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22 March 2008                                              A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 881
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3A     - Jim/G3RTE, Roger/G3SXW and Lionel/G5LP will be active as 3A/homecall
         from Monaco for about 36 hours  between 26 and  27 March. They  will
         operate CW only  with two stations  on 40,  30 and  20 metres.  [TNX
3A     - Gianni, I1UWF will be active  as 3A/I1UWF from  Monaco on 29  March.
         Look for him around 18140 khz and  14240 khz between 14 and 17  UTC.
         QSL via home call. [TNX I1UWF]
4W     - Angel/EA1QF, Pere/EA3CUU, Jose/EA4DB, Eugene/EA4KA, Txema/EA5BWR and
         Jose/CT1ERC will be active from Dili,  Timor Leste (OC-148) for  two
         weeks in June. They plan to  operate CW, SSB  and other modes  using
         two stations, and to pay special  attention to 6 metres. Their  goal
         is to achieve "30,000 plus QSOs in spite of the limitations  imposed
         on us". The trip is part of the "RadioSolidaridad" project sponsored
         by  URE  (Union  de   Radioaficionados  Espanoles),  combining   the
         DXpedition with activities  to promote amateur  radio including  the
         donation and setting up of a  complete station at the University  of
         Dili. The  callsign if  not known  at the  moment -  it might  be  a
         special call (hopefully  4W6R), or  the callsign  of the  University
         (4W6UTL) or the callsign of one  of the operators (4W6ERC). QSL  via
         EA4URE.  Since  1998  URE  has  been  involved  in  RadioSolidaridad
         projects in Cameroun, Cuba (thrice), El Salvador, Honduras  (twice),
         Guatemala,  Albania,  Algeria  and   Mali.  Contributions  will   be
         gratefully accepted. [TNX URE RadioSolidaridad]
7P     - The new dates for the 7P8FC  activity from Lesotho [425DXN 871]  are
         from 27 March to 3 April.  The Belgian (ON4AEO and ON7BK) and  South
         African (ZR6APT, ZS5AYC, ZS5BBO, ZS5JAN,  ZS6ACT, ZS6GC and  ZS6TMO)
         team will operate on the following announced frequencies:
         SSB   1845  3780  7063  14185  18136  21290  24930  28490
         RTTY        3590  7040  14084  18104  21084  24924  28084
         PSK               7038  14072  18102  21072  24922  28122
         QSL via ON4CJK, direct or bureau. The website for the expedition  is
9A     - Members of the Radio Club "Varazdin" (9A1HDE/9A7A) will be active as
         9A60A until  the  end of  the  year to  celebrate  the  club's  60th
         anniversary. Their first activity will be  during the CQ WW WPX  SSB
         Contest. QSL via 9A7A. [TNX 9A2X]
9M8    - Steve, 9M6DXX will operate as 9M8Z  from Sarawak, East Malaysia,  on
         27-30 March, including a SOAB HP entry in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest.
         QSL via 9M6DXX (Steve Telenius-Lowe, WDT  527, 88905 Kota  Kinabalu,
         Sabah, Malaysia. [TNX 9M6DXX]
9Q     - Thorbjorn, SM7RME  has been  working in  the Republic  of the  Congo
         since late 2007 and on  19 March he  finally received his  operating
         permission. He  expects to  show up  as 9Q/SM7RME  during his  spare
         time, and to remain there for a few more months. [TNX G4UZN]
A4     - Look for A45WG/p to be active from Masirah Island (AS-014) on  23-25
         March. Expect CW only activity on  17, 20 and 30 metres. QSL  direct
         to NI5DX. [TNX The Daily DX]
FG     - F6GWV and F6HMQ will be active as TO6T from Guadeloupe (NA-102) from
         28 March to 8 April. QSL via F6HMQ. [TNX F6HMQ]
