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21 July 2007                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 846
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

BV     - JA3AQM and a large group of BV operators will be active as BO0K from
         Kinmen  Island  (AS-102)  on  26-30  July.   QSL  via  BV2KI.   [TNX
CU     - Ann, WA1S will be in Sao Miguel  (EU-003), Azores from 28 July to  9
         August, and will  be active  as CU2/WA1S.  QSL via  home call.  [TNX
F      - Jean-Jacques/ON7EQ, Roland/ON5QK  and Sebastien/ON3EQ  will  operate
         SSB as F/OT3T from Batz Island (EU-105) on 26-29 July, IOTA  Contest
         included.    QSL    via     ON7EQ.    Their     website    is     at
         http://home.scarlet.be/ot3t [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
G      - From 27  July through  7 August  an international  group of  amateur
         radio operators will be active as GB100J. This is the special  event
         station for the 21st World Scout Jamboree at Chelmsford.  Operations
         will take place  on all  bands and  modes including  PSK31. QSL  via
         bureau.      For      more       information      please       visit
         http://gb100j.radio-scouting.org.uk [TNX W4RIS]
GI     - For the  nineth year  in a  row the  Kilmarnock &  Loudoun ARC  will
         participate in the IOTA Contest from  Rathlin Island (EU-122).  This
         year's operators (GM3OZB, GM3YEH, GM4OSS, GM0DJG and MM0BIM) will be
         using the callsign GI3YS (the late George Troy held that call  since
         1937, and it was his request that it should be passed to the  club).
         QSL via MM0DHQ. [TNX www.rgsbiota.org]
GJ     - Iain, M0PCB and Chloe, 2E1IDT  will be active  as MJ0PCB and  2J1IDT
         from Jersey (EU-013) on 24-31 July. Operation will be QRP with small
         portable antennas. They will also  be active for  parts of the  IOTA
         contest. QSLs  via the  bureau to  their home  calls, or  direct  to
         M0PCB. [TNX M0PCB]
GM     - GB5SI and MM0Q (IOTA Contest) are the callsigns Jim, MM0BQI will  be
         using during his  21 July-4 August  activity from  the Summer  Isles
         (EU-092) [425DXN 845]. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
GM     - Jon, M0OVL  will be  active  as MM0OVL/p  from  the island  of  Mull
         (EU-008) on 27-29 July,  IOTA Contest included.  QSL via home  call.
         [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
HR     - HR2H, HR2DX, HR2PAC  and HR2DMR will  be active as  HQ3C from  Cayos
         Cochinos (NA-160)  on 26-30  July, IOTA  Contest included.  QSL  via
         HR2RCH. [TNX NG3K]
I      - Special stations II7GM and II7BA  will be active  on 20-22 July  for
         the 70th anniversary of the death of Guglielmo Marconi and the  80th
         anniversary of ARI. QSLs via bureau. [TNX IZ7ECL]
I      - Adrian, YO3HJV  will  be active  as  IA5/YO3HJV/P from  Elba  Island
         (EU-028), on 21-27 July. He plans to operate SSB on 40, 20, 17,  15,
         12 and 10 metres. [TNX YO3HJV]
IS0    - Max, IK2XYG plans to participate in the IOTA Contest from  Maddalena
         Island (IM0, EU-041). Should he  be unable to  reach the island,  he
         will operate from Sardinia (IS0, EU-024). [TNX IK2XYG]
KH3    - Susan/W7KFI  expected  to  depart  aboard  her  yacht  "Dahrma"  for
         Johnston Island (OC-023) next week, but  now it seems that she  will
