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20 October 2007                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 859
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4U     - Special call 4U1WRC will  be aired form  the from the  International
         Amateur Radio  Club station  (4U1ITU) at  ITU Geneva  for the  World
         Radiocommunication Conference 2007,  which will take  place from  22
         October through 16 November. Expect 4U1WRC to be active also  during
         the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. [TNX The Daily DX]
6W     - Javi, EA1FDI will participate in the  CQ WW DX  SSB Contest as  6V7G
         from Somone  (Senegal). His  licence is  valid  from 15  through  28
         October, so you can expect some activity before the contest. QSL via
         home call. [TNX EA1FDI]
6Y     - Filipe, CT1ILT will operate as 6Y3T  from Jamaica (NA-097) on  23-29
         October. He plans  to concentrate on  the low bands.  QSL direct  to
         home call. [TNX CT1ILT]
6Y     - John, W2GB will  be active as  6Y0B from Jamaica  on 23-30  October,
         before and after the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via W2GB [TNX NG3K]
C6     - Alan, WQ5W  will  be  active  as  C6AQW  from  Treasure  Cay,  Abaco
         (NA-080), Bahamas on 25-31 October. The primary purpose of this trip
         is to  operate as  a 40m  low power  entrant in  the  CQ WW  DX  SSB
         Contest. Outside the contest, he will concentrate on 160, 80, 30, 17
         and 12 metres  CW and SSB,  plus RTTY on  all bands.  QSL via  WQ5W,
         direct or bureau. Logs will be uploaded  to LoTW. Alan has set up  a
         blog at http://wq5w.blogspot.com [TNX WQ5W]
CE0Y   - Slaven, 9A4X and  Zdenko, 9A5RR will  be active  from Easter  Island
         (SA-001) on 23-31 October. Slaven will  operate as CE0Y/9A4X on  all
         bands, and will participate in the CQ  WW DX SSB Contest as CC0Y  on
         15 metres. QSL via 9A2AA. [TNX 9A2AA]
GW     - Chris, G1VDP and others (M0KCM, M0OXO, M3POV, M3SDE, M3SDO,  MW0JZE,
         MW0RLJ, MW5HOC, OM0AAO) will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest
         as MW5W (Multi-Multi) from the Pembrokeshire coast, West Wales.  QSL
         via M3SDE.  Some of  the operators  will be  on the  air before  the
         contest signing their own call (G1VDP  will become GW1VDP, etc)  and
         operating also some CW and digital modes. [TNX G1VDP]
H40    - The Daily DX reports that bad  weather forced H40MY  to go QRT  from
         Tikopia (OC-178). Mike, KM9D says he  and Jan, KF4TUG have "no  hope
         of any further HF radio activity from a land-based station".
HS     - Special event station HS35SEA will be aired on 8-11 November for the
         the 35th  SEANET  Convention that  will  be held  in  Lampang.  Full
         information    on    the    convention     can    be    found     at
         http://www.sabah.net.my/seanet/seanet_2007.htm [TNX The Daily DX]
I      - IT9ATF, IT9ORA, IT9NPR, IT9PPG, IT9RZU and IT9WDC will be active  as
         IF9A from Favignana Island (EU-054, IIA TP-011) on 26-28 October, CQ
         WW DX SSB Contest included. QSL via IT9ATF. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
I      - The Valdarno Contesting Radio Team (IK5AAB, IK5AFJ, IK5YOJ,  IW5ECI,
         IW5EFR, IZ5AJP, IZ5DKG, IZ5IIN and IZ5ILF)  will participate in  the
         CQ WW DX SSB Contest  as IR5A (Multi-Single).  QSL via IK5AFJ.  [TNX
JA     - Look for JA6QIN/6 to be active from four different islands (Arifuku,
         Wakamatsu, Zuga and  Nakadori) in the  Goto Islands group  (AS-040),
         Nagasaki prefecture on 5-7  November. QSL via  home call, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
ON     - Rich, N0HJZ  will  be operating  as  ON9CMV from  Belgium  on  24-30

