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    24 March 2007                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 829
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B6     - The Polish expedition to Agalega (3B6/SP9MRO and 3B6/SP9PT) has been
          rescheduled to take place between 6  and 18 June, provided that  the
          team can get permissions and  licence and can  find the right  ship.
          Updates will be posted at http://3b6.godx.eu/ [TNX SP9MRO]
3B8     - Mart, DL6UAA will be active again  as 3B8MM from Mauritius  (AF-049)
          starting on 5 April for a few weeks. He will operate mostly CW,  but
          will also give SSTV a try (14230 kHz). QSL via home call, direct  or
          bureau. His  web site  is at  http://www.dl6uaa.de/indexa.html  [TNX
5H      - Sigfrido, 7Q7RS will  be working  for one  year in  Tanzania and  is
          currently active  as 5H/7Q7RS  while awaiting  a 5H  callsign to  be
          issued to him. QSL via IT9YVO.
6Y      - Frank, K3TRM  (http://www.k3trm.com/) will  be active  as  K3TRM/6Y5
          from Jamaica (NA-097) from 31 March to 9 April. He plans to  operate
          on 80-10 metres SSB, RTTY, PSK31  with some CW.  QSL via home  call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX K3TRM]
7P      - ZS1RA, ZS1ZL, ZS1APB, ZS1ROY and ZS1FJ  will be active from  Lesotho
          between 5 and 12 April. They will operate (requested callsign 7P8DX)
          from the north  border escarpment  of the  Drakensburg Range  (3,000
          metres a.s.l.).  Plans  are  to  operate  with  yagis,  V-beams  and
          hopefully three stations on the air at the same time. [TNX ZS1FJ]
9Q      - Georges, 9Q1EK has been active on  160 metres since 21 January,  but
          he has made only 257 QSOs so far, because of the strong QRN. He runs
          500 watts into an Inverted L. In a  few days time he will be  active
          also on  6 metres,  with 200  watts and  a 3-element  yagi fixed  on
          Europe. QSL via SM5DQC
9M6     - Peter, DJ8XW and  Heinz, DL2QT are  active from  the 9M6AAC  station
          until 30 March, CQ WPX SSB Contest included. QSL this operation only
          via DL2QT, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
A2      - Frosty, K5LBU  is  organizing a  DXpedition  to Botswana,  which  is
          scheduled to  take place  between  5 and  21  July. There  are  four
          operators so far, and Frosty would like to find at least two more to
          join the team. Please contact him at frosty1@pdq.net if interested.
A5      - Kunio Saito,  JA8VE will  be working  in Bhutan  from April  through
          March 2009. He will operate as A52VE on all bands SSB, digital modes
          and some CW, with 100 watts, inverted V or dipole and maybe a Spider
          beam. QSL via JF1OCQ. [TNX JF1OCQ]
CE      - Simon, IZ7ATN  has had  to change  his plans  [425DXN 827],  as  bad
          weather and rough  seas prevented him  from going  and operate  from
          Pupuya Island (SA-095).  After operating as  OA6/IZ7ATN/p from  Isla
          Blanca (SA-098) on 20-21 March,  he now expects  to return to  Chile
          for a second attempt to activate  Pupuya sometime between 23 and  27
CU      - Pedro, EA1FCH will operate as CU2/EA1FCH  from Sao Miguel  (EU-003),
          Azores from 27 July to 5 August. He plans to concentrate on the  low
