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1 December 2007                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 865
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3D2_rot - Tony, 3D2AG/FO5RK expects to  depart for Rotuma  [425DXN 855] on  1
          December and to reach the island  by the 3rd.  Because of his  busy
          work-related schedule during the first two weeks, Tony will be able
          to operate full time only from 15 December, hopefully until end  of
          January. Updates  (on-line  logs included)  will  be  available  at
5R8     - Remco, PG0A is active holiday style as 5R8NL from Madagascar  until
          7 December. QSL  via PA7FM. Effective  immediately, this QSL  route
          applies also to Remco's 2005 operation (Dennis says that "there's a
          small backlog of  direct QSL requests  that will  be cleared  after
          this operation  as  soon  as  possible").  Further  information  at
          http://www.5r8nl.pa7fm.nl/ [TNX PA7FM]
6Y      - Dave, KY1V will operate CW  as 6Y1V from  Jamaica (NA-097) for  the
          ARRL 10 Meters  Contest (8-9 December).  QSL via  OH3RB. [TNX  OPDX
9M0     - Ed, N1UR and Christine, KB1PQN will  be active from Layang  Layang,
          Spratly Islands (AS-051)  on 22-30 March.  QSL via  K2RET. The  web
          site for the operation is at http://www.n1urspratly.com/ [TNX N1UR]
CU      - Michael,  G7VJR  will  be  active  as  CU2/G7VJR  from  Sao  Miguel
          (EU-003), Azores from 26 December to 3 January. He plans to operate
          CW only on a range of HF  bands including 160 metres, with a  small
          linear and verticals. QSL via G7VJR. Logs will be uploaded to  LoTW
          shortly after the operation. [TNX G7VJR]
EA      - Adolfo, EA7TV plans to  operate as AO7TV/P  from the lighthouse  at
          Punta del Perro (ARLHS SPA-301) on 1-2 December. QSL via home call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX EA7TV]
F       - Special callsign TM7IET will be aired until 9 December to celebrate
          the 100th anniversary of the Institut Electrotechnique de Toulouse,
          nowadays ENSEEIHT (Ecole  Nationale Superieure  d'Electrotechnique,
          Electronique,  Informatique,  Hydraulique  et  Telecommunications).
          Expect activity on the HF bands SSB,  CW and PSK31, and on the  VHF
          bands FM. QSL via F4DQG. [F5NQL]
GJ      - Look  for   Rob/MJ0RLJ   (MW0RLJ),  Anthony/MJ0JZE   (MW0JZE)   and
          Russell/GJ5XW (G5XW)  to be  active from  Jersey (EU-013)  on  7-10
          December. Their main plain is to operate SSB (with some QRS CW)  on
          40, 80 and 160 metres during their nights. All QSLs direct to G5XW.
          [TNX G5XW]
HC      - Peter, DL9DAK will be active from Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
          early next year:
          02-11 January    DL9DAK/HC1    Quito
          15-18 January    DL9DAK/HC8    Galapagos
          19-21 January    DL9DAK/HC2    Guayaquil
