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  9 June 2007                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 840
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

1A0      - A multinational team lead  by Francesco, IK0FVC  will be active  as
           1A0KM from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta on 12-22 July. QSL
           via IK0FTA. The log might be uploaded to LoTW. Further details  are
           expected in due course. [TNX I0JBL]
3B7      - The 3B6SP team  en route  to Agalega  encountered serious  problems
           with the catamaran "Josephina", which lost  one engine and a  sail.
           All on board are safe and  sound, and the  catamaran, towed by  the
           fishing vessel  "Covadis", reached  Raphael Island,  Saint  Brandon
           (AF-015). According to the lastest information from 3B8CF, the team
           expects to remain there for some 12 days and to be active as  3B7SP
           while waiting for the "Josephina" to be repaired. [TNX SP9PT]
4U1UN    - LA5IIA, OH2BH  and  W3UR  will  operate  from  the  United  Nations
           Headquarters station (4U1UN) on  9 June. QSL  via HB9BOU. [TNX  The
           Daily DX]
5N       - Marek, SQ8JCA  will  be active  as  5N2/SQ8JCA from  Cogi,  Nigeria
           through the end  of June. He  operates SSB  on 80-6  metres and  is
           likely to be found on the bands between 10 and 16 UTC. QSL via home
           call. [TNX F5NQL]
9A       - Roland/9A3MR, Tibor/HA3HP and Tom/9A2AA will be active from verious
           islands in the IOTA EU-170 group on 16-20 June. They plan to go and
           operate (also on 6 metres, from JN73) from as many IOCA (Islands Of
           Croatia Award, http://www.inet.hr/9a6aa/) new ones as possible. QSL
           via home calls. [TNX 9A2AA]
9A       - Jan, PA4JJ will be active as 9A/PA4JJ/p from Porec, Croatia from 16
           June until 7 July. He plans to spend  most of his time on the  WARC
           bands using RTTY and PSK. QSL  via home call,  direct or bureau  (a
           QSL   request   form   for   bureau   cards   can   be   found   at
           http://www.pa4jj.nl). [TNX PA4JJ]
9A & T9  - Once again Zik, VE3ZIK (http://www.qslnet.de/ve3zik) will be active
           as   9A/VE3ZIK  from    Bilice,  Croatia  between  16  June  and  5
           September. He plans to operate CW,  SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and FM on  the
           HF bands, and  to participate in  the IOTA Contest.  He might  also
           operate as T9/VE3ZIK from  Bosnia & Herzegovina  on 20-27 June  and
           again on 5-10 September. QSL via DL3PS, direct or through the  DARC
           bureau  (e-mail  requests   for  bureau  cards   can  be  sent   to
           zik@tiscali.de) [TNX VE3ZIK]
EA8      - Wilko, PA3BWK will be active as  EA8/PA3BWK from Lanzarote,  Canary
           Islands (AF-004) on 10-16 June.  He plans to  operate mainly CW  on
           10-40 metres. QSL via PA0ZE. [TNX W1AW]
EU       - Members of the Borisov Amateur Radio Club will be active as  EW905B
           until 30 November to celebrate the 905th anniversary of the city of
           Borisov, Belarus. QSL via EW2EO. [TNX EW2EO]
HI       - Dave, NA6DF will be active holiday style from Punta Cana, Dominican
           Republic on  14-23 June.  He will  be operating  QRP as  NA6DF/HI7,
           mostly on 10-20 metres CW and SSB. QSL via home call. [TNX NA6DF]
I        - Giacomo, I4FGG will operate CW and SSB as I4FGG/IF9 from  Marettimo
           Island (EU-054,  IIA  TP-010)  on 10-21  June.  All  QSOs  will  be
           confirmed automatically via the bureau. [TNX I4FGG]
I        - The YACT (Yet Another Contest Team) will operate as II5I during the
           50 MHz IARU Region 1 Contest  on 16-17 June.  QSL via IZ5FSA.  [TNX
KL       - Lanny, W5BOS will be active from  two IOTA groups in Alaska on  2-7
           August. The first operation will take place from the Semidi Islands
           (NA-235, new one) using W5BOS/KL7. This  operation will be  battery
           power only, because all of the Semidi Islands and associated  rocks
           are part of  the National Wilderness  Preservation System, and  are
           closed to  mechanical equipment  such as  generators.   The  second
           operation will be from Unavikshak Island (NA-238) using  W5BOS/AL0.
           Lanny was active from  this island last  year, but conditions  were
           very poor and he wants to give those who missed it another  chance.
           QSL via N6AWD. [TNX W5BOS]
KP       - Pietro, IT9OPR reports he will be active holiday style from  Puerto
           Rico (NA-099)  on 15-28  June.  He will  operate  from the  QTH  of
           Flavio, KP4AWX as well as mobile with Pedro, WP4CCQ.
LZ       - Steve, G0SGB  will  be active  (on  10-80 metres,  mainly  SSB)  as
           LZ/G0SGB/p from Sveti Ivan Island (EU-181)  on 15-17 June. QSL  via
           home call. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
OX       - Look   for    Jan-Ole/DB8JO   (SSB),    Juergen/DJ5HD   (CW)    and
           Wolfgang/DJ5ZWS (RTTY and PSK31)  to be active  on 10-80 metres  as
           OX/homecall from Nuuk,  Greenland (NA-018) on  14-25 June. QSL  via
           home calls.
TZ       - Fredo, TU5GV will be active as TZ/TU5GV from Mali until 15 June. He
           operates on 10-80  metres. QSL via  F4DXW, direct  or bureau.  [TNX
UA       - Victor/RN1NU, Dmitry/UA1NFA and Roman/RN1NGJ will be active from  a
           couple of island in Lake Onega,  namely Puhtinsky and Devichiy,  on
           9-11 June. Both the islands do not count for IOTA, but are new ones
           for the  Russian Robinson  Award. QSL  via  home calls,  direct  or
           bureau. [TNX UA1NFA]
VK       - Stuart, VK8NSB  and  Joe,  VK8VTX  might  be  active  Elcho  Island
           (OC-185) on 14-19 June.  Announced plans were  to operate CW,  SSB,
           PSK and RTTY with two stations on 80-10 metres. QSL via VK6NE. [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The latest  issue (May 2007) is now available  at
http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles  and  pictures  should  be
sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

