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26 May 2007                                                A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 838
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B6     - The local  licencing  authority has  changed  the callsign  for  the
          DXpedition to Agalega  - it  is no  longer 3B6DX  [425DXN 837],  but
          3B6SP. The Polish team expects to be QRV by the morning of 6 June at
          the latest  and to  leave the  island on  the 18th.  QSL via  SP9SX.
          Bookmark http://3b6.godx.eu/  for propagation  predictions,  further
          information and updates. [TNX SP9MRO]
CU      - Rolf, DK2ZF will  be active as  CU2/DK2ZF from  Sao Miguel  (EU-003,
          HM77cu), Azores on  25-30 May. He  will operate mostly  CW on  40-10
          metres, as well  as on 2  metres (with  50 watts  and a  5-element).
          Expect also satellite activity (AO-7 and VO-52). [TNX DK2ZF]
EA      - Special event station EH4EI will be  aired from the Italian  Embassy
          in Madrid on 2 June (Italy's  National Day) and again on 12  October
          (Spain's National Day). QSL via EA4CT. [TNX EB4DSP]
F       - Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the UK Six Metre Group,  special
          callsign TM6MG will  be aired  from France  on 1-15  June. The  main
          operator will be Bernard, F5DE. Expect activity on 6 and 2 metres CW
          and SSB, as  well as on  10 and 12  metres CW. QSL  via PA7FM.  [TNX
F       - Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer Maxence
          Van der Meersch (1907-1951),  a number of  special stations will  be
          active in the  weeks to  come: TM2VDM  (1-15 June,  QSL via  F5KDB),
          TM6VDM (16-30  June, QSL  via F8KGS),  TM5VDM  (1-15 July,  QSL  via
          F6KMB), FV5VDM (1-15 July, QSL  via F6KDM). [TNX  F1SIU and F6AJA  @
          Les Nouvelles DX]
F       - The South  Flanders DX  Activity Group  will operate  once again  as
          F/ON6JUN/P (http://www.qsl.net/on6jun)  on 2-6  June to  commemorate
          the 63th anniversary of D-Day. QSL via ON5SD. [TNX VA3RJ]
I       - ARI Sestri Levante will operate special event station II1HCA till 31
          May for the 40th edition of the Hans Chrisian Andersen Prize, one of
          the  world's  most  prestigious  prizes  for  children's  literature
          (http://www.arisestrilevante.it/). All of the QSOs will be confirmed
          via the bureau.
I       - Giovanni, IK5BCM  reports  he will  be  active  as  ID9/IK5BCM  from
          Panarea Island (EU-017, IIA ME-006) on 2-9 June.
KL7     - Marvin Baur (KL1YY), Bob Wertz (NF7E)  and Art Phillips (NN7A)  will
          operate from Ushagat Island (NA-206) on  12-17 July. They will  have
          two stations using  100 watt transceivers  with vertical, wire,  and
          kite antennas. Operation will be CW by NN7A/NL7 and SSB by KL1YY and
          NF7E/KL7 on 160-10 metres, with SSB  on 20 and 15m IOTA  frequencies
          as conditions permit. No digital or VHF operation is planned.  There
          are no existing facilities on Ushagat,  so operation will be from  a
          camp set up by the operators using battery and generator power.  QSL
          via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX NN7A]
SV      - Tommy  Horozakis,  VK2IR  will  be  visiting  Greece  (Mount   Athos
          included) and Turkey between 27 May  and 28 August.  He plans to  go
          and operate on the HF bands (including PSK and SSTV) under different
          callsigns from 15-18 Greek islands. QSL via W3HNK.
          On 9-17 June  Tommy will  be joining  a team  from the  SV DX  Group
          (SV1GE, SV1AAU, SV2DGH, SV1DPJ, SV2FWV, SV2HNC, SV0XAD and DH9VA) to
          operate as SY8AN  from Antiparos Island  (EU-067). They  plan to  be
          active on all bands SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL SY8AN via SV2DGH. The  web
          pages for the operation can be found at  http://www.sv2dgh.gr/sy8an/
          [TNX VK2IR and SV2DGH]
SV5     - Look for Harvey,  SV5/OO5S and Dan,  SV5/OQ1C to  be active  holiday
          style from  the Dodecanese  (EU-001) until  1 June.  QSL via  ON4ON,
          bureau or direct. [TNX ON4ON]
TK      - Marco, IK1YED  reports  will be  active  as TK/IK1YED  from  Corsica
          (EU-014) from 26 May to 1 June. He plans to operate on 160-6  metres
          SSB and possibily digital modes.
VE      - Gregg, VE3ZZ and Noel, VE2BR will operate from Prince Edward  Island
          (NA-029, CIsA PE-001)  on 25-30 July  using the VY2TT  superstation.
          During the IOTA contest they  will operate as  VY2Z (QSL to  VE3ZZ),
          and outside  the  contest  they will  be  active  as  VE3ZZ/VY2  and
          VE2BR/VY2 (QSL to home calls, direct or bureau). [TNX VE3ZZ]
VP6D    - An expedition to Ducie  Island (OC-182) is  being organized to  take
          place in February 2008. Landing permissions  and licences have  been
          granted, and a suitable charter vessel  has been secured. A team  of
          13  experienced  operators   (currently  including   Carsten/DL6LAU,
          Eric/K3NA, Dietmar/DL3DXX,  Andy/DL8LAS, Martti/OH2BH,  Robin/WA6CDR
          and Krassimir/K1LZ)  will  be active  on  160-6  metres  with  seven
          stations as  VP6DX from  11 to  23 February.  The group  is  seeking
          financial contributions to help defray the very significant costs of
          this DXpedition. Full details on how contribute can be found on  the
          expedition web site (www.vp6dx.com).