         have to remain  in Honolulu  until the  end of  hurricane season  in
         November. It took her seven months  to get permission from the  USAF
         to stop there,  and she has  been told that  hers will  be the  last
         official operation, as  the U.S.  Air Force  and the  U.S. Fish  and
         Wildlife Service have declared the island closed. [TNX The Daily DX]
SM     - SC300VL is the special  callsign the Falkoping  Radio Club is  using
         through 31  December  to  celebrate  the  third  centenary  of  Carl
         Linnaeus (1707-1778).  QSL via  SK6HD. Information  on the  relevant
         award can be found at www.qrz.com under SC300VL. [TNX SA6AQP]
SP     - Look for SP6ZPZ/1 to be active  from Uznam Island (EU-129) on  21-22
         July and for Scout station 3Z100S to participate in the IOTA Contest
         from  Wolin  Island  (EU-132).  The  second  Polish  national  Scout
         station, HF100S, will be active from Wolin Island as well, but  only
         on 1 August. [TNX SP6NIC]
SV     - Giovanni, IW7DOL  reports  he will  be  active  as  SV8/IW7DOL  from
         Kerkyra Island (EU-052) from 28 July to 2 August.
TK     - Fabrizio, IK5WOB will  operate CW only  as TK/IK5WOB from  Algaiola,
         Corsica (EU-014)  from 28  July to  11 August.  QSL via  home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX IK5WOB]
UA     - Vlad,  RZ1OA  and  Dima,  UA1OLM  will  operate  as  UE1OTA/p   from
         Morzhovets  Island  (EU-119)  and  UE1OTA/1  from  Sosnovets  Island
         (EU-161) from 24 to 30 July. QSL via RZ1OA. [TNX RZ1OA]
UA     - A group of Russian operators will participate in the IOTA Contest as
         RI1AA from Bolshoy Berezovyy Island  (EU-133, RRA RR-01-02).  Before
         contest they will  be active as  UE1CBB. QSL for  both stations  via
         UA1AIR, direct or bureau. [TNX UA1AIR]
UR     - UR0GK, UR3GO, UR4QTP, UR8QM, US3QQ, UT7CL and UT7GX will participate
         in  the  IOTA  Contest  as  UW0G  from  the  Kalanchakskiye  Islands
         (EU-179). Before the  contest they will  be signing homecall/p.  QSL
         via operator's instructions. [TNX US3QQ]
UR     - Serge, US3QQ says he plans to be active as US3QQ/p from a number  of
         Ukrainian islands as well as from Genichesk Lighthouse (ARLH UKR-19)
         at different times during the summer until early autumn.
VE     - Look for special event station VE2CJCT to be active between 23  July
         and 1  August to  celebrate the  Canadian  Scout Jamboree.  QSL  via
         VE2FGL. [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - Tom, K4ZGB and Allan, KV4T are  expected to be active as  homecall/p
         from Dauphin Island (NA-213) until 30  July, IOTA Contest  included.
         QSL via home calls. [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - Steve, W3RFA and Bob,  KB3NYX will participate  in the IOTA  Contest
         from South Marsh Island (NA-140). It will be a micro-expedition  via
         sea kayak and with limited equipment. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
W      - The  Florida  Contest  Group,  along  with  the  South  Florida   DX
         Association and the  Mid Florida DX  Association, will operate  from
         several Florida IOTA groups during this year's IOTA Contest.  Expect
         activity from NA-034, NA-052, NA-062, NA-069, NA-085, NA-138, NA-141
         and NA-142.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

