425 DX News issue #753

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                              425 DX News #753
                              08 October 2005 

                             A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

3A      - Kaz, SP2FAX  and Slavek,  SP2JMB will  be  active as  3A/SP2FAX  and
          3A/SP2JMB from Monaco on 15-18 October. They plan to operate CW  and
          SSB on  80-10 metres  and 6  metres. QSL  for both  via SP2PI.  [TNX
3B8     - Look for JA2AAU, JA2AIC, JA2ATE, JR2FOR  and JJ2KTY to be active  on
          80-10 metres  SSB,  CW  and  RTTY  as  3B8/homecall  from  Mauritius
          (AF-049) until 13 October. QSL via home calls. [TNX JA1ELY]
4S      - Joel, F5PAC will be active again  as 4S7PAG from Sri Lanka  (AS-003)
          between 28 November and 16 December. On 9-11 December he will return
          to Barberyn  Island  (AS-171).  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  (Joel
          Sutterlin, 1  Rue  du  Rossberg,  F-68310  Wittelsheim,  France)  or
          bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
4X      - Hal, W8HC (ex KC8FS) will return  to Israel in  October for a  third
          consecutive CQ WW SSB Contest from  the IARC Club Station 4X4REM  in
          Reut, located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Joining Hal this  year
          is Jerry, K8OQL and they will  operate as a  M/S entry using  4X0WV.
          QSL via W8HC, direct or bureau. [TNX W8HC]
5H      - Hans, DL6JGN and Jan, DJ8NK will operate (on 10-160 metres CW,  SSB,
          RTTY and  PSK31) as  5H1GHW and  5H1JCH  from from  Zanzibar  Island
          (AF-032), Tanzania on 13-20 October. QSL  via home calls. They  will
          install the equipment donated by Han-Peter/HB9BXR and Ben/DL4MMT  to
          Hamisi, 5H3AH, a  newly licenced  amateur radio  operator. [TNX  The
          Daily DX and NG3K]
6W      - Benoit, F8PDR  will be  active either  as 6W7/F8PDR  or with  a  6W7
          callsign from southern Senegal on 10-19 October. He plans to operate
          on 10-80 metres mainly CW, and  to emphasize 80,  40 and 30  metres.
          QSL via home call, direct  (Benoit Le Bourgeois  , Route de  Chevry,
          50420 Tessy/Vire, France) or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
8P      - K3LP (8P9LP),  K1LZ  (8P9LZ), W3ARS  (8P9AS),  N3KS  (8P9KS),  N3VOP
          (8P9OP), W3ADC  (8P9DC),  W3ADX  (8P9DX)  and  WB6CBU  (8P9HC)  will
          operate from Barbados between 25 October  and 1 November. They  will
          participate in  the CQ  WW DX  SSB  Contest as  8P9R  (Multi-Multi).
          Before and after the contest they will operate on all HF bands, plus
          plus RTTY/PASK and 6 metres. QSL for all via W3ADX. [TNX NG3K]
CT      - Marq, CT1BWW reports he  has been granted  permission to operate  as
          CS5BWW on 8-9 October, 29-30 October  (CQ WW DX SSB Contest),  19-20
          November, 26-27 November (CQ WW DX CW Contest), 17-18 December.  QSL
          via bureau to home  call. He also  says that the  QSL cards for  his
          PY0F activity have are arrived from the printer and direct  requests
          are being processed right now.
EK      - SP9ERV, DJ0MCZ/SP9UON  and SP9LJD,  with the  support of  EK6YL  and
          EK6TA, will  participate  in  the  CQ WW  DX  SSB  Contest  as  EK0B
          (Multi-2). They will pay special attention to 160, 80 and 40 metres.
          Before the  contest they  will operate  RTTY. QSL  via SP9ERV.  [TNX
F       - Special event call  TM0GPK will  be aired  on 9-23  October for  the
          Karting FFSA Grand Prix. Expect activity on all bands SSB and on  20
          and 40 metres SSTV. QSL via F4ERQ. [TNX F8REF]
F       - Special  call  TM1NOR  will  be  aired  on  14-16  October  for  the
          anniversary of the Battle of Hastings  (http://www.battle1066.com/),
          fought on 14 October 1066 and won by William the Conqueror, Duke  of
