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25 October 2008                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 912
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B8    - Jacques, F1BCS will be active as 3B8/F1BCS  from  Mauritius  Island
         (AF-049) from 28 October to 9 November. He plans  to  operate  SSB,
         RTTY and PSK31 on 40-15 metres. QSL  via  operator's  instructions.
         [TNX F8REF]
3V     - Next year the Provins ARV (F6KOP) will go to the Kerkennah  Islands
         (AF-073) for their annual DXpedition. A large  group  of  operators
         (DL1BDF, F1HRE, F2VX, F4AJQ, F4EGD,  F4EVR,  F5CWU,  F5EOT,  F5PED,
         F5UFX, F5VHQ, F6AXX,  F6BIV,  F6ENO,  F8BJI,  F8BUI,  F8IJV,  F9IE,
         FM5CD, G0OPB, N2WB, N6OX, OE8KDK, OE8SKQ, OE9AMJ, ON7RN and 425  DX
         News staff member I2VGW) will be active as TS7C on 8-19 January  on
         all bands and modes with six or  seven  stations.  QSL  via  F4EGD.
         [TNX F5NQL]
A4     - A group of operators from the Lufthansa Amateur RC (LARC)  and  the
         Norden District of the DARC will  be  guests  of  the  Royal  Omani
         Amateur Radio Society from 30 October until 11 November. They  will
         operate as A43DLH from the ROARS headquarters and as A43DLH/p  from
         an Omani Scout camp. Expect activity on 160 metres and  up  on  CW,
         SSB, digital modes and SSTV. QSL via DK7PE. [TNX F5NQL]
CU     - The Azores telecommunications agency  (ANACOM)  released  the  CU2X
         callsign to be used in the 2008 CQWW SSB  Contest  by  Toni,  OH2UA
         (QSL via OH2BH). CU2X follows as another X indicator to the  mother
         station, OH8X and the second sister  station,  TC4X  [425DXN  911].
         [TNX OH2BH]
F      - A group of operators from the Radio Club Vendeen  (F6KUF)  will  be
         active on all bands and modes as TM6VG on  1-15  November  for  the
         Vendee  Globe.  The  6th   edition    of    this    round-the-world
         single-handed monohull yacht  race,  sailed  non-stop  and  without
         assistance,  will  start  in  Les  Sables-d'Olonne  on  9  November
         (http://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/). QSL via F6KUF, direct or  bureau.
         [TNX F5NQL]
FT5_ant- Nicolas, F4EGX  (http://f4egx.homelinux.net/)  left  France  on  18
         October and will be on a work assignment at Dumont  d'Urville  Base
         on  Petrel  Island  (AN-017),  Antarctica    from    November    to
         mid-December. Expect him to operate  SSB  as  FT5YI  in  his  spare
         time. QSL via home call.
JA     - Nag, JA7GAX will be visiting and operating  from  several  Japanese
         IOTA groups in the JA6  call  area  between  29  October  and  late
         November. His current plan (subject to changes depending  on  local
         conditions) is:
         29-30 October Koshikijima Islands AS-037
         1-8   November  Tokara Islands   AS-049
         9-10  November  Amami Islands    AS-023
         11-13 November  Okinawa Islands  AS-017
         15-20 November  Daito Islands    AS-047
         QSL via JA7GAX, direct or bureau. [TNX JA1QXY and JA1ELY]
KH2    - KH2/NI2J (QSL via JH1VVW), KH2/AK0J  (QSL  via  JA1KJW),  KH2/WH7QL
         (QSL  via  JA1XVY),  KH2/NV1J  (QSL  via    JA1FUY),    KH2/JJ1JGI,
         KH2/JJ1HKS and KH2/JF1GUQ (QSL via home calls) will be active  from
         Guam (OC-026) from 31 October to 3 November. They plan  to  operate
         SSB, CW, RTTY and SSTV on the HF bands. [TNX JI6KVR]
ON     - The  Institut  National   Belge   de  Radiodiffusion  (INR)   began
         television broadcasting from Brussels  in  1953.  Celebrating  that
         anniversary, the Club Radio de Durnal (ON4CRD) will  be  active  as
         ON55INR from 31 October to 31 December. QSL via bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
P2     - Luis, CT1AGF had a problem with his  passport  and  had  to  return
         home. P29NI will be the call  used  on  both  islands  (OC-181  and
         OC-041) by the remaining four  team  members,  namely  Derek/G3KHZ,
         Alan/AD6E, Mike/K6MYC and Skip/W5GAI. They left Kokopo  for  Garove
         Island around 3 UTC on 18 October, and became  active  from  OC-181
         around 10.30 UTC on the  20th.  The  QSL  route  depends  on  which
         island P29NI is worked from: for  OC-181  (20-26  October)  is  via
         SM6CVX , for OC-041 (28 October-3 November) is via G3KHZ.