PIRATE ---> Father Apollo, SV2ASP/A was quite active on the bands in May, and
he made 1,500+ CW, SSB and RTTY QSOs. He is receiving cards for CW QSOs  made
between 23 UTC on 16 May and 2 UTC on the 17th. Please note that at that time
he was operating phone, and his  callsign was pirated. Father Apollo is  very
busy at the moment, and he does not foresee any further activity for a while.

QSL N8S ---> Dragan, YZ1EW reports thathe first 1000 cards for the April 2007
expedition to Swains  Island were mailed  on 8 June.  The others will  follow
within 30 days.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

PHOTO GALLERY:      The Dayton  Hamvention 2007  Photo Gallery  (259  pictures
                    collected   by    Tom,    K8CX)   can    be    found    at
YW1DX:              The website for  the 4M5  DX Group's  operation from  Cayo
                    Sombrero  (SA-089)   [425DXN   829]  can   be   found   at
                    http://yw1dx.4m5dx.org/. The group of seven operators will
                    participate in the IOTA Contest, and plans to  concentrate
                    on the  WARC bands  and 160  metres before  and after  the
                    contest. QSL  via IT9DAA,  direct or  bureau. Online  logs
                    will be  available  at http://logsearch.de.  The  team  is
                    looking  for  sponsors/donors  for  this  operation.  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER

3A/ON6DP/P  ON6DP       EG7SIX      PA7FM       OM9ACA      NZ5N
3A7JO       bureau      EG8FAS      EA4FAS      ON1000B     ON5LL
3D2EE       VK4AN   (a) EG9FAS      EA4FAS      ON50EU/P    ON7YX
3W9R        OK1JN       EH4EI       EA4CT       ON60AF      ON6KN
4L1MA       ON4RU       EH4IDS/EH7  EA7NL       ON60SNW/P   ON7KO
4L2M        EA7FTR      EK3GM       IK2QPR      OP0P        ON6DP
4L4C        DJ1CW       EO20R       UY2RO       OP7B        ON7BJ
4L4WW       EA7FTR      ES5Q        ES5RY       OQ7M        ON7EM
4M5DX       IT9DAA      EV2A        EW2AA       OR1Z        ON6IX
4O0A        YU1SRS      F/ON6JUN/P  ON5SD       OX3PG       WA0SMQ
4O1A        YU1EXY      FM5WD       W3HNK       OY/PA0VHA   PA0VHA
4O2A        4N1SM       FM5WE       K3PD        OY/PA3BAG   PA0VHA
4O3A        YT6A        GB1EPC      MM0DFV      OZ1RDP      DL9BCP
4O9A        YU1FW       GB4HSC      M3PHP       P33W        RA3AUU
4W6AAV      HL5FUA      GB6GW       GW0TKX      P40A        WD9DZV
4X4BL       WA2KNC      GB6OTR      G3LHJ       P40L        K5WW
5B8AD       W3HNK       GM0F        M0CMK       PJ2T        N9AG
5D5A        I2WIJ       GP3GWB/P    M0DOL       PR2F        PY2NDX
5P1AA       LX1NO       GP8LED/p    M0DOL       PR5R        PY5AKW
5P4VM       OZ4VM       GW0AAA/P    G3TXF       PR5W        PY5FB
5P7Y        OZ7AM       HE70FG      HB9FG       PR5Z        PY5ZHP
5V7BR       F2VX        HF100SK     SP7ZIA      PS2T        W3HC
5X1GS       WB2YQH      HF1PBW      SP1PBW      PW1P        PY1DX
6F75A       EA5KB       HF30PIK     SP2FAX      R41WP       RA3LBA
6H1CT       XE1CT       HF500C      SP4GFG      R50MG       RV3LZ
6H1TD       XE1TD       HF750WS     SP9PKM      RK6YYA/#/m  RX3RC
6V1A        6W6JX       HG200B      HA3HK       SB300L      W3HNK
7Q7WW       KC4D        HG46FC      HA5BSW      SD3N        SM3NXS
7X0RY       OK1DYW  (b) HG6N        HA6KNB      SD40JZ      SM5DJZ
8N7TU       JA7YAA      HH2FYD      F6FYD       SE5FUG      SM5FUG
8P6ET       KU9C        HK1X        EA7FTR      SG60RK      SK1BL
9A8ABG      DB3GF       HK3Q        W2GR        SI9AM       SM3CVM
9G1YK       PA3ERA      HK6DOS      EA5KB       SJ30LW      SK5LW
9K2GS       EA5KB       HK6K        EA5KB       SJ3W        SM6JSM
9K2PL       EA5KB       HS0AC       HS0ZFZ      SN0EL       SP1KRF
9K2YM       EA5KB       HS0ZGQ      DL1MJF      ST100S      ST2M
9M4DXX      9M2TO       HV0A        IK0FVC      SV5/SM8C    SM0CMH
9M6/G3ZEM   5B4AGN      HZ1AN       DJ9ZB       SV8/OT2A    ON4HIL
9M8DX       DL4DBR      HZ1EA       DJ9ZB       T40C        N1KI
9Q1D        SM5BFJ      HZ1EX       SM0BYD      T960ALM     T91ALM
9U0VB       UA4WHX      HZ1GW       GW0RHC      T97C        DL5SBA
9X0VB       UA4WHX      HZ1HZ       N7RO        T97M        K2PF
A35RK       W7TSQ       HZ1IK       DK7YY       TA3J        TA3YJ
A45WD       YO9HP       HZ1MD       PA2V        TA4/OO6C    ON6CC
A92GT       EA7FTR      HZ1SK       IZ8CLM      TC3D        TA3D
AN7SIX      PA7FM       HZ1ZH       EA7FTR      TM0R        F5GGL
AO7SIX      PA7FM       I0RI        IZ0FMA  (c) TM1MAN      F8CSD
AO8R        EA4FAS      I0RI        IZ0GKN  (b) TM2VDM      F5KDB
AY7X        WD9EWK      IA6IPY      IZ6GSQ      TM5BBC      F2UW