         October, including a full time effort  in the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest.
         QSL direct to N0HJZ; logs will be uploaded to LOtW. [TNX N0HJZ]
PA     - The VERON section Noord en Midden Limburg will be active as  PA60LIM
         from 27 October to 11 November to celebrate their 60th  anniversary.
         Expect them to be active also during  the CQ WW DX SSB Contest.  QSL
         via PE1NCP, direct or bureau. [TNX PE1NCP]
PJ4    - Kelly, N0VD will be active as  PJ4/N0VD from Bonaire (SA-006)  until
         30 October. QSL via home call. He  will be one of the operators  who
         will participate in the CQ WW  DX SSB Contest  as a Multi-Two  entry
         from PJ4E (QSL direct to WA4PGM). [TNX N0VD]
SV     - Gyuszi/HA2VR, Laci/HA6NL (J48NL), Zsolt/HA6PS (J48PS),  Tibor/HA6ZV,
         Al/HA7JJS (J48JJ)  and Laci/HA7PL  (J48PL)  will operate  as  J48RT,
         SV8/homecall and under their personal callsigns from Thassos  Island
         (EU-174) from 24 October to 8 November. The group will be active  on
         the HF bands, plus 6 and 2 metres,  on CW, SSB, PSK31, MS and  JT6M.
         They will  participate  in  the  CQ  WW  DX  SSB  Contest  as  J48RT
         (Multi-Single) and in the HA QRP  Contest (1-7 November). QSL  J48RT
         via HA6NL, direct or bureau. Others via home call, direct or bureau.
         [TNX HA0HW]
UR     - Ben, OZ5AAH/OZ5IPA will operate  SSB and CW  as UT/OZ5IPA from  Kiev
         Borispol,  Ukraine,  from  30  October  to   7  November.  He   will
         participate in the International  Police Association's Contest  (3-4
         November). QSL direct to home call.
V2     - Once more Team Antigua will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest
         as V26B  (QSL  via KA2AEV).  The  operators will  arrive  around  22
         October and  will will  probably be  active through  the 30th  using
         their personal callsigns. NI1N and N3KS are waiting for their  calls
         to be issued by the  licencing authority, the  others will be  V26BA
         (QSL via  WA3RHW), V26BZR  (QSL via  W2BZR), V26CW  (QSL via  KM9M),
         V26JN (QSL via WX3B), V26OC (QSL via N3OC). [TNX KA2AEV]
V3     - John, W5JON (V31FB) will be back to Ambergris Caye (NA-073) for  the
         CQ WW DX SSB  Contest. He will  be there on  25-31 October. QSL  via
         home call. [TNX NG3K]
VP2M   - George/K2DM (VP2MDG),  Peter/K3ZM (VP2MZM)  and Glen/W4GKA  (VP2MKA)
         will be active  from Montserrat on  24-30 October,  including a  M/2
         entry in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest  as VP2MDG. Look for VP2MDG on  6m
         SSB and VP2MZM on 160m CW  outside the contest. QSL via home  calls.
         [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
VP5    - WA2VYA, K2WB, W2WAS, N2VW will be on Providenciales, Caicos  Islands
         (NA-002) on 23-30 October. They will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB
         Contest as  VP5T (QSL  via  N2VW, direct  or  bureau; logs  will  be
         uploaded to LoTW after 30 days ). Before and after the contest  they
         will operate CW, 30, 17 and 12 metres as homecall/VP5 (QSL via  home
         call). [TNX NG3K]
VP8_sg - Lars, MM0DWF (www.lars-boehme.de/vp8dif/index.html)  will be  active
         as VP8DIF from Husvik, South Georgia (AN-007) from around 27 January
         until 28 February 2008. Amateur radio operations will be on a  spare
         time basis. QSL via DJ9ZB, direct or bureau. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
W      - Serge, W5ZZ and Vic, N8OO expect  to be active as W5ZZ/p and  N8OO/p
         from Grand Isle (NA-168) on 19-20 October. [TNX W5ZZ]
W      - Paul, AA4ZZ will be  active from Sunset  Beach Island (NA-112)  from
         about 12 UTC on 20 October  until about 16 UTC  on the 22nd.  Expect
         him to operate mainly on 20 metres SSB, possibily with some 17m SSB.
         QSL via home call. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
W      - Bren, G4DYO will be active as W4/G4DYO from Captiva Island  (NA-069)
         for few hours  on 16 November.  He plans operate  SSB on 20  metres.
         [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]
XW     - Alex, RK3DT reports he will be active again as XW3DT from Laos  from
         25 October to 6 November. QSL  to Alex Sinchukov, P.O. Box 11,  GPO,
         Hong Kong.
YO     - Jean-Michel, F6AJA, Editor of Les Nouvelles  DX, reports he will  be
         once again active in his spare time as YO/F6AJA from the YO3KPA club
         station in Bucharest, Romania from 27 October to 2 November. QSL via