PJ2    - Pekka, OH2YY is visiting Curacao  (SA-006)  until  29  October  and
         will operate as PJ2/OH2YY , with  a  focus  on  17  and  12  metres
         before and after the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. During  the  contest  he
         will be active on 20-10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX OH2YY]
SV    -  Peter/HA5OV   (J48OV),  Laci/HA6NL  (J48NL),  Zsolt/HA6PS  (J48PS),
         Al/HA7JJS  (J48JJ)  and  Laci/HA7PL  (J48P)  will  be  active  from
         Thassos Island (EU-174) until  8  November.  QSL  via  home  calls,
         direct or bureau. They  will  participate  in  the  CQ  WW  DX  SSB
         Contest and the HA-QRP Activity Week (1-8 November) as  J48RT  (QSL
         via HA6NL). [TNX HA0HW]
T3     - Toshi, JA8BMK [425DXN 910] will remain active as T33ZZ from  Banaba
         until 30 October. He expects to  be  active  again  as  T30XX  from
         Tarawa, West Kiribati on 1 November, while  waiting  to  start  the
         voyage to Central Kiribati (T31). QSLs via JA8BMK. [TNX  The  Daily
VE     - The Daily  DX  reports  that  Jay,  VY1JA  is  taking  a  new  work
         assignment in Alert (Ellesmere  Island,  NA-008).  He  will  remain
         there for 11 months, and will operate as VY1JA/VY0 with a  vertical
         or sloping dipole. QSL via N3SL (JA stations via JA3JM).
VK0_ant- Bob, VK2ABP/VK2MRP  will  be  working  at  Davis  Base,  Antarctica
         starting around 1 November until at least 7 March 2009,  but  could
         be until December. This is a work assignment,  Bob  does  not  know
         when he will be able to operate on the amateur radio bands. At  all
         events, his callsign will be VK0BP (QSL via  VK2CA).  Updates  will
         be available at www.vk0bp.org [TNX The Daily DX]
VP2V   - Mike, K9NW will be active in his spare time as VP2V/K9NW  from  the
         British Virgin Islands (NA-023)  until  31  October,  including  an
         entry in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. Contest  category  and  activity
         depend on what wires he can get in the trees. QSL  via  home  call.
         [TNX K9NW]
VQ9    - Look for KI1G to  be  active  again  as  VQ9RD  from  Diego  Garcia
         (AF-006) from 30 October to 11 November. QSL direct  to  KI1G.  The
         logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
YJ     - YJ0AQY and YJ0AVE are the  callsigns  issued  to  Mat,  JA1JQY  and
         Kuni, JA8VE for their 31 October-6 November activity  from  Vanuatu
         [425DXN 911]. Plans are to operate SSB, CW  and  possibly  RTTY  on
         80-10 metres. QSL YJ0AQY via JA1JQY, QSL YJ0AVE via JF1OCQ.

