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28 July 2007                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 847
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B7    - The various  logistical arrangements  for  the 7-24  September  3B7C
         operation from  St. Brandon  have been  confirmed, a  detailed  site
         survey of the QTH (Isle du Sud) has been made, the container of gear
         has been shipped and everything is looking good.
         Amateur radio  activity on  6 metres  is not  normally allowed  from
         Mauritius and its outlying islands, but  the group has been able  to
         gain a short-term permit, limited to three fixed frequencies:  50090
         (CW), 50102 (CW), 50145 (USB).
         Bob, N6OX has joined the team, but they still have a vacancy for one
         team member to bring the total  team to 20. "We  are seeking a  team
         player and an outstanding operator  who is ideally  known to one  of
         the current 3B7C team members",  says G3XTT (g3xtt@lineone.net).  "A
         6m specialist would be particularly welcome".
         Keep an eye on the  web site (www.3b7c.com),  which continues to  be
         updated on a regular basis.
         The full press release no. 5,  issued on 24 July, will be  published
         in the next 425 Magazine  (http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html)
         [TNX G3XTT]
4O     - Emir, 9A6AA, plans  to be active  on the bands  as 4O6AA from  Sveti
         Nikola    Island    (EU-163)    between    13    and    19    August
         (http://www.inet.hr/9a6aa/4O6AA.htm). QSL  via  home  call,  direct.
         [TNX 9A6AA]
5B     - C4MG is the callsign the  Nicosia Amateur Radio  Club will be  using
         during the IOTA  Contest [425DXN  821]. Operations  will take  place
         from Agios Georgios (AS-120); the group expects to be QRV as 5B4NC/p
         with two stations on 27 July  in the local  afternoon. QSL for  both
         calls via 5B4KH, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
9A     - Giuseppe,  IK5WWA  will  operate  as  9A/IK5WWA  from  Solta  Island
         (EU-016, IOCA CI-126) from 25 August to 1 September. He also plan to
         go and  operate from  one or  more nearby  islets: Balkun  (CI-155),
         Grmej  (CI-395),  Komicic  (CI-new),  Polebrnjak  (CI-394),   Radula
         (CI-206), Saskinja (CI-396), Stipanska (CI-213). QSL via home  call.
         [TNX IK5WWA]
CE     - Sergio, CE3CMZ and Hector, CE3FZL  will be active  as CE4S and  CE4T
         from Topocalma lighthouse (ARLHS CHI-076) on 17-19 August. They plan
         to operate SSB only  on 40, 20  and 10 metres.  QSL via EA5KB.  [TNX
CE     - Carlos, CE6AMN and the  DX Group of  Radio Club Villarrica  (CE6RCV)
         will be active as XR4C from  the lighthouse at Cabo Carranza  (ARLHS
         CHI-005)  on  18-19  August  for  the  International  Lighthouse   &
         Lightship Weekend. They plan to operate SSB and CW on 80, 40, 20, 15
         and 10 metres. QSL direct to CE6AMN. [TNX CE6AMN]
CO     - Edor, CO7PH works at the airport on  Cayo Coco, one of the two  main
         islands in the  Camaguey Archipelago  (NA-086), and  has been  given
         permission to operate from nearby Cayo  Paredon Grande. He plans  to
         be active on 28-29 July on  various bands (mainly 17 and 20  metres)
         SSB, possibily with some CW. QSL via W3HNK. [TNX VA7DJ]
CT     - Jose/CT1APE, Lopes/CT1CJJ, Manuel/CT1DSC, Jose/CT1EEB,  Luis/CT1EEQ,
         Carlos/CT1END and Filipe/CT1ILT will participate in the IOTA Contest
         as CQ7P from Pessegueiro  Island (EU-167). QSL  via CS1GDX. The  day
         before the contest they will be signing homecall/p [TNX CT1ILT]
F      - Special event call TM0FIL will be aired on all bands and modes from
         30 July to 12 August for the 36th Festival Inter-celtique de Lorient
         http://www.festival-interceltique.com/). QSL via F6KPQ. [TNX F8REF]
FG     - David, F1JXQ will be active as FG/F1JXQ from Guadeloupe (NA-102)  on
         4-20 August.  He operates  SSB and  is likely  to be  found on  10-6
         metres and 2m between 10 and 16  UTC. QSL direct to home call.  [TNX
