425 DX News issue #772

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                              425 DX News #772
                             18 February 2006 

                             A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

3Y0       - The weather  cooperated and  3Y0X was  able to  get the  remaining
            three team  members ashore  along with  the rest  of supplies  and
            gear. At 15 UTC on 11 February they finally had a full  complement
            of people, equipment and supplies. They have seven stations on the
            air with the eight being shared  between HF and  EME. As of  press
            time,  on-line  logs  http://www.peterone.com/p1log.html  are   up
            through 16 February at 16.10  UTC (68,865 QSOs).  In order not  to
            interfere with the  ARRL CW Contest,  3Y0X will only  work on  the
            WARC bands  on  SSB  and RTTY  during  the  weekend.  The  weather
            forecast does  not look  good  for early  next  week, and  if  the
            situation turns out  as expected, the  team may  be shutting  down
            operations on Sunday. QSL via N2OO.
DU        - Look for Bert, DF5WA  to be signing  DF5WA/DU7 from Negros  Island
            (OC-129) until 26 February. QSL via  home call, direct or  bureau.
            [TNX GM3VLB]
F         - Bernard, F5LPY  will  operate  as  TM90BV  on  21-27  February  to
            commemorate the  90th anniversary  of the  Battle of  Verdun.  The
            longest battle of World War  I, it was  fought between the  German
            and French  armies  between 21  February  and  19  December  1916.
            Bernard will operate mainly  CW with some  SSB from various  sites
            associated with the battle. QSL via F5LPY. [TNX F5NQL]
FR/G      - Didier, F5OGL reports that the expedition to the Glorioso Islands,
            previously planned  to take  place between  16 March  and 7  April
            [425DXN 756], has been postponed again. It has not been cancelled,
            and the team is working  on a new  schedule. The DXexpedition  web
            site (http://glorieuses2005.free.fr/) will be  updated as soon  as
            possible. [TNX F5CQ]
FS & PJ7  - Wolf/DL4WK, Frank/DL7UFR,  Rob/DL7VOA, Les/SP3DOI  and  Sigi/DL7DF
            will operate from either Saint Martin  (FS) and St. Maarten  (PJ7)
            from 21 February to 8 March (one week on each side of the island).
            They will run two stations on  CW, SSB, RTTY,  PSK31 and SSTV  and
            will concentrate on  160, 80,  40 and  30 metres.  QSL via  DL7DF,
            direct or bureau. Logs will be available on www.dl7df.com
FY        - Steve, MW0ZZK and Florent,  F4CYZ will operate  as TO7IR from  Ile
            Royale (SA-020) on 23-27 February. Expect activity on 80-6  metres
            SSB, CW and digital modes. QSL via IZ8CCW, direct or bureau.  [TNX
GM        - Leo, W3LEO will once again be  active as MM0LEO from  Portpatrick,
            Scotland from 21 February to 27 March. He will participate in  the
            ARRL SSB DX and the CQ WPX SSB Contests. QSL via home call, direct
            or bureau. [TNX W3LEO]
HB0       - Kasimir,  DL2SBY  will   be  active  again   as  HB0/DL2SBY   from
            Liechtenstein from 25 February to 4 March. He plans to operate CW,
            SSB, RTTY and PSK31 on 160-10 metres. [TNX NG3K]
I         - Michele, IF9ZWA  id  currently  signing  IF9ZWA/p  from  Favignana
            Island (EU-054, IIA  TP-011) until 19  February. He might  operate
            from the lighthouse at Punta Marsala (ARLHS ITA-135, WAIL  SI-023)
            during his stay. [TNX IT9DAA]
OZ        - Jakob, OZ7AEI plans to operate on 20 and 40 metres SSB as OZ7AEI/P
            from a couple of Danish lighthouses  (Bovbjerg, ARLHS DEN-003  and
            Lyngvig, ARLHS  DEN-024)  sometime between  20  and  23  February,
            depending on weather. [TNX OZ7AEI]
PJ7       - Look for Bill, PJ7/W8EB and Dorothy, PJ7/W8DVC to operate SSB, CW,
            RTTY and PSK31 from Sint Maarten  (NA-105) from 21 February to  26
            March. Bill will participate in the ARRL DX SSB Contest, hopefully
            as PJ7B. QSLs via home calls. [TNX NG3K]
UA        - Look for Nick,  RA1QQ/1 and Alex,  RA1QY/1 to operate  SSB and  CW
            from the Leshukonsky area (AR-20 for the Russian Districts  Award)
            on 24-26 February. QSLs via RA1QQ. [TNX RA1QY]
V7        - JL1WQO will operate as  V73WQ from the  Marshall Islands on  18-22
            February. Expect activity on 160-10 metres  SSB, CW and RTTY.  QSL
            via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]

ARRL DX  CW CONTEST  ---> Do  not forget  to give  a  look to  the  Announced
Operations for this year's event (18-19 February) maintained by Bill, NG3K at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DXCC NEWS ---> R1MVC and  R1MVW from Malyj  Vysotskij Island (15-28  November
2005) have been approved for DXCC credit.