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (25-26 October):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     DXCC                 QSL
02     VA2ZM         M/S          Canada               VA2ZM
02     VE2DXY        M/2          Canada               KD3RF
05     VC2Z                       Canada               VE2BR
05     VP9/K3IRV                  Bermuda              K3IRV
07     HP1BYS        SOAB 15m     Panama               EA5KB
07     HQ2W          M/2          Honduras             HR2DMR
07     HQ3Z          M/M          Honduras             K6VNX
07     HQ9R          SOAB         Honduras             K5WW
07     HT2N          M/S          Nicaragua            AJ9C
07     TI1R          M/2          Costa Rica           TI2JCY
07     V31MX         M/S          Belize               K0BCN
08     6Y1V          M/2 HP       Jamaica              OH3RB
08     8P5A          SOAB HP      Barbados             NN1N
08     C6APR         M/2          Bahamas              K3IXD
08     CO7PH         SO           Cuba                 W3HNK
08     CO8ZZ         SOSB 20m     Cuba                 DK1WI
08     FG5KC         M/S          Guadeloupe           FG5KC
08     HI3CCP        SO LP        Dominican Republic   ON4IQ
08     HI3K          SOSB         Dominican Republic   KB2MS
08     HI3T          SOAB LP      Dominican Republic   ON4IQ
08     KP2B          SOAB         Virgin Islands       EA7FTR
08     KP2M          M/S          Virgin Islands       AI4U
08     NP2N          M/S          Virgin Islands       qrz.com
08     NP4Z          SOAB         Puerto Rico          WC4E
08     TO4X          SOAB         St. Martin           KQ1F
08     TO5DX         M/S          St. Barthelemy       AA4NN
08     TO8Z          SOAB HP      Martinique
08     V26B          M/?          Antigua              KA2AEV
08     V4/W5JON      SO           St.Kitts & Nevis     W5JON
08     V48M                       St Kitts & Nevis     K2SB
08     VP2E          SOSB 20m     Anguilla             N5AU
08     VP2EC         M/2          Anguilla             N5AU
08     VP2V/K9NW     SO           British Virgin Isls  K9NW
08     VP2V/SP3IPB   SOAB         British Virgin Isls  SP3IPB
08     VP2V/SP7VC    SOAB         British Virgin Isls  SP7VC
08     VP5T          M/M          Turks & Caicos Isls  N2VW
09     4M5DX         M/S          Venezuela            IT9DAA
09     9Y4D          SOSB 20m     Trinidad & Tobago    9Y4D
09     FY5KE         M/S          French Guiana        FY5KE
09     P40A          SOAB         Aruba                WD9DZV
09     PJ2/OH2YY     SO           Netherlands Antilles OH2YY
09     PJ2T          M/?          Netherlands Antilles N9AG
09     PJ4E          M/?          Netherlands Antilles WA4PGM
09     PZ5Z          M/?          Suriname             OM2FY
09     YW5CQ         SO HP        Venezuela            IT9DAA
10     HD5J          M/S          Ecuador              JA6GCE
10     OA4WW         SOAB HP      Peru                 HP1WW
11     PW2D          M/S          Brazil               PY2VM
11     ZP0R          SOAB         Paraguay             ZP5AZL
11     ZW5B          M/?          Brazil               K3IRV
11     ZX2X          M/?          Brazil               PY2ZX
12     CE1W          M/M          Chile                HA1AG
12     XR3A                       Chile                CE3DNP
12     XR6T          M/2          Chile                CE3FED
13     AY4D          SOAB HP      Argentina            EA5KB
13     CW5W          SOSB         Uruguay              CX6VM
13     CX1CCC        M/?          Uruguay              EA5KB
13     LP1H          M/S          Argentina            EA5KB
13     LR2F          M/S          Argentina            LU2FA
13     LR4E          SO HP        Argentina            LW4EU
13     LS1D          M/S          Argentina            LW9EOC
13     LT1F          M/S          Argentina            AC7DX
13     LU8YE         M/S          Argentina
14     3A/I1UWF      SO           Monaco               I1UWF
14     AM1T          M/?          Spain                EA1FCR
14     AM7M          SOSB 40M     Spain                EC7ANC
14     AO3A          M/S          Spain                EA3BOX
14     AO5B          M/?          Spain                EA4RCH
14     CQ4U          M/S          Portugal             CT1HFS
14     CS2P          M/?          Portugal             CT1BWU
14     CU2X          SOAB         Azores               OH2BH
14     DL/N0HJZ                   Germany              N0HJZ