FW     - Mike, KM9D and Jan, KF4TUG have  been granted permission to  operate
         as FW0MO and FW0YL from Nukutapu, Wallis Islands (OC-054). They will
         participate in the  IOTA Contest  as FW0YL  (SSB and  CW) and  their
         plans are to  remain active "for  some subsequent period"  following
         the IOTA event. QSL for both via OM2SA and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
GM     - Andre, GM3VLB plans to operate from  five Scottish islands  starting
         on 27 July: Eilean Hoan (EU-123), Rabbit Island (EU-123), Eilean Nan
         Ron (EU-123), Neave Island (EU-005) and Stroma Island (EU-123).  The
         trip is weather dependent. "I am determined to make every reasonable
         effort to activate all five islands"  Andre says, "but there can  be
         no guarantees".
HC8    - Manu, LX2LX and Norby, LX1NO are  active as HC8/LX2LX and  HC8/LX1NO
         from Isabela Island, Galapagos (SA-004) until  31 July. It is a  low
         profile holiday style operation, mainly CW with some occasional SSB.
         QSL via LX1NO.  On-line log  at http://www.luxlog.info/hc.htm  (also
         give a look  to http://www.qsl.net/lx1no/ham/awards.htm#hc8 for  the
         HC8/HD8 DX Diploma). [TNX NE8Z]
I      - ARI Ancona will operate special station IY6GM from Monte  Cappuccini
         (WAIL MA-003, ARLHS ITA-104) between 5  and 19 August. The  activity
         will celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the experiments carried  out
         by Guglielmo Marconi from that place. QSL via QSL via I6GFX,  direct
         or bureau. [TNX I6GFX]
I      - Alberto, IT9MRM will operate SSB  on the HF  bands from Isola  delle
         Palme (EU-025, IIA SR-010) on 6-8 August. QSL direct or bureau. [TNX
I      - Marco,   IZ6ASI    will    participate    in    the    International
         Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend  (18-19 August)  as IZ6ASI/p  from  the
         lighthouse  at  Senigallia  (ARLHS  ITA-181,  WAIL  MA-004).  Exepct
         activity on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 metres SSB. [TNX IZ6ASI]
IS0    - Tano, IZ8GCB will be active as  IS0/homecall from Sardinia  (EU-024)
         on 1-19 August. He plans to operate CW and SSB on 40, 20, 15 and  10
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ8GCB]
JA     - Look for  Takeshi, JI3DST  to participate  in  the IOTA  Contest  as
         JI3DST/JI3 from  Ki-ooshima (AS-117).  After  the contest,  until  1
         August, he will operate  as JI3DST/3 from  Honshu (AS-007) and  give
         out three Guns and one City  to JCC (Japan  Century Cities) and  JCG
         (Japan Century Guns) chasers. QSL via bureau only to home call. [TNX
LU     - The Bahia Blanca  DX Group  (http://www.grupodxbb.com.ar/index.html)
         will operate on all bands and modes from four different  lighthouses
         on  17-19  August  for  the  International  Lighthouse  &  Lightship
         Weekend. Expect them to be using LR3DX from Rincon Lighthouse (ARLHS
         ARG-036), LU3DXG  from Baliza  Tripoede (ARLHS  ARG-1884) and  LU6XA
         from Cabo Blanco Lighthouse (ARLHS ARG-001), while the operators  at
         Recalada Lighthouse (ARLHS ARG-009) will be signing homecall/D. QSLs
         via LU7DSY. For information on the  relevant awards, please  contact
         lu9esd@yahoo.com [TNX LU9ESD]
OH     - UA1ANA and  UA1ATI  will  operate  as  OH2DZ  from  Kuutsalo  Island
         (EU-140, see RI1GK below) on 28-29 July. QSL via RV1AQ. [TNX UA1ATI]
ON     - Special callsign ON14CS will be aired  from La Croix-Scaille in  the
         Belgian  Ardennes  on  17-24  August  to   celebrate  14  years   of
         co-operation between the Belgian UBA Section Ronse (ON4RSX) and  the
         French Radio Club Neuville-de-Poitou (F5KFL). Expect activity on the
         HF bands, 6 metres and VHF. QSL via bureau. [TNX ON7WZ]
OZ     - Look for Jens, DL8WOW to be active as OZ/DL8WOW from Bornholm Island
         (EU-030) on 5-17  August. He  plans to  operate mainly  CW on  40-10
         metres. QSL via home call. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
PA     - Six operators from the Flying Dutch DX Group will participate in the
