since  16
          August. Their plans  also included activity  from Gockeada  (EU-186)
          during the 16-20 August time frame. Look for them on 40, 20, 18, 15,
          12 and 10 metres SSB. QSL via IZ0CKJ, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ7ATN]
TA      - Carlo, ON4BR reports he will be  active as TA4/ON4BR from Turkey  on
          19-28 August. He plans to operate CW and SSB on 15, 20, 40 and maybe
          80 metres.
TA      - TA2DS, TA3FB, TA3CO,  TB3CSV, TA1E,  SV1KP (YL  operator) and  SV1IW
          will be  active as  TC0SV from  the  lighthouse (ARLHS  TUR-001)  on
          Bozcaada (AS-099) during the  ILLW. This is  a joint effort  between
          the IARU national  societies of Tureky  and Greece.  QSL via  TA2DS.
          [TNX www.raag.org]
UA      - Special station UE3DGQ will be active  on 22-28 August to  celebrate
          the 80th  anniversary of  the city  of Shchyolkovo.  QSL via  RK3DYB
          (bureau) or RV3DUT (direct). [TNX RV3DUT]
UA      - UA0LQJ, UA0LG, UA0LDY,  RA0LHK and RA0LGG  will operate as  RK0LXD/p
          from Lisiy Island on 29-30 August. QSL via IK2DUW. [TNX IK2DUW]
UR      - Max, UU4JDD  reports that  the following  stations are  expected  to
          participate in the ILLW from Ukrainian lighthouses:
          UU4JWF/LH  Yaltinskyj        UKR-034
          UR4QI/p    Tarhankutskyj     UKR-016
          UU4JWM/LH  Kamysh-Burunskyj  UKR-021
          UU4JO/p    Il'inskyj         UKR-010
          UU9JWM/p   Kruglaya Bay East UKR-072
          All QSL cards will be available  via the bureau. Information on  the
          Ukrainian     Lighthouses     Award     can     be     found      at
UR      - Special calls EN60EKR (QSL via UT4EK, direct or bureau) and EM60IG
          (QSL via UR7IA, direct or bureau) will be aired on all bands from 27
          August to 4 September from Ukraine to celebrate the 60th anniversary
          of the end of World War II. [TMX UT4EK and UR7IA]
VK      - Look for VK4YN/p  to operate from  Fraser Island  (OC-142) on  20-21
          August. QSL direct only via qrz.com [TNX VK4FW]
VK      - The VK6DHI operation from Dirk Hartog  Island (OC-206) [425DXN  733]
          is confirmed to take place on  20-23 August. Wally/VK6YS,  Dan/VK8AN
          and Nigel/VK6KDH will  be active  on 10-40  metres SSB  and CW.  QSL
          direct only  via  VK4AAR (Alan  Roocroft,  376 Old  Toowoomba  Road,
          Placid Hills 4343, Australia). [TNX VK4AAR]
VP8     - Don, VP8ON reports that for the  seventh year in a row, VP8LGT  will
          be aired  from  the lighthouse  at  Cape Pembroke  (ARLHS  FAL-001),
          Falkland Islands (SA-002) during the ILLW. QSL via VP8ON.
W       - Special  call  K8E  will  be  aired  from  Eagle  Harbor  Lighthouse
          (USA-253) during  this year's  ILLW. Modes  and bands  of  operation
          include HF/VHF, CW/SSB,  FM Satellite and  possibly HF digital.  QSL
          via   bureau   or   direct   to   N8MR.   Further   information   at
          http://www.kc8nah.com/Interests/illw05.htm [TNX N8MR]
W       - Members of  the Motor  City Radio  Club  (W8MRM) will  activate  the
          Mariners's Memorial  Lighthouse (USA-1223)  for  the ILLW.  QSL  via
          bureau or direct to N8MR. [TNX N8MR]
YB      - Hot, YC0IEM will operate as YC0IEM/9 from Timor Island (OC-148) from
          29 August to 15 September.  QSL via IZ8CCW,  direct or bureau.  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425DXN AUDIO VERSION  ---> The latest  issues are available  for download  at
http://www.425dxn.org/Audio_bulletin/indbulle.html. Comments and  suggestions
should be sent to Paolo Pero, I1HJP (i1hjp@arinizza.it).