14     DR2W          M/S          Germany              DH3WO
14     EA6/AA5UK                  Balearic Islands     AA5UK
14     EB1WW         M/M          Spain                EA1KY
14     ED2R                       Spain                EA2RCA
14     ED5R          SO           Spain                EA5RD
14     EE2W          M/?          Spain                EB2BXL
14     EG5T          M/?          Spain                EA5EH
14     EI/ON4EI      SOAB         Ireland              ON4EI
14     GM7V          SOAB         Scotland             M0CMK
14     GZ0F          SOAB         Shetlands (Scotland)) M0CMK
14     HB0/HB9AON    M/M          Liechtenstein        DJ2YE
14     LN3Z          M/S          Norway               LA9VDA
14     LX7I          SOAB HP      Luxemboug            LX2A
14     MW9W          M/M          Wales                M0URX
14     OT5A          M/M          Belgium              ON7LR
14     PA6Z          M/M          The Netherlands      PA9M
14     SI9AM         M/S          Sweden               SM3CVM
14     TM1O          M/2          France               F1IKA
14     TM2S          M/S          France               F5PED
14     TM4Q          SOAB         France               F6FYA
15     E77XZ         SOSB         Bosnia Herzegovina   DK6XZ
15     E7DX          M/S          Bosnia-Herzegovina   E77E
15     IF9A                       Sicily (Italy)       IT9ATF
15     II20CJ        SOSB 80m     Italy                IW2HAJ
15     IO4T          M/S          Italy                IZ4JMA
15     IO5O          M/S          Italy                IK5RLP
15     IO9K          M/S          Sicily (Italy)       IW9HLM
15     IQ9BF         M/S          Sicily (Italy)       bureau
15     IR4X          M/2          Italy                I4EAT
15     IR9P          M/?          Sicily (Italy)       IW9HMQ
15     IR9Y          M/S          Sicily (Italy)       IT9ABY
15     IS0A          M/2          Sardinia             IS0MYN
15     LY4A          M/?          Lithuania            LY2FY
15     LY7A          M/M          Lithuania            LoTW
15     OE2S          M/S          Austria              OE2GEN
15     OH0E                       Aland Islands        OH2MM
15     OH5Z          M/M          Finland              OH5LIZ
15     OH8X          SOAB         Finland              OH2UA
15     OL7R          M/S          Czech Republic       OK1WMV
15     OM7M          M/S          Slovakia             OM3PA
15     RK2FWA        M/S          Kaliningrad          DK4VW
15     SO6V          SOSB 40m     Poland               SP6DVP
15     TK9R          SOAB HP      Corsica              IK8UND
15     YQ6A          SOAB         Romania              YO6BHN
16     ER0FEO        SOAB         Moldova              UU0JM
16     RS3A          SOAB         European Russia      RA3CW
16     UA3R          M/S          European Russia      RN3RQ
16     UR4Z          M/S          Ukraine              UY0ZG
17     EY8/F4EGS     SO           Tajikistan           F4EGS
17     EY8MM         SOSB 80m     Tajikistan           K1BV
17     RA9A          M/S          Asiatic Russia       RK9AWN
17     UO6P          SOSB 40m     Kazakhstan           UN7PBY
20     4X0C          M/S          Israel               W8HC
20     4X0V          M/2          Israel               AA4V
20     5B4AII        SOAB         Cyprus               RW3RN
20     C49C          M/S          Cyprus               5B4KH
20     C4I           M/?          Cyprus               LZ2HM
20     J42T          M/S          Greece               SV2BFN
20     J48RT         M/S          Greece               HA6NL
20     LZ9W          M/M          Bulgaria             LZ1PM
20     P33W          M/S          Cyprus               RA3AUU
20     SV9CVY        SOAB HP      Crete                SV9CVY
20     SX5P          M/M          Dodecanese           SV5FRD
20     TA2/DL7BC     SOAB LP      Turkey               DL7BC
20     TC3EC         M/?          Turkey               TA3GO
20     TC4X          SOSB 20m     Turkey               OH2BH
21     4L0A          SOAB HP      Georgia              EA7FTR
21     9K2HN         M/S          Kuwait               qrz.com
22     AU2RSB        SO           India                W3HNK
22     VU2PAI        SOAB         India                VU2PAI
22     VU2PTT   SOAB or SOSB 20m  India                VU2PTT
23     JU1DX         M/S          Mongolia             qrz.com
24     B1Z           M/S          China                EA7FTR
24     B4TB          M/S          China                BA4TB
