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11 August 2007                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin

                                   No 849
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3C     - Fred/KH7Y, Vicente/EA5YN, Luis/EA5BRE and Elmo/EA5BYP will be active
         as 3C7Y  from  Bioko Island  (AF-010),  Equatorial  Guinea  on  5-14
         October. They will operate CW, SSB and RTTY with two stations on all
         bands. QSL via EA5BYP. [TNX EA5YN]
6O     - Filip, ON4TA visited  Somalia for the  first time in  April and  has
         been back to  Galkayo since 3  August. His callsign  is 6O0F and  he
         operates as time permits, as this is not a DXpedition. Filip expects
         to  remain  there  until  15  August.  QSL  via  home  call,  bureau
7O     - Chris, G4HCL plans to be active as 7O/G4HCL from Sana, Yemen from 13
         August until  early on  the 15th.  He  has "written  permission  and
         official  authority  to  operate  on  all  HF  amateur  bands  under
         supervised conditions, but warns that it may or may not be  possible
         to  obtain   the   specific  documentation   that   satisfies   DXCC
         requirements". This  is  a business  trip,  and Chris  will  operate
         (probably on 20 metres SSB only,  look between 14170 and 14260  kHz)
         when time permits, and likely for  for short periods at a time.  QSL
         via home call, direct only. [TNX 9M6DXX]
8P     - Richard, G3RWL will be active as  8P6DR from Barbados (NA-021)  from
         27 September to 14 October. He plans to operate CW and digital modes
         on 80-10 metres; he also  hopes to take  part in the  CQ WW DX  RTTY
         Contest (29-30 September). QSL via G3RWL,  direct or bureau  (e-mail
         requests for bureau cards  cand be sent  to g3rwl@amsat.org). It  is
         worth noting that Richard's policy is: "duplicate QSO means no QSL".
         [TNX G3RWL]
9A     - Marco, IZ3GNG reports  will be active  as 9A/IZ3GNG from  Primosten,
         Croatia on  16-19 August  and from  Brac  Island (EU-016)  on  20-23
         August. He plans to operate SSB on 40-6 metres.
A7     - Bill, NM7H (aka G0MKT and YI9WF) will be back in Qatar from around 1
         November until  around  5  January.  He  will  be  active  again  as
         A7/G0MKT, and will operate primarily CW  with some PSK and some  SSB
         on 40-10 metres. If  6m open up  and he is  available, he will  give
         that a try too. QSL via NM7H, direct or bureau. [TNX NM7H]
C6     - Pete/W2GJ (C6APR), Ed/K3IXD (C6AXD) and  Randy/K4QO (C6AQO) will  be
         active from Crooked Island (NA-113), Bahamas on 25-29 October.  They
         will operate CW, SSB, and RTTY  on 80-6 metres and will  participate
         in the CQ  WW DX  SSB Contest  as C6APR.  All QSLs  via K3IXD.  [TNX
CE     - XQ1IDM  and   CE6TBN   will   participate   in   the   International
         Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend  (18-19  August) as  XR1H  from  Huasco
         Lighthouse (ARLS CHI-081). They plan to operate CW and SSB on  40-15
         metres. QSL via HA1AG, direct or bureau. [TNX CE6TBN]
CE     - The Radio  Club Colonia  will operate  as CV7FARO  from Colonia  del
         Sacramento lighthouse (URU-007) on 18-19 August. Then operator  will
         be running three  stations on 80,  40, 20,  15 and  10 metres,  plus
         UHF/VHF. QSL via CX1FA. [TNX CX3ZAN]
CT     - Carlos, CT1CSY and Jose Luis, CT2GZB will participate in the ILLW as
         CQ7C from the lighthouse at Cabo Carvoeiro (ARLHS POR-006). QSL  via
         CT2GZB, direct or bureau. [TNX CT1END]
CT     - The  Associacao  de  Radioamadores  do   Distrito  de  Leiria   will
         participate in the ILLW as CQ5N from Nazare Lighthouse (DFP FBL-04).
         QSL via CT6ARL (direct only). [TNX CT1END]
CT     - The  Associacao  de   Radioamadores  da  Vila   de  Moscavide   will
         participate in the ILLW signing CT1RVM/p from the lighthouse at Cabo
         Raso (ARLHS POR-011, DFP FES-04). Expect activity on 40, 20, 15  and
         10 metres SSB.  All of the  QSOs will be  confirmed via the  bureau.