         IOTA Contest as  PI4HQ/p from Schouwen  Duiveland (EU-146). QSL  via
         PA3CAL, direct or bureau. [TNX PA0ABM]
PA     - PA3CNI and PA3AAF  will be  active from  Old Kraggenburg  lighthouse
         (ARLHS NET-158) on 18-19 August for  the International Lighthouse  &
         Lighship Weekend. They plan to operate mostly CW with some SSB.  QSL
         via home calls. [TNX PA3CNI]
TA     - Ozer, TA2RC and  Mustafa, TA2MW will  be active  from Kefken  Island
         (AS-159, KN51DF) on 26-30 July. They plan to concentrate on  working
         North America, South America, Japan and other possible DX areas, and
         will also operate on 6 and  2 metres. They  will participate int  he
         IOTA Contest as YM0T (CW only,  QSL via TA2RC)  and TC2T (SSB  only,
         QSL via TA2MW). [TNX TA2RC]
TK     - Look for TK/DL2RMC and TK/DL1RTL to be active from Corsica  (EU-014)
         from 30 July to 8 August. They plan to operate holiday style on  all
         bands SSB, CW  and digital modes.  A side  trip to  the EU-164  IOTA
         group might be possible. QSL via home calls. [TNX NG3K]
UA     - RN1AW, RX1AW, RV1AQ and UA1AJM will be active as RI1GK (SSB and  CW)
         from  Gogland  Island  (EU-133)  until   30  July.  This   operation
         commemorates  the  events  back  in  1900,  when  the  crew  of  the
         battleship "General-Admiral  Apraksin" was  rescued in  the Gulf  of
         Finland as a result of distress call relayed by Alexander S. Popov's
         radio system between the islands of  Kuutsalo (see OH2DZ above)  and
         Gogland. QSL via RV1AQ. [TNX UA1ATI]
UA     - A large group  of operators  (namely RA3CW,  RA4HNB, RA4HTX,  RK1AM,
         RK3FA, RV1AC, RV2FW/1, RW3DO, RZ3FA and UA6BGB) are active as RK1B/P
         from Kotlin Island (EU-133) until 30 July. They will participate  in
         the IOTA Contest as RI1CA. QSL via operator's instructions.
UA     - Artem/UA3MQM, Dmitriy/RA3MF, Dmitriy/RW3MR, Oleg/RA1AR, Dmitriy  (ex
         UA3MLH), Alex/RA3MR  and Svetlana/UA3MQL  will operate  as  RK3MWL/1
         from Kotlin island  (EU-133) on 27-30  July, IOTA Contest  included.
         QSL via UA3MQM [TNX UA3MQM]
UA     - Igor/RW0LBM, Vlado/UA0LCZ, Alex/RU0LM and Andy/RW0LC will be  active
         as UE0LAA  from  Chikhachev Island  (RR-16-09,  IOTA  status  to  be
         determined) on 1-7 August.  QSL via UA0LCZ,  direct or bureau.  [TNX
UA     - Mike/UA1QV, Albert/UA1PBU and Victor/RA1QKI will be active for  five
         days from Chaichiy Island (EU-160) next  month, with possible  stops
         on  Zelenyy  and/or  Dolgiy  islands  (EU-102),  Sengeyskiy   and/or
         Timanets Island (EU-188), and Kolguev Island (EU-085). The trip will
         take place  between approximately  3 and  25  August. QSL  via  home
         calls. [TNX UA1QV]
         will participate in the IOTA Contest  as EM5F from Ankudinov  Island
         (EU-182). They will  be there  on 27-30  July. QSL  EM5F via  UX0FF,
         direct or bureau. QSL for contacts made outside the contest via home
         call. [TNX UX0FF]
UR     - Special event  callsing  EM15B  will be  aired  on  1-31  August  to
         celebrate the 15th anniversary of the  Ternopil Amateur Radio  Club.
         Club members will also operate as EM15B/A from various districts  of
         Ternopil  region  for   the  Ukrainian   Regional  Districts   Award
         (http://www.uarl.com.ua/urda/). QSL via UT1BC. [TNX UR5BCP]
V3     - Jay, K0BCN is currently active as V31MX from Caye Caulker  (NA-073),
         Belize until 31 July. He will operate CW and SSB on 20 metres,  plus
         17 and 15 metres if those  bands are open. QSL  via home call.  [TNX
         The Daily DX]
VE     - Fred/VE1FA and Helen/VA1YL are leading a group of operators who will
         be active as  VE1FO/1 from Bon  Portage (aka  Outer Island,  NA-126,
         CIsA NS-128) until  31 July. During  the IOTA Contest  they will  be
         signing VC1W (QSL via VE1RGB, direct or bureau).
YV     - An IOTA operation is being organized to take place from Las Aves  de
         Sotavento (SA-051) in August, to celebrate the Venezuelan Navy  Day.
         The callsign will be YW5AS. QSL via DL3AMA. [TNX 4X4-2238]