24     B7P           M/S          China                BD7IXG
24     BX5AA         SOAB HP      Taiwan               BX5AA
24     VR2C          M/2          Hong Kong            WA4WTG
26     VU4RG                      Andaman Isls         DJ7JC
26     XW1A          SOAB         Laos                 E21EIC
27     4F1AL         SOSB         Philippines          4F1AL
27     AH0BT         M/S          No. Marianas         7L1FPU
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 JH7QXJ
27     KG6DX         SOAB         Guam                 KG6DX
27     NH0DX         SOAB HP      Mariana Islands      JL3RDC
27     T88AC         SOAB         Palau                JA2BNN
27     T88FY         SOAB         Palau                JK2VOC
27     T88YB                      Palau                HL1IWD
27     V6B           SO           Micronesia           JA7HMZ
28     9M4SMO        M/S          East Malaysia        JH1WXT
28     9M8YY         SOSB 20m     East Malaysia        JR3WXA
28     9M8Z          SOAB         East Malaysia        M0URX
28     YB0ZZ         M/?          Indonesia            qrz.com
29     VK8NSB        SOAB         Australia            VK6NE
30     VK1CC         M/?          Australia            DL8YR
31     T32CXX        M/S          East Kiribati        W0CXX
32     ZK2DF         SO           Niue                 N1EMC
32     ZL2G          SOSB 20m     New Zealand          ZL2HAM
32     ZM1K          SOAB         New Zealand
32     ZM2M          M/2          New Zealand          ZL2AL
33     3V8BB         M/?          Tunisia              YT1AD
33     AO8A          M/2          Canary Islands       OH1RY
33     CN2B                       Morocco              OH2BH
33     CN2R          SOSB 160m    Morocco              W7EJ
33     CN3A          M/S          Morocco              I2WIJ
33     CN4P          SOSB         Morocco              EA5XX
33     CQ3T          M/S          Madeira              CT3KN
33     CQ9K          M/?          Madeira              qrz.com
33     CT3/HA5PP                  Madeira              HA5PP
33     IG9R          SOSB         (African) Italy      IK8HCG
33     IH9N          SOSB 40m LP  (African) Italy      OK1MG
35     6V7M          M/S          Senegal              DH7WW
35     6W1RY         SOAB         Senegal              F5VHJ
35     D4C           M/?          Cape Verde           CT1ESV
38     3DA0DJ                     Swaziland            GI4FUM
38     ZS9X          M/2          South Africa         K3IRV
40     JW5NM         SOSB 40m     Svalbard             LA5NM
40     JW7QIA        SOAB         Svalbard             LA7QIA
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill,  NG3K  at  http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqsz2008.html - good contest to
you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9L1X ---> The 9L1X team went QRT from Sherbro Island (AF-056) at  06.08  UTC
on 23 October. They made 41727 QSOs (17426 CW, 23257  SSB  and  1044  RTTY).
QSL direct to I2YSB (Silvano Borsa, Viale Capettini 1, 27036 Mortara  -  PV,

CQ WW DX SSB ---> Colin, MM0NDX has collected a list of the websites  for  a
number of participating stations in this year's CQWW SSB. It  can  be  found
at http://dx-hamspirit.com:80/cqwwssb/

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations have been approved for DXCC credit:
4W6R    Timor Leste            2008 Operation
9N7BN   Nepal                  2007 Operation
EP3BN   Iran                   2008 Operation
TN5MM   Republic of The Congo  Current operation commencing October 2008
TN5SN   Republic of The Congo  Current operation commencing October 2008
YI9PT   Iraq                   2008 Operation

NCDXA OFFICERS  ---> At the October 2008 Annual Meeting, the members of  the
National Capitol  DX  Association  (http://www.qsl.net/ncdxa/)  elected  the
following officers to serve in  2009:  Dick  Mayott/W2YE  (President),  John
Kanode/N4MM (Vice  President), George  Vincent/K3GV  (Secretary)  and  Brian
Bayus/N1KC (Treasurer). [TNX K3GV]

NCDXF ON TWITTER ---> The Northern California DX Foundation is  now  QRV  on
Twitter. They intend to use Twitter  to  keep  DXers  informed  about  NCDXF
activities  and  related  news.  Users  can  follow   NCDXF    by  going  to
http://twitter.com/NCDXF/ and clicking on the "Follow" link. [TNX N4GN]

QSL KL7DX (NA-234) ---> Ron, AC7DX says that  all  of  the  direct  requests
received by 15 October have been processed and the cards have  been  mailed.