FJ     - A team from  the RZS Amateur  Radio Club (W2RZS)  will be active  as
         TO5RZ from St. Barthelemy (NA-146) from 25 March through 1 April, CQ
         WW WPX SSB Contest included. Bob/WB2NVR, Mike/WA2VQW, Bob/N2DVQ  and
         Adam/N2DHH plan to concentrate on 160,  30, 17 and 12 metres  before
         and after the contest. QSL  via W2RZS, direct  or bureau. [TNX  NG3K
         and K1XN]
FR/G   - The expedition to the Glorioso Islands  [425DXN 879] is expected  to
         take place  between  6  May and  6  June.  The  operators  involved,
         including off site  supporting team members,  are 5U5U, F5CQ,  F5CW,
         F5CWU, F5IRO, F5OGL, F5PRU, F5PTM and  TT8SS. Final dates,  callsign
         and other information will be given in due course. The web site  for
         the DXpedition is at http://glorieuses2008.free.fr/ [TNX F6AJA]
G      - The  Royal  Air   Force  Amateur   Radio  Society   (www.rafars.org)
         celebrates its  70th anniversary  this year  and will  be active  as
         GB70RAF from 28 March  to 6 April.  On 1 April  expect them to  sign
         GB90RAF for the  90th anniversary of  the formation  of the  British
         Royal Air Force.  A number of  other GB#RAF  special event  stations
         will be activated that day. [TNX F5NQL]
G      - John/M0XIG, John/G4POF and  Tony/2E0SBS will  operate special  event
         station GB2BST on 2-3 May from the site of the optical telegraph  at
         Bramshaw in  the New  Forest, Hampshire.  Expect them  to be  active
         mainly on 20 and 40 metres.  The Bramshaw Shutter Telegraph was  one
         of a number that operated as a communication link for the  Admiralty
         between London and Plymouth. QSL via  M0XIG, direct or bureau.  [TNX
GM     - The Camb-Hams will be active from the Isle of Mull (EU-008) from  26
         April to 3  May. They plan  to operate on  most HF  bands (with  two
         stations CW, SSB plus some RTTY,  PSK31 and SSTV),  6 and 2  metres.
         The main call  sign to be  used from base  camp at  Carsaig, on  the
         south coast of  the island (IO76),  is GS3PYE/P. SOTA,  WAB and  VHF
         operation from  IO66 will  be under  the  operators own  call  sign.
         Confirmed operators are M1BXF, G1SAA,  G4HUN, G0ANV, MM1BJP,  M0VMC,
         G0BOE, G0DDX and  M1XZG. They also  plan a  brief side  trip to  the
         Treshnish Islands  (EU-108),  on  30  April  for  6  hours.  Further
         information        can         be         found         at
         http://www.camb-hams.com/camb-hams-mull-dx-pedition [TNX M1BXF]
GM     - Look for  Wes, MM/K6EIL  to be  active  from Bressay  Lighthouse  on
         Bressay Island, Shetland (EU-012) on 17-20 June. He will operate  CW
         and SSB QRP on 20, 40 and 80 metres in his early mornings,  evenings
         and occasional afternoons. QSL via home call. [TNX MM5PSL]
I      - Members of  the  Vecio Piave  Team  and ARI  Treviso  will  activate
         special station II3PIAV on all bands and modes through 31 August  to
         commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the first World  War.
         QSL via IK3GES. A free of  charge certificate will be available  for
         working II3PIAV on four different bands. [TNX IZ3LCJ]
I      - Gian Paolo, IW0EFA  and others  will operate  special event  station
         II0ALE from the  Military Airport  of Viterbo  on 9-10  May for  the
         Italian Army Air Force's Day. QSL via IW0EFA. [TNX IW1DQS]
I      - The Egadi DX Team and ARI di Trapani are organizing an operation  to