                   <<< RSGB IOTA CONTEST (28-29 JULY) >>>

The following  stations have  announced their  participation in  this  year's
event (from  12 UTC  on 28  July through  12 UTC  on the  29th). For  lastest
additions please  give  a  look  to  http://www.rsgbiota.org/,  to  the  IOTW
Calendar maintained  by John,  WD8MGQ  (www.islandchaser.com/iotw/calendar2/)
and  to   the   announced  operation   lists   maintained  by   Ric,   DL2VFR
(www.iota-post.de/iotatest/hauptteil_iotatest.html)    and     Bill,     NG3K

Other groups will be  activated during the  weekend, but advance  information
did not mention if the operators participate in the contest. Full details  on
the IOTA Contest can be found at http://www.contesting.co.uk/hfcc/iota.shtml

SWLs please note that the IOTA  SWL Contest, discontinued  in 2005, has  been
picked up by the Mediterraneo DX Club (SWL Section), in cooperation with  the
RSGB HF Contests Committee,  and it will  be held in  parallel with the  IOTA
Contest. Please visit http://www.mdxc.org/swl for full information  (software

Good luck to you all!

Ref.No.   Call/Ops     QSL            Ref.No.   Call/Ops     QSL
AS-015    9M4DXX       9M2TO          EU-132    3Z100S       SP6ZDA
AS-053    HS8KAY       HS8KAY         EU-133    RI1AA        UA1AIR
AS-100    4X7AZ        4Z5LA          EU-133    RI1CA              
AS-101    E21EIC/p                    EU-133    RK3MWL/1     UA3MQM
AS-102    BO0K                        EU-136    9A/SQ5FWR    SQ5FWR
AS-117    JI3DST/JI3   JI3DST         EU-136    9A7T/p       9A2EU 
AS-118    9K2YM/p      EA5KB          EU-140    OH2U/5       OH2IW 
AS-120    C4MG         5B4KH          EU-144    IC8DI        IK8WEJ
AS-129    B7P                         EU-146    PA/OQ1C/p    ON4ON 
AS-136    BA4TB/4      BA4TB          EU-146    PA1BX/p      PA1BX 
AS-155    BV9G         BV8BC          EU-146    PE1OPM/p     PE1OPM
AS-159    TC2T         TA2MW          EU-146    PI4HQ/p      PA3CAL
AS-159    YM0T         TA2RC          EU-149    ES2U         bureau
EU-001    SX5P         SV5FRD         EU-158    J48IO        DK7AO 
EU-008    GM2T         GM4UYZ         EU-158    J48YL        DK7AO 
EU-008    GM2Z         MM0DFV         EU-167    CQ7P         CS1GDX
EU-008    GM4A         MM0DFV         EU-170    9A/HA2VR     HA2VR 
EU-008    MM0NDX/P     MM0NDX         EU-170    9A/HA6PS     HA6PS 
EU-008    MM0OVL/p     M0OVL          EU-170    9A/HA7JJS    HA7JJS
EU-010    MM0LSB/P     M0LSB          EU-170    9A/HA7PL     HA7PL 
EU-011    M8C          G4DFI          EU-170    9A6NL        HA6NL 
EU-013    2J1IDT       2E1IDT         EU-170    9A9Z/p       9A1ADE
EU-013    GJ6YB        G3SWH          EU-171    OZ7BQ/p      OZ7BQ 
EU-013    MJ0PCB       M0PCB          EU-174    J48NAR       HA0NAR
