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12 January 2008                                            A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 871
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

5H      - Hans, DL7CM  will be  active again  as 5H1CM  from Zanzibar  Island
          (AF-032) on 13-24 January. He plans to operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on
          160-6 metres, with an emphasis on the low bands. QSL via home call,
          direct or bureau. Further information,  logsearch included, can  be
          found at http://www.qsl.net/dl7cm/5H1.htm [TNX NG3K]
7P      - Filip/ON4AEO, Kath/ON7BK,  Sid/ZS5AYC, Edwin/ZS5BBO,  Adele/ZR6APT,
          Lucas/ZS6ACT, Gert/ZS6GC and  Tom, ZS6TMO will  be active as  7P8FC
          from Lesotho from 27 March to  1 April. They  plan to operate  SSB,
          RTTY and PSK on 80-10 metres.   QSL via  ON4CJK, direct or  bureau.
          The website  for  the expedition  is  at  http://www.7p8fc.be  [TNX
8Q      - Andrew, G7COD will  be active  for the  fourth time  as 8Q7AK  from
          Embudu, Maldives (AS-013) from 21 January  to 2 February. He  plans
          to operate  mainly SSB  with some  CW  on 40-12  metres,  tipically
          between 9-11 UTC, 14-16 UTC  and 18-18.30 UTC.  QSL via home  call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX G7COD]
9X      - On 11  January the  Rwanda Utilities  Regulatory Agency  issued  an
          amateur radio  licence (9X0R)  to Antonio  Gonzalez, EA5RM,  and  a
          DXpedition is being planned to  take place in  a couple of  months'
          time. "RURA is trying  to establish amateur  radio rules in  Rwanda
          with the help of Peter, 9X5SP",  Antonio says, and adds that "in  a
          few months ham radio activities  will start to  be more usual  from
          this country". Antonio and  his team are  grateful to RURA  General
          Director and  Peter,  9X5SP for  their  help and  cooperation,  and
          "happy and  proud for  our little  contribution  to the  future  of
          amateur radio in Rwanda". Full details about the DXpedition will be
          available at www.9x0r.com;  questions and comments  can be sent  to
A6      - Special event station A60ISG  will be active  on 17-24 January  for
          the third  international gathering  on "Scouting  and  Humanitarian
          Action" to  be held  in Sharjah,  United  Arab Emirates.  Look  for
          activity on 80-10 metres SSB and CW, plus digital modes.  According
          to Mohammad  Darwish, A61M,  this will  be the  first ever  special
          event callsign from the UAE. QSL via IZ8CLM. [TNX A61M and IZ8CLM]
EA_ssh  - The Radio Club La Salle (EA3RKL) has been authorized to operate  as
          ED3RKL  from  the  Spanish  Antarctic  base  "Juan  Carlos  I"   on
          Livingston Island,  South  Shetlands  (AN-010)  until  17  January.
          Activity is limited to the operator's spare time. [TNX F8AFC]
FO      - Nicolas,  F4CTS  is  currently  active  as  FO3RX  from   Bora-Bora
          (OC-067), French Polynesia. He operates SSB and digital modes  (and
          soon CW as well). QSL via F1NGP. [TNX F1NGP]
FO0     - According to the expedition's website (www.clipperton2008.org), the
          QRV dates  for TX5C  [425DXN 857]  from Clipperton  Atoll are  7-17
          March. A large  team of operators  from France, the  US and  Canada
          will be active on 160-6 metres CW, SSB and RTTY. The Pilot Stations
          will be Paul Peters/VE7BZ,  Jean-Michel Duthilleul/F6AJA and  Chris
          Sauvageot/DL5NAM (e-mail addresses on the website). QSL via  N7CQQ,
          direct (P.O. Box 31553, Laughlin, Nevada 89028, USA) or bureau. The
          log will be uploaded to LoTW.
FT      - Gildas, TU5KG has left for another fishing campaign in the Southern
          Indian Ocean. His  new callsigns  are FT5XR  (Kerguelen) and  FT5WN
          (Crozet). He will be sailing in the Kerguelen and Crozet areas, but
          it is not clear if  he will be  able to land  and operate from  the