          and WARC bands CW and digital  modes. QSL via  home call, direct  or
          bureau. [TNX EA1FCH]
ER      - Andy, RW3AH says he will be active as ER/RW3AH from Moldova from  23
          March to  12 April.  He will  pay special  attention to  160 and  80
          metres, as well as to 20 metres  SSB and CW for novices. QSL  direct
          (see qrz.com). Andy might be joined  by Valery, RW3GW, who would  be
          signing ER0/R7C or ER0/NA1SA on 8-12 April.
F       - The Council of Europe Radio Club (TP2CE) will be active on SSB,  CW,
          RTTY and PSK from 8 UTC  on 30 March until 10 UTC  on 1 April.  [TNX
FT      - Gildas, TU5KG  (FT5XP and  FT5WL) is  back  in the  Southern  Indian
          Ocean. He will be sailing  in the Kerguelen  and Crozet areas  until
          around mid-May, but he will only operate as /mm because he does  not
          plan to land on the islands. QSL via F4EFI. [TNX VA3RJ]
I       - Look for IR8DX to be aired on 40, 20 and 17 metres SSB, CW and  RTTY
          from Santo Janni (EU-144, IIA  PZ-001) between 7  and 11 April.  QSL
          via IK8VRH. [TNX IK8VRH]
I      - IT9ABY, IT9IAS, IT9TFX, IT9YMM, IW9HIK and possibily IT9BLB will  be
          active as IE9/IQ9PA from Ustica Island (EU-051) on 13-15 April.  QSL
          direct to IT9TQH. [TNX IT9ABY]
J6      - Bill, WB5ZAM will be active as J68WI from St. Lucia (NA-108) on 1-13
          April. He will operate SSB and CW, with focus on 30 and possibly  40
          metres. QSL via home call. [TNX VA3RJ]
JW      - Francois, F8DVD will be  active once again  from Svalbard in  April.
          Look for him  to operate  as JW/F8DVD from  the Longyearbyen ARC  on
          Spitsbergen Island (EU-026), Svalbard on 12-23 April. He plans to be
          active on all HF bands CW  and SSB. QSL  via home   call, direct  or
          bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
OX      - Special event station OX60AD (OX  Sixty AD) will  be active on  1-30
          April to celebrate the 60th anniversary  of the U.S. Air Force  Base
          at Thule (Pituffik). Expect activity on 6, 10, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80
          metres CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL direct to OX3UR.
VE      - Cezar, VE3LYC and  Ken, G3OCA are  planning an  IOTA operation  from
          East Pen Island, VY0 (NA-231, new one) between 20 and 22 July.  They
          are prepared to have two stations  on the air  operating CW and  SSB
          from 10 to 40 metres. QSL via VE3LYC, direct or bureau (stations  in
          the United Kingdom  can QSL  via G3OCA).  Cezar says  that East  Pen
          Island  is  "the  breeding  place  of  polar  bears,  which   brings
          interesting challenges to the team". [TNX VE3LYC]
W       - Jim, KA3UNQ  operate  portable  from  NA-031  (Aquidneck,  Goat  and
          Conanicut islands)  on 7-9  April. He  plans to  "activate"  several
          Rhode Island lighthouses on 40, 20 and 17 metres SSB. QSL direct  to
          home call. [TNX KA3UNQ]
YV      - 4M5 DX  Group  (http://4m5dx.org/) members  YV5WW,  YV5OHW,  YV5RED,
          YV1RDX, YV1CTE, YV5TX and YV5SSB will  be active (SSB, CW and  RTTY)
          as YW1DX from  Cayo Sombrero (SA-089)  on 27-30  July, IOTA  Contest
          included. Before and after the contest they will concentrate on  the
          WARC bands. QSL via IT9DAA. The team is looking for  sponsors/donors
          for this operation.

