425 DX News issue #805

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                              425 DX News #805
                              7 October 2006 

                             A.R.I. Dx Bulletin
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
                         (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org )
          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to

                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (i1jqj@425dxn.org)

                     The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile I2VGW

3C0     - Elmo, EA5BYP will  be active as  3C0M from  Annobon (Pagalu)  Island
          (AF-039) from 21 October to 3 November. He plans to operate on 10-80
          metres SSB, 20-15 metres RTTY and 160 metres CW. Further information
          is expected soon. [TNX EA5YN]
3W      - Shim, XV3AA/3W3A will be active from  Vietnam for a couple of  weeks
          starting on 11 October. Look for him between 23.30 and 00.30 UTC  on
          20 metres. QSL via JA6UHG. [TNX The Daily DX]
4X      - The Holyland DX Group (4Z4BS, 4Z4KX, 4Z1UF, 4Z5LA, 4Z5FI , 4X6HP and
          4X1VF) will be active as 4Z0J on  3-4 November from the site of  the
          so-called "Jesus Boat  (www.jesusboat.com/imgs/site/site/boat.html).
          They  will operate CW and SSB on 10-80 metres from  M05KT and mobile
          from  other Holyland Award areas around the main  location.  QSL via
          4Z4BS.  [TNX 4X1VF]
9N      - Tohru, JA0UMV will be active again as 9N7MV from Katmandu, Nepal  on
          26-30 October, CQ  WW DX  SSB Contest  included. This  time he  will
          operate on 40, 30, 20, 17 and  15 metres SSB, CW and possibly  RTTY.
          Suggested CW frequencies  are 7017,  10117, 14027,  18077 and  21027
          kHz. QSL via  home call (Tohru  Kataoka, 15-9  Sakae, Kamo,  Niigata
          959-1382, Japan). [TNX JA1ELY]
BV      - Special event station BV0RTI will be  active (on 80,  40, 20 and  15
          metres) from 10 UTC on 8 October until 4 UTC on the 9th to celebrate
          the  20th  anniversary  of   Radio  Taiwan  International's   German
          programme. [TNX BV2QB]
EA6     - Helmut,  DL5DSM  will  operate  holiday  style  as  EA6/DL5DSM  from
          Mallorca (EU-004) on 16-24 October. Main activity is expected on 160
          and 80 metres CW. QSL via home call. E-mail-requests for buro  cards
          can be sent to dl5dsm@online.de [TNX DL5DSM]
FS      - Yan, FS5HL   will  be operating  from NA-199  (St. Martin's  coastal
          islands) on 6-8 October. [TNX The Daily DX]
HL      - Han/DS2GOO, Son/DS3HWS, Lee/6K2CEW  and maybe a  few others will  be
          active from Hong Island (AS-093) on 13-15 October. They will operate
          as either  homecall/4 and  D90HE/4 on  80-10  metres SSB  with  some
          digital mode activity. QSL D90HE/4 via DS2GOO, others via home call.
          Log will  be available  at  http://myhome.naver.com/dxer2han/as_093/
          [TNX HL1VAU]
KH8_si  - Hrane, YT1AD is organizing a DXpedition to Swains Island tentatively
          scheduled to take place between 12  September and 3 October 2007.  A
          multi-national team of operators (K1LZ, K3LP, N6TQS, RA3AUU,  RZ3AA,
          UA3AB, RK3AD,  YZ7AA, YU1EA  and  KD7RCD, plus  "potential  members"
          YU7NU, YZ1BX, YU1DX and YZ1EW) will stay on the island for ten  days
          and will operate with six stations. Further information is  expected
          in due course. [TNX YZ1EW]
LU      - A team of eight operators will be active on the HF bands SSB and  CW
          as LU4AAO/D from  Claromeco Lighthouse (ARG-014)  on 14-15  October.
          QSL via LU4AAO. [TNX LU1AEE]
PA      - Holger, DH1AD will be active as PA/DH1AD from Texel Island  (EU-038)
          on 9-19  October. It  will be  a holiday-style  operation, with  100
          watts and wire antennas. QSL via  home call, bureau preferred.  [TNX
