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  16 December 2006                                        A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 815
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

1A      - Giorgio/IZ4AKS,  Massimo/IZ4DPV,  Fabio/I4UFH,  Gabriele/IK4UPB  and
          Luca/IW0DJB will operate as  1A4A (yes, One  Alpha Four Alpha)  from
          the Sovereign  Military  Order  of  Malta  (SMOM)  on  2-8  January.
          Activity will take  place from  the extraterritorial  zone of  Villa
          Malta on the Aventine in Rome. Three or four stations will be active
          on 2-160  metres SSB,  CW  and RTTY;  plans  are to  concentrate  on
          certain DX areas (Japan, South  America and West  Coast) and on  the
          low bands.
          The license has been granted as a part of a fundraising programme to
          support the worldwide relief activities of  the Order of Malta  (see
          http://www.orderofmalta.org  for  further  information).  The  first
          activity of 1A4A  (which stands for  One Aid For  Africa) will  help
          collecting funds to  build a school  for young girls,  as part of  a
          support plan  for the  rebirth of  South Sudan,  coordinated by  the
          Order of Malta, together with the  Italian government. The web  site
          for the operation is up and running at http://www.1a4a.org. QSL 1A4A
          via IZ4DPV (direct only). [TNX IZ4AKS]
5H      - Sam, F6AML will be active as  5H1Z from Zanzibar Island (AF-032)  on
          18-29 January. He plans to operate SSB and CW on 80-10 metres and to
          pay special attention to North America  and Asia, especially on  the
          low bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F6AML]
5U      - Christian Saint-Arroman (formerly active from Mali as TZ9A and  from
          a number of other African countries) has been authorized to  operate
          as 5U5U from Niger since 5 December. He will be active on all  bands
          SSB for about one month starting on 3 January, and he expects to pay
          regular visits to that country over  the next few years. QSL  direct
          to Christian Saint-Arroman,  Chemin de Mousteguy,   F-64990  Urcuit,
          France. [TNX 5U5U]
9M_spr  - 9M4SDX is the callsign issued  to the March  2007 expedition to  the
          Spratly Islands [425DXN 803]. A large group of operators from  Japan
          and Malaysia (9M2CF,  9M2KT, 9M2TO,  9M2/JH3GCN and  9M8YY) will  be
          active from Layang Layang (AS-051) on 10-19 March with four stations
          on all bands  and modes. QSL  via 9M2TO, direct  or bureau. The  web
          site     for     the     expedition     can     be     found      at
          http://island.geocities.jp/layang9m4sdx/ [TNX 9M2TO]
BV      - Steve/N8BJQ, George/W8UVZ,  Randy/W9ZR and  several local  operators
          will be active as BX0ZR from Taiwan on 8-21 January. Expect activity
          on all bands with an emphasis on  160 and 80 metres. QSL via  W8UVZ.
          [TNX W9ZR]
BY      - David, BA4DW will be active as  BA4DW/7 from Hainan Island  (AS-094)
          on 20, 23 and 24 December. This will be a spare time operation, with
          activity on 20 and 15 metres. QSL  direct to David Y. J. Zhou,  P.O.
          Box 040-088, Shanghai, 200040, China. [TNX BA4DW]
HB0     - Tom, DL2OBO will be active again as HB0/homecall from  Liechtenstein
          on 1-9 January. He plans to ficus on 30-160 metres CW, with some SSB