         take place  from Levanzo  Island (IIA  TP-009)  in the  Egadi  group
         (EU-054) on  9-11  May.  The  operators  (Rino/IT9FXY,  Momo/IT9GNG,
         Enzo/IT9ECQ, Sal/IW9FRA,  Mimmo/IW9GTD, Pippo/IW9GNV  and  possibily
         Gastone/I4GAS) will be  active as IF9LI  on 80,  40, 20,  15 and  10
         metres SSB, PSK31 and RTTY, and they will also give 6m a try. A side
         trip to Il Faraglione (IIA TP-013)  is being planned. QSL direct  to
         IT9FXY. [TNX IW9FRA]
KH2    - Yoshi, JE2EHP  reports  he will  be  active as  K1HP/KH2  from  Guam
         (OC-026) on 18-21 April. He plans to  operate SSB and CW on all  the
         HF bands and 6 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
KL     - Yuri Sushkin (N3QQ,  ex-UA9OPA and  N7UJN) John  Kiesel (KE7V)  Yuri
         Zaruba (UA9OBA)  are  in  the final  planning  stages  for  an  IOTA
         expedition to the Islands of Four Mountains (NA-234, new one).  They
         plan to operate as KL7DX  from Chuginadak Island  between 21 and  27
         July, IOTA Contest included. QSL via AC7DX. Further information  can
         be found at http://www.NA-234.com [TNX N3QQ]
KP2    - Harry, W6DXO will be active  as KP2/W6DXO from  St. John, US  Virgin
         Islands (NA-106) on 24-28 March. He  plans to operate holiday  style
         on 10-20 metres SSB with some CW. QSL via KF6JOQ. [TNX NG3K]
LX     - Csaba, DH7KU will  be active as  LX/DH7KU from  Luxembourg on  26-28
         March. He plans to operate QRP on  40 and 20 metres. QSL via  DK0UN.
         [TNX NG3K]
OJ0    - A Swedish team will be active  from Market Reef (EU-053) during  the
         first week of June. They plan  to operate on  160-2 metres CW,  SSB,
         RTTY and WSJT, to be also active on satellites. Further  information
         is expected in due course. [TNX SM1TDE]
OZ     - Ela, DL1TM and  Tor, DJ4MG will  be active  from Nordjylland  Island
         (EU-171) from 24 March to 10  April. They will  operate on 160,  80,
         40, 20, 17 and 15 metres SSB and PSK31, plus 2m SSB. [TNX VA3RJ]
PA     - Fred,  ON6QR  reports   he  will  be   active  as  PA/ON6QR/P   from
         Schiermonnikoog (EU-038) on 22-24 March. He  will operate QRP CW  on
         20 metres between 20 and 23 UTC. QSL via home call.
PA     - ON6JK, ON4CF, ON8MP,  ON7GF, ON7DS and  ON4AWT will  be active  from
         Schouwen-Duiveland (EU-146) and lighthouse  (ARLHS NET-029) from  29
         March to 4 April. They  plan to operate  CW, SSB and  PSK on the  HF
         bands, and possibly on 6 and 2 metres as well. [TNX F5NQL]
S2     - John, KX7YT will be active as S21YV from Dhaka, Bangladesh on  25-31
         March. He plans to operate SSB,  RTTY, PSK31 and some  CW on 15,  20
         and 40 metres and to participate in  the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest.  QSL
         via home call. [TNX KX7YT]
S9     - Luciano, CT1HHP will be active again as S92FM from Sao Tome (AF-023)
         from 27 March to 2 April. He plans to operate mainly RTTY and PSK31,
         and to give 60 metres a try. [TNX CT1END]
SV     - Steve/G4EDG, Jeff/G4ELZ, Vasko/LZ1CL and  Tony/LZ1JZ will be  active
         as SY8JZ  from Samothraki  Island (EU-174)  from  25 March  until  5
         April. They will  operate mainly CW  with some SSB.  QSL via  LZ1JZ.
         [TNX G4EDG]
TI     - Orrin, K9KEJ will be active again  from the jungle in eastern  Costa
         Rica on  4-11 April.  He  will operate  as  TI6/K9KEJ mostly  on  20
         metres, with  some 17  and 15m  activity  at scattered  times.  [TNX
VE     - Alex Barski/VE3KF, Igor Slakva/VE3ZF and Igor Mordik/VE3KAO will  be
