425 DX News issue #747

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                              425 DX News #747
                               27 August 2005
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

3Y      - Three new team members - namely Mel/W8MV, Don/N6JRL and Mike/FM5CD -
          have joined the 3Y0X DXpedition to Peter I. There are still a couple
          of team slots available and they are especially keen to find a  team
          physician; if  you  have  an  interest  please  contact  Bob,  K4UEE
          (mallphin@aol.com). The  team  should depart  Punta  Arenas  (Chile)
          around 27 January  and return around  25 February.  This will  allow
          about sixteen days  on the island,  depending on  weather and  other
          factors. Please  visit  www.peterone.com  and  if  possible  make  a
          contribution toward the significant expenses of this DXpedition.
4X      - Dov, 4Z4DX and Alex, 4Z5KJ plan to operate SSB and CW as  homecall/p
          and/or 4X0AI from Akhziv  Island (AS-100) on  27-28 August, from  15
          UTC through  15  UTC. Amateurs  in  Europe and  the  Near  East  are
          requested to be patient while the operators try to work other areas.
          They plan to  look for the  Far East,  OC, AF  and NA  on 20  metres
          starting around 15 UTC on 27 August; in their evening they will look
          for AS, OC , AF and  NA on 40m.  In the early  morning of the  28th,
          there should be good conditions on 40m for NA and SA until around  4
          UTC. Around 03.30 UTC they will try  to work the West Coast on  20m,
          as well as NA, SA, OC and AS. From 05:00 they will work all.
          [TNX 4Z4DX]
4X      - 4X1VF, 4X6HP, 4Z1UF, 4Z4KX, 4Z5LA and 4Z5LI will be active as  4X7AZ
          from Akhziv Island  (AS-100) from 30  September to  1 October.  They
          plan to operate on 10-80 metres CW and SSB with three stations.  QSL
          via 4Z5LA  (Ruslan  Bunyat-Zade, P.O.  Box  345  D.N.Efraim,  Barqan
          44820, Israel). [TNX 4X1VF]
9A      - Mate (9A4M), Vedran (9A4VV) and Romildo (9A4RV) will operate on  80,
          40 and 20 metres as  9A1V/p from Susac  Island (EU-016, CI-109)  and
          lighthouse (CRO-064, LH-1430) on 27-28 August. [TNX F5NQL]
9A      - Roger, ON4TX will be active (mainly on 20 and 40 metres CW and  SSB)
          as 9A/ON4TX from Prezba Island (EU-016, CI-092) from 27 August to 11
          September. [TNX VA3RJ]
9Q      - Joe, I2YDX  and Cyprien,  9Q1KS, president  of the  Association  des
          Radio Amateurs du Congo (ARAC), have been active as 9R2DX and  9R2CV
          from Ilot  des Pecheurs  in the  Bas-Congo Province  group  (AF-100)
          since 26  August. They  operate SSB  and CW  with  100 watts  and  a
          vertical antenna.  Depending on  local  conditions, they  expect  to
          remain there for two days. QSL via I2YDX.
F       - Fred, F5INL plans to operate SSB and  CW on the HF bands from  Saint
          Honorat Island (EU-058, DIFM ME-014) on 27-28 August. [TNX F5NQL]
FR/G    - The expedition  to  the Glorioso  Islands  has not  been  cancelled.
          Didier, F5OGL and Dany, F5CW say they ae still working "to run  FR/G
          in full and acceptable conditions" late in the year. However,  owing
          to the international situation, for the time being they are not able
          to give any actual date. [TNX F5CW]
FY      - David/F0CRS and Freddy/F5IRO are in French Guyana for the next  four
          months. They will  be active on  the HF bands  CW and  PSK from  the
          Cayenne ARC  (FY5KAC).  Freddy will  be  using  FY/F5IRO;  David  is
          waiting for a new F8 call and he will operate as FY/F8xxx. QSLs  via
          F5KIN. [TNX F5NQL]
H4      - The Korean DX Club will operate as H40HL from Nendo Island (OC-100),
          Temotu Province on 5-11 November to  celebrate the 50th  anniversary
          of the Korea Amateur Radio League (KARL). Team members will  include
          HL5FUA, DS2AGH, DS2BGV,  6K2AVL, 6K2DJM  and N1PW  (ex HL1PW);  they
          plan to operate on 160-6 metres CW,  SSB and RTTY with two or  three
          stations, and  to  use  H44HL  when  on  Honiara  (OC-047),  Solomon
          Islands, before and after the Temotu activity. QSL via HL1XP, direct
          or       bureau.       Their       web       site       is        at
HP      - WN6K and W6NOW will be  operating as HP1/WN6K  while on vacation  in
