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14 June 2008                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 893
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3A     - Slavo, SP2JMB says  he will be  active as 3A/SP2JMB  from Monaco  on
         23-27 June. He  will operate mainly  CW on all  bands. QSL via  home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX SP2JMB]
5B     - Colin, G3VCQ will be active as 5B/G3VCQ from Paphos, Cyprus (AS-004)
         from 24 June to 5 July.  He will operate SSB  and CW holiday  style.
         QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX G3VCQ]
7X     - Amateur radio operators from Djelfa, Algeria will be active on 10-80
         metres as 7Y46ND on 1-31 July. QSL via 7X2DD. A special  certificate
         will be available for EUR 5.00  or USD 7.00,  if requested with  the
         QSL card. [TNX DB1JAW]
8Q     - Paulo, CT2IVH will be  active as 8Q7VH  from Meeru Island,  Maldives
         (AS-013) on 16-23 June. He expects to operate SSB and RTTY on  40-10
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX CT2IVH]
9A     - Tibor/HA3HP, Neno/9A5AN and Tom/9A2AA will be active from Dugi  Otok
         (EU-170) on 15-25 June. They plan to operate from a large number  of
         other islands in that area. QSL via home calls. [TNX 9A2AA]
9A     - Bill, ON5JE will be active as 9A/ON5JE from Pag Island (EU-170) from
         21 June to 5  July. Then he  will go and  operate as 4O1/ON5JE  from
         Budva, Montenegro on 9-17 July. QSL via home call. [TNX ON5JE]
9A     - Jan, PA4JJ  says  he will  operate  as 9A/PA4JJ  from  the  Croatian
         mainland (JN65sg) between 22 June and  12 July. He  will try to  use
         JT6M on 6 metres, and will be active on other bands as well.
CT     - Jose/CT1EHX, Toze/CT1GFK, Goncalo/CT1GPQ, Miguel/CT1IUA, Rui/CT2IHP,
         Jose/CT1DVG, Jose/CT1EPS, Arnaldo/CT2IOV and Moli/EA7AH will operate
         SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres as CS27R on 14-20 July for the 27th
         International Motorcycle Rally  in Faro. QSL  via CT1EHX, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX CT1END]
F      - Special event  station TM5TFV  will be  active  on 16-29  June  from
         Dunkerque, where  the  "Tour  de France  a  la  voile"  (the  annual
         yachting race around  the coast of  France) is due  to start on  the
         29th. QSL via F6KMB. [TNX F8REF]
F      - Special event call TM8CDX will be  aired between 6 and 20  September
         for the 30th Convention of the  Clipperton DX Club, this year to  be
         held at Chasseneuil du Poitou on  19-20 September (complete  details
         at http://www.cdxc.org/index-e.htm). QSL via F5CQ, direct or bureau.
         [TNX F5NQL]
FH     - TX7LX is  the  callsign  issued to  Georg,  DK7LX  for  his  current
         activity from Mayotte  (AF-027) [425DXN 869].  He will remain  there
         until 23  June.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or  bureau.  Further
         information and log search at http://www.dk7lx.mayotte.2008.ms/ [TNX
HR     - Special event station HQ50RCH will be  active from 21 June until  31
         July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Radio Club de Honduras
         (http://www.hr2rch.org/). QSL via HR2RCH.
I      - Operators from ARI Vigevano  will be active  as II1PI from  Palmaria
         Island (not IOTA, IIA SP-001)  on 20-22 June.  QSL via IW2NOH.  [TNX
I      - Peter, DJ2OS will be active as IE9/DJ2OS from Ustica Island (EU-051,
         IIA PA-001) on 27-30 June. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX
JA     - Look for JF1IZM/1, JO1IRO/1, JR1WEB/1 to operate from Mikura  Island
         (AS-008, JIIA AS-008-005) on 15-17 June. QSL via home calls,  direct
         or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
JA     - Ten HQ stations representing JARL will be active from various
         regions of Japan for the IARU HF World Championship (12-13 July):
         Call  Band/Mode            Location
         8N1HQ 15m-Ph               Kimitsu City, Chiba
         8N1HQ 160m-CW, 10m-Ph      Minato Ku, Tokyo
         8N2HQ 80m-CW               Chita Gun, Aichi
         8N2HQ 80m-Ph               Nakatsugawa City, Gifu
         8N2HQ 15m-CW               Susono City, Shizuoka
         8N3HQ 40m-CW               Kobe City, Hyogo
         8N3HQ 20m-CW               Miki City, Hyogo
         8N3HQ 10m-CW               Nara City, Nara
         8N4HQ 40m-Ph               Okayama City, Okayama
         8N8HQ 20m-Ph               Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido
         Each station may  be heard on  other bands  in the  week before  the
         contest. All QSOs  will be confirmed  automatically via the  bureau.
         [TNX JA1BPA]
JD1_mt - Masa, JA6GXK  is once  again working  on Minami  Torishima  (OC-073)
         until 3 July. As usual, he is QRV  as JD1BMM in his spare time.  The
         Daily DX reports he will install "a new 3 element tribander for  10,
         15 and 20 meters, a rotary dipole for 30,  17 and 12 meters and a  4
