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13 January 2007                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 819
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

5T      - Benoit, F8PDR will be active as 5T5DY from Nouakchott, Mauritania on
          5-18 February. He will operate mainly  CW on 10-80 metres, with  100
          watts and vertical antennas. He will try to focus on 80 and 160. QSL
          via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
6O      - Michael, PA5M  is currently  in  Kenya (and  has  applied for  a  5Z
          licence), but will be back to  Somalia for 7-10 days starting on  17
          January (his schedule might change because of the situation in  that
          area). He will be active again as 6O0M, typically during his evening
          hours, with 100 wantts and wire  antennas. QSL via PA7FM, direct  (1
          new  IRC  or  2  USD)   or  bureau.  Webpage   and  log  search   at
          http://www.pa7fm.nl [TNX PA7FM]
C5      - Jay, LY4Y (M3UNN) reports will be active as C56NN from The Gambia on
          22-29 January. He  will operate from  the QTH of  Noz, C5DXC  during
          daytime, and possibily  from another location  during some  evenings
          and nights. Jay will try to put a dipole for 160 metres.
CT3     - Luis, CT3EE  and several  other operators  from the  Madeira  Region
          Radioamateur Association  (ARRM) will  be active  as CT9F  from  the
          lighthouse at Ponta do Pargo (ARLHS MAD-005) on 19-21 January.  They
          plan to operate  SSB, CW, RTTY  and PSK  on 10-160  metres. QSL  via
CU      - Martti, OH2BH and  Juha, OH8NC  will be  active from  the Azores  on
          23-29 January. They will be QRV using their portable call signs (QSL
          via home calls) on 160 and 80 metres, and Martti will participate in
          the CQ WW 160-Meter Contest as CU2A (QSL via OH2BH). [TNX OH2BH]
DU_spr  - A group  of  operators from  Japan  and the  Philippines  (including
          JA1BRK, JF1IST,  JA1RJU, JA4DND,  JF2XGF, 4F2KWT,  DU1BA and  DU1EV)
          will be active as  DX0JP from Pag-Asa,  Kalayaan, in the  Philippine
          Spratly Islands on 3-13 February.  They plan to  be active on  160-6
          metres (SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK), plus JT65  EME on 6 and 2m, with  an
          emphasis on the  low bands, especially  160 and 80  metres. QSL  via
          JA1HGY (EME  QSO only  via JA1RJU).  Updates  will be  published  at
          http://www.dxcom.jp/dx0jp [TNX DU1EV and JA1HGY]
FM      - Eric, F5LOW will be active as FM/F5LOW/p from Martinique (NA-107) on
          17-26 January. He plans to operate holiday style on all the HF bands
          SSB and PSK. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
FO      - Alain, F2HE will be active again  as FO5RH from the Tuamotu  Islands
          (OC-066), French Polynesia starting on 16 January. He says he cannot
          receive QSL cards via the FO QSL  bureau, so he can reply to  bureau
          cards only once a  year, when he  is in France.  [TNX F6AJA and  Les
          Nouvelles DX]
I       - ARI Aprilia members will operate special event station II0BH  (Beach
          Head) on 20-28 January  to commemorate the  63rd anniversary of  the
          Allied amphibious landing in  the area of  Anzio during the  Italian
          Campaign of World War II. QSL via bureau. [TNX IK0IZW]
J2      - Stefano, IK2HKT has joined the team of operators who will be  active
          as J20M and J20R from Moucha  Island (AF-053), Djibouti in  February
          [425DXN 810]. They  plan to be  QRV with  the first  station in  the
          local late afternoon hours on the  1st. There is no Internet  access
          on the island and they will have to return to the mainland in  order
          to upload the logs. They will do their best to update the logs every
          3 or 4 days (see http://www.i2ysb.com/j2). QSL  via I2YSB, direct or
          bureau. [TNX I2JSB]