          Panama on  1-13 September.  They will  try to  be active  on  10-160
          metres with an emphasis on the WARC bands CW. [TNX WN6K]
IS0     - Paolo, IK5ZTT reports  he will operate  on 15, 20  and 40 metres  as
          IM0/IK5ZTT from  Maddalena  Island (EU-041)  from  30  August  to  5
KH6     - KH6BB, the  USS  Missouri's club  station,  will be  active  on  2-4
          September to commemorate the 60th anniversary  of the formal end  of
          World War  II, which  took  place on  the  battleship herself  on  2
          September 1945 with  the signing of  the Japanese surrender  papers.
          Look for activity between 00.00-06.00 UTC and 16-18 UTC. The primary
          operating frequency  will be  14063 kHz;  depending on  propagation,
          alternate frequencies  will be  18073 and  21063 kHz.  There may  be
          combined SSB/CW operations on 14263, 18163 or 21363 kHz. QSL  direct
          to Battleship Missouri Amateur Radio Club, 98-1547 Akaaka, St  Aiea,
          HI  96701-3051,   USA.  Further   information   can  be   found   at
          www.kh6bb.org [TNX The Daily DX]
LA      - The QLF DX Team (LA6Q) will  be active from Svenner Island  (EU-061)
          and lighthouse (ARLHS NOR-044 and WLOTA LA-1029) on 15-18 September.
          The operators will be Jorgen/LA5UF, Paul/LA6YEA and Tony/LA9VDA  and
          they will be QRV mostly on 17-80 metres CW, SSB and maybe some RTTY.
          One station will participate in the SAC CW Contest. QSL via  LA9VDA,
          direct or bureau (e-mail requests  for bureau cards  can be sent  to
          la9vda2003@yahoo.no). [TNX LA9VDA]
OH0     - Nine operators from Sweden (namely  SM0EEH, SM0GNS, SM0HPL,  SM0IEA,
          SM0IHR, SM0NJO, SM5AJV, SM5DJZ and SM5HJZ)  are active on all  bands
          and modes as OH0/homecall from the  Aland Islands (EU-002) until  28
          August. QSL via  home calls, preferably  through the bureau  (e-mail
          requests for bureau  cards can be  sent to  oh0@mistra.se). The  web
          pages for the operation are at http://www.mistra.se/oh0 [TNX SM5DJZ]
OZ      - Michael, DK5NA will operate as OZ/DK5NA/p from Romo Island  (EU-125)
          on 4-23 September. He plans  to concentrate on  the lower bands  CW,
          RTTY and Hell. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
PA      - Vincenzo, IZ0FKE reports  he will  operate as  PA/IZ0FKE from  Texel
          Island (EU-038) from 30 August to 2 September. He plans to be active
          on the HF bands and 6 metres SSB only. QSL via IZ0FMA.
PY      - Special event station PS113QB will be active on SSB, CW and  digital
          modes in September to commemorate the 113th anniversary of the birth
          of Jose  Bezerra  Marinho, PY7QB  (1892-1959),  first  president  of
          LABRE/Rio Grande do Norte. QSL via the bureau or direct to Labre RN,
          Caixa Postal 251, 59010-970 Natal, RN, Brasil. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
SM      - Fred, SM7DAY will  operate CW and  SSB on the  HF bands as  SM7DAY/6
          from Orust Island  (EU-043) on 4-11  September. QSL  via home  call.
          [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
ST      - ST0RM (ST Zero RM) is  callsign issued to  Jovica, T98A (ex  T94FC),
          who will be working in Sudan  for one year with  the UNHCR. He  will
          operate mostly CW (with some  SSB and digital  modes) on all  bands.
          QSL via T93Y, direct (Boris Knezovic,  P.O. Box 59, 71000  Sarajevo,
          Bosnia and Herzegovina) or through the T9 QSL bureau. [TNX T93Y]
SV9     - Terry, M0CLH will  be active holiday-style  QRP as SV9/M0CLH/P  from
          Crete (EU-015) from 31 August to 12 September. Most activity will be
          SSB on 20 and 17 metres, but also on the higher bands if  conditions
          permit. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX M0CLH]
T8      - Martti, OH2BH and Tim, N4GN will  be active as T88BH and T88GG  from
          Koror        (OC-009),         Palau
          (http://www.api-japan.com/palau/radio/english/radio1-e.htm) until  5
          September, including the All Asian DX Contest. They operate with two
          stations on SSB (T88BH), CW and  digital modes (T88GG). Expect  also
          some activity by Leena, OH2BE (T88BE). QSL via OH2BN (Jarmo Jaakola,
          Kiiletie 5 C 30, Helsinki FIN-00710, Finland). [TNX N4GN]
