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   16 June 2007                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                    No 841
                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3V        - Daniele, IK0REH  is  active from  the  3V8SS premises  in  Sousse,
            Tunisia until 17 June (QSL this operation via IK0REH). He will  be
            followed by Matthias, DD9HK, who will be active from 21 June to  5
            July (QSL this operation via DD9HK). [TNX IK0YUJ and DD9HK]
4X        - The  Holyland   DX  Group   (Mark/4Z4KX,  Ros/4Z5LA,   Yuli/4X6HP,
            Reuven/4Z5FI and Jan/4X1VF)  will be active  as 4X7AZ from  Akhziv
            Island (AS-100)  for  the IOTA  Contest  (28-29 July).  They  will
            operate CW and SSB with two stations. QSL via 4Z5LA. [TNX 4X1VF]
9A        - Special event station 9A07P will be active on all bands and  modes
            through December to celebrate the Croatian city of Djurdjevac. All
            QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau. [TNX W1AW]
9U        - Sigi, DL7DF  and his  team (including  Manfred/DK1BT,  Wolf/DL4WK,
            Jan/DL7UFN, Frank/DL7UFR and Leszek/SP3DOI) will be active as 9U0A
            from Burundi from 26 September to 9 October. They plan to  operate
            CW, SSB, RTTY,  PSK31 and  SSTV on  160-6 metres.  QSL via  DL7DF,
            direct   or   bureau.   The   pilot   station   be   Bernd   DF3CB
            (bernd@df3cb.com).  Further   information   and  log   search   at
A2        - K5LBU's African DX Safari trip to Botswana [425DXN 829] is set for
            5-20 July. Nine operators will be active from the Stevensford Game
            Reserve on 160-6 metres SSB, CW and digital modes, plus 6m, 2m and
            70cm EME. The roster  includes John/GM3OOK (A25OOK),  Frosty/K5LBU
            (A25CF),  Wayne/W5KDJ  (A25KDJ),   Jay/W5SL  (A25SL),   Lee/WA8QFE
            (A25LT),  Dick/ZS6BUN  (A25BUN),   Dan/ZS6JR  (A25DW),   Jan/ZS6OB
            (A25OB) and Hal/ZS6WB (A25HL). A special callsign has been applied
            for use during the  IARU HF World  Championship (14-15 July).  QSL
            A25OOK via  M5AAV, others  via home  call. The  web page  for  the
            operation is at http://www.tdxs.net/A2.html [TNX K5LBU]
BY        - Zhang, BD3APX  will  be  active  as  BD3APX/2  from  Juhua  Island
            (AS-151) from 29 June to 1 July. Activity will be on 40-10  metres
            CW, SSB  and digital modes. QSL via home call. [TNX BD3APX]
C5        - Darren, G0TSM will  be active  again as  C52T from  The Gambia  on
            19-29 June. This will only  be a part  time operation, and  Darren
            plans to  operate mostly  on 6  metres. QSL  via home  call.  [TNX
C6        - Pete/W2GJ (C6APR), Ed/K3IXD (C6AXD) and Randy/K4QO (C6AQO) will be
            active Crooked Island (NA-113, ARLHS BAH-005) on 26-30 July.  They
            will operate CW, SSB, and RTTY on 80-6 metres and will participate
            in the IOTA Contest as C6APR. All QSLs via K3IXD. [TNX K3IXD]
CT       - Jose/CT1EHX,    Toze/CT1GFK,    Goncalo/CT1GPQ,     Miguel/CT1IUA,
            Rui/CT2IHP,   Jose/CT1DVG,    Jose/CT1EPS,   Arnaldo/CT2IOV    and
            Antonio/CT2IOU will operate SSB, CW   and RTTY on 160-6 metres  as
            CS26X on 16-22 July for the  26th  International Motorcycle  Rally
            in Faro. QSL via CT1EHX, direct or bureau. [TNX CT1END]
CU        - Jorge/CT1FMX, Mary/CT1YTS  and J.  Vitor/CU3EQ will  be active  as
            CU3F from Terceira Island (EU-175, HM68kp), Azores on 2-9  August.
            They plan to operate SSB, CW,  PSK31 and RTTY on 80-6 metres.  QSL
            via CT1FMX, direct or bureau. [TNX CT1FMX]
DL        - Ben, DO1BEN  and others  will be  signing DA9L/p  and DR9L/p  from
            lighthsip "Laeso Rende" (FED-142) on 22-24  June. QSL via  DO1BEN.
            [TNX DO1BEN]