CQ WW  WPX SSB  CONTEST  ---> The  following  stations have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (24-25 March):
3DA0EI                      Swaziland        EI7CC
3XM6JR      SO              Guinea           UA6JR
4E1P        M/M             Philippines      bureau
4L2M        SOSB 20m        Georgia          qrz.com
4L4WW       SOSB 40M        Georgia          EA7FTR
4O3B        SOSB 80m        Montenegro       OH2BH
5C5Z        SOSB 20m        Morocco          W7ZR
5C8A        SOAB LP         Morocco          EA5XX
5D5A        M/S or M/2      Morocco          I2WIJ
6F75A       SOAB HP         Mexico           EA5KB
8J1S        M/M             Japan            bureau
8J3YAGI     M/M             Japan            JA3YKC
8P1A        SOAB HP         Barbados         NN1N
9K2HN       M/?             Kuwait           9K2HN
9M4DXX                      West Malaysia    9M2TO
AN8A        M/2             Canary Islands   EA8AH
AO1O        M/?             Spain            EA1EA
AO3A        M/?             Spain            EA3URB
AO4R        M/M             Spain            EA4TD
CN2R        SOSB 160        Morocco          W7EJ
CN5W        M/S             Morocco          EA7FTR
D44AC       M/S             Cape Verde       D44AC
D69XC       SOAB LP         Comoros          UA9XC
EC8ADW      SOSB 15m        Canary Islands   EC8ADW
ED8D        SOSB 15m        Canary Islands   EA8BHD
EF8A        SOSB 20m        Canary Islands   EA8AUW
EK0B        M/?             Armenia          SP9ERV
EY3M        SOSB 20m        Tajikistan       qrz.com
HF40PAZ                     Poland           SP6PAZ
HR2DMR      SOAB HP         Honduras         HR2DMR
J75RZ       M/2             Dominica         W2RZS
KH6/JM3PIT                  Hawaii           JM3PIT
N0RB/KH7    SO              Hawaii           N0RB
LX7I        SOSB 20m        Luxembourg       LX2A
LX8M        M/S             Luxembourg       LX1ER
NP3U        M/M             Puerto Rico      WP4U
P40W        SOAB HP         Aruba            N2MM
P49Y        SOAB            Aruba            AE6Y
PJ2T        M/S or M/2      Neth. Antilles   N9AG
PS5S        SO              Brazil           PP5MQ
S65X        SO              Singapore        9V1QQ
TA2K        M/S             Turkey           TA2RC
TM4Q        M/?             France           F6FYA
TM6M        M/?             France           F6KHM
TO5A        SOAB HP         Martinique       F5VHJ
UK8AKK                      Uzbekistan       EA5KB
V31RG       SO              Belize           K4VU
VP57V                       Turks & Caicos   W5CW
VR2C        M/2             Hong Kong        VR2NN
W4V                         USA              NW4V
XR6T        M/S             Chile            CE6TC
YT6A        SOSB 20m        Montenegro
YU8ALR      SO              Serbia           YT1CS
ZP0R        SO              Paraguay         W3HNK
ZY5100SCOUT M/M             Brazil           PY5CA
ZY7C        M/S             Brazil           PT7WA
Don't forget to give a look to the Announced Operations for this year's event
maintained by Bill, NG3K at http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxs2007.html