CQ WW  WPX CW   CONTEST  ---> The  following  stations have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (26-27 May):
4L2M      SOSB 40m      Georgia               EA7FTR
4L8A      SOSB 20m      Georgia               DJ1CW
4M5DX     M/S           Venezuela             IT9DAA
4O3A      SOSB 80m      Montenegro            YT6A
5D5A      M/?           Morocco               I2WIJ
7X0RY     SOSB 80m      Algeria               qrz.com
9M6/G3ZEM SO            East Malaysia         5B4AGN
9M4DXX    M/S           West Malaysia         9M2TO
C4I       M/?           Cyprus                LZ2HM
C4W       SOAB          Cyprus                5B4WN
C6AYM     SO            Bahamas               K9GY
CN5W      M/S           Morocco               LoTW
DD4B      SOSB 20 or 15 Germany               DL3PS
DR5L      M/2           Germany               DK3QZ
DR80AMA   M/S           Germany               DK3DM
EE8A      M/?           Canary Islands        YL2KL
EF8M      M/2           Canary Islands        RX3DU
ER0FEO    SOAB          Moldova               UU0JM
HZ1EX     SO            Saudi Arabia          SM0BYD
IS0/K7QB  SOAB LP       Sardinia              IN3QBR
IS0N      SOAB LP       Sardinia              OK1MG
LX7I      M/2           Luxembourg            LX2A
P40A      SOSB 40m      Aruba                 WD9DZV
PA25UKSMG               The Netherlands       PA7FM
PJ2T      SOAB HP       Netherlands Antilles  N9AG
PQ4F      SO            Brazil                PY4FQ
PS2T      SOAB          Brazil                W3HC
SV8/SV1JG SO            Greece                SV1JG
T40C      M/?           Cuba                  N1KI
TO3T                    Martinique            VE3KF
VP9KF     SO            Bahamas               W4/VP9KF
VQ97JC    SOAB          Chagos Islands        ND9M
W4V                     USA                   NW4V
WP3C      SOAB LP       Puerto Rico           W3HNK
ZB2X      SOAB          Gibraltar             OH2KI
ZF1A      M/S           Cayman Islands        W5ASP
Don't forget to give a look to the Announced Operations for this year's event
maintained by Bill, NG3K at http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxc2007.html