         [TNX A.R.V.M.]
CX     - The Radio Club  Uruguayo will  be active  as CV1AA  from Puerto  del
         Buceo-West Breakwater (ARLHS URU-014) from about 22 UTC on 17 August
         until about  1 UTC  on the  20th. They  plan to  have at  least  two
         stations active on  10-160 metres CW  and SSB. QSL  direct to  Radio
         Club Uruguayo, P.O. Box 37, 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay. [TNX CX3AL]
DL     - A group of about ten  operators will be  active with three  stations
         (HF CW,  HF SSB,  VHF SSB)  as  DF0WFB/lh from  Oland/Hallig  Island
         (EU-042) and  lighthouse (ARLHS  FED-174) on  17-20 August  for  the
         ILLW.  QSL   via  DF0WFB   (bureau)  or   direct  to   DO2OS.   [TNX
EA     - A large group of operators (including EA2RC, EA3AGB, EA3CHZ, EA3ESZ,
         EA3FKX, EA3GHZ, EA3NM, EA5EOR, EB3GGU and EC7AKV) will be active  as
         EG3MED from Meda Gran (EU-078, DIE E-001) on 25-26 August. They will
         operate CW and SSB from 2  or 3 stations equipped with yagi,  dipole
         and vertical antennas. QSL  via EA3GM, direct  or bureau. This  IOTA
         group is likely to  become a rare  one, as the  Medas Islands are  a
         "protected area" that  will be closed  to visitors  next year.  [TNX
         EA3GHZ and Mediterraneo DX Club]
EA8    - Hans, ON6ZK  will  be active  as  EA8/ON6ZK  from  Tenerife,  Canary
         Islands (AF-004) on 15-22 August. He expects to operate mainly on 20
         and 17 metres SSB with 25 watts. QSL via homecall, bureau preferred.
         [TNX NG3K]
EL     - Arie Kleingeld  (PA3A),  Ad  van  Ginneken  (PA8AD),  Arie  Noordzij
         (PA3AN) and Henk  van Oosterhout (PA3AWW)  will be  active as  5L2MS
         from Liberia on 3-24 October. Their goals are to activate this  DXCC
         Entity on 160-10  metres CW and  SSB, to raise  funds for a  charity
         project in Liberia in cooperation with  Mercy Ships, and to  support
         the Liberia Radio Amateur Association (LRAA) with equipment. QSL via
         PA3AWW, direct  or bureau  (direct QSL  cards can  be requested  via
         Internet). Further information can  be found at  www.liberia2007.com
         [TNX PA3AWW]
F      - F4ELJ, F5VCR, F0ELI and  F0ELK will be  active from Ouessant  Island
         (EU-065) on 18-19 August. They will operate on 40 and 20 metres  SSB
         as TM4CR from Creac'h Lighthouse (PB-097, FRA-029) and as TM4ST from
         Stiff Lighthouse (PB-099, FRA-036). QSLs via F4ELJ. [TNX F4ELJ]
F      - The  Radio  Club  de  Granville  will  be  active  as  F5KAQ/p  from
         Tombelaine Island  (EU-156, DIFM  MA-021) from  about 18  UTC on  24
         August until about  12 UTC  on the  26th, depending  on weather  and
         tides. Operations  are expected  on all  bands CW,  SSB and  digital
         modes. QSL via F5RJM, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
FG     - TO1USB is  the  new  callsign  for  F1JXQ's  current  activity  from
         Guadeloupe [425DXN 847].  David will remain  there until 18  August.
         QSL via home call.
GJ     - A group of operators from the Cambridge University Wireless  Society
         will be active as GH6UW/p from Les Minquiers Islands (EU-099) for 48
         hours between 3 and 7  September. QSL via  M0BLF, direct or  bureau.
         While on "ordinary"  Jersey (EU-013) they  will operate as  GJ7VJR/p
         (QSL via G7VJR), MJ0BLF/p (QSL via M0BLF), MJ0TDG/p (QSL via  M0TDG)
         and GJ3ZAY/p (QSL via G3ZAY). [TNX G7VJR]
GM     - G3ZAY and M0TDG  will be  in the  Outer Hebrides  (EU-010) on  13-17
         August and  will  attempt to  visit  St Kilda  (EU-059)  and/or  the
         Flannan Islands (EU-118) for a few  hours as GM3ZAY/p and  MM0TDG/p.
         The visits will be subject to weather and availability of  transport
         and activity will only be for  a few hours from each location.  [TNX
HA     - Special event station  HG5MISSION through 30  September for the  the
         5th International  Congress for  the New  Evangelisation, that  will
         take place  in Budapest  on 15-22  September. QSL  via bureau.  [TNX