          He will operate  only digital modes  (PSK, Olivia, RTTY,  Feldhell,
          etc.) on 17,  20 and from  time to  time 40  metres, with  vertical
          dipoles and 50  watts. QSL via  home call.  Further information  at
          http://www.dl9dak.de/ [TNX DL9DAK]
HL      - A group of operators from Korea and Japan (DS4NMJ, HL4CEL,  HL4CEY,
          JA1HGY, JA1RJU  and  JA1WPX)  will  be  active  from  Chung  Island
          (AS-060) for 24 hours, from about  4 UTC on  30 November through  4
          UTC on 1 December. [TNX F5NQL]
KH0     - Hiro/JF1OCQ (W1VX and  KH0D), Toshi/JE1SYN  (N3YS) and  Hide/JI1JPJ
          (AB2WE) will be active from Saipan, on 7-10 December. They plan  to
          operate CW,  SSB, RTTY  and FM  on on  80-10 metres.  QSL via  home
          calls. [TNX JF1OCQ]
KL      - Rick, K6VVA injured his hand/wrist during his latest operation from
          NA-041, and has  had to cancel  his planned trip  for the ARRL  160
          Meter Contest  [425DXN  861]. It  looks  like he  may  go  back  in
          February. Further  information  is expected  in  due  course.  [TNX
TR      - Roland, F8EN  will be  active again  as TR8CR  (or with  a  special
          callsign) from Libreville, Gabon from 7 December to 12 January.  He
          will operate  especially  on  20 metres  CW  (14005  kHz)  and  SSB
          (14125-14200 kHz), and will also  try to go  and operate from  IOTA
          group AF-043. QSL via F6AJA or  F8EN. [TNX F6AJA and Les  Nouvelles
VK      - Special event station VI2BMARC50 will be active on 18-28 January to
          celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Blue Mountains Amateur  Radio
          Club (VK2HZ, http://www.bmarc.org/). QSL via bureau.  [TNX VK2XTT]
VP9     - Igor, VE3ZF will be  active as VP9/VE3ZF  from Bermuda (NA-005)  on
          5-8 December. He plans to operate  from different parishes for  the
          Worked All Bermuda Award sponsored by the Radio Society of  Bermuda
          (details at  http://www.bermudashorts.bm/rsb/awards.htm).  QSL  via
          home call. [TNX VE3ZF]
XT      - Michel, F1IQH will be active as XT2WC from Bobo Dioulasso,  Burkina
          Faso from 6 December until late December or early January. QSL  via
          home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
ZS_ant  - Ludwig, ZS6WLC will  be active as  ZS7BYRD from  the South  African
          Antarctic base  SANAE  IV  (Vesleskarvet)  during  January-February
          2008. He expects to operate SSB on  14180 kHz and AM on 14280  kHz;
          CW will be supported using straight  key. QSL to Ludwig  Combrinck,
          P.O. Box 443, Krugersdorp 1740, South Africa.
          ZS7BYRD will  be a  commemorative station  for Admiral  Richard  E.
          Byrd's 1930  and  1934 expeditions,  where  they used  the  McMurdo
          Silver crystal circuit  for selectivity and  the Collins  pioneered
          class B AM modulator for the  first voice transmissions to the  USA
          from Antartica respectively. [TNX ZS6WLC]