         element yagi for 6 meters". QSL  to Masafumi Ishihara, 2-305  Loran,
         2-5-35 Miyazaki, Chuo-ku, Chiba, 260-0806 Japan.
JT     - Dr. Scott L. Gardner (KC0KHA) and  his team are working on a  3-year
         scientific project in Mongolia (http://lamarck.unl.edu/mongolia) and
         have been assigned the club  call signs JT1N  and JT4N depending  on
         their location during field  research work (JT1N  when north of  the
         Gobi region, JT4N when in the Gobi region). QSL for both via KC0KHA.
         [TNX KC0KHA]
JX     - Wojtek, SQ4MP will be joining Michael, G7VJR for the 28 June-4  July
         activity from Jan Mayen  (EU-022) [425DXN 873].  They will focus  on
         30, 20 and 17 metres; on 6 metres look for them on +/- 50105 kHz CW.
         Michael will operate mostly CW, while  Wojtek will work CW, SSB  and
         some RTTY. QSL for either JX/G7VJR and JX/SQ4MP via G7VJR, direct or
         bureau. The pilot station will be Chris, GM4FAM. Further information
         can be found at http://www.jx08.eu/
LA     - Andy, DL7AT will be  active as LA/DL7AT  from Bomlo Island  (EU-055)
         from 19 July to 3 August, IOTA Contest included. QSL via home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
PY     - Cris, PY7GK will be active as ZW6GK from Tinhare Island (SA-080)  on
         24-27 July. He will be running 100 watts into a G5RV and a  vertical
         antenna for 20 metres. QSL direct to home call. [TNX PY7GK]
SV     - A large group of SV4 operators will be active as SY4LH from  Trikeri
         Lighthouse (ARLHS GRE-128, KM19mc) on 5-6 July. They plan to operate
         CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY, SSTV on  160-2 metres. All of  the QSOs will  be
         confirmed automatically via the bureau; direct cards should be  sent
         to   SV4FFK.    The    webiste   for    the    operation    is    at
         http://www.sz4srm.gr/SY4LH [TNX W1AW]
SV     - The White Tower  DX Team  (SV0XAW, SV1ENG,  SV2FPU, SV2GNQ,  SV2HNZ,
         SV2HOB, SV2HPP,  SV2HPY SV2HRT  and SV2HSV)  will be  active on  all
         bands and  modes as  SX8WT from  Alonissos Island  (EU-072) from  30
         August to 5  September. QSL  via SV2HPP.  The team's  website is  at
         www.whitetowerdxt.com [TNX SV2FPU]
TK     - Piero, IZ1CRA reports he will be active from Corsica on 20-29  June.
         He expects to operate mainly SSB on 20 metres.
UA     - Vlad, RZ1OA and  Dima, UA1OLM will  be active as  UE1OTA/p from  the
         Morzhovets Islands  (EU-119)  on 12-15  June.  QSL via  RZ1OA  (Vlad
         Sadakov, P.O. Box 48, Arkhangelsk, 163048, Russia). [TNX RZ1OA]
UA     - Alex/RV3DPM,    Mike/RW3FS,    Vadim/RX3AKL,    Serge/UA3DNR     and
         Tatyana/RW3ATL will  be active  as RK3DZJ/1  from Borodavnik  Island
         (RR-22-09) in the Darvinskiy biosphere reserve  on 12-15 June.  They
         plan to operate on 20, 30 and 40 metres SSB and CW. All of the QSO's
         will be confirmed automatically via the bureau. The QSL manager  for
         those who need a direct card is RV3DPM. [TNX UA3DNR]
UA     - On 16 June 1963 Valentina V.  Tereshkova was the first woman to  fly
         in space, aboard Vostok  6. To commemorate  the 45th anniversary  of
         that event, special event station R45VT  will be activated on  16-20
         June from  Yaroslavl, where  Tereshkova was  born in  1937. QSL  via
         RD3MA. [TNX RD3MA]
UA     - Konstantin, UA3DBP  expects  to operate  as  UA3DBP/1  from  various
         islands, including IOTA groups EU-147, EU-066 and EU-153, between 16
         June and 24 July. QSL via  home call, direct or bureau. [TNX  UA3DBP
         and I1-21171]
UR     - UR5FIR,  US5ID, UU1JJ, UU5JA, UU5JDX, UU5JJ and UY7IQ will be active
         as homecall/p from Mount Tyrke (1296m  a.s.l.), Crimea from 27  June
         to 8 July. They will operate  SSB and CW on 160, 80,  40, 20 and  17
         metres, as well as on VHF. QSL via home calls. [TNX UY7IQ]
W      - Once again  Jon, WB8YJF  will be  active as  WB8YJF/4 from  Ocracoke
         Island (NA-067). This year's activity will take place on 6-13  July.
         Expect him to operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 10-40 metres. QSL via home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
YN     - Wayne, W5KDJ  will  be  active as  YN2KDJ  from  YN2N's  station  in
         Granada,  Nicaragua  on  3-14  July,  IARU  HF  World   Championship
         included. He will  emphasize 160 and  80 metres, as  well as CW  and
         RTTY.   QSL    via    W5KDJ.   Logs    will    be    available    at
         http://dx.qsl.net/logs/ and will be uploaded to LoTW. [TNX W5KDJ]
ZF     - Jim, K4BI (ZF2BI) and Mario,  K2ZD (ZF2ZD) will  be active from  the
         Cayman Islands  (NA-016)  between 20  June  and 6  July.  They  will
         concentrate on 6  metres (announced frequency  50105 kHz, beacon  on
         50095 kHz); HF activity is possibile, but they "don't plan on  being
         there very  much or  very  often". QSL  via  home calls.  [TNX  OPDX