HB0    - Giovanni, IZ2DPX and Flavio, IW2NEF will be active as HB0/IZ2DPX and
         HB0/IW2NEF from Malbun, Liechtenstein on 1-3 September. They will be
         QRV on HF as well as  2 metres and possibily 70  MHz. QSL direct  or
         via the bureau. [TNX IZ2DPX]
HC     - Marcos, EA1APV will be active as HC1/EA1APV from Cotacachi,  Ecuador
         from 21 September  to 20 October.  He will operate  on a spare  time
         basis,  as  he  will  be  working  on  a  project  of  international
         cooperation. QSL via home call. [TNX EA1APV]
HL     - Chae, HL5YI will be active from Sorok Island (AS-060) for a few days
         starting on 19 August. He plans to operate on 40, 20, 17, 15 and  10
         meters CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL  via home call, direct or bureau.  [TNX
I      - I3EJ, I3LDP, IK3JBP, IK3MZS and IW3ILP will be active as II4GOR from
         Goro Lighthouse (ITA-073, WAIL ER-007) during the ILLW. They plan to
         operate SSB and CW on all  bands. QSL via IK3MZS, direct or  bureau.
         [TNX I3EJ]
I      - Mauro, IK3SCB  reports he  plans to  be  active as  IK3SCB/ID9  from
         Lipari Island (EU-017, IIA ME-001) on 18-24 August. QSL via bureau.
IS0    - Look for IZ1DSH and IK1WEG [425DXN  848] to be active as  IM0/IZ1DSH
         and IM0/IK1WEG  from  Tavolara Island  (EU-165,  IIA OT-071)  on  12
         August. They plan to operate SSB  and CW on 10-40 metres,  possibily
         on 6 metres as well. [TNX IZ1DXS]
KL     - Rick, K6VVA plans to be active from Ketchikan, Revillagigedo  Island
         (NA-041) on 7-9 September. It will  be a "vacation style"  operation
         primarly CW  on 40,  30, 20  and 17  metres and  for the  CW  Sprint
         Contest. QSL via  N6AWD. Further  information will  be available  at
         http://www.k6vva.com/iota/na041 [TNX K6VVA]
LU     - The Radio  Club Ushuaia  will participate  in the  ILLW from  Baliza
         Escarpados (ARG-081). Look for AY7X on  10, 15,20, 40 and 80  metres
         CW, SSB and PSK. QSL via WD9EWK. [TNX EA4AAA]
OJ0    - The Nordic  team of  OH0RJ, OH2BH,  OH2PM, SM0W  and SM6U  will  try
         landing on Market Reef (EU-053) around 16 UTC on 11 August. They may
         appear on the air  on that night  as OJ0B (QSL  via OH2BH) and  will
         operate CW  and  SSB until  16  August,  when  (weather  permitting)
         OH2HAN, OH2MZB and OH2LU will be  swapping the operating duties  and
         will air OJ0MI (QSL via OH2HAN).  They will focus on RTTY, but  also
         the weekend's lighthouse activity. Expect CW at .025 kHz, and SSB on
         3790, 7040, 14190,  18140, 21290  kHz. Over  the lighthouse  weekend
         14250-14260 kHz will  be used.  The Finnish  Lighthouse Society  has
         been active repairing  the lighthouse for  this summer  and you  may
         wish to follow  their activities which  include daily reporting  and
         interesting general details  (http://www.lighthousesociety.fi/eng/).
         If you are a stamp collector or  wish to receive your QSL card  with
         unique Market Reef  stamps, you may  send SASE with  7,00 euros  (10
         USD) as  your donation  to the  Finnish Lighthouse  Society  through
         respective QSL managers. [TNX OH2BN]
OX     - Roland, HB9FMD will be active as OX/HB9FMD from Ilulissat, Greenland
         on 17-27 August. He plans to  operate mainly CW  on the WARC  bands.
         QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
OX     - Johan, PA3EXX [425DXN 821] confirms he will be active from  Rathbone
         Island (NA-243, new one) next week.  He will operate as  OX/PA3EXX/p
         between 19 and 23 August. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
P4     - Bob, W3BTX (P49T)  and Roy, W3TEF  will operate on  160-6 metres  as
         P41USA from Aruba between 1 and  15 September. The special  callsign
         marks the anniversary of the tragic  events occured on 11  September
         2001. QSL via W3TEF, direct or bureau. [TNX W3BTX]
PJ2    - Nigel, G3TXF reports he plans to  operate as PJ2G in the Worked  All