KP2     - Bruce, KI7VR will be active again as KP2ZZ for two weeks starting on
          23 January.  He will  operate from  the QTH  of Herb,  KV4FZ on  St.
          Croix, Virgin  Islands  (NA-106) and  will  concentrate on  the  low
          bands, especially 160 metres. QSL via G4OOC. [TNX G4RCG]
LU_ant  - Operator Dan is active as LU1ZAB from Teniente Matienzo Base (LU-16)
          on the Larsen Ice Shelf (AN-016), Antarctica. QSL via LU4DXU.
LU_so   - Hugo, LU2ERA is active as LU2ERA/Z from the Orcadas Base (LU-14)  on
          Laurie Island, South  Orkneys (AN-008). Look  for him  on 14188  kHz
          starting around 23 UTC. QSL via LU4DXU.
LZ      - The Balkan Contest Club will operate  as LZ170VL through the end  of
          the year  to  celebrate  the  170th  anniversary  of  the  birth  of
          Bulgarian  national  hero  Vasil  Levski  (further  information   at
          qrz.com). QSL bureau to LZ1KZA. [TNX LZ1ZF]
OZ      - Look for Jakob,  OZ7AEI/P to operate  on 20 and  40 metres SSB  from
          Kronborg Lighthouse (ARLHS DEN-119) on Sjaelland (EU-029, SJ-001 for
          the Danish Islands Award) on 13  January. QSL via home call,  direct
          or bureau. [TNX OZ7AEI]
PY      - Ivan, PV8IG has been active as PX8II since 1 January to promote  the
          XV Pan American Games that will be  held in Rio de Janeiro on  13-29
          July (http://www.rio2007.org.br/).  QSL direct  to home  call.  [TNX
PY      - Special event station ZY7LUZ is active on 160-6 metres SSB, CW, RTTY
          and BPSK31  from  Guarabira,  Brazil  for  the  annual  festival  (5
          January-3 February) concurrent  with the  festivity of  Our Lady  of
          Light (Nossa Senhora da Luz). QSL via PR7AR, direct or bureau.
SM      - The Uppsala Radio Club (SK5DB) will operate as SC5L from 28  January
          through 26 June to  celebrate the third  centenary of Carl  Linnaeus
          (1707-1778), the Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist known  as
          the "father of modern taxonomy." QSL via bureau; direct cards should
          be sent to SM5XSH (SE5S). Information  on the relevant award can  be
          found at www.qrz.com under SC5L [TNX VA3RJ]
VE      - The Daily DX reports that Mike, VE2XB is back on Southampton  Island
          (NA-007) and will be operating as VE2XB/VY0 for the next two months.
VU7     - Indian amateurs participating in the  forthcoming DXpedition to  the
          Lakshadweep Islands have been granted permission to operate until 31
          January. Also please note  that a special  callsign has been  issued
          for the activity from Minicoy Island, which will be conducted by  an
          all-Indian team of operators. So expect  VU7RG to be aired from  the
          three AS-011 sites (Agatti, Kadmat and  Bangaram), while VU7MY  will
          be used from AS-106. The pilot stations for Lakshadweeps 2007 are:
          * IARU Region 1 (Europe, Africa, Middle East and Northern Asia):
            Klaus Wagner, DL1XX          dl1xx@gmx.de
          * IARU Region 2 (The Americas, East Coast):
            Donald Greenbaum, N1DG       don@araumtel.com
          * IARU Region 2 (The Americas, West Coast):
            Bill Avery, K6GNX            k6gnx@soaringaudio.com
          * IARU Region 3 (Asia-Pacific):
            Toshikazu Kusano, JA1ELY     ja1ely@bb.mbn.or.jp
          Expect VU7RG to be QRV on 15  January at local midnight, i.e. on  14
          January  at  18.30  UTC.  Bookmark  http://www.vu7.in/ for   latest
          information and updates.
W       - The Motorola Amateur Radio Club will  be active as W4MOT/4 from  Key
          Biscayne (NA-141) and Cape Florida lighthouse  (ARLHS USA-118) on  3
          February, from 14 to 22.30 UTC. Expect activity on 10-40 metres  CW,
          BPSK31 and SSB. QSL via W4MOT, direct or bureau. [TNX N4II]
XW      - Alex Sinchukov, RK3DT  has returned to  Laos and will  be active  as
          XW3DT until 20 January. He says  that cards should  be sent to  P.O.
          Box 11, GPO, Hong Kong "before May 2007".