          islands or if his activities will be limited to /MM operations. QSL
          via F4EFI, direct or bureau. [TNX F4EFI]
JD      - Look for JI5RPT (JD1BLY), JE1EKS (JD1BMO) and JM1WBB (JD1BMP) to be
          active from Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara on 13-28 February.  They
          plan to operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 160-6 metres, with  an
          emphasis on  the low  bands CW.  They will  also  focus on  2m  EME
          starting on  19 February.  QSL via  home calls,  direct or  bureau.
          Further  information,  on-line  logs  included,  can  be  found  at
          http://www.ji5rpt.com/ogasawara2008/ [TNX JI5RPT]
JW      - Unni, LA6RHA will be active  as JW6RHA on  18-24 January. Look  for
          her on 14248 MHz or down. This  will be her 16th trip to  Svalbard.
          QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
JW      - Look for Maria Teresa, JW/IN3TCH (RTTY) and Mauro, JW/IN3SAU  (SSB)
          from from the JW5E club station on Longyearbyen (EU-026),  Svalbard
          from 26 January to 3 February. QSL via IN3SAU. [TNX IN3SAU]
KH2     - Look for  TIARA  (Tokyo International  Amateur  Radio  Association)
          members AB2ST/KH2, KB3LTB/KH2 and KG6WTW/KH2 to be active from Guam
          (OC-026) on 15-17 February. QSL via JF1TEU, direct or bureau.  [TNX
LA      - Five special event callsigns will be aired on 17-27 January for the
          European Handball Championship (http://www.ehf-euro.com/) that will
          take place in Norway:  LM8EHC/1 (QSL via  LA1B), LM8EHC/2 (QSL  via
          LA2D), LM8EHC/3  (QSL  via  LA2L),  LM8EHC/4  (QSL  via  LA8D)  and
          LM8EHC/5 (QSL via LA2T). [TNX LA6ZFA]
S2      - Toby, SM4XDJ will be active as  S21XJ from Dhaka, Bangladesh for  a
          few weeks starting on 1 February.  He will operate SSB and  digital
          modes during his evening  hours and the  weekends. QSL via  SM4XIH.
          On-line logs will be available at http://fittest.nu [TNX SM4XIH]
SM      - Six special  event callsigns  will be  aired from  Blekinge,  Skane
          (Scania) and Halland in southern Sweden at various times throughout
          2008, to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Treaty of  Roskilde
          (26 February 1658), when those former  Danish provinces were  ceded
          to Sweden. Expect activity from SB1658OZ (QSL via SK7JC),  SC1658OZ
          (QSL via  SK7BQ),  SH1658DK (QSL  via  SK6JX),  SH1658OZ  (QSL  via
          SK6KY), SK1658DK  (QSL via  SK7CE) and  SK1658OZ (QSL  via  SK7BQ).
          Complete  information  on  the  relevant  "Roskilde  1658   Award",
          sponsored by Kristianstads Radioamatorer (SK7BQ),  can be found  at
          http://www.sk7bq.com/roskilde/index.php [TNX SK7BQ]
T8      - Mike/JA6EGL, Yu/JE6DND  and Hiro/JA6KYU  will be  active as  T88SM,
          T88HK and T88HS from  Koror (OC-009), Palau  on 1-3 February.  They
          plan to operate  CW and SSB  on 80-10  metres. QSL  via home  calls
          (direct only). [TNX JN6RZM]
TR      - Roland, F8EN (TR8CR) operated  as TR50R during  the past few  days.
          The special  callsign  is to  celebrate  his  Golden  Jubilee  with
          amateur radio.  Roland is  expected to  remain  in Gabon  until  12
          January. QSL via F6AJA. [TNX F6AJA]
V4      - Nick, G4FAL will be active from  St. Kitts (NA-104) on 3-10  March,
          including partecipation  in  the  RSGB  Commonwealth  Contest  (8-9
          March). His call is likely to be V4/G4FAL, and he plans to  operate
          mainly CW on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via home call.  [TNX
VP8_fal - Dave, G1OCN (VP8CLE) and Carol, 2E1DQZ (VP8DKW) will be active from
          different locations  in the  Falkland Islands  (SA-002) between  19
          January and 2 February. They plan to operate SSB on +/- 3740, 7055,
          14335, 18150, 21360 and 28940 kHz, as well as FM on AO-51 and SO-50
          satellites. QSL direct only (P.O. Box 2, Weymouth, Dorset DT4  4AP,
          England, UK). [TNX G1OCN]