6M CARIBBEAN  TOUR --->  Dennis, K7BV   will  be active  as V36M  from   Caye
Caulker (NA-073, EK57xr), Belize on 20-26 June  and as 5J0M from  San  Andres
(NA-033, EK92dm) from 29 June to 8 July. Dennis will concentrate on 6 metres,
but he may also be QRV  on the HF  bands when  the "Magic Band" is not  open.
QSL via W1JJ. Further information at http://www.qth.com/k7bv/caribe2008

SCANDINAVIAN TOUR --->  Keith, G3TTC is  touring Denmark,  Sweden and  Norway
until 14  July, with  several IOTA  operations. His  island itinerary  is  as
follows (dates may change by one or two days):
12-13 June   OZ/G3TTC/p    Romo     EU-125
15-16 June   OZ/G3TTC/p    Mors     EU-171
19-20 June   SM6/G3TTC/p   Hono     EU-043
25-26 June   LA/G3TTC/p    Spjaeroy EU-061
5-6 July     LA/G3TTC/p    Averoya  EU-036
6-7 July     LA/G3TTC/p    Godoya   EU-056
7-8 July     LA/G3TTC/p    Runde    EU-079
14 July      LA/G3TTC/p    Toftoy   EU-055
QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOUR ---> Toshi, JA8BMK will be active as 3W2BMK from  Vietnam
on 12-17  June and  as XU7BMK  from Cambodia  on 18-20  June. He  expects  to
operate CW, SSB and RTTY on  160-10 metres in his spare  time. QSL direct  to
JA8UWT. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  IK1ADH & I1JQJ
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4W6R ---> The 4W6R team in Dili,  Timor Leste (OC-148) lost power soon  after
they began operation and were forced to QRT while waiting for their generator
to arrive. However,  reports indicate  that they  continue to  have AC  power
outages, not to  mention the poor  band conditions they  are having. QSL  via
EA4URE. Bookmark  http://4w6r.ure.es/ for  updates from  the pilots  and  log
search (1770 QSOs as of the latest update).