TI      - Special calls TI0SP, 0T805P and  0T705G will be  aired on all  bands
          and modes  from  1  through 30  September  to  celebrate  the  184th
          avviversary of  the  indipendence of  Costa  Rica. QSL  direct  (see
          qr.com) or via EA7FTR. [TNX EA5KY and NG3K]
TK      - Vasek, DL4FF will be active again as TK/DL4FF from Corsica  (EU-014)
          on 5-30 September. He will operate on 10-160 metres CW and SSB,  and
          will be active  during the  WAEDC SSB  Contest. QSl  via home  call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX DL4FF]
TK      - Flo, F5CWU will operate as TK/F5CWU  from Corsica from 23  September
          to 2 October, including an entry  in the CQ/RJ  DX RTTY Contest.  On
          17-22 September he will be active  as IS0/F5CWU from Sardinia.  [TNX
          La Gazette du DX]
UA      - The RK0LXD/p  operation  from Lisiy  Island  [425DXN 746]  has  been
          rescheduled to take place from around 10-12 UTC on 26 August until 4
          UTC on the 28th.  The operators will  be UA0LQJ (SSB/PSK31),  UA0LHH
          (SSB 80m),  RA0LGG (SSB/PSK31),  RA0LHK (SSB),  UA0LTE (SSB),  UA0NM
          (SSB/CW)  and  UA0LDY  (CW).  QSL  via  UA0LQJ  (Russia)  or  IK2DUW
          (others). [TNX IK2DUW]
UA      - RA6AU and UA6LP plan to operate as RA6AU/6, UA6LP/6 and UE6UCI  from
          three islands in the Caspian Sea between 30 August and 4  September.
          QSL UE6UCI via UA6LP, others via home call. [TNX UA6LP]
UR      - Special calls EO60QWW  (QSL via UY5ZZ)  and EO60MF  (QSL via  UR0MM)
          will be aired until 4 September from Ukraine to commemorate the 60th
          anniversary of  the end of World  War II. [TNX UY5ZZ and US1MM]
UR      - Vlad/UY0UY, Nick/UX7UN and  Vlad/UT5UKY will be  active as  UT4UZA/P
          from the islands  of Sosnovy (not  IOTA, DN-153)  and Peschana  Cosa
          (not IOTA, DN-154) on 27-28 August or 3-4 September. QSL via  UX7UN.
          [TNX UT5UKY]
VE      - Bruce, KD6WW and Mike,  K9AJ [425DXN 738]  will arrive in  Kugluktuk
          (formerly Coppermine)  on 31  August and  will operate  from  NA-175
          (Kitikmeot Region-West Centre group) first, then hopefully they will
          go  on  to  the  Kitikmeot  Region-West  group  (NA-NEW).  There  is
          considerable ice remaining in Coronation Gulf  from last winter  and
          their activation of the new one  is contingent on improving ice  and
          weather conditions. They will depart Kugluktuk  on 7 September.  The
          call signs will be KD6WW/VY0 and K9AJ/VY0 from both locations.  Most
          activity is expected to take place on 20, 30 and 40 metres. QSL  via
          home calls. [TNX K9AJ]
VP9     - Kyle, WA4PGM will operate (on 160-6 metres CW and SSB) as VP9/WA4PGM
          from Bermuda (NA-005) on 9-13 September. He will participate in  the
          WAE SSB, ARRL  VHF and NA  SPRINT CW  Contests. QSL  direct to  home
          call. [TNX WA4PGM]
W       - Bob, N2OML will be active mainly  on 20 and  17 metres from  Mustang
          Island (NA-092, USI TX-011S) between 28 August and 4 September.  QSL
          via home call. [TNX VA3RJ]
YB      - The YE7P  IOTA DXpedition  to Karimata  Island (OC-NEW),  originally
          scheduled to  take place  on 1-5  September [425DXN  744], has  been
          delayed. The operation is now due to start on 16 or 17 September for
          five days. Please visit http://dxpedition.orari.web.id/karimata/ for
          further information and updates. [TNX YB1TC]
ZL_ant  - Bede, ZL4KX   is  active  as  ZL5KX  [425DXN  727] from  Scott  Base
          (ZL-02  for  the  Antarctica  Award)  on   Ross   Island  (AN-011),
          Antarctica  through October. He operates on 20 and 40  metres CW and
          SSB with 500  watts and a vertical antenna.  QSL via home call. Look
          for him around 8-9 UTC on 20 metres (long path in Europe).
          Further      information       will      be       avalaible      at
          The   web   site   (with    web   cam)   of   Scott   Base   is   at
          http: http://www.antarcticanz.govt.nz/ [TNX IZ8CGS & The Daily DX]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CTC --->  The Croatian  Telegraphy Club  (Franjevacka  5, 42220  Novi  Marof,
Croatia) was founded on 12 December  2001 and gathers  members from all  over
the world. For  further information  please e-mail  ctc@hamradio.hr or  visit
www.qsl.net/ctc [TNX 9A3FO]