          Normandy and future King of England. QSL via F8LDX. [TNX VA3RJ]
FG      - A group of French operators (namely Jacques/F1BCS,  Jean-Marc/F1HDI,
          Gilles/F5JBE,    Patrick/F6CMH,     Olivier/F6EIE,     Daniel/F6EPD,
          Irenee/F6GAL and Yves/F6JMV) will be active as TO5S from Les Saintes
          (NA-114), Guadaloupe from 2 to 10 or 12 November. Expect activity on
          HF and 6 metres CW, SSB  and PSK31. QSL via F1BCS (Jacques  Salomon,
          15  rue  de   La  Garenne,  F-94440   Villecresnes,  France).   [TNX
          www.rsgbiota.org and F5NQL]
FS      - Jean-Pierre, F5AHO will active (mainly on  20 and 17 metres SSB)  as
          FS/F5AHO from Saint Martin (NA-105, DIFO  FS-001) on 9-18  November.
          On 11 and  13 November,  from 14  to 20  UTC, he  will operate  from
          Tintamarre Island (NA-199,  DIFO FS-002). QSL  via F5AHO, direct  or
          bureau. [TNX F8DQZ and F5NQL]
G       - The Leeds Talking Magazine for the Blind will be on air every Monday
          night in October under the special callsign GB0LTM. The station will
          be operated from  the Leeds and  District ARS. QSL  via G4LAD.  [TNX
G       - The St. Dunstan's  ARS will celebrate  the 90th  anniversary of  its
          founding with the  special event callsign  GB90STD on 7-14  October.
          QSL via G3STD. [TNX VA3RJ]
GM      - Jim, MM0BQI reports he will be active from the Isle of Skye (EU-008)
          on 8-15  October. He  plans to  operate SSB,  CW  and RTTY  on  80-6
          metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau or LOTW.
GM      - John,GM6LYJ and Andy, GM4JR will operate as GB4SLH from  Southerness
          Lighthouse during three weekends (15-16,  22-23 and 29-30  October).
          [TNX F5NQL]
GU      - Carol, 2E1DQZ  has  joined the  group  of operators  for  the  12-19
          October activity from Alderney Island [425DXN 749]. A generator  has
          been made available, so they will  also be active (most probably  on
          16  October)  from  Alderney  Lighthouse  at  Quenard  Point  (ARLHS
          GUE-004). QSL MU3SDE via M3SDE; QSL GU5XW, GU1OCN, MU0JZE and 2U1DQZ
          via G5XW. [TNX G1OCN]
HB0     - Kaz, SP2FAX  and Slavek,  SP2JMB will  be active  as HB0/SP2FAX  and
          HB0/SP2JMB from Liechtenstein on 12-13 October. They plan to operate
          CW and SSB on  80-10 metres and  6 metres. QSL  for both via  SP2PI.
          [TNX SP2PI]
HI      - Hiro JA6WFM/HI8 will go QRT and  return home on 26 October. QSL  via
          JA6VU. [TNX JI6KVR]
I       - Look for special calls IO1ALP, IO1BIA, IO1BOB, IO1CRO and IO1CUR  to
          be aired from 10  October through 9  November. These activities  are
          part of the approach march to the XX Olympic Winter Games that  will
          take place in  Torino in  February 2006.  All of  the contacts  will
          confirmed automatically via the bureau, direct  cads should be  sent
          to I1JQJ. Full information on the Torino 2006 Award can be found  at
JA      - Look for JE4YAR, JE4NKF/4 and JL4GEL/4  to operate from Miya  Island
          (AS-117, JIIA AS-117-021),  Hiroshima Prefecture  on 15-16  October.
          QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
J3      - Bill, VE3EBN will operate as J37LR  from Grenada from 18 October  to
          16 November. Expect activity on 40-6  metres CW, SSB and PSK31.  QSL
          via home call. [TNX NG3K]
KH2     - Tada, JA3PPH  and  Yoshi, JA3EGZ  will  operate  as  KH2/JA3PPH  and
          KH2/JA3EGZ from  Guam  (OC-026) on  25-28  November.  They  plan  to
          operate on  40-15  metres SSB,  plus  160m with  a  500W  amplifier.
          KH2/JA3EGZ will also participate in the  CQ WW DX  CW Contest as  as
          Single Operator All Band entry. QSLs for both via JA3EGZ  (Yoshikazu
          Mega, P.O. Box 6, Himeji, 670-8691 Japan). [TNX JA1ELY]
OZ      - Tom, DL4VM plans to be active as  OZ/DL4VM (on 40, 20 and 15  metres
          QRP CW only) from Fano Island (EU-125, NS-002 for the Danish Islands