AFRICAN TRIP --->  Karl-Heinz, DK2WV is  currently active  as 3B8/DK2WV  from
Mauritius until 20  January. He will  then go  and operate  holiday style  as
5R8HG from Madagascar from 21 January  to 23 February. QSL home call,  direct
or bureau. [TNX NG3K]

PACIFIC TRIP ---> Sara, HA9SDA and  Eli, HA9RE will be  active as ZK3RE  from
Tokelau (OC-048) from 3 to 21-22  February and as  5W0RE from Samoa  (OC-097)
from 26-27 February to 11-12 March. They plan to operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on
160-10 metres  with two  stations. Suggested  frequencies are  1815.5/1831.5,
3507/3511, 7007, 10117, 14040, 18084, 21040, 24914 and 28040 kHz (CW);  3789,
7047/7080, 14240, 18114, 21255, 24940 and  28440 kHz (SSB); 14075, 21100  and
28075 kHz (RTTY). QSL via HA8IB. [TNX HA8IB]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The  latest issue (December 2006) is now  available
at http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles  and  pictures   should
be sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

5A7A ---> Two  different cards  have been  printed (give  a look  to them  at
http://5a7a.gmxhome.de/qsl.htm) and the first 4,400 direct requests  received
so far are being processed right  now. QSL cards sent with  old IRCs will  be
answered  via   the  bureau.   A  few   video  samples   can  be   found   at
http://www.youtube.com (search for 5A7A). [TNX DJ7IK]

DXCC NEWS ---> 5X1RI (operation from 5 May 2005 to 3 February 2006) has been
approved for DXCC credit.

LAKSHADWEEPS 2007 ---> According to the  information published at  www.vu7.in
under the four operating sites,  the VU7RG (AS-011)  & VU7MY (AS-106)  roster
includes the following operators:
    Home Call  VU Call        Home Call  VU Call        Home Call  VU Call
    ------------------        ------------------        ------------------
    A61M       VU3xxx         JA3NHL     VU3YTA         VE7CT      VU3JRS
    AA4NN      VU3JLW         JA3UB      VU3JMU         VU2BL
    DF2IC      VU3FGR         JA3USA     VU3MQS         VU2JOS
    DJ8NK      VU3NZB         JH4RHF     VU3RWP         VU2RBI
    DK5WL      VU3RYC         JR3MVF     VU3RYI         VU2UWZ
    DL4KQ      VU3FRK         K4UEE      VU3RQA         VU3DSM
    DL5OAB     VU3RYM         N6TQS      VU3RYN         W0GJ       VU3RYJ
    DL7DF      VU3RYB         OE9AMJ     VU3MZA         W5MJ       VU3JMB
    DL9GFB     VU3RYE         PA2R       VU3SXJ         W8AEF      VU3PYM
    F4EGD      VU3SIB         PA3EWP     VU3SXR         WA6UVF     VU3RYH
    F5CWU      VU3SIC         SP3CYY     VU3RYG         WA9QJH     VU3KHX
    F6IIT      VU3MVZ         SP3DOI     VU3NZC         YT1AD      VU3xxx
    JA3IG      VU3YYN         VA7DX      VU3NIJ

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Ron, AC7DX reports he  is no longer the QSL manager  for
T93X and VK6JB.

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Olavi, OH3QL has recently received several QSL cards for
AP2IA. Please note  that he is  not and has  never been the  QSL manager  for
Ijaz, whose cards can be requested  direct (see. qrz.com),  by the bureau  or
through LOTW.

QSL EA9/OL8R  ---> The  correct QSL  route is  via  OK1DRQ (this  applies  to
EA9/OK1FCJ as  well). Cards  can be  sent direct  or via  the bureau  (e-mail
requests  for   bureau   cards   can   be   sent   to   ok1drq@seznam.cz   or
okdrq@o2active.cz). [TNX OK1DRQ]

QSL XU7ABC ---> Phil, G3SWH  reports he has  acquired a copy  of the log  for
XU7ABC operated by  G3XAQ (3-6 May  2001). Anyone  still needing  a card  can
apply for  one via  the  usual channels,  i.e.  direct with  adequate  return
postage and SAE, e-mail  for a bureau  reply (phil@g3swh.demon.co.uk) or  via
the RSGB bureau.

