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29 December 2007                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 869
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

                    *        TO ALL OUR READERS        *
                    * WARMEST THOUGHTS AND BEST WISHES *
                    *     FOR A WONDERFUL  HOLIDAY     *
                    *    AND A  VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR    *

3Y0    - According to  the latest  update, dated  24 December,  Petrus,  3Y0E
         (ZS6GCM) on  Bouvet Island  is currently  active between  15-17  UTC
         (these times  can change  without  notice). He  did  call CQ  on  20
         metres, but  he  could  not  hear any  stations  reply  to  him  and
         therefore his  logbook is  still empty.  "We need  to remember  that
         Petrus has got limited HF experience", Rhy, ZS6DXB says, "and we all
         will need to assist him as  far as possible". Bookmark  www.3y0e.com
         for regular updates.
5Z     - Ben, DL7UCX will be active as 5Z4/DL7UCX from Kenya from 31 December
         through 12 January. He plans to operate mainly CW on 160-17  metres,
         with an emphasis  on the low  bands. QSL  via home  call, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
CN     - Russell, G5XW will be active as CN2XW on 13-23 February from various
         parts of Morocco, from the Atlas  Mountains across to the coast.  Ho
         hopes to  manage to  get  to IOTA  group  AF-065 during  this  time.
         Equipment will  be mininum  as this  is a  backpacking holiday.  QSL
         direct to home call. [TNX G5XW]
DL_ant - Felix, DL5XL is currently  active from DP0GVN,  the club station  at
         German Antarctic station  Neumayer II.  He prefers  CW, while  Mirko
         (DG9BHQ) likes SSB and PSK31. Next  year another operator  (Torsten,
         DD1TG) will arrive at the station. QSL via DL5EBE. [TNX DL5XL]
EA8    - Niels, OZ7FOC reports he will be active as EA8/OZ7FOC from Tenerife,
         Canary Islands (AF-004) on 14-26 January.
F      - The French  Department "Ville  de Paris"  was created  on 1  January
         1968. To celebrate  the 40th  anniversary, the  Radio-Club de  Paris
         (F6KVP) will be active under five special event callsigns between  1
         January and 7 June as follows:
         1-15 January             TM8P
         26 January-9 February    TM4A
         16 February-2 March      TM1R
         29 March-12 April        TM2I
         24 May-7 June            TM7S
         QSL via F6KVP.  Information on the  relevant award can  be found  at
F      - Herve, F5RMY  will be  active as  F5RMY/P from  Porquerolles  Island
         (EU-070) on 19-25 January. He plans  to operate CW and SSB on  40-10
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F5RMY]
FH     - Georg, DK7LX will be  active holiday style as FH/DK7LX from  Mayotte
         (AF-027) on 11-23  June. He will  operate CW on  all bands, with  an
         emphasis  on 30, 40 and 80 metres, using vertical arrays as well  as
         dipoles. QSL via  home call, direct  or bureau. Further  information
         will be available at http://www.dk7lx.mayotte.2008.ms/ [TNX DK7LX]
FJ     - The Association des  Radio-amateurs de  Saint-Barthelemy, FJ5KH  has
         been active since 22 December to celebrate the new DXCC Entity.  The
         operators are club members DK6ST, FJ1CM, FJ5AB, FJ5BC and FJ5DX, and
         activity will continue until 29 December. QSL via FJ5DX. [TNX F5NQL]
GJ     - Flo/F5CWU,  Sylvain/F4EGD,  Thierry/F5MOO  and  Tom/GM4FDM  will  be
         active as  MJ/F5CWU,  MJ/F4EGD,  MJ/F5MOO  and  GJ4FDM  from  Jersey
         (EU-013) from 28  December to  6 January.  They plan  to have  three
         stations for  the HF  bands and  one station  for 2  metres, and  to
         concentrate on the low bands, on 12, 17 and 30 metres, and on  RTTY.
         QSL via  home  calls,  direct  or  bureau.  Further  information  at
         http://jersey2008.f5cwu.net [TNX F5CWU]