EU-014    TK/M0VPE     M0VPE          EU-179    UR5FCZ/p     UR5FCZ
EU-020    SA1A         SM1TDE         EU-179    UR5FEL/p     UR5FEL
EU-025    IT9BLB       IT9BLB         EU-179    UT9FJ/p      UT9FJ 
EU-031    IC8R         IC8OZM         EU-179    UW0G         UT7GX 
EU-032    F5RAB/p      F5RAB          EU-182    EM5F         UX0FF 
EU-036    LA/OE9ICI    OE9ICI         EU-182    UX2IQ/p      UX2IQ 
EU-037    SM7ZAU       G0AZS          EU-185    UA6AF/P      UA6AF 
EU-038    PA0HFT       PA0HFT         EU-187    J49A         direct
EU-038    PC6IOTA      PG7V           NA-014    VE1OTA/VE9   VE1VOX
EU-040    CT1EDX/p     CT1EDX         NA-027    VO1/ON6QR          
EU-041    IM0/IK2XYG   IK2XYG         NA-029    VY2Z         VE3ZZ 
EU-042    DF7FC/p      DF7FC          NA-041    W7ASF/KL7    W7ASF 
EU-043    SK6M/P       SM6DYK         NA-046    K1VSJ/p      K1VSJ 
EU-043    SM6EQO/p     SM6EQO         NA-067    N4A          N4YDU 
EU-045    IB0/OM0C                    NA-067    WB8YJF/4     WB8YJF
EU-047    DF1LON/p     DF1LON         NA-091    VA7AQ/p      VA7AQ 
EU-049    SV1GYG/8     SV1GYG         NA-092    KM5VI              
EU-049    SV1QN/8      SV1QN          NA-092    N5EYT        N5EYT 
EU-052    J48IM        HA0IM          NA-096    HI3C         ON4IQ 
EU-057    DL5KUD       DL5KUD         NA-099    NP3CW              
EU-064    TM7C         F4AJQ          NA-099    WP4I         W3HNK 
EU-088    OZ8MW/p      OZ8MW          NA-110    AA4V         AA4V  
EU-089    CU8T         CT1GFK         NA-113    C6APR        K3IXD 
EU-092    MM0Q         MM0BQI         NA-126    VC1W         VE1RGB
EU-093    EE5KB        EA5KB          NA-128    VE2FK        VA2SG 
EU-099    GJ0KYZ/p     GJ0KYZ         NA-137    VA3RMF/W1          
EU-105    F/OT3T       ON7EQ          NA-138    N4AUG        N4AUG 
EU-105    TM7BA        F5NCU          NA-140    NY3A/p             
EU-115    EI9JQ        G0DEZ          NA-140    W3RFA        W3RFA 
EU-120    G7N          G6FOP          NA-141    W4H          K4MM  
EU-120    GB2HI                       NA-144    W6I          N2OWL 
EU-122    GI3YS        MM0DHQ         NA-148    NE1RD/1      NE1RD 
EU-123    GM0B         MM0BHX         NA-160    HQ3C         HR2RCH
EU-123    MM3M         G3VCQ          NA-198    VO1J         VO1AU 
EU-124    GW8K         GW0ANA         NA-213    K4ZGB/p      K4ZGB 
EU-127    DA0T/P       DA0T           NA-213    KV4T/p       KV4T  
EU-127    DF6QC        DF6QC          OC-054    FW0YL        OM2SA 
EU-127    DL5AUA/p     DL5AUA         OC-150    YB3MM/9      IZ8CCW
EU-128    DL5XAT/p     DL5XAT         SA-027    PP5VX        PP5VX 
EU-129    DL0KWH/p     DL0KWH         SA-089    YW1DX        IT9DAA
EU-129    DR6IOTA      DM5DX 