9A7YY/P ---> The list of the islands Branko, 9A7YY is operating from until 21
August [425DXN 745] can be found on the All Croatian Islands Award's page  at
http://www.9a7k.com [TNX 9A7K]

IIA ACTIVITIES --->  On 18 August  Giovanni, IK1JJB/5  and Vittorio,  I1BUP/5
operated from Torre della  Meloria (IIA LI-030,  WAIL TO-015, ARLHS  ITA-168)
and Scoglio della Meloria (IIA LI-004,  WAIL TO-014, ARLHS ITA-258). QSL  via
home calls.

ILLW ---> The  International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend  will be held  from
00.01 UTC  on 20  August to  23.59 UTC  on the  21st. The  list of  announced
operations can be  found at http://illw.net/2005_list.htm  (IOTA chasers  may
find it is worth a look, as several  operations are going to take place  from
lighthouses located on islands).

IS0/IZ8GCB ---> Gaetano  reports he  has been  forced to  cancel his  planned
18-31 August operation from Sardinia [425DXN 742].

NOT IOTA  ---> IOTA  enthusiasts please  note that  the 19-21  August  7S6LAN
operation from Langholmen Island [425DXN 745] will not count for IOTA, as the
island does not meet the IOTA qualification criteria. [TNX G3KMA]

RTTY SURVEY ---> Don, AA5AU invites all digital operators to take part in the
2005 RTTY Most  Needed DXCC Entities  Survey. The deadline  is 24  UTC on  18
September. Please visit http://aa5au.com/rttysurvey2005.html

QSL SV8/I3FDZ/P ---> Fiorino, I3FDZ operated as SV8/I3FDZ/P from  Elafonissos
(EU-113) during the IOTA Contest. Cards can be sent to his home call,  direct
(Fiorino De Lazzari, Via Vegri 54, 31050  Visnafello - TV, Italy) or via  the
bureau. [TNX I3FDZ]

QSL YW4C ---> All of the direct  requests for the recent YW4C operation  from
Isla del Rey (SA-058) have been  processed and mailed.  Special thanks go  to
Alfred J. Cammarata, W3AWU and Nando  Rubino, IT9YRE for their support.  [TNX

QSL VIA K7ZZ ---> Tom, K7ZZ reports he has  received 4 kg. of cards from  the
bureau for T30T, V7/K7ZZ, T88ZX, and V63ZT. As announced before, during,  and
after these operations, there will be no bureau cards for these contacts. Tom
has uploaded  the logs  to LOTW;  those who  need a  card should  send  their
request direct to Thomas C. Meier, 13271 Woodland Ln, Turner, OR 97392, USA.

QSL VIA LA9VDA --->  Trond reports he  is the QSL  manager for the  following
calls: JW5UF, JW6YEA, JW9VDA, LA5M, LI5M, LN5M, LA8W, LI8W, LN8W, LA6Q, LI6Q,
(St. Pierre et Miquelon 1999), VP2MLA.

YO DX CONTEST ---> The Romanian Amateur Radio Federation (FRR) invites  radio
amateurs worldwide to participate in the annual YO DX HF Contest, which  will
be held  on  27-28 August  to  12 UTC  to  12 UTC.  Rules  can  be  found  at
http://www.hamradio.ro/contests/yodx_eng.pdf [TNX N2YO]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