EA        - Pepe, EA5KB and others will participate in the IOTA Contest (28-29
            July) as EE5KB from Tabarca Island  (EU-093). QSL via EA5KB.  [TNX
EI        - G3ZAY,  M0HSW,  and  M0TJH  will  be  QRV  as  EI/homecall/P  from
            Inishbofin Island (EU-121) from about 20 UTC on 25 June 10 UTC  on
            the 27th, then from Inishmore (EU-006)  from 20 UTC on 27 June  to
            10 UTC on the 29th. They will also try to operate for a few hours,
            weather permitting, from the Blasket Islands (EU-007) on 30  June.
            QSL to home calls. [TNX G3ZAY]
F         - Phil, F5OGG will be active on 20 metres SSB and CW as F5OGG/p from
            the lighthouse on Noirmoutier Island (EU-064) on 30 June. He  will
            participate in the WLOTA Contest (full information can be found at
            http://www.wlota.com). [TNX F5NQL]
F         - Special event station   TM0GP will   be active from  18 June to  1
            July for the French  Formula 1 Grand  Prix at Nevers  Magny-Cours.
            All QSOs  will be  confirmed automatically  via the  bureau.  [TNX
FS & PJ7  - Marq/CT1BWW, Juan Carlos/EA3GHZ  and Tomas/EA5YH  will operate  as
            FS/home call and PJ7/home call from Saint Martin (NA-105) and Sint
            Maarten (NA-105) on  15-25 July. They  plan to be  active on  80-6
            metres CW,  SSB and  digital modes  with   two  stations.  Further
            information   can    be   found    on    their   web    site    at
            www.dxciting.com/index.htm [TNX EA3GHZ]
G         - Bob, M3RCV and others will operate GB2FR - a special event station
            for the  25th anniversary  of the  Falklands Conflict  - from  the
            Royal Artillery Museum  at Woolwich,  South East  London on  16-17
            June. Expect activity between 9 and 16 UTC daily, mainly on 20 and
            40 metres SSB. [TNX M3RCV]
HB0       - On 19-22 June, on their way to Friedrichshafen, F2JD, F5JY,  F6BFH
            and N6OX will be active as  HB0/homecall from Liechtenstein.  They
            will operate CW and SSB on the HF bands, and possibly on 6 metres.
            [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
I         - Commemorating 100 years of Scouting, on  the evening of 31 July  a
            flame - lit  at the grave  of the  founder of  the Movement,  Lord
            Robert Baden-Powell, in Nyeri, Kenya on February 22 - will  arrive
            at the place of the  very first Scout  camp, Brownsea Island,  UK.
            Nine  countries  are  involved  in  the  flame  itinerary  (Kenya,
            Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium and  United
            Kingdom). Special event  callsign II2SFI will  be used during  the
            progress in Italy, between 20 June  and 20 July. Full  information
            on  the   Scout   &  Guide   Spirit   Flame  can   be   found   at
I         - Antonello, IK2DUW is  active as  IL7/IK2DUW from  San Domino  (IIA
            FG-001), Tremiti  Islands (EU-050)  until 23  June. His  preferred
            modes are RTTY and PSK31. QSL via home call.
IS0       - Gil/IW5AB, Steve/IZ5GST and Gabry/IW5EDV  are active as  IM0/IQ5MT
            from Maddalena Island (EU-041, IIA OT-008) until 18 June. QSL  via
            IZ5GST, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ5GST]
JA        - Look  for  JA5BEX/5  to  be  active  from  O-shima  (AS-076,  JIIA
            AS-076-003), Kagawa prefecture on 16-17 June.  QSL via home  call,
            direct or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
KH0       - JA6CNL and  JA6AGA  will operate  as  KH0N and  WH0C  from  Saipan
            (OC-086) on  15-19 June  for the  All-Asian DX  CW Contest  (16-17
            June,   www.jarl.or.jp/English/4_Library/A-4-3_Contests/AADX.htm).
            Outside the contest they will  spend some time  on the WARC  bands
            CW. QSL via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX]