HAM RADIO 2006  ---> The 31st   International Exibition for Radio Amateurs  -
Europe's most important  meeting for  amateur radio enthusiasts - will   take
place on 23-25 June at Friedrichshafen.  As usual, there will  be a big  flea
market and commercial exhibitors, as well as many lectures and presentations.
This year's theme is "Young People  and Amateur Radio". Detailed  information
on      this            year's      event      can      be      found      at
http://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de/html/en/index.php  .  Ham  Radio  2006
will be combined  with the  57th Bodensee  Convention organized  by the  DARC
(more information at http://www.darc.de/ausland/hamradio). [TNX DF5UG]

NA-178 ---> Rick,  K6VVA and Mike,  K9AJ became  active as  K6VVA/6 from  the
Farallons Islands (NA-178) around 21.15 UTC on 14 February and went QRT at 20
UTC on  the  16th, after  logging  2,552 QSOs  (including  dupes).  Pictures,
statistiscs,        etc.         will         be         published         on

NOT THE MANAGER  ---> Giancarlo,  IK4QIB reports  he is  receiving cards  for
V44KJ, but he is not and  has never been the QSL manager  for this call.  The
correct QSL route is via WB2TSL.

QSL VIA OK1RK ---> David, OK1RK reports he has the last bundle of blank cards
for the QSOs he made as 5N0/OK1AUT, 5N0ZKD, 5N99ZKD and 5N0W during his  stay
in Nigeria. David is not a  member of the  OK QSL bureu,  so those who  still
need a card should send their request direct only to David Klimosz, Paprskova
1339/10a, 14000 Praha 4, Czech Republic.  Please note that David can  confirm
contacts made with 5N0W between 1999  and May 2000 only (contacts made  after
May 2000 "belong" to OK1DXE). [TNX IK3QAR]

UIA ---> The  Ukrainian Islands Awards  (UIA), established  by the  Ukrainian
Amateur Radio League (UARL) and the Ukrainian DX-Pedition Foundation (UDXPF),
has new rules and a new certificate design. Full information can be found  at
http://www.islands.org.ua  and   on  the   Award   Manager's  web   site   at
http://www.qsl.net/uy5xe [TNX UY5XE]

WRTC  2006  --->  The  consolidated  rules  for  the  World  Radiosport  Team
Championship are now available at http://www.wrtc2006.com (the direct link to
the document is http://www.wrtc2006.com/release38.pdf). [TNX PY5EG]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