QSL YI1RAZ ---> Antonello, IK2DUW reports he has received the logs from Razi,
YI1RAZ. Cards can  be sent to  Antonello Passarella,  Via M.  Gioia 6,  20051
Limbiate - MI, Italy.

QSL YX0A & YX0LIX ---> As of 10 January, Steve, KU9C had processed and mailed
about 25%  of the  direct requests.  He has  recently  received a  final  log
update, and he  is checking the  'not in logs'  thoroughly against these  new
logs, event  htough this  slackens his  work rate  a bit.  "A number  of  you
requested QSLs for  other stations I  manage", he  says, "I've  been able  to
finish many of these before the YX0  cards arrived, so that hasn't slowed  me
down. But  for those  of those  I missed,  this will  slow the  request  down
substantially. Please do not  re-submit, as this  just adds confusion".  Logs
will be uploaded to LOTW after Steve gets the direct cards mailed.

+ SILENT KEYS + Gilbert Faisant,  F5PLP, former President of the  Association
de Radio Amateurs de la Drome (ARAD 26), passed away on 26 December 2006.  He
was 69.
Oscar Verbanck, ON5ME  passed away at  65 years of  age. The  founder of  the
Super High  Speed  Telegraphy  Club  (SHSC)  and  the  Extremely  High  Speed
Telegraphy Club (EHSC), he had been the President of the EUCW, the federation
of European CW clubs, for fifteen years. [TNX F-10386 and F5NQL]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

NCDXF VIDEO:  A  new  video  about  the  Northern  California  DX  Foundation,
              produced by James Brooks (9V1YC), is  now available for  viewing
              on-line under  the  "Videos"  section  of  the  NCDXF  web  site
              (http://www.ncdxf.org). The video explains the history of  NCDXF
              and highlights the Foundation's many accomplishments, and it cal
              also be viewed or downloaded from  the Google Video site (go  to
              http://video.google.com/ and search for NCDXF). [TNX N4GN]
SOUND CLIPS:  Tom's  (K8CX)  DX  sound  clips  for   2006  can  be  found   at
              http://hamgallery.com/dx2006/; the collection  of 166  streaming
              Real Audio DX clips covers all the major DXpeditions, plus  rare
              and semi-rare DX.


QSLs received  direct or  through managers:  3B8/DL6UAA, 4L1BR,  4O3T,  5A7A,
5H3EE, 5X1T,  6Y1V,  6Y3R,  7P8AA,  7P8DJ,  7P8JF,  8P9AM,  8R1RPN,  9A/OM5AA
(EU-090), 9A1A, 9H3MR, 9J2BO, 9M6DXX, 9S1X, A22/JA4ATV, A45WD, C31BO,  C6AQC,
C94KF (AF-103),  C96KF  (AF-061), CN2R,  CN2WW,  CN8IG, CN8KD,  CP4BT,  DT8A,
E21EIC/P (AS-126), EA9/OK1FCJ, EW8AO, EX9A, FK8CP, FO/KM9D (OC-114), FO/N6JA,
FS/AA4V,  FS/K3LP,  FS5HL/P  (NA-199),  FS5UQ,  FT5XP,  FY1FL,  GD6IA,  H44V,
PJ2T, R1ANF, R1ANF/p, R1ANT,  RZ0AF, ST2A, SU8IOTA,  T31T, T32WW, T32Z,  T6X,
TY5MR, TZ6DX, UA0MF,  UA9SC, V26K,  V31RG, V5/DJ8VC,  V63JY, V73RY,  VK4CSP/4
(OC-187), VK9AA, VK9CGG, VP2MDY, VP2MHX, VP2MQD, W0O, XF4DL (NA-030),  XF4IH,


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