KH6       - Setsu, JL1UXH  (KK2H) and  his wife  Maki, 7L4FSR  will be  active
            holiday style from  Hawaii on 17-19  June (Big  Island) and  19-22
            June (Ohau). They plan to  operate as KK2H/KH6  on the WARC  bands
            (probably RTTY) and 6 metres. QSL via JL1UXH. [TNX JL1UXH]
OJ0       - A Swedish expedition to Market   Reef (EU-053) is planned to  take
            place on  5-9 July.  Three or  four operators  will be  active  as
            OJ0/homecall on  160-2  metres CW,  SSB  and digital  modes.  More
            information will followe. [TNX SM1TDE]
OZ        - Joe, OZ7BQ  reports he  will participate  in the  IOTA Contest  as
            OZ7BQ/P from Fur Island (EU-171). Most likely it will be a QRP  CW
            operation. QSL via home call. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW.
PY        - The Centro  Cultural  do Movimento  Escoteiro  and the  Uniao  dos
            Escoteiros do Brasil-RJ (PY1ERR) are  organizing an activity  from
            Santana Island (SA-077) as part of the celebrations for the  100th
            anniversary of  the scouting  movement. Look  for PU1NEZ,  PU1UZH,
            PY1AAV, PY1LVF, PY1NDK, PY1NEZ and PY1VOY  to be signing  PY1ERR/p
            (possibly also homecall/p)  on 10-80 metres  CW and  SSB on  12-15
            July. QSL via PY1NEZ, direct or bureau. [TNX PY1NEZ]
SM        - Bernd, DL8AAV will be active as  SD1B/7 from Aspo Island  (EU-138)
            from 18 June to 1 July.  He plans to be QRV on  all HF bands,  SSB
            only. QSL via home call. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
SP        - Marek, SP3VT and Rysiek,  SP-0106-W will be  active as SN1LH  from
            Gaski Ligthouse (ARLHS  POL-004) on 23-24  June and from  Czolpino
            Ligthouse (ARLHS POL-002)  on 18-19  August. QSL  via SP3VT.  [TNX
SV        - Art, KG6ZWD will be active as SV1/KG6ZWD/p from mainland Greece on
            11-15 and 24-25 July.  He will also  operate as SV8/KG6ZWD/p  from
            Andros  Island  (EU-067)  on  17-23  July.  Expect  holiday  style
            activity on 10-40 metres SSB and PSK31. QSL via home call,  direct
            or bureau. [TNX KG6ZWD]
UA        - Vlad/UA1OIZ, Dima/UA1OLM  and Vlad/RZ1OA  will operate  as  UE1OKI
            from Kal'chino Island  (RR-02-30) on 15-17  June. QSL via  UA1OIZ.
            [TNX RZ1OA]
V6        - Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the JARL Kyoto Club  (JA3YAQ),
            a group  of  operators  will  be  active  from  Ponhpei  (OC-010),
            Micronesia from 30  July to 5  August. Expect them  to be  signing
            V60YAQ (club call, QSL via JI6DUE), V60DU (QSL via JI6DUE),  V60IL
            (QSL via JF3PLF), V60KL (QSL via JN3JBC), V60TI (QSL via  JA3UWB),
            V60TX (QSL via JH3TXR) and V63JJ (QSL via JA3ART) on 160-6  metres
            SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. QSL  direct or bureau.  The web page  for
            the  operation,  including  the  log  search,  can  be  found   at
            http://www.ja3yaq.ampr.org/v6/ [TNX JA3ART]
VE        - VE3ZF, VE3KF  and VE3FJ  will be  active  as VE2IDX  from  Orleans
            Island (NA-128, CISA QC-007) from  29 June to  1 July. Their  main
            goal is  to participate  in the  RAC 2007  Canada Day  Contest  (1
            July), and they expectd to operate mostly on 20, 40 and 80 metres.
            QSL direct to VE3ZF. [TNX VE3ZF]
YJ        - Hank, W0CZE reports he will  be active as  YJ0CZE from Vanuatu  on
            14-21 July. He  will operate on  10-80 metres  SSB (28495,  24950,
            21295, 18150, 14190  & 14250, 7082  and 3795 kHz)  and CW  (28020,
            24895, 21025, 18075, 14020, 10105, 7010 and 3505 kHz). Rod, YJ8RN,
            of the Vanuatu Amateur Radio Society,  is helping preparations  on
            site. QSL via W0FF.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

