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08 September 2007                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 853
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4O     - Celebrating the  admission  of the  Republic  of Montenegro  to  the
         Council of  Europe, the  radio club  of the  Council of  Europe  and
         Ranko, 4O3A organize  an operation to  take place  on 17-21  October
         under the callsign 4O0CE. QSL via  F5LGF. Logs will be available  on
         http://ewwa.free.fr [TNX F6FQK]
8Q     - Chris, M0AJT will  be active holiday  style as  8Q7CT from  Dhonveli
         Island, Maldives (AS-013) on 7-14 September. He will operate  mainly
         CW with some SSB. [TNX F5NQL]
8R     - Anderson, PY2TNT  and Alex,  PY2WAS will  be  active as  8R1PY  from
         Georgetown, Guyana on 1-4 November. They plan to operate around  the
         clock on 2, 10, 12, 15,  17, 20, 30, 40, 60 and  80 metres, SSB  and
         CW. QSL via PY4KL, direct or bureau. [TNX PY2WAS]
BY     - Look for BY1TX/4 and BY1TT/4 to be active from Chang Dao (AS-146) on
         1-6 October. They will operate  SSB, CW and  RTTY on 160-10  metres.
         QSL BY1TX/4 via EA7FTR, QSL BY1TT/4 via home call. [TNX BA1RB]
FP     - John, W9ILY and Bob, K9MDO will  be active as FP/W9ILY and  FP/K9MDO
         from Miquelon  Island  (NA-032) on  13-18  September. They  plan  to
         operate on  80-10  metres  and  to  concentrate  on  SSB  (primarily
         FP/K9MDO) and RTTY/PSK (primarily FP/W9ILY).  QSL FP/W9ILY via  home
         call, direct or bureau (logs will be uploaded to LoTW). QSL FP/K9MDO
         via W9NJB, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
G      - The Scarborough Special Events Group will  be running special  event
         station GB2QE on 15-16 September to  celebrate the 40th  anniversary
         of the launch  of the ocean  liner "Queen Elizabeth  2". All of  the
         QSOs will be  confirmed automatically via  the bureau; direct  cards
         should be sent to G4SSH.
G      - The Bittern  DX  Group (www.bdxg.org.uk)  will  be active  on  22-23
         September using the special callsign GB2TX as parte of "Transmission
         2007" to raise money for  the British Wireless  for the Blind  Fund.
         [TNX G0GFQ]
GM     - Steve/G0MTD,  Paul/M1PAF,   Mark/M0WCR  and   Jim/G7GAG,  from   the
         Workington & District ARC, will visit the Isle of Barra (EU-010)  on
         6-12 October.  They will  operate as  MS0WRC on  80, 40,  20 and  17
         metres SSB and CW, plus 2m.  Side trips to  the islands of  Vatersay
         and Eriskay are being planned. QSL via MX0WRC or G0MTD. [TNX G0MTD]
I      - Claudio, IZ1JFK will operate on  20 and 40  metres SSB as  IZ1JFK/mm
         from Italian Navy destroyer "Andrea Doria"  on 11-15 September.  QSL
         via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX IT9MRM]
IS0    - A group of operators from the  Sardinia QRP Club  will be active  as
         IQ0QP/p from Quirra  Island (EU-165,  IIA CA-009)  on 16  September,
         from about 10 UTC to 16 UTC. This will be a QRP operation on 40  and
         20 metres, SSB and CW. QSL direct to P.O. Box 81, 09047 Selargius  -
         CA, Italy. [TNX IS0VSU and IS0XDA]
JW     - Niels, OZ7FOC will  be active as  JW/OZ7FOC from  Svalbard on  10-17
         September. QSL via home call. [TNX OZ7FOC]
JW     - Karl Gustav, LA8DW and Lars, OZ1HPS will be active from  Spitsbergen
         (EU-026), Svalbard on 1-7 October. They  will operate SSB and CW  as
         JW8DW and  JW/OZ1HPS. QSL  via home  calls, direct  or bureau.  [TNX
LU     - Celebrating  its  30th  anniversary,  the  Grupo  Argentino  de   CW
         (http://gacw.no-ip.org/) will be  active from the  city of Morse  in
         Buenos Aires province on 12-15 October. Expect LU1DZ, LU5FZ,  LU6UO,
         LU7BTO, LW1EXU and LW2DX to operate on 160-10 metres mainly CW  with
         two stations. [TNX LU6EF]
ON     - The last Fouga  Magister aircraft still  in use by  the Belgian  Air
         Force   will   perform   its   last    flight   on   27    September
         (www.fougamagister.be). To  mark the  event, the  Belgian Air  Force
         Amateur Radio  Association (www.bafara.be)  will  be active  on  all
         bands and  modes as  ON47FOUGA on  24-30 September.  QSL via  ON6KN,
         direct or bureau. [TNX ON6KN]
P2     - Hans (SM6CVX),  Derek  (G3KHZ),  Steve  (G4EDG)  and  Luis  (CT1AGF)
         [425DXN 845] expect to start  their journey from  Buka Island on  22
         September. They  should  be  QRV  as  P29VCX  from  Nukumanu  Island
         (OC-284, new one) for about  6 days beginning  on 24 September.  The
         plan is then to sail to  Takuu Island (OC-283, new one) and  operate
         using the  call  sign P29NI  from  there for  6  days from  about  1
         October. Finally, if time permits they will sail to Kilinalau Island
         (OC-256) and  operate from  there for  a few  days (callsign  to  be
         decided) before returning to  Buka. They plan  to run four  stations