HB0    - Tom,  DL2OBO  (www.dl2obo.de)  will  be   active  once  again   from
         Liechtenstein on 1-9 January. He plans  to operate mostly CW and  to
         concentrate on the low bands, with 2-element wire beams for 80m  and
         160m to North America and a vertical for Asia. [TNX K1XN]
HL     - Han, DS2GOO will be active as DS2GOO/5 from Saryang Island  (AS-081)
         from 30 December to 1 January.  He plans to operate on 80-17  metres
         mainly RTTY and PSK31. QSL via home call. [TNX HL1VAU]
HL     - Chae, HL5YI will be active as HL5YI/4 from Sorok Island (AS-060)  on
         18-21 January. He plans to operate  CW, RTTY and SSB  on 80, 40,  20
         and 10 metres, and to participate  in the UK DX RTTY Contest  (19-20
         January, http://www.ukdx.srars.org/). QSL via  home call, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX HL5YI]
I      - Special event station II9CAR is active  until 14 March from  Trapani
         for the exibition  "Caravaggio. Images of  the Divine",  celebrating
         the 400th  anniversary of  the artist's  visit  to Sicily.  QSL  via
         bureau or direct to IW9FRA. [TNX IW9FRA]
J5     - The J5C [425DXN 861]  team of operators  (F2JD, F2VX, F4AJQ,  F5JSD,
         F5PED, F5TVG,  F5VHQ,  F8BJI,  F8BUI,  F8IXZ,  F8PDR,  F9IE,  FM5CD,
         OE8KDK, N2WB and N6OX) expect to reach Bubaque Island (AF-020)  late
         in the afternoon  of 11 January,  and they  are unlikely  to be  QRV
         before 15 UTC on the 12th. Thierry/F4TTR and Bruno/F5AGB will be the
         pilot stations,  to be  contacted using  a specific  e-mail  address
         (pilots@j5c.eu). Complete information on the DXpedition can be found
         at http://www.j5c.eu/. QSL via F5TVG. [TNX F5NQL]
KH2    - Hiro, JA0SC  will operate  as KH2/JA0SC  from Guam  (OC-026) on  2-3
         January. He expects  to be  active mostly  on the  digital modes  on
         20-10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
ON     - Celebrating its  40th anniversary,  the  Belgian Air  Force  Amateur
         Radio Association (BAFARA) will be active on all bands and modes  as
         ON40BAF from  1 January  through 31  December 2008.  QSL via  ON6KN,
         direct or bureau. [TNX ON6KN]
PY     - Rolf/PY1RO,   Joe/PY2EJ,   Luiz/PY2OC,   Alex/PY2WAS,    Fred/PY2XB,
         Junior/PY2ZA and possibly others will be  active as PW2M from  Moela
         Island (SA-071, on of the most wanted IOTA groups in South  America)
         on 1-8 February. QSL  via AI4U and  PY2AA (for Brazilian  stations).
         [TNX PY2WAS]
V6     - Kazu, JA0VSH  and  his  wife Miyuki,  JG0PBJ  will  be  active  from
         Pohnpei, Micronesia (OC-010)  from 28  December to  3 January.  They
         will operate V63KZ (Kazu), V63MP (Miyuki) and V63BBQ (club call)  on
         160-10 metres CW and SSB.  QSLs via JA0VSH,  direct or bureau.  [TNX
V7     - Randy, V73RY  has been  regularly  active from  Kwajalein  (OC-028),
         Marshall Islands since May 2005 and  will be returning to the US  in
         May 2008. SSB  is his preferred  mode, but he  also operates  little
         PSK31, CW and other  digital modes. See  qrz.com for information  on
         his operating habits. QSL via N7RO. Logs are uploaded to LoTW.
VE     - Richard, VA7MJR will be active from Entrance Island (NA-075) on 9-20
         January. He plans  to operate SSB  on 80-6 metres  during his  spare
         time. [TNX VA3RJ]
YS     - Bob, I2JIN will  be active again  as YS3/I2JIN from  El Salvador  on
         13-27 January. He plans to operate on all bands CW ony. [TNX I2FUG]
ZD7    - Tom, ZD7X (KC0W) moved to  St. Helena in  early September 2007,  and
         expected to remain there for several  years [425DXN 852] However  he
         now reports he will be departing the island in April 2008. He  plans
         to spend  the majority  of his  last few  months  as ZD7X  on  75/80
         meters, CW and SSB. Look for  him around 3502 kHz CW  and in the  DX
         window on SSB (plus minus QRM). QSL via W0MM, direct or bureau.