         active as VE3KF from Manitoulin Island (CIsA ON-001) on 19-20  April
         during the Ontario QSO Party. QSL direct to VE3KF. Full  information
         on   the    Canadian    Islands    Award    can    be    found    at
         http://www.qsl.net/ve3tpz/cisa/ [TNX VE3KF]
VP2M   - Art, N3DXX will be active on 160-10 metres as VP2MAH from Montserrat
         (NA-103) on 26-31  March, including an  entry in the  CQ WW WPX  SSB
         Contest. [TNX NG3K]
VP5    - Look for W5CW to be active as VP5/W5CW from 27 March to 9 April.  He
         plans to operate CW and SSB  on 160-6 metres  and to participate  in
         the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as VQ58V. QSLs via home call. [TNX NG3K]
VP5    - Bob, K0OK will  be active  as VP5/K0OK  from Providenciales,  Caicos
         Islands (NA-002) on 21-28 May. He will participate in the CQ WW  WPX
         CW Contest as VP5E. QSL via home call. The logs will be uploaded  to
         LoTW. [TNX K0OK]
XU     - Look for  Retu,  XU7MDY  to  be  active  again  from  Sihanoukville,
         Cambodia on 3-14 April. He plans to  operate on the HF bands   using
         CW, SSB and various digital modes. QSL via OH4MDY, direct only. [TNX
YB     - Adhi, YB3MM will be active as YB3MM/9 from Menjangan Island (OC-022)
         during the during CQ WW WPX SSB Contest, as a SOAB low power  entry.
         QSL via IZ8CCW, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ8CCW]
YJ     - Trent/VK4TI,  Laurie/VK4VCC,  Dave/VK4HAM  and  Tony/VK3TZ  will  be
         active as YJ0AX from Vanuatu from 27 March to 2 April. They plan  to
         operate on 10-80  metres and to  participate in  the CQ  WW WPX  SSB
         Contest as a Multi-Two entry. QSL via N3SL.
YO     - Special event station  YO22NATO will be  active from 28  March to  9
         April for the  NATO Summit that  will take place  in Bucharest  (2-4
         April). QSL via YO3KAA. [TNX YO3JW]
ZD8    - Steve, G3ZVW  will be  active again  as ZD8N  from Ascension  Island
         (AF-003) on 2-13 May. He plans to operate SSB, CW and RTTY mainly in
         the evenings  and during  the weekends.  QSL  via G3ZVW,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX G3ZVW]
ZS8    - ZS8T is the callsign Petrus Kritzinger, ZS6GCM (3Y0E) will be  using
         during his one  year stay on  Marion Island  (AF-021) [425DXN  876].
         Thanks to various sponsors, Petrus' radio  equipment will be  better
         than the  one used  during 3Y0E.  He  has also  undergone  extensive
         training and will be active on  160, 80, 40, 30, 20,  17, 12 and  10
         metres SSB,  CW and  RTTY. Petrus  is expected  to  be QRV  by  May,
         depending on his work load.  QSL via LZ3HI,  direct or bureau.  ZS8T
         will be uploaded  to LoTW on  completion of the  operation. Lots  of
         further informatin can be found at http://zs8t.net/
         A  nice   collection   of   ZS8  QSL   cards   can   be   found   on
         http://lesnouvellesdx.fr (click on Galerie de QSL).
ZF     - Look for ZF2NU (QSL via WA5ZNU), ZF2IM (QSL via KI6IMM), ZF2UU  (QSL
         via K6YUU) and  ZF2BE (QSL via  K6BEC) to operate  CW, SSB, PSK  and
         RTTY from Grand Cayman Island (NA-016) on 23-31 March.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA ---> Back in August 2007 the ITU allocated the new  prefix
block E7A-E7Z to  Bosnia and  Herzegovina (BiH),  replacing T9A-T9Z.  Amateur
radio operators will begin using  their new callsigns  (E7#xx or E7#xxx,  for
the time being) on 22 March at 23 UTC. [TNX The Daily DX]