          Award) on 15-31 October. QSL via  home call, direct or bureau.  [TNX
PZ      - Low Land DX-pedition Team members Ronald/PA3EWP (PZ5WP) and Rob/PA2R
          (PZ5PA) will be active from Paramaribo, Suriname between 23 November
          and 14 December. They will have two stations running with amplifiers
          on 10-160 metres CW, SSB, RTTY. They will also be active as PZ5C  in
          the CQ WW DX CW and ARRL  10 Meter contests. QSLs via PA7FM  (Dennis
          Robbemond,  Loggerhof  11,  3181  NS  Rozenburg,  The  Netherlands).
          Further  information  and   on-line  logs  will   be  available   at
          http://www.lldxt.nl/ [TNX PA2R]
T32     - Family reasons have caused Alfio, IT9EJW to drop out of the T32 IOTA
          expedition [425DXN 729]; the operators are Nando, IT9YRE (T32S)  and
          Claudio, I1SNW (T32SNW). Neither Flint Island nor Millennium  Island
          will be activated this year; operations will take place from Fanning
          Island (OC-084) instead. Their  plans were to  operate for 3-4  days
          from Fanning; then  to return to  Kiritimati (Christmas Island)  and
          operate holiday  style for  another 4-5  days before  getting  their
          flight back home on 17 October. However, the latest reports indicate
          that their activity will be cut short owing to a typhoon approaching
          the area. They became QRV on 7 October in the UTC evening hours, and
          reportedly they will  have to shut  down in the  UTC evening of  the
          8th. QSL via home calls.
TL      - Claudio, IV3OWC reports he plans to operate (licence to be collected
          upon arrival) in his spare time from Central Africa between 6 and 20
          November. He will use car battieries  and be active on 10-40  metres
          SSB. QSL direct to home call.
V6      - Shoji, JA7HMZ (V63DX)  will be active  again from Pohnpei  (OC-010),
          Micronesia. Look for V6A on 14-19  November; he will operate on  all
          bands and mode,  with an emphasis  on 160 metres  and RTTY. QSL  via
          JA7AO. [TNX NG3K]
W       - Tad, WF4W will be active from Jekyll Island (NA-058) from 26 October
          to 2 November. Look for him on +/- 14260, 18128, 7230, as well as on
          other IOTA SSB and CW frequencies.  During the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest
          he will probably  be doing a  mixture of  calling CQ  and hunting  &
          pouncing. [TNX WF4W]
XX9     - Misao, JJ1DWB  and Hide,  JM1LJS will  be active  with personal  XX9
          callsigns (TBA) from Macao from around 4 UTC on 4 November until  19
          UTC on the 5th. QSL direct only via home calls. Further  information
          at http://radio-dream.com/macau/ [TNX IK8CNT]
ZK1_sc  - Ben/SM7EQL  (ZK1EQL),  Jan-Olof/SM7ETW  (ZK1ETW)  and  Rikard/SM1CQA
          (ZK1CQA) are active from  the South Cook  Islands until 31  October.
          They will be on Aitutaki (OC-083)  until the 18th; on 19-20  October
          they will be on Rarotonga (OC-013) and then will go and operate from
          Mangaia (OC-159) until the 31st. Ben's web page for the operation is
          at  http://www.sm7eql.se/travel/zk1eql2005/zk12005main.html (please
          read his QSLling policy).
ZS      - The  official  opening  of  the  "South  African  Large   Telescope"
          (http://www.salt.ac.za), situated near  Sutherland, will take  place
          on 10 November.  The Boland Amateur  Radio Club will  run a  special
          event station with the call sign ZS1SALT from the SALT site on 21-23
          October. Activity will be on  all HF bands.  QSL direct to  ZS1SALT,
          P.O. Box 273, Strand, 7139, South Africa. [TNX ZS4BS]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The latest issue (September 2005) is now  available
in .pdf  format  at  http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/. Articles  and  pictures
should be sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