PZ      - Bob, N3CXM plans  to operate  during his  spare time  as PZ5JR  from
          Suriname while on a business trip  until 19 October. QSL via  K3BYV.
          [TNX The Daily DX]
S2      - Josep/EA3BT  and  his  wife  Nuria/EA3WL,  along  with   Tony/EA2PA,
          Fer/EA5FX and Juan/EA8CAC will be active as S21EA from Bangladesh on
          10-16 January. The plan to operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6  metres
          with three  stations.  QSL via  EA3BT,  direct orf  bureau.  Further
          information will  be  available  at  http://www.ea3bt.com/s21ea.html
          (under construction). [TNX EA3BT]
T32     - Look for T32Z to be active  from Christmas Island (OC-024) on  10-20
          October. He plans to operate CW and  SSB with an emphasis on 12,  17
          and 30 metres. QSL via K3PD. [TNX The Daily DX]
T6      - John, KE6GFF  will  be active  as  T6EE from  Afghanistan  until  30
          October. Look  for him  on  14200 kHz.  QSL  via home  call  (bureau
          preferred). [TNX QRZ-DX]
TK      - Kazik/DL2SBY,  Tomi/HA4DX   and  Laci/HA0HW   will  be   active   as
          TK/homecall from Sisco, Corsica (EU-014) on 2-11 November. They will
          operate CW, SSB and digital modes on all HF bands, with an  emphasis
          on the low bands. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX HA0HW]
V2      - Team Antigua (V26B, QSL via KA2AEV)  will once again participate  in
          the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. Most of the operators will arrive the week
          before and be active using their  own calls until  a few days  after
          the contest. Expect activity  by V26BZR (QSL  via W2BZR), V26G  (QSL
          via N2ED), V26MH  (QSL via HB9OCR),  V26OC (QSL via  N3OC) and  V26R
          (QSL via KA2AEV). WX3B will be  active as well, but his V2  callsign
          is unknown at this time. [TNX NG3K]
V6      - Sasi/JA1KJW (V63JQ),  Mat/JA1JQY  (V63JY), Hiro/JI1FOP  (V63OP)  and
          Kuni/JA8VE (V63VE) will be active from Micronesia on 1-13  November.
          They will operate from three different islands: Kosrae (OC-059,  1-6
          November), Pohnpei (OC-010,  7-8 November) and  Chuuk (OC-011,  9-13
          November). Plans are to have two  stations up and running on  160-10
          metres SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL V63JQ via JA1KJW, QSL V63JY via JA1JQY,
          QSL V63OP via JI1FOP, QSL V63VE via JF1OCQ. [TNX JA1ELY]
VP2M    - Bill, W4WX   (VP2MHX) and  Jan, K4QD  (VP2MQD) will  be active  from
          Montserrat (NA-103) on  23-31 October.  They will  operate on  10-80
          metres CW, PSK31, RTTY and SSB, and will participate in the CQ WW DX
          SSB Contest as single  band entries. QSL  VP2MHX via W4WX  (direct),
          QSL VP2MQD via K4QD (direct or bureau). [TNX W4WX]
VP2M    - Art, WA7NB  will be  active as  VP2MDY from  Montserrat (NA-103)  on
          25-31 October. He will operate  on 6-160 metres  CW, SSB and  PSK31,
          and will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via home call.
          [TNX WA7NB]
VU7     - The NIAR DXpedition to the  Lakshadweep Islands (VU7RG),  originally
          planned to take place in January [425DXN 801], has been rescheduled.
          The new dates  are 1-10 December  2006. Bookmark  http://www.vu7.in/
          for further information and updates.
XU      - A group  of operators  from Finland  will be  active as  XU7MDY  and
          XU7JGE from Cambodia from 20 October to 5 November. Apparently  they
          will concentrate on CW (suggested frequencies are 1825, 3507,  7003,
          10104, 14007,  21007,  24897  and 28020  kHz)  and  the  low  bands;
          however, XU7MDY will participate in the  CQ WW DX  SSB Contest as  a
          single band entry. QSLs via OH4MDY (direct only). [TNX OH4MDY]
YU6     - Hrane, YT1AD will be active as YU3AD from Montenegro in October. QSL
          this operation via YT1AD. [TNX YZ1EW]