LOGS:    On-line logs and pictures of the  5-12 August activities by  Barbara,
         SQ5BB and Andy, SP5XSD from islands and lighthouses along the  Polish
         Baltic coastline  are now  available at  http://sp5xsd.za.pl/aug2005/
         [TNX SP5MXZ]
LOGS:    On-line logs and pictures of Wojtek's  (SP5MXZ) recent activity  from
         Tenerife,     Canary      Islands      can      be      found      at
         http://sp5xsd.za.pl/sp5mxz/ea8/ [TNX SP5XSD]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3A/F8ASY    3A2MD       F5MCC/p     F3GJ        SV5/SM8C    SM0CMH
3DA0UY      UT5UY       GB0SH       MW0JZE      SX8AYT      SV2AYT
3Z1LH       SP1KNM      GM0BPU/P    G0BPU       SX8L        SV1HER
4L6RW       UX3MR       HC7AE       EA7FTR      TF3XEN      KT6YL
4N35CW      YU1BM       HE1G        HB9AOF      TG4P        TG9ANF
5H3BL       IV3BBA      HF61PW      SP5KCR      TK/IK5PWQ   IK5PWQ  (c)
5X1B        JJ1CBY      HG8SDS      HA8PH       TK/IK5PWQ/p IK5PWQ  (d)
5X1W        JA1DOT      HI3NR       KB2MS       TM0MN       F6JOB
6L0NJ/4     HL4XM       HS4BPQ/9    E21EIC      TM1SMK      F1JKJ
7S6LAN      SM6YOU      IB0MDC      IZ0FXW      TM2QP       F5GNY
7S6TL       SK6GO       II8SMK      IK8YDP      TM7VM       F5UJZ
9G5JH       PA0CJH      IY6GM       IZ6CRK      UA8TWW      UA0SE
9G5OO       DL4WK       J45R        DK9NCX      UE0SAA      RA0WA
9Q0AR       SM5BFJ      KL7J        N3SL        UE2FVQ      DK4VQ
9V40DE      9V1DE       LU1DZ/R     EA3RE       UE2FVW      DK4VW
9V40UV      9V1UV       N7H         W7KZO       UE3RST      RU3RN
A61AJ       DJ2MX  (a)  NC2N/W4/p   W3HNK       UE3SFF/6    DL8KAC
A61AJ       K2UO   (b)  OE50G       DK5AD       UE3YGA/p    RV3YR
CV5D        CX2ABC      OH1/IZ0FKE  IZ0FMA      UE6AWF/P    RZ6APF
DA0X        DL1MUC      OL9AU       OK2WED      UE6YYY      UA6YW
DA2005LH    DJ2HD       OZ0CP       OZ5BD       UN7GCE      EA7FTR
DL4R        DL4RCK      P40GY       K9GY        UU9JWM/p    UT5JAJ
DL5A        DL5KUA      PY0F/CT1BWW CT1BWW      V25LR       W1LR
DM4E        DL8IJ       PY0F/EA2RC  EA2RC       V25WX       W4WX
DP5E        DK8RE       R0K         RZ3EC       V47UY       KJ4UY
DP5K        DK5TX       R0K/p       RZ3EC       V51KC       IZ8EDJ
DQ3M        DK3DM       RA0FU/p     N6FF        V63ME       7N1RTO
DQ80IARU    DF0HQ       RK3YZA/p    RV3YM       V85PY       DF2PY
DR5X        DL8LAS      RK6YZZ      UA6YW       VE1OTA/P    VE1VOX
EA7GXW/P    EA7HBC      RV1CC/0     RV1CC       VE3CGPS     VE3BXY
EA9JS/EA5   EA7DA       RV3ACA/0    RV3ACA      VK2IBG      DL5OB
ED2FPA      EA2RCA      SN1HF       SP1DTG      VP2E        N5AU
ED3LHT      EA3GHZ      SN2NP       SP2BIK      VP9/N0ED    G3SQX
ED5LMC      EA5AOK      SN50KAG     SP9KAG      VQ9JF       KB5NJF
ED6TSC      EA6SB       SO5MR/1     IK1PMR      YI1EM       EA7FTR
ED7CK       EA7HBC      SO9DO       DJ6DO       YI9CEA      N3ST
EK6LP       IK2DUW      SP/K2LEO    IK1PMR      YI9VCQ      N3ST
EN40EKR     UT4EK       SP0WWYC     SP1KNM      YP100JV     YO8TLC
ET3TK       OK1CU       SU8IOTA     SU1SK       Z34M        DJ0LZ
EX2X        EA5KB       SV1JCZ      DL1JCZ      ZW7LH       PS7AA