Bureau cards will be answered when time allows. Those QSLling in the  future
please see address and mailing instructions at http://www.qrz.com/ac7dx

QSL VIA DL5WM ---> All of the direct requests for  OC1I  (SA-076)  and  OC6I
(SA-098) have been processed and mailed.  Jeff  still  has  logs  and  blank
cards for OC4P (SA-052, February 2005) and OC5I (SA-073, April  2006).  [TNX

VIDEOS ---> Videos of OC5I (SA-073, April 2006) and OC6I  (SA-098,  December
2007) can be found on Youtube,  at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=srh9IwMnNCg  and
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haxBOEWSM7o respectively. [TNX DL5YWM]

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported Silent  Keys  include  Stan  Kuhl  (K6MA),
Stephen C. Rock (N4SR), Antonio "Diniz" Da Silva  (PY2NX)  and  Valentin  V.
Polyakov (UR5NA).

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3DA0DJ      GI4FUM      ET3JA       OK3AA       PJ4/N0VD    W3HNK
3DA0SS      GI4FUM      EW6GF       DL8KAC      PZ5Z        OM2FY
4K7Z        UA3FDX      EY8MM       K1BV        SI9AM       SM3CVM
4L4CC       RV1CC       FM1FV       W3HNK       SN0FAD      SP8PAB
4L4WW       EA7FTR      FM1HN       ON4IQ       SN0JP       SP9PKZ
5C5W        EA5XX       FO/JI1JKW   JI1JKW      SU8JOTA     SU1SK
5N48NDP     IK5JAN      FR1AN       NI5DX       T22ZL       JA2ZL
5P9X        OZ9GA       GB0WFF      M3ZYZ       T32CXX      W0CXX
6V7M        DH7WW       GB2HFC      G4BWP       T32DAS      K0DAS
6W/DL4JS    DH7WW       GB2JT       G4SJX       T33ZZ       JA8BMK
6W1RY       F5VHJ       GB4HI       M0DOL       T88AC       JA2BNN
6Y1V        OH3RB       GB50OT      G3VBE       T88FY       JK2VOC
6Y7K        IZ7KHR      GB5FRR      M0CNP       T88OO       WX8C
6Y9S        LU7DSY      GJ4YOX      GU4YOX      T88RP       JA7RPC
7Q7HB       G0IAS       H40MY       OM2SA       T88SB       JF7RKV
7S0SRT      SM0IMJ      H7/AJ9C     AJ9C        T88YB       HL1IWD
7Z1HL       DJ9ZB       HB0/HB9AON  DJ2YE       TC4X        OH2BH
7Z1UG       DG1XG       HB9S        HB9AOF      TG9NX       N4FKZ
8Q7AK       G7COD       HC5WW       JA6VU       TI1R        TI2JCY
8Q7IU       CT1IUA      HC8A        KU9C        TL8CK       F6EWM
9H100MRSG   9H3SGM      HF200C      SP2FAP      TL8PRV      IN3EYY
9J2QQV      JO7QQV      HF200Q      SP2FAP      TO4X        KQ1F
9L0W        DK2WV       HF200T      SP2FAP      TO5DX       AA4NN
9M8Z        M0URX       HF30JP      SP9BRP      UN7AB       DL8KAC
9V1YC       N5ID        HG1848I     HA3HK       UN7MMM      EA7FTR
A41MO       EA5KB       HK1AT       EA7ATX      V25JK       W4BCX
A41MX       EB7DX       HK1NK       EA5KB       V26B        KA2AEV
A43ICEM     A41MA       HQ2W        HR2DMR      V26OB       DL8OBQ
A71A        A71AN       IG9R        IK8HCG      V31BU       AB4U
A71CV       A71AN       II0BP       IQ0FN       V31CL       AB4U
A71EM       EA7FTR      II2PJ       IQ2DN       V31JM       AB4U
AH8/DL2AH   DL2AH       II2SRT      I2JJR       V31KK       KK5LO
AP2TN       DJ9ZB       II3MA       IK3SHP      V31XZ       AB5XZ
AY0DX       LU3DR       II5SRT      IZ5BTC      V47KP       K2SB