PACIFIC TRIP ---> Larry,  N0UU (www.tri.net/n0uu) will  be touring the  South
Pacific with Lindblad Expeditions between 14 and 27 October. Although amateur
radio is not the primary reason for these cruises, he plans to operate SSB on
15, 20 and maybe 17 metres as  FO/N0UU (from French Polynesia) and VP6UU,  as
well as  with a  CE0 callsign  if he  gets the  licence.  QSL via  home  call
(bureau). His itinerary is as follows:
14 Oct  Bora Bora  No operation            21 Oct  At sea
15 Oct  Makatea    OC-066                  22 Oct  Pitcairn   No operation
16 Oct  Fakarava   OC-066                  23 Oct  Henderson  OC-056
17 Oct  Raroia     OC-066                  24 Oct  Ducie      OC-182
18 Oct  At sea                             25 Oct  At sea
19 Oct  Pukarua    OC-238                  26 Oct  At sea
20 Oct  Mangareva  OC-063                  27 Oct  Easter Isl SA-001
Daily ship reports  will be  posted at  http://www.expeditions.com/ [TNX  The
Daily DX]

PACIFIC TRIP ---> Willy, ON5AX and his wife Magda, ON3AX will be active  from
the Pacific between 17 October and 14  December. They plan to operate on  20,
30 and 40 metres CW, SSB and PSK from Samoa (5W0AX, 17-22 October),  American
Samoa (KH8/ON5AX,  24-29  October, CQ  WW  DX SSB  Contest  included),  Tonga
(A35AX, 2-14 November)  and New  Zealand (ZL/ON5AX,  from 16  November to  14
December). [TNX ON5AX]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The latest issue (September 2006) is now available
at http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles and pictures should be
sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

ANTARCTICA AWARD ---> The Award Manager (Gianni Marruccella, IZ8CGS) reports
that all of the certificate requests received as of  15 September 2006 h ave
been processed  and  mailed along  with the complimentary  map of Antarctica
published by the Australian Antarctic Division [425DXN 700].Up-to-date score
tables are available at www.mdxc.org/antarctica/award.asp.

ANTARCTICA CHALLENGE ---> The French Polar Team has announced a new programme
called "The Antarctica Challenge", with the  goal of promoting amateur  radio
contacts with and raising funds for Antarctic ham stations. Full details  are
available at http://f6kdf.ath.cx/f5nod/ [TNX F5NOD]

DXCC NEWS --->  The following operation  has been approved  for DXCC  credit:
TT8LN (Chad), operation from 12 February through 5 June 2006.

DX SPOTS ---> Rod Elliott,  VE3UW has collected the  DX spots from the  OH2AQ
Web Cluster  since  January 1997.  The collection  -  from January 1997 up to
September  2006  -  is  available at  www.425dxn.org/dxspots/, as  well  the
software   (DXINFO  v2.0)   which  will  enable  you  to  handle  the   files
(instructions at the URL above).

INDEXA --->   The International DX  Association, INDEXA (www.indexa.org) has
announced the results of its 2006-07 election:
President             Ron Wright, ZL1AMO
Vice President        Gary Dixon, K4MQG
Secretary-Treasurer   Bill Jennings, W4UNP
Directors: Bob Allphin,  K4UEE; Richard  Grant, W9RG;  Franz Langner,  DJ9ZB;
Nellie Saltiel de Lazard,  XE1CI. Newsletter Editor:  John Scott, K8YC.  [TNX

NEW WAB AWARD ---> A new WAB  (Worked All Britain) award is being  introduced
from 1 Janury 2007. It will  be available to licenced  amateurs and SWLs  for
working the  many  special event  stations  (GB callsigns)  from  the  United
Kingdom    each     year.     Full    information     is     available     on
http://www.worked-all-britain.co.uk/ [TNX G1VDP]

QSL HK3JJH  ---> Pedro  reports that  his new  mailing address  is: Pedro  J.
Allina, Cod 9906, P.O. Box 02-5242, Miami, FL 33102-5242, USA.