DXCC NEWS ---> Both VP6DX  (Ducie Island) and  TX5C (Clipperton Island)  have
been approved for DXCC credit.

JT DX CONTEST ---> Celebrating fifty years of amateur radio in Mongolia,  the
Mongolian  Amateur  Radio  Society  (MARS)  organizes  the  international  JT
Hamradio 50 Anniversary DX Contest, to take place (on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and
10 metres SSB and CW) from 00.00 UTC on 15 November to 00.00 UTC on the 16th.
Please e-mail jt1kaa@gmail.com for further information. [TNX JT1CD]

QRP-MAS ---> The QRP Contest Community invites QRP enthusiasts to participate
in the 9th QRP Minimal Art Session (QRP-MAS),  which will take place on on  1
May (19-23 UTC) on 80 metres. Contacts are  to be made with homebrew rigs  as
simple as possible  and constructed  of as  few components  as possible.  For
further information please visit http://www.qrpcc.de or e-mail Hartmut Weber,
DJ7ST (dj7st@darc.de). [TNX DJ7ST]

QSL VIA G3SWH ---> Phil, G3SWH is the new QSL manager for 5B4AIZ and C4Z.  He
is also able to confirm contacts made with 9M6LSC (club station) for the 6-10
March 2008 activity  by Brian, G4ODV/5B4AIZ.  Phil has updated  his web  site
(http://www.g3swh.org.uk) and expects to receive and finalise the QSL designs
over the next few weeks. [TNX G3SWH]

QSL VIA TA3YJ ---> The stations TA3YJ is the QSL manager of are listed on her
new website at http://www.aydogmus.gen.tr/ta3yj/qslservice.htm

RTTY  GATHERING  --->  The  DL-DX  RTTY  Contest  Group  organizes  the   5th
International  RTTY  Gathering   on  27   June,  during   HamRadio  2008   in
Friedrichshafen (Germany). Complete details can  be found at  http://drcg.de/

TX5C ---> TX5C went  QRT from Clipperton  on 15 March  around 14.40 UTC.  The
team made 71,794 QSOs in 156 hours:
Band    SSB     CW      RTTY   Total
160         0    1982      0    1982
80       4588    3558      0    8146
40       6231    5915   1297   13443
30          0    5465   1021    6486
20       7400    5161   1079   13640
17       6237    4046     25   10308
15       5011    4559    125    9695
12       2316    1741     63    4120
10       2060    1744    170    3974
Total   33843   34171   3780   71794
The on-line logs at http://www.clipperton2008.org/ have been updated  through
the end of the DXpedition.


QSLs received direct or through managers:  1A0KM, 3C7Y, 3D2BV, 3DA0ZO,  3W3W,
4A3A, 4L/UA4WHX, 4L0A, 4O3A, 4U50SPACE,  5H3VMB, 5H3VMB/5 (AF-074),  5H3VMB/5
(AF-075), 5L2MS, 5P5V, 5R8HG, 5R8VB, 5Z4/DL7UCX,  6V7G, 8P9AG, 8P9NX,  8R1PY,
9A2YM, 9J2VB,  9K2HN,  9M2TO, 9N7BV/P,  9N7JO,  9U0VB, 9X0VB,  A25VB,  A35RK,
A45WD, A45XR, A61Q,  A92GT, A92HB,  BY1TX/4, C52C,  C56JJ, C91VB/4  (AF-103),
C91VB/6 (AF-088), CE0Z, CE1/K7CA, CU2A, CX5BW, D20VB, D44AC, E4/OM2DX, EK3GM,
HK3AXY, HV50VR,  HZ1MD/p (AS-193),  J20VB,  J3/DL5AXX, J48IO  (EU-158),  J48M
(EU-158), J5C, J79XBI, JD1BMM, JU1DX, JV800BV,  KG4CC, KH7XS, KL7HBK  (NA-004
and NA-050),  KP2/K3TEJ,  MJ/F5CWU, N8S,  OD5XX,  OE6MBG, OH0B,  OJ0B,  OM7M,
SV8GGI (EU-075), T22V, T33WV, T88PR, T93M, TF3SG, TG9AFX, TN6X, TO5FJ, TR8CA,


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