          and possibily  some RTTY/PSK  as well.  QSL  via home  call,  bureau
          preferred.   Give   a    look   to   his    past   experiences    on
          http://www.dl2obo.de.vu [TNX DL2OBO]
J2      - Eric, J20SA (ON7SAT) will be leaving on 17 December, but he has  had
          his licence extended as he will return to Djibouti on 4 January  for
          about three  weeks.  The  website  for  his  activity,  on-line  log
          included, is at http://users.telenet.be/on4knp/ [TNX ON4ZD]
JA      - Look for Take,  JS6RRR/JS6 to operate  SSB, CW  and RTTY  on the  HF
          bands from  Miyako  Island  (AS-079)  from  28  December  through  9
          January. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
PY      - Jim/PY7XC, Cris/PY7GK, Renner/PY7RP and Ben/PY7VI will be active  as
          ZY6T from Itaparica Island (SA-023) on 27-30 December. They plan  to
          operate SSB and CW on 10-80 metres. QSL via PY7GK, direct or bureau.
          [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
S2      - The callsign  to be  used during  the 10-16  January operation  from
          Bangladesh [425DXN 805] has changed. The Spanish team will be active
          as S21XA on 160-6 metres SSB,  CW and RTYY with three stations.  QSL
          via EA3BT,  direct or  bureau. A  survey form  is available  on  the
          expedition website (http://www.ea3bt.com/s21xa.htm) to let the  team
          know on which bands/modes you need Bangladesh.
UR      - Special event  callsigns that  wiil be  aired on  15-25 December  to
          celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Ukrainian Amateur Radio League
          [425DXN #813] include EM15Q (QSL via UR5QU), EM15V (QSL via  UR7VA),
          EO15FF (QSL via  UX0FF) and EO15IS  (QSL via US7IGF),  as well as  a
          large number of other EM15, EN15 and EO15 prefixes.
VE      - The VE2DX contest team will be operating on 20, 40 and 80 metres  as
          CG2DX from Jesus Island (CISA PQ-014) until early 2007 to  celebrate
          the 100th  anniversary of  the first  AM transmission  (24  December
          1906). The VE2DX/CG2DX contest station is operated by members of the
          Club Radio Amateur Laval Laurentide. QSL via VE2STN. [TNX VE2STN]
VK      - Special event call VI3JAM will be activated on 2-13 January for  the
          21st Scouts  Australia's  Jamboree that  will  be  held  in  Elmore,
          Victoria (website under construction  at www.vi3jam.com). Next  year
          the Scouting Movement  will celebrate its  100th anniversary, and  a
          second special event station (VI3SAA) will  be QRV from a number  of
          scout centenary events throughout 2007. Two commemorative QSLs  will
          be issued. [TNX VK3EW]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CQ DX MARATHON ---> The  new CQ DX  Marathon [425DXN 777]  is a year-long  DX
hunt, with participants competing to see who can work the greatest  number of
countries ("entities") and  CQ zones over  the course  of a  full year,  then
starting again  at  zero at  the  beginning of   the  next year. This  year's
Marathon began at 00.00 UTC on  1 January 1 and will end  at 23.59 UTC on  31
December: "it is now time to  start gathering your country and zone  contacts
made in 2006", John, K9EL says, "and enter them onto the official DX Marathon
score  sheet  available  at  http://www.dxmarathon.com".  All  logs  must  be
received no later  than 28 February  2007. The  2007 Marathon  will start  at
00.00 UTC on 1 January. [TNX K9EL]