BS7H ---> Direct cards are expected to start going out in early July. In  the
meanwhile, on 9 June the team uploaded to the ARRL LOTW website a partial log
containing QSOs for those DXers who supported BS7H with donations sent either
via the website credit card procedure  or thorough the mail  in form off  the
website. This log reflects the website donation listing as of 9 June. This is
a special "Thank You" to those who made the effort to support the  operation.
There will  be additional  periodic uploads  of the  log  to LOTW  as  QSLing
proceeds and a full upload will  be done as  soon as the  bulk of the  direct
QSLs are answered. [TNX N1DG]

CALL FOR OPERATORS ---> Henry,  TI2HMG is organizing  an expedition to  Cocos
Island which should take place sometime in February 2008. An application form
to join the team can be found at http://www.qsl.net/ti2hmg/cocos.htm .

DIE CONTEST --->  The 13th edition  of the DIE  Contest for working  stations
located on Spanish islands will be held from 6 to 12 UTC on 17 June.  Further
information can be found at http://www.ea5ol.net/die/

IOTA AT FRIEDRICHSHAFEN  ---> There will   be an  informal IOTA gathering  in
Friedrichshafen  on  23  June  from  1900   at  the  Stadion  Restaurant   in
Thueringerstrasse 2 (this plave has been used for many years and was formerly
known as "Beim  Bene"). Directions to  the venue will  be available from  the
RSGB stand on Saturday. [TNX G3ZAY]

QSL 4O3T ---> Those who still need a 4O3T (Montenegro 2006) card are  invited
to pay a visit to the EUDXF booth at Hamradio 2007 (Friedrichshafen).  Please
note that  cards  for Austria,  Croatia,  Czech  Republic,  Finland,  Norway,
Portugal and Slovakia have been already delivered to those bureaux, and  will
not be  available. Cards  for Canada,  Japan and  USA will  not be  available
either. After Friedrichshafen, all of  the remaining cards  will be sent  via
bureau. [TNX PB2T]

QSL 4U ---> Get your missing QSLs for  QSOs made after 1985 with 4U  stations
at the  Swiss DX  Foundation's booth  at Hamradio  2007 (Friedrichshafen)  on
22-23 June. Bring your QSO data with you and observe the working hours of the
QSL manager  (to be  available at  the booth).  Please  note that  cards  for
contacts made with 4U1ITU and 4U1WRC will be issued only if the relevant QSOs
can be found in the online log at  http://life.itu.ch/radioclub/4u1/index.php

QSL ZW8P ---> Those who still  need a card for  ZW8P (SA-060, December  2002)
can send their request to Luciano, PT7WA. [TNX www.islandchaser.com]

QSLs received direct  or through  managers: 1A4A,  3B8/HA7TM, 3D2TZ,  3DA0AM,
3DA0GI, 4L8A,  5A7A, 5D5A,  5H3EE, 6W/HA7TM,  9M4SDX (AS-051),  9N7JO,  9U0X,
A22/JA4ATV, A45WD,  BP100S, C5DXC,  CE1/K7CA,  CN2R, CP6/KM0O,  CP6CW,  CT9F,
CT9L,  DU1/NZ7X,  EA9EU,  ER/RW3AH,  ES0QD  (EU-034),  ET3BN,  FG5FI,  FG5FR,
FO/N6JA, H44MS,  HB0/IV3LZQ/p,  HK4QMH,  HP1BYS,  HR9/WQ7R,  HV0A,  J3/K4LTA,
J5UTM,  JD1BMH  (AS-031),  JT1CO,  JT1CS,  JT1DA,  JW0HS,  KH0/K3UY,   KH0PR,

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