JOTA ---> Further stations expected to  be active during this weekend's  50th
Jamboree On The Air include:
* GB2JAM by the Wirral and District Amateur Radio Club. QSL via G4MGR.
* GB50RFR by the Bittern  DX Group from  the 1st Rural  Roughton Scout HQ  at
  Roughton Windmill. QSL via M0CNP.
* HB50S from the World Scout Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland. QSL via HB9AOF.
* HL9BSA from the Yongsan Army Post in Seoul, South Korea. QSL to WX8C.
* HP1RCP (Radio Club de Panama), from the Panama City National Scout Center.
* II050SCOUT (QSL via IK0DWN or LoTW)  and IR050J (QSL  via IW0GOA) from  the
  Abbey of Montecassino.
* II250SCOUT by a group of operatos from ARI Vigevano. QSL via IW2NOH.
* ON50JOTA, by members of the UBA section GDV.
* VR100S from the Hong  Kong Scout HKIR  IT Club (VR2HKS,  www.it-scout.org).
  Activity will continue through the end of the year.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

IR8DX ---> IK8OZZ,  IK8VRH, IK8YTA and  IZ8GGF were active  from Santo  Janni
(EU-144, IIA PZ-001)  at various times  between 1 June  and 15 October.  They
made around  5,000 CW  QSOs. Logs  are  available on  http://dx.qsl.net/  and
http://logsearch.de/, and will  be upoloaded soon  to LoTW.  QSL via  IK8VRH.

FRACAP --->  The  next FRACAP  (Federacion  de Radio  Aficionados  de  Centro
America y Panama) Convention will take  place in Antigua, Guatemala on  23-25
November. Details can be found at http://www.fracap.org/ or from Jorge  Abed,
TG9AAJ (tg9aaj@gmail.com). [TNX TG9AJR]

NCDXA ---> At  the October meeting,  the members of  the National Capitol  DX
Association (http://www.qsl.net/ncdxa/)  elected  the following  officers  to
serve  in  2008:  Dick  Mayott/W2YE   (President),  John  Kanode/N4MM   (Vice
President), Brian  Bayus/N1KC (Treasurer),  George Vincent/K3GV  (Secretary).

QSL 3V8SS ---> Dmitry, RW4WM guest operated  CW, SSB and RTTY from the  3V8SS
premises in  Sousse  between 2  and  10 October  (2122  QSOs). QSL  for  this
operation only via RW4WM,  direct (Dmitry Zakharov,  P.O. Box 5991,  Izhevsk,
426075, Russia) or bureau. Proceeds will  be donated to  the club station  to
help them purchase amateur radio equipment. [TNX RW4WM]