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DXCC HONOR ROLL ---> The  deadline to be  shown in the  next DXCC Honor  Roll
list is 31 March. Submissions must  be postmarked 31 March  2007 for them  to
count for this listing. The DXCC Honor  Roll list will appear in August  2007
QST. There are  337 entities on  the DXCC  list and  you must  be within  the
numerical top 10 DXCC  entities to qualify.  The current minimum  requirement
for Honor Roll is 328 current entities (deleted entities do not count towards
this level).

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations  have been approved for  DXCC credit:
DXJP (Spratly  Islands);  9M4SDX (Spratly  Islands);  9U9Z (Burundi),  YWDX
(Aves Island); 1A4A (Sovereign Military Order Of Malta). [TNX NC1L]

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Syl, F5TLN says he is not the QSL manager for TU5KC  and
has "nothing to do" with him. According to qrz.com, the QSL route is:  Didier
Butz, E 43 Riviera 3 BP 1691 Abidjan 18 CI, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

QSL 3V8SF ---> Antonio, IZ8CCW is  the new QSL manager  for 3V8SF, the  Scout
Radio Club station at Sfax. For  the time being Antonio can confirm  contacts
made on 1 January 2007 and after, old logs will follow.

QSL 4Z5KJ ---> Alex should  like to remind  those who work  him that his  QSL
manager is  W0MM  (Laurent  D.  Thomin,  1615  Beaconshire  Rd,  Houston,  TX
77077-3817, USA). Alex if often on business trips outside Israel, and  enjoys
lighthouse      activities      (pictures      can      be      found      at

QSL G3NOM ---> Tom, GM4FDM  is the QSL  Manager for Ray,  G3NOM, who has  not
been on the radio since November 2004,  when he had a major stroke.  Recently
Tom received a package from one  of Ray's HS friends  containing a number  of
direct and bureau  QSL cards sent  to Thailand. Tom  will try  to honour  all
these requests either  by the bureau  or direct (the  latter irrespective  of
whether the IRC is valid or not, as they were all valid when posted). Tom has
logs and blank cards for: 5B4/G3NOM, 9M2OM/P, 9M2/G3NOM, 9M2OM, A52OM, E22DX,
E28DX, G3NOM, HS0AC/2, HS2AC, HS0/G2NOM, JT4/G3NOM, S21U, S2/G3NOM, XY1HT and
ZC6/G3NOM (he also has logs for V8NOM, but no cards for this one). As for 160
metres, Tom used to verify them with Ray before responding; under the current
circumstances, Tom says that he cannot  confirm your QSO, "unless it is  very
clear in  the  logs". Should  you  have any  questions,  please  contact  Tom
(tom@gm4fdm.com) and refrain  from sending  further cards  to Thailand.  [TNX
OPDX Bulletin]

QSL YX0A & YX0LIX ---> "If you've not received your card by mid-April", Steve
Wheatley (KU9C) says, "feel free to  email me (ku9c@yahoo.com); at that  time
I'll be able to provide status".  Exception: YX0A and/or YX0LI cards sent  in
the same envelope with QSLs for other calls managed by Steve will be delayed,
and Steve "cannot easily predict when I'll be done with those".

+ SILENT KEY + Alexandr Barmushkin,  EX8AA, one of the most active  operators
in Kyrgyzstan, passed away on 19  February after a  long illness. Bek,  EX8AB
says that all of the outstanding QSL cards "will be replied, for sure".

+ SILENT  KEY  +  Paolo,  IK2QPR (Leo's  QSL  manager)  reports  that  Leonid
Velikanov, UN2O passed away on 12 March.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

LOGS:           The   9M4SDX   (Spratly   Islands)   log   is   available   at
LOGS:           On-line logs for TC0DX (Gokceada, EU-186) and YM0DX (Bozcaada,
                AS-099), as  well as  pictures  and further  information,  are
                available at http://www.okdxf.eu/ankety/tc0dx/en/tc0dx.php


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B8/OM0C, 3B9/G3TXF, 3XD2Z, 3XM6JR,
3Y9SDA, 4K9W, 4N1A, 4O3B, 4O60BH, 4S7UCG, 5A7A, 5F50KD, 5F50SG, 5T5DY, 5V7SE,
6V6U, 6W1SE,  6Y0B,  7P8/JH4RHF, 7Z1UG,  8J7YAGI,  8P9NX,  8R1AK/p  (SA-068),
8R1ZUM,  9H9JR,  9K2GS,  9N7JO,  9Q1TB,  A35TN,  A41KJ,  A71MA,  A92GR,  BI4F
(AS-160),  BX5AA,  C4M,  C5DXC,  C6AKQ,  CP4BT,  CP6IB,  CU2A,  D44BS,  DX0JP
(AS-051), EA9IE,  EK6TA,  ES1GO, ES4RD,  EX0M,  EY8MM, FK8CP,  FO5RK,  GD6IA,
HK0GU, HK1/K8DD, HV0A, HZ1FS, HZ1IK, HZ1SK,  J20MM and J20RR (AF-053),  J85M,
KH6/AA4V, KH8/JA8GAX/M  (OC-077), KH8/N9YU,  KP2/AA6YQ, KP2/K3TEJ,  LU/R1ANF,
ST2BF, SV9CVY,  T32MO  (OC-084), T49C,  T77C,  TI5/WJ7R, TI5N,  TM5F,  TR8CA,
TU2/F5LDY, TX5NK, TY5MR,  V26G, V31BH, V31MD,  V31YN, V63UA, V73ZZ  (OC-028),
ZD8WX, ZD9ATN, ZD9BV, ZS4U, ZY6T (SA-023).

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