         from two  sites  on each  island.  This  should  allow  simultaneous
         operation from two stations on the same band using different  modes.
         Two stations will use 500W linears  and two stations will use  100W.
         QSL P29NI via  G3KHZ, QSL P29VCX  via SM6CVX  (who will  be the  QSL
         manager for  Kilinalau  Island  as well).  The  web  page  for  this
         IOTAdventure  is   at   http://www.rep.pt/P29-PapuaNewGuinea/   [TNX
SP     - FIRAC member  Grzegorz, SQ9JKD  will operate  special event  station
         HF150TG until 30 November from Tarnowskie Gory, Poland to  celebrate
         the 150th anniversary of the local railway station. QSL via  SQ9JKD,
         direct or  bureau.  Further information  on  this activity  and  the
         relevant award can be found at www.hf150tg.prv.pl [TNX SP9JPA]
SP     - Commemorating the sixth anniversary of  9/11, special event  station
         SN6WTC will be active from Kielce,  Poland on 11 September. QSL  via
         SP7PKI, direct or bureau. [TNX SP7HT]
SV5    - Drew, GM3YOR will operate  holiday style and  CW only as  SV5/GM3YOR
         from Symi,  Dodecanese Islands  (EU-001)  on 16-29  September.  [TNX
UA     - Oleg/ UA6LP,  Serge/UA6MC,  Vlad/UR5IAW, Alex/UY9IF and  Oleg/UR3IFD
         plan to be active  as UE6LGT from  Rostovsky Morskoy Red  Lighthouse
         Island in the Sea of Azov  (not IOTA, RR-17-06, RLHA RLE-015,  ARLHS
         ERU-134) on 7-9  September. QSL via  UA6LP, direct  or bureau.  [TNX
V2     - Bud, AA3B will  be active  as V26K  from Antigua  (NA-100) on  21-26
         November, including a SOAB LP entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. This
         will be an all CW operation  on the contest HF  bands only. QSL  via
         home call. [TNX AA3B]
V8     - Ronald/PA3EWP, Flo/F5CWU and Tom/GM4FDM will mount an expedition  to
         Brunei Darussalam between 4  and 18 November.  They will operate  as
         V8FWP (QSL via  PA7FM), V8FWU  (QSL via  F5CWU) and  V8FDM (QSL  via
         GM4FDM) on 160-10 metres CW, SSB and RTTY. Special attention will be
         given to the low bands (160-30m), to Western Europe and the USA. The
         group will be using at least  one beam antenna along with  verticals
         and dipoles. Depending  on Internet availability,  they will try  to
         maintain on line logs on a website TBA. [TNX GM4FDM]
VE     - VA3MO, VE3SS, VE3VZ and  VE3VMO will be  active from the  lighthouse
         (ARLHS CAN-324)  on Mohawk  Island in  Lake Erie  on 8-9  September.
         Expect them to operate mainly on  80, 40 and 20  metres SSB and  CW,
         plus 6m, 2m and 440 MHz. [TNX VE3SS]
VE     - Andre, GM3VLB will be active holiday style from Canada between 9 and
         22 September. He plans to operate as VY2/GM3VLB/m or /p from  Prince
         Edward  Island  (NA-029,   CIsA  PE-001)  on   9-12  September;   as
         VE1/GM3VLB/m or /p from Cape Breton Island (NA-010, CIsA NS-001)  on
         12-17 September, from Isle Madame (CIsA  NS-016) on 17-18  September
         and then from Nova Scotia until  the 22nd. QSL direct ro home  call.
         [TNX GM3VLB]
VE     - Igor, VE3ZF  and other  operators from  Canada and  the US  will  be
         active as VE2IDX from Orleans Island  (NA-128, CIsA QC-007) for  the
         W/VE Islands QSO Party (from 16 UTC on 20 October through 23.59  UTC
         on the 21st) and as VE2Z from Zone 2 (Port Cartier) for the CQ WW DX
         SSB Contest.  QSL  both operations  via  VE3ZF,  direct  only.  Full
         information  on  the  W/VE  Islands  QSO  Party  can  be  found   at
         http://www.usislands.org/contest_rules.html [TNX K2FF and VE3ZF]
VK     - VK6YS, KD6WW and VK6KHD will be active as VK6CHI from Cheyne  Island
         (OC-193) from about 9 UTC on 12 October until about the UTC midnight
         on the 15th. They plan to operate CW and SSB mainly on 40, 30 and 20
         metres. QSL via VK4AAR. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
VK     - On their way  back from Cheyne  Island (see above)  VK6YS and  KD6WW
         will stop on Rottnest Island (OC-164). They plan to operate (on  40,
         30 and 20  metres CW and  SSB) as VK6YS/P  from about 11  UTC on  15
         October until  about  3  UTC  on the  17th.  QSL  via  VK4AAR.  [TNX
VU     - 30 metres have been temporarily allocated  to Indian amateurs  until
         30 September. The  NIAR special  event station  AT60MY [425DXN  852]
         will be active mostly on 10106 kHz (operator VU2JOS). [TNX GM4FDM]
W      - Special  event  station  W3B  will  operate  from  the   Blackistone
         Lighthouse on St. Clements Island (USI MD-028R, not IOTA) from 14 to
         20 UTC on 15 September. Operation  will cover 40,  20 and 17  metres
         SSB, CW and possibly PSK31. QSL via KA3UNQ (see QSLling instructions
         at qrz.com). [TNX KA3UNQ]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The  latest issue (August 2007) is now available at
http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles  and  pictures  should  be
sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