B3APX       BD3APX      IM0/IQ5YL   IK5MEQ      TM5CF       F6KGI
BP100S      BX4AN       IM0/K7QB    IN3QBR      TM6ACO      F6KFI
C4I         LZ2HM       IP7IPY      IZ7AUH      TM6JUN      F5NKX
C4M         W3HNK       IQ3UD       IV3DSH      TM6MG       PA7FM
C4N         W3HNK       IQ3WW       IK3OGN      TM7XX       F5MUX
C4W         5B4WN       IQ6CC       IZ8DDG      TR8CA       F6CBC
C6AWL       RA3CO       IS0N        OK1MG       U4MIR       RN3DK
C6AYM       K9GY        IU0IPY      I0YKN       UE4HBA      RX4HJ
C92IO       ZS6HB       IU9S        IT9BLB      V44KJ       WB2TSL
CE2WQ       EA5KB       J48HW       HA0HW       V63A        JA7AO
CQ0ODX      CT2GZE      JW/OZ0R     OZ1ING      V63SC       JM1LBO
CT6A        CT1ILT      JW1CCA      LA1CCA      V63ZP       JA7ZP
CX6VM       W3HNK       LN3Z        LA9VDA      VC6CTCU     VE6JDD
DD4B        DL3PS       LR2F        LU2FA       VK7GK       DL8NU
DL0DWD      DF6QC       LS1D        LW9EOC      WP3C        W3HNK
DL100DAN    DK1QO       LX0SAR      DK5VD       YB0ECT/0    YB0ECT
DL40RRDXA   DL1YFF      LX2007L     LX1KC       YC0LOW/0    YC0LOW
DR1A        DL6FBL      LX7I        LX2A        YL7A        YL2GM
DR5A        DL1ECG      LX9UN       LX1NJ       YM0T        TA2RC
DR5L        DK3QZ       LY4A        LY2FY       YP8A        YO8WW
DR5X        DL8LAS      LY7A        LY2ZO       YT2T        4N1JA
DR80AMA     DK3DM       LZ07KM      LZ1PJ       YT5A        YT1AD
DT0HH       DS3FGV      LZ170VL     LZ1KZA      YT5G        YU1IG
E51IFB      ZL2IFB      LZ8A        LZ2BE       YT5T        YT1XX
EA8/OQ7R    ON7RU       NH6P        W6YM        YU07HST     YU1FJK
ED3DTH      EA3EVR      NQ4I        K4PK        YZ0Z        YU1ZZ
EE8A        YL2KL       NX7TT       AI4U        YZ2A        YZ1AU
EF8M        RX3DU       OE4A        OE1EMS      YZ2Z        YZ1EZ
EG0FAS      EA4FAS      OH0B        OH2BH       YZ9A        YU1BFG
EG1FAS      EA4FAS      OH0X        OH2TA       Z22JE       K3PD
EG2FAS      EA4FAS      OH0Z        W0MM        Z29KM       EA7FTR
EG3FAS      EA4FAS      OH6M        OH6AH       ZA/UT7DW    DK6CW
EG4FAS      EA4FAS      OK3R        OK1DVM      ZA1E        I2MQP
EG4UCM      EA4VO       OL0R        OK1WMR      ZF1A        W5ASP
EG5FAS      EA4FAS      OL7D        OK1TD       ZF2NE       W5ASP
EG6FAS      EA4FAS      OL7R        OK1WMV      ZM3A        ZL3WW
EG7FAS      EA4FAS      OM7M        OM3PA       ZS4U        K3PD
EG7IX       PA7FM       OM8A        OM2VL       ZV25GJR     PY2GJR

(a) May 2007 only      (b) bureau      (c) direct

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3A7JO    Association des Radioamateurs de Monaco, B.P. 2, MC 98001, Monaco
7X0RY    Frantisek Pubal, c/o Zuzana Rybarova, P.O. Box 109, 11121 Praha 1,
         Czech Republic
EP3HF    Sadegh Farzadkhah, P.O. Box 34185 - 1687, Qazvin, Iran
HL5FUA   Jong-sool Choi, P.O. Box 5, Ulleung Island 799-800, Korea
PA0VHA   H. Vernhout, Ph. de Goedestraat 54, 3132 XR Vlaardingen, The
RX3RC    Roman A. Novikov, P.O. Box 21, 392000 Tambov, Russia
UY2RO    Alexander Anisimov, P.O. Box 36, Slavutych, Kiev obl, 07100 Ukraine
XU7ABN   Claude Laget, P.O. Box 1373 GPO, Phnom Penh 99999, Cambodia

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