IOTA CONTEST LOGGER ---> The 15th IOTA Contest takes place on 28-29 July. SDI
by Paul O'Kane, EI5DI is the only contest logger dedicated to this event,  it
offers many  unique  features  and  it  is  recommended  for  single-operator
entrants. SDI runs on any Windows PC, and is free from www.ei5di.com

QSL 3B7SP ---> Witek, SP9MRO reports that the QSL manager (SP9SX) has started
sending out the first direct cards.

QSL 8N1HQ ---> All of the contacts made with the 8N#HQ JARL stations will  be
confirmed automatically via  the bureau.  Those who  need a  direct card  for
contacts made with 8N1HQ on  15m SSB and  160m CW can  send their request  to

ZONE 4 ---> Please  note that East  Pen Island (VY0,  NA-231) counts for  WAZ
Zone 4, not Zone 2. [TNX VE3LYC]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

MARKET REEF: Pictures and  videoclips from  the recent  activity from  Market
             Reef by SM0BSO, SM0LQB, SM1TDE, SM0EPO and OH0RJ can be found at
             http://www.sm0lqb.se/OJ0/. [TNX SM1TDE]
QSL DB:      Boye Christensen,  OZ7C has  updated his  QSL DBase  (which  now
             contains 403,974 unique records) for Packet Cluster. The package
             can be  downloaded  at  http://www.ddxg.dk/oz7c/;  a  web  based
             search machine  can  be  found  at  www.qsl.dk/oz7c  [TNX  OZ7C,

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  QSL INFO  ********
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
1A0KM       IK0FTA      CX7CO       KA5TUF      SU9GD       DJ2AVB
3V1A        YT1AD       DL40RRDXA   DL1YFF      SV0XAO      DJ5JH
3XY5M       PA7FM       DQ50PASSAU  DK1RWS      SX5AS       SV1HER
4K5D        K2PF        DQ50SAAR    DK8VR       T80W        JM1LJS
4O5JE       ON5JE       DR80AMA     DK3DM       T88EK       JE1EKS
4O6DJ       OK6DJ       EG1CMC      EA1FE       T88PT       JI5RPT
5B/AJ2O     RA3AUU      EG2CVC      EA2URV      TA4CW       F8CVR
5B4AHS      RA3AUU      EL2DX       K8SJP       TC25SG      TA1HZ
5Q0PI       OZ6PI       ES0FTZ      DL1FT       TM1000      F8KFZ
6L0NJ/4     HL4XM       FO5RH       F2HE        TM2CDB      F8CKS
7S2S        SM2O        FS/CT1BWW   CT1BWW      TO5J        F5LMJ
7S5A        SM4DDS      FS/EA3GHZ   EA3GHZ      TP2CE       F5LGF
7Z1HL       DJ9ZB       FS/EA5YH    EA5YH       TU2/F5LDY   F1CGN
7Z1SJ       EA7FTR      GB7HQ       G3TXF       TY5ZR       IK2IQD
7Z1UG       DG1XG       GS0GRC/p    G0RCI       UE1RDA/1    RW1QN
8Q7KN       JA9APS      GS7GRC/p    G0RCI       UE1RFF/1    UA1RJ
8R1K        OH0XX       HF30PIK     SP2FAX      UE3MKD      UA3MQM
8R1RPN      OH0XX       HH2FYD      F6FYD       UE6DOO      RW6BJ
9A/VE3ZIK   DL3PS       HS0AC       HS0ZFZ      UN7AB       DL8KAC
9A950DX     9A8DX       HS0ZDY      SM3CVM      US4QWA/P    US3QQ
9A950JB     9A3JB       IA3GM       IV3LNQ      V26RM       K3TRM
9M2CNC      G4ZFE       IQ8ST/p     I8LWL       V31BV       W1JJ
9M4DXX      9M2TO       IR8DX       IK8VRH      V31UB       KU5B
9Q2DY       pirate      IY4FGM      IK4UPU      V36M        W1JJ
9X5SP       DL8YA       J79DX       VE3ZF       V8FEO       M5AAV
A25CF       K5LBU       J79PAK      HB9CUA      VB3M        VE3ZF
A25HL       ZS6WB       JW/G3ZAY    G3ZAY       VE2IDX      VE3ZF
A25HQ       K5LBU       JW/G7VJR    G7VJR       VK1ANU      JO2SLZ
A25KDJ      W5KDJ       JW/RA3SS    RA3SD       VP2MRM      K3TRM
A25OB       ZS6OB       KH0PR       JJ8DEN      VP2V/K5WAF  W5PF
A25OOK      M5AAV       LR4A        LU4AA       VP2V/W5PF   W5PF
A25SL       W5SL        LX0HQ       LX1KQ       VP2V/WF5W   W5PF
A43HIH      A47RS       LZ/G4EDG    LZ1JZ       VP2V/WZ8C   W5PF
A52SW       K2AU        LZ50DX      LZ1AF       VP2VEA      W5PF
AC5TB/KH0   JH0MRP      NA8O/KH0    JK1FNL      VP6AL       ZL1UFB
AM1HQ       EA4URE      NF7E/KL7    NF7E        VQ9JC       ND9M
AM2HQ       EA4URE      NN7A/NL7    NN7A        VR10VTN     JM1FYH
AM3HQ       EA4URE      OJ0/SM0BSO  SM0BSO      VY2/KV8Q    KC8UR
AM4HQ       EA4URE      OJ0/SM0EPO  SM0EPO      W3P         N3ZNI
AM5HQ       EA4URE      OJ0/SM0LQB  SM0LQB      W7FLY       KN7T
AM7HQ       EA4URE      OJ0/SM1TDE  SM1TDE      XU7TZG      ON7PP
AN7A        EA7NL       OM7HQ       OM3JW       XW1A        E21EIC
CA1UGE      CE1IQQ      OX3XR       OZ3PZ       YJ0CZE      W0FF
CN2GE       F5OGE       OY/G3SXW    G3SXW       YL4HQ       YL2UZ
CN2PH       OM2PH       OY/G3TXF    G3TXF       YM1907FB    TA3YJ
CO6XN       N3ZOM       OZ1HQ       OZ1ACB      YR1C        YO4NA
CP6AA       IK6SNR      P3CA        5B4MS       ZA1E        I2MQP
CS25BWU     CT1BWU      P40W        N2MM        ZF1A        W5ASP
CS26X       CT1EHX      PJ2HQ       N9AG        ZF2AH       W6VNR
CS5FAT      CT6ARL      R100AK      RW4HB       ZF2EK       N2EK
CS7HQ       CT1REP      R100IF      RW4HB       ZL1V        N3SL
CU2A        OH2BH       R50KP       RZ1OM       ZS6FJM      CT1ABE
CU8/CT3FN   HB9CRV      RI1SI       RW3WWW      ZW2HQ       PT2AA