BUREAUX  CLOSED  --->  The   latest  update  posted   on  the  IARU   website
(http://www.iaru.org/iaruqsl.html) reports that  the QSL  bureaux for  Sierra
Leone (9L) and Haiti (HH) have been closed.

PIRATE ALERT --->  OH0Z has been  repeatedly pirated  on 30  metres since  27
June, typically around 17 UTC. OH0Z  operated on 30m  only twice during  2007
(26-27 May, by OH3BHL and 24-26  June, by OH9MM), and it is  now QRT on  that
band until  further notice.  More information  can be  found at  www.oh0z.net
(please check the log search before sending your QSL). OH0Z will  participate
in either the SAC CW (15-16 September) and the SAC SSB (22-23 September). QSL
via W0MM. [TNX OH9MM]

QSL UE9WML &  UE9WTL ---> Mady,  KP3YL/W6 and Terry,  W6/G3MHV operated on  a
recent business trip  to Ufa  using the  callsigns UE9WML  (Mady) and  UE9WTL
(Terry). QSL via home calls, either direct or through the KP4 or RSGB bureaux
respectively. [TNX W6/G3MHV]

QSL GALLERY  ---> The  large collection  of QSL  cards (nearly  4600) on  Les
Nouvelle DX's wb site has been updated. Ten different galleries include cards
for the ten Most  Wanted DXCC Entities  (160+ QSLs), each  of the 58  deleted
DXCC entities  (700+ QSLs),  obsolete prefixes  (1800+ QSLs),  stations  from
Magrebh from 1945  to 1962 (200+  QSLs), Antarctic bases  (600+ QSLs) &  TAAF
(Terres Australes and  Antarctiques Francaises, 230  QSLs), the various  rare
French DXCC  island Entities  (100+ QSLs),  pre-1945 countries  (200+  QSLs),
French  Departments  and  USA.  Several  cards  are  still  needed  and  your
participation is encouraged - please visit http://LesNouvellesDX.free.fr  and
send send your comments to LesNouvellesDX@free.fr [TNX F6AJA]

TOP LISTS  ---> The  latest Topband,  Topmode and  Toplist listings  are  now
available  at  http://www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.  Please  send
your scores,  as well  as any  request for  further information,  to  Erminio
Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@ari.it)


QSLs received direct or through managers:  1A4A, 3B7SP, 3D2AP, 3W22S,  3XD2Z,
4A3IH (NA-183),  4W6AAV, 4X7AX  (AS-100), 5C8A,  5W0NU, 5W5AA,  6V7F,  8P9NX,
9A5W, 9Q1EK, A22AA,  A25HQ, A25KDJ,  A25SL, AP2TN,  BS7H, C21/ZL1AMO,  C9RJJ,
CE8/K2ARB, CO6WD, D2NX, E51QMA (OC-080), E51TUG (OC-080), FR5ZL/T,  FS/DL7DF,
FS/NF9V, GJ0KYZ,  GS0GRC/P (EU-112),  GU3HFN,  GW8K (EU-124),  HI0C,  HL5FUA,
KL7/W7ASF,  LU/R1ANF,  MJ/W8JWN,  MM0SJH,  N2US/P  (NA-083),  N8S,  NZ7Q/KH4,
(EU-168),  TF/SM5ELV  (EU-071),  TX9,  TZ2T,  V31MX,  V44KAI,  VF0X,  VK0JLX,
VU4AN/VU3TLY, VY2LI (NA-029), W7ASF/KL7 (NA-041),  WP3R, XT2C, XU7ADI,  XX9A,
XX9C, XX9TTR,  YB1A,  YB8SI, YN4SU,  YV4DYJ,  Z32ID, Z35T,  Z38C,  ZB2/4O3AL,
ZK1QMA (OC-082),ZL1GO/8, ZL8R, ZM8CW, ZX2B.


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