R35NP ---> Mikhail Fokin (RW1AI) is now active as R35NP from drifting station
"North Pole 35" until next summer. Mike is running 100 watts on 20, 30 and 40
metres CW  and SSB.  QSL via  RW1AI, direct  (Mikhail N.Fokin,  P.O. Box  13,
St.Petersburg, 193312  Russia)  or  bureau.  Logs  (including  his  Antarctic
operations  as  R1AND,   R1ANP,  R1ANT  and   RW1AI/ANT)  are  available   at
http://www.qsl.net/ua1ake/logs [TNX UA1AKE]

THAILAND GAINS NEW BANDS ---> Effective 12 October, Intermediate and Advanced
class amateur radio operators in Thailand  have gained access to 12, 17,  30,
80 and 160 meters on a permanent basis They are now allowed to operate on the
following frequencies:
12m    24.890-24.990 MHz
17m    18.068-18.168 MHz
30m    10.100-10.150 MHz
80m    3.500-3.540 MHz
160m   1.800-1.825 MHz
The authorisation, granted in a new  Act governing amateur radio in  Thailand
by  the  National  Telecommunications  Commission  (NTC),  follows  years  of
lobbying by the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST).
No changes were made to the VHF bands,  where 6 metres (50-54 MHz) and  1,240
MHz are still  off-limits and 430  MHz (70 cm)  is authorised for  monitoring
only, such  as to  listen to  satellite downlinks.  Two metres  (144 MHz)  is
channelised and minor amendments were made to repeater allocations.
An unofficial translation of the  NTC's Amateur Radio  Act will be  available
soon at www.qsl.net/rast [TNX G4UZN]

VE5 INCOMING QSL BUREAU ---> Effective immediately, the Incoming QSL  Manager
for VA5/VE5 is Joe Musgrave  VA5JM/VE5CEM, 729 Fifth  Street NE, Weyburn,  SK
S4H 1A4, Canada (ve5cem@sasktel.net).

VE7 INCOMING QSL BUREAU ---> After 19 years of service, Dennis Livesey, VE7DK
has retired as BC Incoming QSL manager. Taking over is Ken Clarke, VE7UQ. The
new address for the Bureau is: VE7-VA7 Incoming QSL Bureau, Ken Clarke VE7UQ,
12441 - 58A Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada V3X 1X6 [TNX VE7UQ, ve7uq@shaw.ca]

VP8 CRUISE ---> Mehdi Escoffier, F5PFP  says a 4-week Antarctic  cruise could
be organized  to  take  place  in January 2009. The itinerary will  include a
number of islands (King George,  Nelson, Greenwich, Livingston, Deception) in
in the South Shetlands. At this stage Mehdi is looking for five participants;
e-mail him (f5pfp@aliceadsl.fr) for details.


QSLs received direct or through managers:  1A0KM, 3B7SP, 3XY5M, 4A3IH,  4O3A,
5B4AIF,  5H0RS,  5W1SA,  6W2SC,  6Y5WJ,  7U5CI  (AF-104),  9A2HQ/P,   9K2YM/P
(AS-118),  9M6XRO,  9Q1TB,  A25SL,  A45WD,  A61Q/p,  A71BX/P,  A71EM,  AP2TN,
BG6IQD/4, BS7H,  CE0Z, CN2BC,  CO2OJ, CU2/WA1S,  CU3EJ, CU8/CT1GFK  (EU-089),
GB7HQ, HD2A, HI0C, HL0LPM/3 (AS-080), HP/CX4CR, HR1LW, HR9/K0UU, HV0A, J48HW,
OX/PA3EXX/P (NA-243), PR8ZX,  PZ5RA, R0UPOL, R1FJT,  RA1QY (EU-153),  RU6DX/P
(EU-185), S21RC, SV9CVY, T30ONM, T77C, T77NM,  TM5EL (EU-048), UK9AA,  V63JJ,
VC1W (NA-126), VE1FO/P (NA-126), VO1PJN,  VO2/NF6J (NA-044), VP2ERD,  VP8ROT,


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