NORTH KOREA ---> The following is an excerpt from a press release sent by Tom
Anderson, WW5L (WW5L@gte.net), Vice President and Information Director of the
Lone Star DX  Association (http:www.dxer.org/lsdxa). The  full press  release
will be published in the August issue of the 425 DX News Magazine.
Apparent internal  miscommunications  within the  North  Korean  government's
Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign  Countries and the Ministry  of
Telecommunications and Posts over the approval of an operating permit to  Dr.
David Borenstein, KA2HTV, led the government to halt his recent P5 DXpedition
before it could even begin.
The miscommunications  developed  when a  DPRK  Cultural  Relations  official
issued the operating  permit, while the  government's Telecommunications  and
Posts officials, had not formally processed KA2HTV's request for a permit  to
operate. Both agencies are part of the North Korean government.
When he arrived  (9 August)  all of  KA2HTV's radio  equipment was  processed
through North Korean  customs without problem.  Later the  Telecommunications
and Posts ministry  officials asked to  inspect some of  his equipment.  They
kept part of it for a week before ministry officials told him he would not be
allowed to operate.
When first planning  the DXpedition,  Dr. Borenstein  said, negotiations  had
centered on the donation of amateur radio equipment to the DPRK as a  measure
of friendship. When the  DPRK government took  the equipment for  inspection,
they apparently thought this was the same equipment that was to be "donated".
The "donated" equipment taken for inspection  includes KA2HTV's own  personal
Icom 735 transciever, a Hexbeam antenna, a High Sierra tripod, coax, a  Yaesu
rotator, and a dual voltage power  supply. A receipt thanking Dr.  Borenstein
for the "donated" equipment was issued  by the DPRK's Committee for  Cultural
Relations with Foreign Countries.
KA2HTV does not consider this a failure, but rather a chance to open doors to
North Korea for possible future amateur radio operations. "Although I  didn't
get a chance to  operate from P5,  I believe the  equipment donations and  my
visit planted the seeds for amateur radio operations in the future," he said.