Many  thanks  to  4X1VF, 9M2TO,  BA4TB, CT1END,  CT1ILT, EC5EC, F5NQL, G0AZS,
M0RNR,  MM0BQI, MM0DFV,  MM0NDX,  NG3K,  OH2IW, OM0C,  ON6QR, OPDX  Bulletin,
OZ7BQ, OZ9V,  PA0ABM, PG7V,  SM1TDE,  SP6NIC,  SV9AHZ,  TA2RC,  The Daily DX,
www.qrz.com, www.rsgbiota.org and others.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

BUREAU CARDS TO  BELARUS ---> BFRR  (Belarussian Federation of  Radioamateurs
and Radiosportsmen) Chairman Alexander Pantchenko, EU1PA would like to remind
everyone that  the BFRR  QSL bureau  service is  for BFRR  members only.  The
Belarus QSL bureau has limited financial resources, so that QSL cards sent to
non members are not returned to sender. The BFRR members list can be found at

DXCC NEWS  ---> 9U0X  (Burundi, February  2007) has  been accepted  for  DXCC
credit. Those who had cards rejected  for this operation, can send an  e-mail
to dxcc@arrl.org and they will be placed on the list for update. [TNX NC1L]

NA-231 ---> Ken, G3OCA and Cezar,  VE3LYC had to cancel  their attempt to  go
and operate  from  East Pen  Island  (NA-231, 20-22  July),  due  to  various
problems encountered on arrival at Ft. Severn in northern Ontario. Basically,
the unusual  number of  polar bears  on the  island and  the walrus  colonies
"extremely protective"  towards  their cubs  made  the crossing  to  and  the
staying on East Pen too dangerous.

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Corrado, IT9DAA  reports he is not  the QSL manager  for
YV1CTE, YV1RDX and YY1JGT any longer. Cards should be sent direct only to the
respective addresses  (see  www.qrz.com). Corrado  still  handles  the  cards
(direct and  bureau) for  4M5DX, 4M5R,  YV1FM, YV5MSG,  YV5SSB, YV5TX,  YW0DX
(NA-020, 8-13 February 2007), YW1DX (SA-089, 26-29 July 2007), YW4C  (SA-058,
7-10 July 2005),  YW5CQ, YX5IOTA (SA-044,  26 September-1  October 2006)  and