WACI ---> The Worked All Canary Islands award, sponsored by the Gran  Canaria
DX Group,  is available  to either  licenced amateurs  and SWLs  for  working
stations located on the various EA8 islands. Full information is available at
http://www.grupodxgc.com [TNX EA8CAC]

WRTC 2010 ---> The World Radiosport  Team Championship Sanctioning  Committee
(WRTC-SC) has announced  that in 2010  WRTC will be  held in  Russia for  the
first time.  The Union  of Radio  Amateurs of  Russia (Soyuz  Radiolyubitelei
Rossii, SRR) is the primary sponsoring organization, and SRR President  Roman
Thomas, RZ3AA, is the host committee  chairman. The event  will be held  near
Moscow in  conjunction with  the  IARU HF  World  Championship in  July.  The
committee  plans  to  publish  qualification  rules  and  procedures  and  to
establish a web site as soon as possible. [TNX ARRL Contester's Rate Sheet]

YU6AO ---> The YU6AO operation from Montenegro conducted by Hrane, YT1AD  and
a multi-national team of 35 operators made some 75,000 QSOs (on-line logs and
pictures can be found at http://www.yu6ao.info). So far 8,000 envelopes  have
been received and 25,000+ QSOs have  been confirmed, YZ1EW reports.  However,
according  to  a  note  posted  on  the  DXCC  Dialog  Weblog  on  4  October
(http://www.arrl.org/blog/DXCC%20Dialog), DXCC  credit   is  currently   not
allowed "because of possible irregularities in the QSLing process". Once this
matter is cleared, credits already submitted  can be claimed  with a note  to
the DXCC Branch Manager, Bill Moore at dxcc@arrl.org.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

LOGS:         On-line  logs  for  HA506NF  and  HA501DAE   can  be  found   at
              http://users.atw.hu/ha1dae/ha506nf/search.html and
              http://users.atw.hu/ha1dae/ha501dae/search.html [TNX HA1DAE]
LOGS:         On-line logs for this year's ILLW activity by IU1L (La Lanterna,
              ARLHS    ITA-177,    WAIL    LI-005)    can    be    found    at
              http://www.arigenova.it/CercaLogIU1L.asp [TNX IZ1BZS]
LOGS:         The YX5IOTA expedition  to Cayo Herradura  (La Tortuga,  SA-044)
              logged 10883 QSOs from 20.04 UTC  on 26 September through  03.34
              UTC on  1 October.  On line  logs, pictures  and statistics  are
              available at http://yx5iota.4m5dx.org
MIQUELON:     A  brief  photo-report  on  the  recent  FP/G3SXW  and  FP/G3TXF
              operation   from    Miquelon   Island    can   be    found    at
              http://www.g3txf.com/dxtrip/FP_G3TXF/FP.html Roger  and   Nigel
              made 7,841 CW QSOs in four days. QSL via home calls.
TOP LISTS:    The  latest  Topband,  Topmode  and  Toplist  listings  are  now
              available  at   http://www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.
              Please send  your scores,  as well  as any  request for  further
              information, to Erminio Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@ari.it)

QSLs received direct or through managers:  3D2WW, 3Y0X, 4J6ZZ, 4L1DA,  4L6AM,
4O2NT, 4O3ES,  4O6DX,  4X4BL,  5W0KI,  6W1EA,  9G5UR,  9K2CQ,  9K2HN,  9M4SEB
(OC-295), 9M6ACC,  AX3MCG, BG7MSN,  BV6GU,  BY4XSL/4 (AS-135),  C31BO,  C56W,
C6AYM (NA-001), C91HQ,  CP6XE, CX5BW,  D44BS, DU1EIB,  DU6BG, E20WXA,  E51JD,
(EU-076),  LU7YS,  LZ0A,  NY3A/p  (NA-140),  OA4/DL5SE,  OA4/DL5YWM,   OD5NJ,
OH8/IK3GES/P (EU-084), OH8/IK3GES/P  (EU-184), OJ0LA,  OL4HQ, OO5P,  OY/PA2A,
OZ/IK3GES/P  (EU-125),  PA/IK3GES/P  (EU-146),  PZ5RA,  R1MVW,  S01R,   S9SS,
SM2/IK3GES/P (EU-139), SM6/IK3GES/P (EU-043), SU9NC, SV5/SV1LK, T88PL, TA2ZF,
TG9ADM, TK/IK5PWQ,  TM5F (EU-095),  TR8CA,  UA0AOZ/0 (AS-114),  UN5J,  UN7DA,


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