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Jerzy, SP9FUU is  not the QSL manager for V8NOW,  please
refrain from sending cards to him [TNX NG3K]

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Bill, W9OL is still receiving bureau cards for  ZA/Z35M,
a station for which he is not the QSL manager. Please note that cards  should
be sent to Z35M (Vladimir Kovaceski, P.O. Box 10, 6330 Struga, Macedonia).

QSL TA3J ---> Berkin, TA3J reports that  YL2GP is not his QSL manager.  Cards
should be sent  to TA3YJ, direct  (Nilay Mine Aydogmus,  P.O. Box 876,  35214
Izmir, Turkey) or via the bureau.

+ SILENT KEY + Ambrogio Fogar, I2NSF passed away on 24 August at 64 years  of
age. In 1973-74 he was the first Italian to circumnavigate the globe on an  a
solo voyage via Cape Horn.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

LOGS:    On-line   logs    for   C91CW    and   C93DY    are   available    at
         http://www.dxer.com.ua/c9/log.html (if  you  do not  find  your  QSO,
         please contact  Dimitry,  UT5UGR at  ut5ugr@uu7j.com).  The  relevant
         photo galleries  are at  http://users.iptelecom.net.ua/~ut5ugr/cw.htm
         and  http://users.iptelecom.net.ua/~ut5ugr/dy.htm. Cards are expected
         from the printer in 2-3 weeks; QSL via UT5UGR (Dimitry Stashuk,  P.O.
         Box 115, Kiev-147, 02147, Ukraine).
LOGS:    Complete logs for the recent CY0AA operation from Sable Island  (9184
         QSOs) are now on-line at http://www.wb8xx.com/sable/log.htm
LOGS:    On-line logs  for  the SY8M  operation  by SV3SJ  from  Proti  Island
         (EU-158) can be found at http://www.mdxc.org/logsearch1.asp
LOGS:    On-line logs for  T6X (for the  time being including  6415 QSOs  made
         from 25  February to  22 August)  are available  on Andrei  Fedorov's
         (RW3AH) web  site  at  http://www.cqdx.ru/  QSL  via  UA3DX  for  CIS
         amateurs, others please  send direct to  Attemsgasse 7, D-03.  Vienna
         A-1220, Austria.

QSLs received direct or through managers: 3DA0KDJ, 4J4AF, 4K8F, 4T750, 4U1UN,
5H3HK, 6O0JT, 6W8CK, 6Y5WJ, 7X4AN, 8R1RPN,  9A/I6GFX (EU-170), 9J2BO,  9K2HN,
9M6BG, A61R,  BA4RF, C38JM, CN2R, CN8IG, CN8SG, CO8LY, CP4BT, CU3EQ (EU-175),
CX6VM,  DP1POL (DL-03),  DX0K (AS-051),  ES1RA/1  (EU-149),  ET3TK,   FM5BH,
(EU-130), J68AS,  J68ID,  J70J, ND7K/P  (NA-137),   NH6D/KH4,  OC4P (SA-052),
(AS-154), TM380, TO7C (SA-020),  TT8AMO, TZ6U, TZ9A, UA6AF/p (EU-185), UN8GF,
W7M, WA4JA/5 (NA-168), WB9CIF/J6, XE1ZVO, XT2JZ, YB7M (OC-268), YE9R(OC-241),

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