K7C ---> The  team went QRT  around at 22  UTC on 5  October (operations  had
started at 07.12  UTC on 25  September) after  52,113 QSOs  on 160-10  metres
(27917 CW, 22334 SSB, 1862 RTTY). The worldwide QSO distribution  percentages
are Asia  45,4%,  North America  32,4%,  Europe 17,9%,  Oceania  2,2%,  South
America 1,7%, Africa 0,4%. The number of  unique callsigns in the K7C log  is
15,507. The dupe rate was 7.4%. No 6m QSOs were logged, although K7C  fielded
the  gear   and  was   ready.  A   preliminary   summary  is   available   at

QRP BEACON  --->  Richard, SO5GB  and  Stanislaw, SP5ANU  have  activated  an
"extreme-QRP" beacon on 3588 kHz in Warsaw, Poland. Power is presently  0.5mw
(500uw), and they intend to reduce  power, depending on signal reports,  most
likely in 3db steps starting on 11 October. For signal reports, comments  and
further information  please  contact Richard  at  translations@qdnet.pl  [TNX

QSL 4L8A ---> OZ1HPS is no longer  the QSL manager for Vakhtang, 4L8A.  Cards
should be sent direct only to Vakhtang Mumladze, P.O. Box 120, Tbilisi  0108,
Georgia. [TNX IK3QAR]

QSL IM0X ---> Sauro, IK5EKB reports that  the QSL cards for the IOTA  Contest
IM0X (EU-041) operation will not be printed before the end of October. Please
be patient and refrain from sending second cards.

QSL VIA YB9BU ---> Kadek is the QSL manger for the following stations: YC9MKF
(Timor Island,  OC-148),  YC9YKI  (Yapen  Island,  OC-147),  YC8RRK  (Sangihe
Island, OC-210) and YC4FIJ (Belitung Island, OC-144). All of them can usually
be found  on 15  metres SSB  daily starting  around 12  UTC. [TNX  YB9BU  and

SCHOOLS ON FREQUENCY ---> The  Schools on Frequency  Award, sponsored by  the
Calabria DX Team,  is for contacting  amateur radio  stations operating  from
various Italian schools. The award is free of charge and will be sent to  the
applicant by e-mail  as a .pdf  file attachment. Further  information can  be
found at www.polistenaweb.it/sof or from the Award Manager Alessandro Pochi',
IK8YFU (ik8yfu@tele2.it). [TNX IK8YFU]

W/VE ISLANDS QSO PARTY ---> The 11th W/VE Islands QSO Party, sponsored by the
US Islands Awards Program (USI), will  take place from 16  UTC on 22  October
through 23.59 UTC on the  23rd. The object  is to work  as many American  and
Canadian islands  on 160  through 6  metres as  possible. Amateurs  and  SWLs
worldwide are  welcome  to participate.  Full  information can  be  found  at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DX SPOTS:  Rod Elliott, VE3UW has collected the  DX spots from the  OH2AQ  Web
           Cluster since  January 1997.  The collection - from January 1997 up
           to September 2005 - is available at http://www.425dxn.org/dxspots/,
           as well the software  (DXINFO v2.0) which will enable you to handle
           the files (instructions at the URL above).
LOGS:      On-line logs for 3DA0LJ, 7P8LJ,  9M6LJT, A25LJ, BW2/JM1LJS,  JD1BLK
           (Ogasawara), JM1LJS/JD1 (Ogasawara), KH2VL, KH2VL/KH0,  KH2/JM1LJS,
           T88LJ,   V5/JD1BLK,    V63LJ   and    V73J   are    available    on
           http://radio-dream.com/logsearch/logsearch_index.html [TNX IK8CNT]
LOGS:      Thanks to the kind efforts of Doug, N6RT, the on-line log for GB0SM
           (EU-011) has been updated to include the 2005 operation and is  now
           available for checking at  http://www.qsl.net/gb0sm. QSL via  G0PSE
           (e-mail requests for  bureau cards can  be sent to  g0pse@qsl.net).
           [TNX G0PSE]

QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B8CF, 3D2EA, 3D2RR, 3V8BB,  4U1WB,
4X4WF, 5T5BAB,  5W0HR, 7P8ZZ,  7W4HI, 7X5JF,  8P2K, 8P9AM,  9G5GA,  9M2/G3TMA
(AS-074), 9Y4/DL6RAI, 9Y4ZC, A35PX, A61AJ,  AX0MT, BA5TT/5 (AS-138),  BD7IN/7
(AS-131), BQ9P, C6AKQ,  C91CW, C93DY (AF-098),  CE0ZIS, CN2MP, CY0AA,  ET3TK,
J68AS, J68GS, J79WWW, JR6TYH/JD1, KP2/N4EXA, LA/SA4V (EU-036), LB9JE,  LY3BG,
OA4DJW, OJ0J,  P43E,  PY0/PS7JN,  PY0FF,  RA0FU,  RK0LWW/P  (AS-066),RZ0ZWA/P
(AS-095), S21AR, S61FD  (AS-019), S79S,  S92LZ, S9MX,  S9SS, SF50A  (EU-037),
T6X, TG9NX, TI8CBT, TK5EF,  TO7C, UX2IQ/P (EU-179),  V44KJ, V51/DL5XL, V63ME,

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