SOUTHEAST ASIA TRIP ---> Pete, SM5GMZ will be back to Thailand, Cambodia  and
East Malaysia from January through April.  His work will  come first, but  he
will be active on  the amateur radio bands  as much as  he can in  his  spare
time. Expect him to operate  as HS0ZFI, XU7ADI and 9M6/SM5GMZ. Activity  from
Brunei is also  being planned. QSLs  via home  call, direct  or bureau.  [TNX

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

E51TLA ---> Henrik, OZ6TL reports that  his E51TLA log  for contacts made  in
2007 has been uploaded to LoTW.

OPERATORS NEEDED --->  Trent, VK4TI  and other  VK Contest  Club members  are
planning an operation to take place  as YJ0AX from Vanuatu  during the CQ  WW
WPX SSB  Contest (29-30  March 2008).  They have  called for  expressions  of
interest   open    to    all    operators    of    contest    calibre.    See
http://www.qrz.com/yj0ax for information [TNX MM0NDX]

PIRATE ---> The callsign MU0A was very active during the CQ WW DX CW Contest.
"Sadly", Phil, GU0SUP reports, "this call has never been issued, a fact which
has been confirmed by Ofcom, the licencing authority in the UK, and therefore
the operation was a pirate".

QSL 6W1SJ ---> All of the direct  requests received by 27 November have  been
processed and mailed, Boris, T93Y reports.  It can take up  to four weeks  to
deliver air-mail letters, so please wait a while before sending inquiries  to

the QSL manager (6w1sj@t93y.com). [TNX T93Y]

QSL KH6YR ---> Stefano,  I0MWI reports he  is the new  QSL manager for  KH6YR
(operator Lou,  K1YR). He  can confirm  QSOs made  during the  CQ WW  DX  SSB
Contest 2007 and after.

QSL VP8NO ---> Mike reports that his QSLs  are on hold until he receives  the
new cards in early January. Please be patient.

QSL XT2SE  --->  Gabriele, IK3GES  reports  he is  receiving  several  direct
requests without (or with unsufficient) return postage, without SAE, with old
unredeemable IRCs. All of these requests  will be replied to via the  bureau.
Please note that one  USD does not  cover return postage,  but one IRC  does.
And, if SWLs, do not forget to list the stations you heard working XT2SE!

QSL VIA IK1PMR  ---> Please note  that the QSL  route for  the ZP0R  activity
during last week's CQ WW DX CW Contest is direct (2 USD or 1 IRC) to  IK1PMR,
who was  the  operator.  You  can also  include  QSLs  for  CW2C,  IK1PMR/CX,
Expect IK1PMR (and Claudia, IZ1GLO) to operate again as ZP0R during the  TARA
RTTY  Melee  Contest  on  1  December   (complete  rules  can  be  found   at
http://www.n2ty.org/seasons/tara_melee_rules.html). [TNX IK1PMR]

SPAIN GAINS  NEW FREQUENCIES  ---> URE  Secretary General  Jose Diaz,  EA4BPJ
reports that effective 24 November 2007, Spanish amateur radio operators were
authorized to use 7100-7200 kHz on a secondary basis, using a total  radiated
power not exceeding 24 dbW. They  also gained access to  the 51-52 MHz  band,
with a maximum power  of 100 watts  (except in the  central Spain, where  the
power is limited to 10 watts).


QSLs received  direct  or through  managers:  1A0KM, 3A/F5RBB,  3A2MD,  3B7C,
3B8CF, 3D2ER,  3D2VB,  3DA0VB, 3G0Y,  3XM6JR,  4L4WW, 4O3A,  4S7HIG,  5H3VMB,
5N8NDP, 5R8RJ, 5R8VB, 5U5U, 6W1SE, 6W2SC, 7P8JF, 7Q7CE, 7Q7VB, 7X5VRK,  9A4W,
9J2BO, 9J2VB,  9M2GCN,  9M6XRO, 9U0A,  9U0VB,  9X0VB, 9Y4W,  A25KDJ,  A25OOK,
A52AM, A92HB,  AH7C,  AL2V, BD7KLO/7,  BL7IN,  C31LJ, C5DXC,  C91VB,  C98BWW,
CE1/K7CA, CN2R, CO8LY,  D20VB, D60VB,  D88S, E30NA,  E51NOU, EE5KB  (EU-093),
(EU-144), J20VB, J3/DL7VOG (NA-147), J5UAP,  J6/DL7AFS, J88DR, JT1CO,  JT1DA,
(OC-283), P29VCX (OC-284), P29VLR, PJ7/CT1BWW,  PZ5RA, R1AND, RI1NU,  RW0IZ/p
(AS-059), S59A, SD7ME (EU-037), ST2VB, T77C,  T93J, TA3D, TG9ADM,  TK/IK5WOB,
TY5ZR, UA0CW, UA0IDZ/p, UA1QV/1 (EU-160), UK8OM,  UT7QF, V31FB, V51VV,  VE7NH
(NA-075), VK0JLX, VK2FRNB, VK6CHI (OC-193), VK6YS/p (OC-164), VO1J  (NA-198),
XX9TJS, YK1BA, YN4SU, YV5JBI, YW5AS (SA-051), Z2/UA4WHX, Z30M, Z32AF,  Z32XA,


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