PACIFIC TRIP --->  Dan, JA1PBV [425DXN  869] has operated  as 3D2BV from  the
Fiji Islands for  the past few  days. On  12 January  he will  return to  the
Solomon Islands (H44V),  and on  the 19th  he expects  to move  to Papua  New
Guinea (P29SI, if  he can  have his  call renewed)  until the  26th. QSL  via
JA1PBV. [TNX The Daily DX]

TRIP TO AFRICA ---> Peter, HA3AUI is going back to Africa. He will be  active
in  his  spare  time  as  either   6W2SC  (from  Senegal)  and  J5UAP   (from
Guinea-Bissau) from 15  January until  15 April.  QSL via  HA3AUI, direct  or
bureau. Logs will be uploaded to  LOTW. Peter plans to operate digital  modes
with some SSB. Bands in use  will be 160-6m from 6W and  30-10m from J5.  QSL
via HA3AUI, direct or bureau. Logs will be uploaded to LOTW. [TNX NG3K]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE ---> The latest  issue (December 2007) is now  available
at http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. Articles and pictures should  be
sent to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@ari.it).

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations have been approved for DXCC credit:
6E4LM     Revillagigedo           2007 Operations
FJ/OH2AM  Saint Barthelemy        2007 Operation
TN6X      Republic of The Congo   2007 Operation
TN9Z      Republic of The Congo   2007 Operation
TT8PK     Chad                    2007 and current 2008 Operations
XF4YK     Revillagigedo           2007 Operations
XF4YW     Revillagigedo           2007 Operations
YK9SV     Syria                   2007 Operation

DX SOUND  CLIPS:  Tom's (K8CX)  DX  sound clips  for  2007 can  be  found  at
http://hamgallery.com/dx2006/; the collection of 111 streaming Real Audio  DX
clips covers all the major DXpeditions, plus rare and semi-rare DX.

FJ/OH2AM ---> The following announcement from the ARRL DXCC Desk is dated  11
  "This operation by OH2BH and OH0XX was conducted under CEPT  Recommendation
T/R 61-01. This Recommendation makes it possible for radio amateurs from CEPT
countries (and certain non-CEPT countries) to operate in other CEPT countries
without obtaining  an  individual temporary  license  from the  visited  CEPT
  Complaints were received from  several individuals. The main thrust of  the
complaints is that the operators used a club call for which Laine is  station
trustee, rather than their individual callsigns.
  The intention of the operators in using a single callsign was to limit  the
number of  duplicate contacts.  Many DXpeditions  use club  or  special-issue
callsigns for  this  reason. The  Recommendation  makes no  mention  of  club
callsigns but says that the  visiting license holder  'must use his  national
call sign preceded  by the call  sign prefix of  the visited country'.  Other
operations using  club  callsigns from  French  territory, including  in  the
Caribbean, have taken place under provisions  of the Recommendation and  have
been credited for DXCC.
  Since the question was  raised, checking with various CEPT  administrations
and with the European Radiocommunication Office (ERO) has revealed  different
views regarding the use of club  callsigns under the Recommendation. The  ERO
observes that the use of a club callsign could prevent an administration from
determining whether a particular operator is  qualified and concludes,  'Club
members, including  the  holder of  the  club call  sign,  should  use  their
national personal call signs when abroad'.
  In  the case  of FJ/OH2AM, the  two operators   clearly  were qualified  to
operate in  St Barthelemy  under the  Recommendation.  They utilized  a  call
authorized to  them by  their  national authority.  The  purpose of  a  radio
station  callsign  is  to  identify  the  administration  and  the   licensee
responsible for the operation of the station. The use of FJ/OH2AM rather than
FJ/OH2BH and FJ/OH0XX did not thwart this purpose".