DIRECT CARDS FROM INDONESIA ---> Donny Sirait, YB6LD (ex YB1BOD) has compiled
an informative document on how to obtain a direct QSL card from Indonesia. It
includes the current postage rates to  several destinations around the  world
and useful tips on IRCs, whose  redeemable value depends on the country  they
originate from, not on their "destination": for instance, a coupon issued  in
the US will  give a 4,500  Indonesian Rupiahs postage  stamp (which covers  a
letter to Japan, but not to the US). "Normally", Donny says, "a 20gr  (single
card request) need 2 valid IRC's from the originating country for an  airmail
reply". The document (.pdf format) is vailable from Donny, please contact him
at yb6ld@yahoo.com if interested.

HNY 2007 PARTY --->The "Happy New  Year 2007 Party",  sponsored by Polish  MK
QTC Magazine (http://qtc.radio.org.pl),  will take place  from 18  UTC on  31
December to 18 UTC on 1  January. For details on the  event and the  relevant
award, please e-mail Sylwester Jarkiewicz, SP2FAP at qtc@post.pl [TNX SP2FAP]

JIIA ---> The JIIA Activity Year will run from 1 January through 31  December
2007 to  celebrate the  Japanese IOTA  Islands Award  (JIIA) programme's  5th
anniversary. A special award will be  issued for contacts made with at  least
10 stations operating  from different  islands. Please  contact Yuki,  JI6KVR
(ji6kvr@dance.ocn.ne.jp) for further information.

OH CONTEST/DX  MEETING  ---> The 12th annual Contest & DX Meeting,  organized
by the Contest Club Finland and thr OH DX Foundation, will be held aboard the
Viking Line M/S Gabriella on 19-21  January 2007. The  ship will travel  from
Finland to the Aland Islands to Sweden and back. Further information,  prices
and      on-line      registration      form      are      available       at
http://www.contestclubfinland.com/ (bookings should be made no later than  18
December). [TNX OH1UA]

PIRATE --->  The  NZART  (New  Zealand  Association  of  Radio  Transmitters)
Monitoring Service reports that the station signing ZK3DX and claiming to  be
operating from Nukunonu Atoll (Tokelau)  is a pirate.  He has been  operating
(usually around 7000-7010 kHz between 5  and 7 NZDT)  since 16 September  and
was last heard on 3 December. The Tokelau Administration has not issued  this
callsign, nor have they heard  of any amateur  operating from these  islands.
[TNX ZL2RR and AD1C]

QSL 4O3T ---> Bill Moore, NC1L reports that the first batch of cards received
by US operators contained only the month and year and not the specific day of
the QSO. 4O3T cards that show July 2006 or later, with or without the  actual
day being shown on the card, will be credited for "Montenegro". QSLs for QSOs
in May 2006 or earlier will count for "Serbia and Montenegro". Cards for QSOs
in June 2006 will not be accepted for any credit (Montenegro was added to the
DXCC list on 28 June 2006). Those who received  a 4O3T QSL card with no  date
number and wish to obtain a corrected QSL can send a self addressed  envelope
directly to  John Kennon,  N7CQQ who  is sending  out cards  for all  of  the

QSL OC-270 ---> Donny, YB6LD (ex YB1BOD) says that all of the direct requests
received so far for the March 2006 operation from Simeulue Island  (YC6LAY/p,
YB6LYS/p, YC6JKV/p, YB6PLG/p  and YB1BOD/6) have  been processed and  mailed.
Direct requests  from  Japan without  sufficient  return  postage  have  been
honoured through the JARL bureau. "For other stations outside JA that did not
send sufficient funds, I have no other choice than to send it directly  since
sending it  to  the bureau  will  cost  me the  same  amount  (due  to  small
numbers)", Donny says.

QSL ST2A ---> Boris, T93Y reports that  all direct requests received as of  9
December have processed and mailed. You can  give a look to the card  designs
in the "QSL Info" and check  the status of your request  in the "LOG  Search"
sections of the ST2A website (http://www.t93y.com/st2a). Boris reminds the DX
community that 1 USD does not  cover the postage from Bosnia and  Herzegovina
to anywhere in the world, while 1 IRC does. [TNX T93Y]

QSL VIA DL5EBE --->  Dominik reports he  is now living  in Russia. Those  who
need a direct card for any of the stations  he is the QSL manager for  should
mail their request to the following address: Wintershall Holding AG, Abt. EV,
Mr. Dominik Weiel, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 160,  D-34119 Kassel, Germany.  Cards
sent via the DARC QSL bureau will be forwarded to Dominik.