(a) rest of the world              (c) bureau (EU-014)
(b) N/S America                    (d) direct (EU-164)

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9A7YY    Branko Gracin, P.O. Box 25, HR - 21485 Komiza, Croatia
A92GR    Mohamed Al-Buflasa, P.O. Box 50203, Hidd, Bahrain
DK9NKC   Hubert Metz, Heinrich-Schatzelstr. 17, D-97337 Dettelbach/Effeldorf,
EA1ND    Ignacio Iglesias Garcia, Lg Sabarigo 6-Cela, 36939 Bueu - Pontevedra,
EA3EKS   Hector Guasch, P.O. Box 855 , 43080 Tarragona, Spain
EA3GHZ   Joan Carles Barcelo Torta, P.O. Box 51, 43540 Sant Carles Rapita,
         Tarragona, Spain
EA7HBC   Juan Carlos Calvo Torres, P.O. Box 154, 11540 Sanlucar de Barrameda -
         Cadiz, Spain
EC4DX    Javier Prados, C/ Las Flores 9-1 A, 28340 Valdemoro - Madrid, Spain
F1JKJ    Laurent Ferracci, Chemin du moulin a vent, 34160 Galargues, France
F5GNY    Michel Valette, 1 Rue des mimosas, F-31850 Beaupuy, France
FY5KAC   Association Radio-Club Guyane ARCG, B.P. 9271, 97392 Cayenne Cedex 2,
         French Guiana - France
G3SQX    Edwin Taylor, 4 Oaklands Ave., Birmingham B17 9TU, UK
HA3UU    Mach Janos, P.O. Box 79, 7031 Paks, Hungary
I3FDZ    Fiorino De Lazzari, Via Vegri 54, 31050 Visnafello - TV, Italy
IK5PWQ   Stefano Ceccotti, Piazza Dante Alighieri 3-AL, 56030 Cascine di Buti
         - PI, Italy
IU1L     ARI Genova,  P.O. Box 1117, 16121 Genova - GE, Italy
IW3RUA   Pietro Florio, P.O. Box 18, 33028 Tolmezzo - UD, Italy
IZ6CRK   c/o Sezione ARI di Ancona, P.O. Box 122, 60100 Ancona - AN, Italy
LA5QKA   Oystein Sorheim, Mork, 6100 Volda, Norway
LU2DT    Radio Club Mar del Plata, P.O. Box 664, Mar del Plata 7600, Argentina
MW0JZE   Anthony David, 45 Amanwy Bryn, Llanelli SA14 9AH, Wales, UK
N8MR     Michael A. Rudzki, 14071 Fairway, Livonia, MI 48154-5227, USA
PS7AA    P.O Box 251, 59010-970 Natal - RN, Brazil
SV1HER   Sotirios Vanikiotis, Korai 31, GR-12137 Peristeri (Athens), Greece
TA2DS    Selim Canbeken, P.O. Box 30, 81411 Kartal - Istanbul, Turkey
VE1VOX   Dana Rushton, P.O. Box 1862, Truro, NS B2N 6C7, Canada
VE3BXY   Ronald Bocox, R.R. #1, Nobel, ON  P0G 1G0, Canada
VE7SMP   Bud Powell, 190 Whittlesey Street, Kitimat, BC V8C 1J8, Canada
VK7WS    A.G. Gregory, Private Bag 1, Alonnah, Tasmania 7150, Australia

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