HA-DX CONTEST ---> This years' HA-DX  Contest (CW and SSB), sponsored by  the
Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ), will  take place from  12 UTC on  19
January through 11.59 UTC on the  20th. Complete information can be found  at
http://www.ha-dx.com [TNX HA1AH]

LOGS ---> The log search for  Petrus, 3Y0E (Bouvet  Island) is now  available
on-line at http://3y0e.com/in-the-log/

LOGS  --->   The   log  search   for   Freddy,  FO5RU   can   be   found   at
http://www.f5cq.net/dxp/2007-FO5RU/searchlog_fo5ru.php.  Freddy  will  remain
active until 21 January. QSL via F5CQ. [TNX F5NQL]

LOGS --->  On-line  logs for  the  recent OC1I  (SA-076)  and  OC6I  (SA-098)
operations are now available at http://dx.qsl.net/logs/index.html

LOGS ---> On-line logs for the  current TO5FJ operation are now available  at

MARS QSL BUREAU ---> N. Khosbayar, JT1CD reports that the the Mongolian Radio
Sport Federation's (MRSF) QSL bureau does  not work any longer. Cards  should
be sent to the Mongolian Amateur  Radio Society (MARS), QSL Bureau, P.O.  Box
830, Ulaanbaatar-24, Mongolia.
MARS was established on 18  November 2006. "Once  all licensed amateur  radio
operators of  Mongolia have  switched their  membership from  MRSF to  MARS",
JT1CD said one year ago [425DXN  818], "we hope that we  can change the  name
and keep IARU membership. MARS will continue to  pay its due to IARU and  the
QSL bureau will be working permanently in the future".

QSL UK8OM ---> Effective 1 January, the  QSL route has changed and IK2QPR  is
no longer the  QSL manager for  UK8OM. Cards should  be sent  direct to  Mike
Mejlumov, Kholkhanova 2, Namangan, 160133, Uzbekistan. [TNX UK8OM]

QSL VIA 9A2AA ---> Ivo, 9A3A reports that any of the following operations  of
his can be confirmed either via 9A2AA, direct (Tom Dugec, P.O. Box 255, 21001
Split, Croatia) or bureau, or direct to Ivo's current address (Ivo Pezer, c/o
UNLB, Piazza Del Vento, 72100 Brindisi - BR, Italy):
4V2A        Port-au-Prince, Haiti   26-27 Oct, 23-24 Nov 1996,
                                    29-30 March 1997, 25 May 1997
4X/YU4OO    Jerusalem, Israel       13 Oct 1990-08 Jan 1991
5B0A        Nicosia, Cyprus         26-27 March 1994
5B4ADA      Nicosia, Cyprus         04 July 1991-30 Nov 2002
5B4ADA/HH2  Port-au-Prince, Haiti   03 Aug 1995-11 Aug 1996
5Z4/9A3A    Nairobi, Kenya          02 Feb 2007-15 April 2007
9A3A/4U     Port-au-Prince, Haiti (UNMIH)   22 Jan-28 July 1996
9L1ADA      Freetown, Sierra Leone  16 Oct-01 Nov 2004
C41A        Nicosia, Cyprus         27-28 Nov 1993
C42A        Nicosia, Cyprus         23-24 Nov 1991
C43A        Nicosia, Cyprus         14-15 Aug 1993
C46A        Nicosia, Cyprus         28-29 Mar 1998, 30-31 May 1998
C47A        Nicosia, Cyprus         13-14 Aug and 10-11 Sept 1994
C48A        Nicosia, Cyprus         28-29 May 1994, 09-10 July 1994
C4A         Nicosia, Cyprus         25 Oct 1997- 27 Oct 2002
H20A        Nicosia, Cyprus         CQ WW 1994
H21A        Nicosia, Cyprus         24-25 Oct, 28-29 Nov 1992
H28A        Nicosia, Cyprus         29-30 May 1993
HH2AW       Port-au-Prince, Haiti   26 Feb 1995-07 Jun 1997
HR0CRACH    Tegucigalpa, Honduras   May-June 1990
I7/9A3A     Brindisi, Italy         25 Oct 2003-present
P30ADA      Nicosia, Cyprus         26 July-31 Dec 1992
P31A        Nicosia, Cyprus         30-31 May 1992
P34A        Nicosia, Cyprus         25-26 May 1991
P39ADA      Nicosia, Cyprus         1993
T93A/4U     Port-au-Prince, Haiti (UNMIH)   28 Jan-04 Aug 1995
YU4OO/4U    Amman, Jordan (UNLO)    13 Aug-01 Sept 1990
YU4OO/5B4   Nicosia, Cyprus         12 Feb-04 July 1991
YU4OO/HR1   Tegucigalpa, Honduras   26-27 May 1990