HQ9F:      The web  page  for the  forthcoming  HQ9F operation  from  Honduras
           [425DXN     771]     is     now      up     and     running      at
           http://personal.inet.fi/private/oh3jr/hond.html [TNX OH3JR]
LOGS:      On-line logs for the recent 5H1C operation from Zanzibar Island are
           available at http://5h1c.free.fr/log_uk.php
LOGS:      On-line logs  for the  recent XF1K  operation from  NA-124 are  now
           available at http://www.425dxn.org/dxped/na124/ [TNX IZ1CCR]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8/DJ5HD   DJ5HD       CP6XE       IK6SNR      SF7WT       SM7WT
3W9JR       OK1JN       CU6NS       EA5KB       SM3D        SM3WMU
3Y0X        N2OO        EK6LP       IK2DUW      ST2BF       W3HNK
4K5D        K2PF        FG/N0YY     K9JS        SU9HP       SM0CFO
4K9W        DL6KVA      FM/K3CT     K3CT        T32Z        K3PD
4L1DA       W7LPF       FM/K3TEJ    K3TEJ       T68G        LA4YW
4L1FP       LZ1OT       FO/DL1AWI   DL3APO      TF0GX       KT6YL
4L1MA       ON4RU       FO/DL9AWI   DL3APO      TF3ZA       KT6YL
4X/UT5UDX   UT2UB       FO/HA9G     HA8IB       TI5/N4GG    N4GG
4X0L        4Z4TL       FS/K3LP     K3LP        TI5/N5OT    N5OT
4X2Z        4X6UU       FS/KN5G     KN5G        TI5/NT6X    NT6X
5R8FL       G3SWH       FS/W3ARS    W3ARS       TI5/W9RE    W9RE
5R8GZ       G3SWH       G4WFQ/6W    G3SWH       TI5N        W3HNK
5T5SN       IZ1BZV      HG2006S     HA1CW       TI8CBT      EA7FTR
5V7BR       F5RUQ       HI3TEJ      ON4IQ       TM0TAF      F4TTR
5X1GS       WB2YQH      HK1/YL2KL   YL2KL       TM3ANT      F5PFP
5Z4KI       YO9AFH      HQ9H        W0JAR       TM4ANT      F6BFH
6W/G4WFQ    G3SWH       II1OWG      bureau      TM5ANT      F5NOD
6W/HA3AUI   HA3AUI      IS0/K7QB    IN3QBR      TM5UJY      F5FAB
6W1RD       EA7FTR      IU7CP       IW7DZJ      TM8ANT      F8DVD
6W4RK       F5NPS       J37LR       VE3EBN      TM8TAF      F8BBL
6W6/K3IPK   K3IPK       J43BSF      SV1CIB      TO2FG       F6HMJ
7Q7HB       G0IAS       J75KG       KU9C        TO9A        K3TEJ
7Q7VB       UA4WHX      J79IX       KU9C        TT8LN       F5TLN
7X5JF       DJ8QP       J79RV       KK9K        TZ3M        F6CXJ
8P2K        KU9C        J79WI       WI9WI       UA1PBN/1    RK1PWA
8P9NX       W0SA        J79XX       K1XX        UN9L        LZ1YE
8P9PA       W4PA        J7OJ        KU9C        V26G        N2ED
9A150NT     9A6AA       JV800BV     JT1BV       V31BH       OH2BH
9A650C      9A7K        JV800CO     JT1CO       V31PP       OH2PM
9G1YK       PA3ERA      JV800CS     JT1CS       V31TP       WC0W
9G5OO       DL4WK       K6VVA/6     N6AWD       VK0SEE      VK4SEE
9J2BO       G3TEV       KP2/W1MO    W1MO        VK8NSB      VK6NE
9J2CA       G3SWH       LU1ZA       LU4DXU      VP2MLB      N3ZNI
9L1KR       DL8BAX      LU1ZC       LU4DXU      VP2MSC      N3ZNI
9M2MRS      PA0RRS      LU1ZD       LU4DXU      VP2MUK      N3ZNI
9M6/G3OOK   M5AAV       LZ50KSB     LZ2SX       VP2MVX      N3ZNI
9V1YC       N5ID        NP4A        W3HNK       VP2MWH      N3ZNI
A45WD       YO9HP       OD5RT       OD5LN       VP8DJK      G0HFX
A61Q        EA7FTR      OH0Z        W0MM        VQ9JC       ND9M
A71BX       EA7FTR      OM7M        OM3PA       VY2ZM       K1ZM
A71EM       EA7FTR      OY3QN       OZ1ACB      WP2Z        KU9C
AH7ZA       W8QZA       P40G        I2EOW       YB0IR       W4JS
AM4AO/AM7   EA7GXW      P40LE       K2LE        YI9AQ       OM3XX
AT0EI       VU2SWS      P40W        N2MM        YJ0AZQ      VK2EZQ
C56GEA      OE3GEA      P49Y        AE6Y        YT150AD     YT1AD
C6AHR       N8PR        PJ2/N1ZZ    N1ZZ        YU150AU     YU7AU
C6AKQ       N4BP        PJ4/K4BAI   K4BAI       YU150KO     YU7KO
C6ALP       W8QT        PJ4/KU8E    KU8E        YU150NT     YU1SRS
C6AMM       K1CN        PJ4R        K4BAI       YZ150AA     YZ1AA
C6AOV       W4OV        PJ7/KF5LG   KF5LG       YZ150EW     YZ1EW
CN2US       NJ2D        PJ7/ND5S    ND5S        Z22JE       K3PD
CN8KA       EA7FTR      PY1OTO/PY0T PY1OTO      ZD9ATN      IZ0CKJ
CO2NB       EA5KB       RK2FWA      DK4VW       ZK3HC       DL9HCU
CO6DW       EA5KB       S65X        PA0KHS      ZP6/N3BNA   KA2AEV
CO6WD       W0SA        SA2006EM    SM6YOU      ZP0R        W3HNK
CO8LY       EA7ADH      SB0B        SM0W        ZS6CCY      OK1DOT

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4S7NE    Nelson Ranasinghe, 18 Katana Housing Scheme, Demanhandiya 11270, Sri
F5TLN    Sylvain Bertrand, 14 Rue du Champ Saint Pierre, 55100 Verdun, France
FR5ZL    Guy Petit de la Rhodiere, 33 Chemin Lambert, Casabois, 97433 Salazie
         (La Reunion), France
HA8IB    Szabo Karoly, Aradi  u. 42, H-5525 Fuzesgyarmat, Hungary
I2EOW    Erminio Pandocchi, Via Moretto da Brescia 40, 20133 Milano, Italy
N2OO     Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087-0345, USA
N6AWD    Fred K. Stenger, 6000 Hesketh Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93309, USA
PA0KHS   Henk van Hensbergen, Smaragdstraat 53, 6534 WN Nijmegen, The
PY1OTO   Renato Ottom Rua Joao Lira 103 ap 105, 22430-210 Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
SM6YOU   Rickard Dahlstedt, Ekebergsgatan 4D, 417 02 Gothenburg, Sweden
VU2SWS   Sarla Sharma, 7 Gaurav Apartments, Behind Ashok Nagar, Nahur, Mulund
         West, Mumbai 400080, India


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