PACIFIC TOUR ---> JA1PBV operated as H44V from the Solomon Islands; he is now
expected to be on Tuvalu (T2) from 28 December to 4 January and to be  active
again as H44V starting on 5 January. QSL via JA1PBV. [TNX JA1HGY]

VK & ZL TOUR ---> Andrea, IK1PMR (VK7AAP) and Claudia, IZ1GLO/K2LEO  (VK7CLA)
are touring Australia and New Zealand through January. Andrea says that their
tentative schedule is as follows:
28 December-6 January VK7AAP/4 and VK7CLA/4  Bribie Island (OC-001)
7-13 January          ZL/IK1PMR and ZL/IZ1GLO  Auckland, New Zealand (OC-036)
14-16 January         ZL/IK1PMR and ZL/IZ1GLO  Waiheke Island (OC-201)
17-20 January         VK7AAP/3 and  VK7CLA/3  Australia
21-31 January         VK7AAP and VK7CLA  Tasmania (OC-006)
1 February-???        VK7AAP/3 and  VK7CLA/3  Australia

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4S7DXG ---> Radio Society of Sri Lanka's Secretary Victor Goonetilleke, 4S7VK
says that 4S7DXG  (UR9IDX) "is operating  without a valid  licence". He  used
that callsign in the past and "has  applied for renewal", which "has not  yet
been granted by the Ministry of  Defense". He also  claimed "to operate  from
IOTA AS-171, Barbaryn Island, which needs special clearance from the  Harbour
Master which he hasn't received". [TNX www. islandchaser.com]

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA ---> In August [425DXN 849] the ITU granted a request from
the Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina  (BiH)
to replace  T9A-T9Z  with  E7A-E7Z.  The  change  was  made  initially  on  a
provisional basis  under  authority of  the  ITU Secretary  General  and  was
confirmed by the 2007 World Radiocommunication Conference to be effective  17
November 2007. A  press conference was  held in  Sarajevo on  18 December  to
formally announce  the  change. Amateur  Radio  station licences  bearing  E7
prefixes will  be issued  beginning in  January 2008,  and the  use of  other
prefixes will be phased out. [TNX www.arrl.org]

E4/OM2DX ---> Mike/OM2DX, Steve/OM3JW, Rudy/OM3PC and Miro/OM5RW made  nearly
30,000 QSOs during  their recent 7-day  operation from Bethlehem,  Palestine.
Their final statistics are as follows:
      SSB      CW      RTTY      TOT
160    39    2050         0     2089
80      0    4866         0     4866
40    493    6775         0     7268
30      0    3033         0     3033
20   3151    2220      1048     6419
17   2298    1365         0     3661
15    672    1385         0     2057
12      0      55         0       55
10      0       0         0        0
TOT  6653   21749      1048    29450
Why did not  they work  more SSB?  "The answer  is easy",  Mike, OM2DX  says.
"Doors to Palestine are pretty much opened  for anybody and we are sure  that
every other expedition will spend much more time on SSB than on CW. There are
also some local licensed operators but once they will come on air it will  be
again SSB  only".  The complete  log  and a  few  pictures can  be  found  at
www.om2dx.com/. QSL via OM3JW, direct or bureau.

QSL 3V8SS ---> The QSL cards for 3V8SS operated by RW4WM (2-10 October  2007)
have been printed.  Requests can be  sent direct (Dmitry  Zakharov, P.O.  Box
5991, Izhevsk, 426075, Russia) or via the Russian bureau. [TNX RW4WM]

QSL VIA SM6CVX  ---> All of  the direct QSL  requests for  P29VCX and  P29VLR
(OC-153, OC-240,  OC-256,  OC-284)  received up  to  21  December  have  been
processed and mailed,  Hans, SM6CVX says.  Requests with unsufficient  return
postage will be cleared through the bureau system.


QSLs received  direct or  through managers:  3B7C, 3B8FQ,  3C7Y, 4L8A,  4O3A,
5L2MS, 5N47NDP, 5X1NH,  6W1SJ, 7Q7BP,  7X5ST, 8Q7GS,  9G5ZZ, 9M4SDX,  9M6XRO,
EP3HF, ER0WW, EX2M, F5KAQ/P (EU-156), FM5BH, FS5KA, H40MY (OC-178), HK0/N0AT,
HL8KSJ, HQ2A, HQ9R,  IE9/IQ9PA, J3A,  J43J, J79CO,  JW/G3SXW, K3B,  K6VVA/KL7
(NA-041), KH0O, KH6ZM, KH7XS, LT1F, N8S, NH7O, OD5/F5PTM, OF0Z, OJ0B,  OX3XR,
P29VCX (OC-240), P29VCX  (OC-284), P29VLR (OC-256),  P40W, PJ4/K4BAI,  PJ5NA,
PY0FF, RA0ALM,  RK1B/p,  RV9FQ, SV2ASP/A,  T32RD,  TA3J/0  (AS-115),  TC2K4J,
TI5/K2PLF, TI5N, TM6X, UA0SC, UK8OA, UR0MC, V26H, V26K, V31DF, V31KO,  V47NT,
VK1ANU/5  (OC-139),  VK6CHI  (OC-193),   VK6YS/p  (OC-164),  VK9WWI,   VP6TD,


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