PORTUGAL DAY CONTEST  ---> Sponsored by  the Rede  dos Emissores  Portugueses
(REP), this 24-hour event will be  held on 14 June on 10,  15, 20, 40 and  80
metres SSB and  CW. Details can  be found at  http://www.rep.pt/concursos.htm

QSL 4U ---> Get your missing QSLs for  QSOs made after 1985 with 4U  stations
at the  Swiss DX  Foundation's booth  at Hamradio  2008 (Friedrichshafen)  on
27-29 June. Bring your QSO data with you and observe the working hours of the
QSL manager  (to be  available at  the booth).  Please  note that  cards  for
contacts made with 4U1ITU and 4U1WRC will be issued only if the relevant QSOs
can be found in the online log at  http://life.itu.ch/radioclub/4u1/index.php

VIY 2008 AWARD --->  The "Visit Indonesia  Year 2008 Award"  is a short  term
award issued by the local IARU society, the Organisasi Radio Amatir Indonesia
(ORARI), to commemorate its 40th anniversary e participate in the  Indonesian
government's tourism  programme.  Please  e-mail  orari_viy2008@yahoo.com  or
visit http://www.papays.com/VIY2008eng.pdf  for the  details. [TNX  W1AW  and
OPDX Bulletin]

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported Silent Keys include Thomas Roesler (PY2FR),
Howard Booth (VK2AMD), Dave Miller (W1GDQ), Donald Paul Alexander (W4DPA).


QSLs received  direct  or through  managers:  1A3A,  1A4A,  3A/G3RTE,  3B7SP,
3B9/G3TXF, 3D2A,  3D2AG/p,  3D2CI, 3Y0E,  4U1UN,  5H3G, 5L2MS,  5T5DC,  6V7I,
6W1SA, 6W1SJ, 6W8CK, 6Y1LZ, 7P8FC, 7Z1HL, 8R1PW, 9H1LC, 9M6XRO, 9UXEV, 9V1UV,
9X0W, 9Y4W,  A45XR, A61Q/P  (AS-021), A92GR,  A92WHD, BD1NNI,  BX5AA,  C31LJ,
C50C, CE0Y/9A4X, CE0Z/DL2AH, CE6TC, CQ7P (EU-167), D2NX, D4C, E20WXA, E21EIC,
H40MY, H44MS,  HC2SL, HC7AE,  HH4/AF4Z, HK0GU,  J20RR, J5C,  J6/W0SA,  J79PN,
J7DX, J8/DJ7ZG,  LU2DVI/H,  OA4BHY/3  (SA-074),  OA4O,  OC1I  (SA-076),  OC6I
(SA-098), OD5/F5PTM,  OY1CT, OZ/DF8HS  (EU-172), PJ5NA,  PZ5WW, R1ANR,  ST2A,
SU1SK, SU60WW,  SU8IOTA,  SU9NC, SV2ASP/A,  SV9/DJ7RJ,  T32MO,  T70A,  T88JY,
V8ASV,  V8FGM,  VK1AA/2  (OC-223),  VK2IAY/4  (OC-142  and  OC-160),  VK9ALH,


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