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DL8YA   Peter A. Stabusch, Jakobstr. 25, 50354 Huerth, Germany
IK0FTA  Sergio Roca, P.O. Box 713, 00162 Roma Nomentano - RM, Italy
JA9APS  Narumi Kawai, 1-10-14 Suwanokawara, Toyama, 930-0088 Japan
K8SJP   James Alpine, 8800 Monrovia Place, Dulles, VA 20189-8800, USA
KL1YY   Marvin Baur, 4275 Kachemak Way, Homer, AK 99603, USA
NF7E    Bob Wertz, 6315  E. Townsend-Winona Rd.,  Flagstaff, AZ  86004, USA
NN7A    Art Phillips, P.O. Box 73, Eckert, CO 81418, USA
OH0XX   Olli Rissanen, Apartado 0860-00432, Villa Lucre, Panama, Panama
SM2O    Mikael Styrefors, Skolvagen 18, SE-95040 Tore, Sweden
SM4DDS  Kjell Bonerfalt, Tallrisvagen 41 R, 702 34 Orebro, Sweden
VE3ZF   Igor Slakva, 105 La Rose Avenue, PH #1410, Etobicoke, Ontario M9P
        1A9, Canada
W5PF    J Paul Frantz III, 20016 Hilltop Ranch Dr., Montgomery. TX 77316, USA
YE39AR  P.O.  Box 8000, Jakarta  11000, Indonesia
ZL1UFB  Al McDonald, P.O. Box 166, Waihi 3641, New Zealand


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