         Europe (WAE) CW Contest (11-12 August) from the Caribbean Contesting
         Consortium station on  Curacao (SA-006),  Netherlands Antilles.  QSL
         via G3TXF.
SP     - Look for SN2NP to be aired from a lighthouse at Gdansk Nowy Portn on
         17-19 August. QSL via SP2BIK, direct or bureau. [TNX SP2BIK]
SV     - Gianni,  IZ7FLP  will  operate  SSB  as  SV8/IZ7FLP  from  Zakynthos
         (EU-052) on 18-25 August. QSL via home call. [TNX IZ3EBA]
SV9    - Ghis, ON5NT reports  he will be  active holiday  style as  SV9/ON5NT
         from Crete on 16-23 August. QSL via home call.
TA     - TA1FR and TA1HZ  will operate  as TC1LHW  from Karaburun  Lighthouse
         (TUR-036) during the ILLW. QSL via TA1FR. [TNX TA1HZ]
TA     - Bekir, TA2RX will participate  in the ILLW  signing TC4LHW from  the
         Gelidonia  Lighthouse  in  Antalya,  Turkey.  This  will  be  a  QRP
         operation, as he will have to carry the equipment and walk a  couple
         of miles to get to the lighthouse. [TNX TA2RX]
UA     - Victor, RN1NU (RI1NU) and Roman, RN1NGJ will be active as homecall/1
         from a few islands (not IOTA)  located in Lake Onega between 10  and
         13 August. Vasily, RU3SD and  Serge, RA3RGQ expect  to join them  on
         the 13th. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX RN1NGJ]
UA     - Vlad/RV1CC,  Yuri/RA0FU,  Serge/UA1ANA,  Oleg/UR3IFD,  Victor/RV2FW,
         Valery/UA0ZC, Serge/UA0ZAZ, Alex/UA0ZCC and Elena/RV3ACA planned  to
         be active as RK1B/0 from Bering Island (AS-039) on 9-14 August.  Now
         it seems that  the island operation  has been  cancelled because  of
         transportation problems.  QSL  via RV1CC.  They  have a  webpage  at
VP5    - W1AI reports  he  will be  active  as VP5/W1AI  from  Providenciales
         (NA-002), Turks  & Caicos  Islands on  1-8  September. He  plans  to
         operate CW and SSB on 160-6 metres. QSL via home call.
VP8_fal- Don, VP8ON and  others plan  to operate  again as  VP8LGT from  Cape
         Pembroke  Lighthouse  (FAL  001)  near  Stanley,  Falkland   Islands
         (SA-002) for the ILLW. QSL via VP8ON. [TNX VP8ON]
W      - Dave,  W4SAR  and  Joe,  K4SAR  will  be  active  as  W4SAR/p   from
         Chincoteague Island (NA-083)  on 12-24  August. Sporadic  operations
         are expected on 6m SSB, 20m SSB and 20m PSK31. QSL direct to  W4SAR.
         [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - Members  of  the  Old  Barney  ARC  (http://www.obarc.org)  will  be
         operating as W2T from the  Tucker'Island Lighthouse (ARLHS  USA-911,
         http://www.tuckertonseaport.org) on  18  August from  about  13  UTC
         through 21 UTC. QSL via N2OO. [TNX N2OO]
W      - The Englewood Amateur Radio Society plans  to operate as K8ONV  from
         the Boca  Grande Lighthouse  (ARLHS  USA-910) on  Gasparilla  Island
         (NA-069) on 18-19 August for the ILLW. [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club  will be active as N1EV  from
         Sheffield Island (NA-136)  and lighthouse (ARLHS  USA-753) on  18-19
         August for the ILLW. [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - Once more Bob, W2IK will operate  special event station  W2IK/WTC911
         on 11 September in memory of  those who lost their lives during  the
         World Trade Center disaster. Expect activity  on the upper  portions
         of 15, 20 and 40 metres SSB between 13 and 3 UTC. W2IK was the first
         callsign to  be  aired  from  Ground   Zero  (read  the  story    at
         http://hometown.aol.com/realhamradio/). Special QSL certificate  via
         home call. [TNX W2IK]
Z3     - Special callsign Z360M will be used  through the end of the year  to
         celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Radio Club Nikola Tesla (Z37M,
         formerly Z30M) in Stip, Macedonia. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
ZL7    - Jacek/SP5EAQ, Wojciech/SP9PT, Marek/SP9BQJ and Jozef/SP9-31029  plan
         to operate SSB, CW and RTTY as ZL7/SP5EAQ, ZL7/SP9PT and  ZL7/SP9BQJ
         from the  Chatham Islands  (OC-038) on  5-18 October.  QSL via  home
         calls. [TNX SP5EAQ]