QSL VIA  RZ3DJ --->  Those who  still need  a QSL  card for  Vlady's  (RU3HD)
activities from Antarctica can send their request to RZ3DJ (Dmitry Tsyplakov,
P.O. Box 5/3,  Pushkino - 5,  141205, Russia). Vlady  nade about 36,000  QSOs
(153 on 160m and 1282 on  80m) as R1ANN  and RU3HD/ANT from  Novolazarevskaja
(IOTA NA-01, UA-08 for the Antarctica Award), and some 7,000 QSOs as R1ANN/mm
and RU3HD/mm from the "Academic Fedorov". [TNX RZ3DJ]

QSL YX0A & YX0LIX --->  "The cards have  arrived, and I'm  in the process  of
preparing the first mailings", Steve (KU9C) says. "The process will be a  bit
slower than I'd  like, due  to the  holidays and  a few  business and  family
commitments. Please do not resubmit; I'll use the DX bulletins to advise when
I've finished mailing what I've got  and status updates along  the way. I  do
apologize for the delay in getting the cards out".

VU7LD --->  The 9th  press release  (issued on  9 December)  states that  the
second batch of six  operators (VU2GMN Gopal,  VU2LX Lakshman, VU3SPQ  Sunny,
VU3RSB Sara, VU3ELR Sasi and VU2SJD Sanjay) were sailing to Kavaratti to join
the other operators who have been there  since 30 November. "We are aware  of
issues with the published online logs  where the mode and  band have in  some
cases been  wrong,  also a  couple  of logs  from  a few  sessions  were  not
published on the web", Gopal (VU2GMN)  says, "We are working to rectify  that
in the  next  log  update  expected  latest  around  the  20th  of  December.
[Actually, the  log  search at  http://www.arsi.info/vu7/onlinelog.shtml  now
covers the  period 1-12  December, and  the next  update is  expected for  16
December, Ed.]. A number of constructive suggestions have been received  from
the international DX community and we have taken note of the suggestions  and
information has already been passed on  to the operators  who are working  to
implement as many of them  as is feasible".  A few pictures  of VU7LD can  be
found at http://www.vu7ld.info/.

+ SILENT  KEY +  We  were saddened  by  the news  of  the sudden  passing  of
Agustinus "Agus"  Ginting, YC6JKV,  who was  killed in  a car  accident on  8
December.  He  had  been  an  active  amateur  since  the  Eighties  and  had
participated in a few IOTA operations, including activity from the islands of
Mursala (OC-245, March 2001), Simeulue (OC-270, March 2006) and Nias (OC-161,
April 2006). [TNX YB6LD]

QSLs received direct or  through managers: 3A2MD,  4L8A, 4O3AB, 4O3T,  5T0JL,
5W0DP, 5W0OJ, 6W1SE, 6Y0B,  7P8DA, 7P8JF, 7Z1UG,  8P9DX, 9H3MR, 9Q1D,  9Q1NT,
A22/JA4ATV, A25/DJ4LK,  A92GR, B1Z,  C5DXC,  CP4BT, D2DX,  DL5ME/p  (EU-128),
JX7DFA, K9AJ/VY0 (NA-175), KC4AAA, KH8SI, KL7HBK (NA-004), LZ0A, NP2B, OJ0LA,
OY9R, P29BW, P29NI  (OC-115), P29VCX  (OC-153), P29ZAD,  P41S, P43JB,  PJ7TM,
R1MVW,  S79WJM,  S9SS,  SU9NC,  T70HQ,  T77EB,  TK5MH,  TO2FG,  TO4T,  TT8PK,
TU2/F5LDY, TY5LEO, TY5MR, TZ5A, TZ6LF, TZ6MF,  TZ6NS, V31MR, V63JQ  (OC-059),
V63VE,  VK9CGG,  VK9NS,  VP6UU  (OC-044),  VP6UU/p  (OC-182),  VP8LGT,  VP9I,
W5BOS/AL0 (NA-238),  W5BOS/NL0  (NA-237), XE2K/XF2  (NA-246),  YJ0ADX,  YT6A,

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