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CQ HALLS OF FAME ---> The  CQ Amateur Radio Hall of  Fame was established  in
January 2001  to  recognize  individuals  -  radio  amateurs  or  not  -  who
significantly affected the course of Amateur Radio, as well as radio amateurs
who have made  significant contributions either  to amateur  radio, to  their
professional careers or  to some other  aspect of  life on  our planet.  This
year's inductees are:
Phillip Catona, W2JAV (SK)            Copthorne MacDonald, VY2CM
Paul Flaherty, N9FZX (SK)             Bill McArthur, KC5ACR
John Geloso, I1JGM                    Don Miller, W9NTP
Michael Griffin, NR3A                 Louis Tristao, KG6VY (SK)
James Hillier, ex-VE3SH (SK)          Durward J. Tucker, W5VU (SK)
Herb Johnson, W6KQI (ex-W7GRA)        Adrian (Ade) Weiss, W0RSP (ex-K8EEG)
Roy Lewallen, W7EL                    Farrell Winder, W8ZCF
Rick Lindquist, N1RL
The CQ Contest  Hall of Fame  was established  in 1986  to recognize  Amateur
Radio operators who have made major contributions to contesting. This  year's
inductees are:
Fred Capossela, K6SSS                 Tom Taormina, K5RC
Phil Goetz, N6ZZ (SK)
The  CQ  DX  Hall  of  Fame  was  established  in  1967  to  recognize  major
contributions by DXers. This year's inductees are:
Roger Western, G3SXW                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ
Nigel Cawthorne, G3TXF                Valeria Pregliasco, IK1ADH

QSL VY0ICE ---> Steve, VE2TKH reports that as of 17 May 1277 QSL requests for
his VY0ICE activity from Baffin Island  (NA-047, September-October 2006)  had
been answered direct or via the bureau. Please note that cards should be sent
to the QSL manager (VE2AWR), as Steve will be travelling outside Canada until
September at least.