QSL BS7H  ---> The  first QSLs  were  mailed on  23  July. Steve,  KU9C,  has
received over 10,000 envelopes, so it is expected it will take  approximately
two months before every  card is answered.  Please do not  send for a  second
card until we announce all cards  have been answered. Steve will also  upload
QSOs to LOTW  as he processes  the cards  so, if  you utilize  LOTW, you  can
expect your QSOs to show up roughly the same time you receive your card. This
will allow you to avoid mailing in your physical QSL card for verification.
A small number of QSL cards were received with either no SASE, or a SASE with
old style IRCs that are no longer valid. KU9C will attempt to contact you via
email, but if he cannot contact  you, these will be  returned by the  bureau.
Steve will also upload bureau card QSOs  to LOTW as they are processed.  [TNX

QSL N8S ---> All of the requests  received before 1 June have been  processed
and sent out. They  are about 14,500  direct cards (the  last batch of  2,500
cards was mailed  on 25 July)  and 1,000 bureau  QSLs. There  are still  some
2,500 direct requests, received after 1  June, that will be processed  within
the next couple of  weeks. Keep an  eye on www.yt1ad.info/n8s/news.html  [TNX

QSL VIA 9M2TO ---> Tex now has a Post Office Box, and his new mailing address
is: Tex Izumo, P.O. Box 125,  GPO 10710, Penang,  Malaysia. Use this  address
when QSLling direct for 9M4SDX, 9M4DXX and 9M4SIX (otherwise use the 9M2  QSL
bureau). Cards for  QSOs made with  9M2TO himself  go via  JA0DMV, direct  or
through the JARL bureau. [TNX 9M2TO]

QSL VIA SM5DQC ---> Georges, 9Q1EK is the only one currently active from  the
Democratic Republic of Congo.  His log has  been updated on  www.logsearch.de
(if  you   do   not  find   a   QSO  you   are   sure   of,   please   e-mail
sm5dqc@areteadsl.se). Phillipe, 9Q1TB is on vacation until early August,  and
Osten (SM5DQC) says he is still  waiting for his latest  log to arrive.  QSLs
direct only to Osten  B. Magnusson, Nyckelvagen  4, SE-59931 Odeshog,  Sweden
(and do not forget that 1  USD does not cover return  postage from Sweden  to

+ SILENT KEY  + Bert "Axel"  Rohrbeck, DL7PR, passed  away on 25  July at  65
years of age after a short  illness. Licenced in 1969,  he earned his  5-Band
DXCC as early as 1971 and he was one of  the most active and famous DXers  in
southern Germany. "His longpath signal on 40m CW", says Mike, DJ5AV, "was  an
indicator of propagation between Europe and Stateside nearly every day during
European winters".


QSLs received direct or through managers: 1A4A, 3B7SP, 3C0M, 3D2RI  (OC-189),
3DA0EI, 3XD2Z, 3XM6JR, 4L3Y, 4O3M, 5H3EE,  5W0RE, 5Z4/9A3A, 6V7E,  6W/IZ2DPX,
6W1SE,  6Y5/K3TEJ,  6Y5IC,  7X2LS,  7Z1UG,  8J1RL  (AN-015),  8P6SH,   9K2MU,
9M2/PG5M, 9M8PSB, 9Q1EK, 9U0X, A25KDJ, A61AJ, BP0A, BS7H, BU2AI, BV0L, C56NN,
CU3EQ, CW6V,  DU9/G4UNL,  ED7SPI  (EU-143),  EP3HF,  FM5AA,  FM5BH,  FO/N6JA,
(NA-050), KL7J, KP4SQ, KP4WW, LT1F, N8S, NH6P, NP4A, NP4U, OA4SS, OD5NH, OH8T
(EU-184), OJ0/OH3RM, OJ0VR, OK1KT, P29SX, P40W, P49V, PJ4/K4BAI,  PJ4/PA3CNX,
V26HS,  V44KJ,  V63J  (OC-132  &  OC-180),  V63RE  (OC-277),  V73NS,  VE0MMA,


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