SFDXA ---> The South  Florida DX Association  elected the following  officers
and directors for 2008: Ray Smolensky, N4RU (President); Norm Alexander, W4QN
(Vice-President);  Gil  Gillingham,   W1RG  (Secretary);   Bill  Marx,   W2CQ
(Treasurer); Don Search, W3AZD (Director); Rich Pratt, N4XF (Director); Steve
Morao, W4DTA (Director); Pete Rimmel, N8PR (Director). [TNX W4DN]

VE POSTAL RATES  ---> Canadian  international postal  rates will  rise on  14
January. The new  rate to  the USA  will be  CAD (Canadian  Dollar) 0.96  and
elsewhere in the world CAD 1.60. Both rates  cover up to 30 grams. Sales  tax
is also charged by the Canadian  post office on stamps  which means that,  at
the current rate of exchange of approximate par with the US Dollar, USD 1  is
now insufficient for  mail to  the USA  (USD 2  have been  required to  cover
return postage for international mail for some time). [TNX VE3ZZ]

YASME EXCELLENCE  AWARDS  ---> The  Directors  of The  Yasme  Foundation  are
pleased to announce the establishment of  the Yasme Excellence Awards.  These
awards will be given from time to time as the board feels appropriate.
The awards  are categorized  roughly  in accord  with  FCC (USA)  "Basis  and
Purpose" for amateur radio as consistent  with the foundation's purposes  and
expertise.   Those   areas   of   amateur   service   include   noncommercial
communications service,  advancement of  the  technical and  operating  arts,
technical training and international goodwill.
There is no application for these awards, but suggestions regarding deserving
individuals will  be  considered. Each  prize  consists of  a  plaque  and  a
monetary award. Suggestions of worthy recipients  may be sent to the  address
shown on the Foundation's Web site (www.yasme.org).
This year's awards total USD 8,000.  The winners for 2007 have been  selected
and will be announced at the end of next week. [TNX N7NG]


QSLs received  direct  or through  managers:  3A/AI5P,  3B7C  (AF-015),  3C7Y
(AF-010), 3D2VB, 3X5A, 3XD2Z, 3XM6JR, 4L4WW, 4O3DX, 5B4NC/p, 5B4NC/p, 5H3VMB,
5L2MS, 5U5U, 5W0RE, 5X1VB, 5Z4/UA4WHX, 6W1SJ, 7Q7VB, 8P6EX, 8R1AK/p (SA-068),
9J2VB, 9U0A, 9U0VB,  9X0VB, A52UR, A61AD,  A92GT, AL7R,  B1Z, BD1BYV,  BD4QO,
CU6X (EU-175),CX7CO, D20VB, D44AC, D60VB, EE5E,  EK6LP, ER4DX, ES5QX,  ET3AA,
J38AA, J3A, J88DR, JD1BMM, JY4NE, K6VVA/KL7 (NA-041), KA3UNQ/p, KH0O,  KH7XS,
KL7OU,  KP2/K3TEJ,  KP2/K3VA,  KP2M,  LA6YEA,   M8C  (EU-011),  NP4A,   NP4Z,
R7HQ, RA0CL,  RL3A,  RV9FQ, S59Z,  SO1EKO,  T88IW, TF3CW,  TI5/WA4PGM,  TI5N,
V8BDS,  VE1OTA  (NA-127),  VE1OTA/9  (NA-014),  VE1OTA/9  (NA-068),   VK6CHI,
WH2D, WP3C, XU7MDY,  YI9KT, YL2KO, YL2SM,  YW5AS (SA-051), Z2/UA4HWX,  Z29KM,


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