MONTENEGRO & SERBIA ---> K6MYC, N6TQS, I2MQP, JA1BK and UT5UT will travel  to
Montenegro and Serbia  next month. On  17-21 September they  will operate  as
4O1AO and 4O1M from the QTH of Gojko (YU6AO); on 21-23 September they will be
at the World HST Championship (Belgrade),  then they will  go and operate  as
YT5A from the station of Hrane, YT1AD until the 26th. Expect activity on  all
the HF bands plus 2 and 6 metres on CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV and EME.  [TNX

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The  latest issue (July 2007)  is now available  at
http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles  and  pictures  should  be
sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA ---> The ITU has  granted a request  from the Ministry  of
Communications and  Transport  of Bosnia  and  Herzegovina (BiH)  to  replace
T9A-T9Z with E7A-E7Z. According to IARU Secretary David Sumner, K1ZZ,  "While
it probably will take some time for the BiH administration to implement  this
change, it  should  put  to  an  end  the  use  of  call  signs  outside  the
ITU-allocated call sign block by stations  in parts of  BiH." The new  prefix
will  be  implemented   "probably  later  this   year,"  Sumner  said.   [TNX

ILLW ---> This year the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, organized
and managed by the Ayr Amateur Radio  Group, will take place from from  00.01
UTC on  18 August  until 23.59  UTC on  the 19th.  Full information  on  this
popular event can be found at http://illw.net. The official list of  entrants
is at http://illw.net/2007_list.htm

QSL OX/OH1RX ---> Jouko was active from Greenland on 20-25 July and  requests
cards to be sent "via buro only" (no direct nor eQSL please).

QSL V51AS  --->  Frank Steinhauser,  V51AS  reports he  has  a  new  maildrop
address: Heinrich-Heine-Strsse  35,  72555 Metzingen,  Germany  (the  Olching
address apparently is no longer valid). [TNX K1XN and The Golist]

QSL VIA LZ1JZ ---> QSL cards for contacts made with LZ/G4EDG St. Ivan  Island
(EU-181, 19-23 June 2007) should be sent to LZ1JZ (Tony Stefanov, P.O Box 43,
Harmanli 6450,  Bulgaria). The  operators were  Steve/G4EDG, Vasil/LZ1CL  and
Tony himself. LZ1JZ is the QSL manager also for DU1LWQ, FK8DD, LZ1KSP,  LZ7J,

+ SILENT KEY  + Dick Wolf,  N6FF (formerly known  as KL7H) passed  away on  1
August at 68 years of age.  The "top West Coast  topbander", says W6PBI,  "he
traveled on many DXpeditions and gave many topbanders a new one". He was also
the QSL manager for a number of stations, most of them available on LoTW (see

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

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