QSL YV1RDX ---> Julio says he  no longer has a QSL  manager. Cards should  be
requested direct only: Julio Rivero, P.O. Box 18, 3150 Trujillo, Venezuela.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3A/IW1RLF   IW1RLF      CO2MHZ      EA5KB       RW4NJ/9/M   RA4NF
3W2BMK      JA8BMK      CO2VQ       EA5KB       SC300VL     SK6HD
3W2TXR      JA2TXR      CO2WF       N1KI        SC3DX       SM3NRY
3XD2Z       RW3AZ       CO2WL       IZ8EBI      SE2T        SM2YIZ
3XM6JR      UA6JR       CO6DW       EA5KB       SE50A       SM4AIO
3Z0ILQ      SP5DDJ      CO6WD       W0SA        SV5/OO5S    ON4ON
3Z50KCR     SP5KCR      CU1BP       F5NPS       SV5/OQ1C    ON4ON
3Z50OP      SQ6QQ       CU1CB       EA5KB       T88NN       JI0NNM
4A3IH       IT9EJW      DQ50PASSAU  DK1RWS      T88TG       JA1TGC
4K9W        DL6KVA      DQ50SAAR    DK8VR       TA100FB     TA1CM
4L6QL       RW6HS       E51QMA      OM2SA       TC1919ATA   bureau
4L6VV       UA6EZ       E51TUG      OM2SA       TF/G4EDG/P  G4ELZ
4L8A        DJ1CW       EG7MV       EA7HBC      TF/G4ELZ/P  G4ELZ
4O5A        YU7AV       EG8CID      EA8AUW      TL8QC       F5NRY
4O5W        YU1EXY      EG8FAS      EA4FAS      TM0A        F5OIU
4S7VK       DJ9ZB       EK6LP       IK2DUW      TM1LM       F8KGY
5B4AGM      W3HNK       EK6TA       DJ0MCZ      TM1O        F1IKA
5B4AHS      RA3AUU      EK6YL       SP9ERV      TM1VDM      F6KTN
5H0RS       IT9YVO      EM80A       UY5AA       TM2LM       F6KAT
5P6EE       OZ2KL       EN80AL      UT8AL       TM3LM       F6KFO
5T5SN       IZ1BZV      EN80AS      UT8AS       TM4LM       F8KOI
6H1MW       XE1MW       EN80AW      UR5AW       TM5B        F5XX
6H1TRP      XE1TRP      EV5IPY/P    EW4IDP      TM5EON      F2WS
6H1XR       XE1XR       EX2F        RW6HS       TM5LM       F6KAT
6I2D        XE2D        EY1HQ       DJ1MM       TM6LM       F6KFT
6I2YW       XE2YW       FS/NF9V     NF9V        TM7AJ       F6KSU
6J3ISS      XE3ISS      GB100TT     MW0JNI      TM7LM       F6KFH
6J3RBA      XE3RBA      GB4VLX      G4DFI       TO3T        VE3KF
6W/IZ2DPX   IK2DUW      GM6TW/P     G0UZP       TT8FC       EA4AHK
6W1SE       JR2KDN      GX0STH      M3UNN       TU2/F5LDY   F1CGN
6W2SC       HA3AUI      GX8LED/P    M0DOL       TZ6PVI      ON4LN  (a)
7Q7CT       CT1ABE      HC8N        W5UE        TZ6PVI      ON7ASL (b)
7S100ALA    SK7CN       HF550SK     SP7PBC      UA0AV       W3HNK
7X5ST       7X5LS       HF70COP     SP8KPK      UA0AZ       W3HNK
7Z1HL       DJ9ZB       HF750C      SP9BRP      UE1CDX/P    RN1CW
7Z1UG       DG1XG       HL1/F5AHO   F5AHO       UE1RDA/1    RW1QN
9A/OO6N     ON6KN       IA0IPY      I0YKN       UE1SNA/P    RA1QQ
9A60Z       9A2DM       IA2IPY      I2MQP       UE4HKD      RU4HD
9A8DST      ON4AMM (a)  IA5/IK2CCU  IK2CNC      UE4NNU/P    UA4NU
9A8DST      ON4DST (b)  IA5/IZ5ILU  IZ5ILU      UE9RDA      RK9QWW
9A950DX     9A8DX       IA7IPY      IK7JWY      UN7MMM      EA7FTR
9A950JB     9A3JB       IB0CW       IZ8CLM      UN7MWU      EA7FTR
9J2BO       G3TEV       IC8TO       IZ1GCZ      UN7QF       EX2A
9J2CA       G3SWH       II0VIS      IZ0DIB      UN7QX       W7BO
9L1DIR      EA4URE      II3STV      IK3GES      UO50F       RW6HS
9M2CNC      G4ZFE       II4SDP      IZ4GWE      V63DX       JH7MHZ
9M2IDJ      JA6IDJ      II8IPY      I8ACB       V63GO       JA7AGO
9M8DX/2     VK6DXI      IP8IPY      I8QJU       V63ZP       JA7ZP
A52AM       JA0JHA      IR1IPY      IZ1GJK      VP2EDS      KJ9I
A52K        JA1CG       IR2IPY      IK2DUW      VP2ERV      NF9V
A52SW       K2AU        IR8IPY      IK8WEJ      VP5/KN6Y    KN6Y
A71CT       EA7FTR      J28JA       F5JFU       VP5/WQ7X    WQ7X
A71EM       EA7FTR      J5UAP       HA3AUI      VP6TD       ZL2HGR
A92C        A92GR       LZ50DX      LZ1AF       VP9KF       W4/VP9KF
AP2TN       DJ9ZB       MW5GAC/P    M5GAC       VQ97JC      ND9M
BD7YK       BA4CH       OD5/CT1EFS  CT1CJJ      WH7P/KH2    JP1IOF
C31LJ       VE3EXY      OS7A        ON7APG      XE2OR       W5OZI
C6AGN       W1DIG       OX3XR       OZ3PZ       XU7TZG      ON7PP
CN8KD       EA5XX       PA25UKSMG   PA7FM       XW1A        E21EIC
CN8LI       ON4IQ       PJ7/NF9V    NF9V        YB1GJS      NI5DX
CN8NK       EA5XX       PQ4F        PY4FQ       YM100FB     TA1EE
CN8YE       EA7FTR      R60IMPULS   RU4AK       ZD8RH       G4DBW
CN8YR       K4KU        R6MDIR      RK3MWA      ZP6CW       ZP6CU

(a) direct     (b) bureau

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DJ9ZB     Franz Langner, P.O. Box 150, D-77950 Ettenheim, Germany
EA7FTR    Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque, Huelva, Spain
IT9EJW    Alfio Bonanno, Via della Regione 20, 95028 Valverde - CT, Italy
OM2SA     Juraj Sipos, 93013 Trhova Hradska 550, Slovakia
PA0HOP    J. Hopstaken, Hengemunde 31, NL-6578 BR Leuth, The Netherlands
SV2ASP/A  Monk Apollo, Docheiariou Monastery, 63087 Mount Athos, Greece
W4/VP9KF  Paul Evans, 6809 River Road, Tampa, FL 33615, USA


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