C4EURO      5B4AHO      II8SRE      IZ8GNH      V55SRT      IZ8EDJ
C56YK       ON7YK       II9BP       IT9LIZ      VK7FLI      VK7BE
C57R        EA4BT       IQ8OM       IZ8EDJ      VK8NSB      VK6NE
C6AMS       NA6M        IR0BP       IW0GOA      VK9CNC      VK2CCC
C6APR       K3IXD       IR1SRT      IZ1GJK      VK9DWX      DJ2MX
C6AXD       K3IXD       IR3SRT      I5JKI       VP2E        N5AU
C98RF       DL6DQW      IR8JOT      IW8PQ       VP8DIF      DJ9ZB
CE1W        HA1AG       IR8PAX      IZ8CLM      VP9BO       W4ZGR
CE9/CE3VPM  CE1KR       IS0T        IN3ZNR      VU3DJQ      EA7FTR
CN2R        W7EJ        IU0SRE      I0YKN       VU4MY       DJ7JC
CN8IG       EA7FTR      IU3SRT      IZ3DBA      VU4RG       DJ7JC
CN8ZG       EA7FTR      IU7SRE      IZ7CRW      VU7NRO      VU2UWZ
CO6RD       8P9NX       IU8SRE      IK8WEJ      VU7SJ       DL9GFB
CT9500AEP   CS3MAD      J49V        DL5AXX      VY2ZM       K1ZM
CT9L        DJ6QT       J88DR       G3TBK       W1SRT       W3IZ
CX7CO       KA5TUF      JY3ZH       DJ9ZB       WP3R        W3HNK
CX7TT       K5WW        K5S         W5UE        XT2MSF      F5CWU
D2NX        JH7FQK      K7P         KN7T        XU7ADU      DL2QT
DQ8LGBAY    DC2SF       KG4KL       KN4KL       XU7MDY      OH4MDY
E760DPR     E73DPR      KG4WV       W4WV        XU7TZG      ON7PP
E77A        9A2AA       KH0WW       JP1IOF      YB1HDF      EA5KB
EG0URS      EA7URS      KP4EE       OK1DOT      YN2I        KE9I
EG0VMV      EA5URA      LW5EE       EA5FL       YU9ZL       K1LZ
EG1FST      EA1EG       LZ26ZA      LZ1KZA      Z22JE       K3IRV
EG3SRT      EA3GHZ      MC0SHL      M0URX       ZA0/I0SNY   I0SNY
EK2790GB    EK6GB       OD5PL       HB9CRV      ZA0/I8LWL   I8LWL
EK2790GM    EK6GB       ON1708M     ON5TN       ZA0/I8YGZ   I8YGZ
EM65QM      UR7QM       P29NI       G3KHZ  [a]  ZF2AH       W6VNR
EP3PK       IK2DUW      P29NI       SM6CVX [b]  ZV2C        PY2CX

[a] for P29NI operating from IOTA OC-041
[b] for P29NI operating from IOTA OC-181

5H3RK    Ralph Karhammar, The World  Bank  Group,  DARWB;  P.O.  Box  27839,
         Washington, DC 20038-7839, USA
5U5U     Christian  Saint-Arroman,  Chemin  de  Mousteguy,  F-64990  Urcuit,
8P9NX    Peter Cross, 90 Greenpoint, St. Philip, Barbados
AA4NN    Joe L. Blackwell, 6391 Baker Ln, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA
D44AC    Carlos Pulu, P.O. Box 398, Mindelo, Cape Verde
DJ2MX    Mario Lovric, Kampenwandstr. 13, 81671 Muenchen, Germany
DJ7JC    Norbert Meyer, Huenninghausenweg 33, D-45276 Essen, Germany
DJ9ZB    Franz Langner, P.O. Box 150, D-77950 Ettenheim, Germany
DK2WV    Karl Heinz Ilg, Max-Loew-Str. 15, 85579 Neubiberg, Germany
DL2AH    Ulrich Krieg, Feldstr. 9, 06774 Soellichau, Germany
DL2AH    Ulrich Krieg, Feldstrasse 9, D-06774 Soellichau, Germany
DL6DQW   Reinhard Fendler, Waldteichstrasse 34, D-01468 Boxdorf, Germany
DL9GFB   Franz  Berndt,  Heinrich-Heine-Strasse  1,  D-18209  Bad  Doberan,
EA4BT    P.O. Box 1315, 28800 Alcala de Henares (Madrid), Spain
EA7ATX   Paco Lara, P.O. Box 309, 11500 Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Spain
ET3SID   Sid May, P.O. Box 60229, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
G3KHZ    Derek Cox, 18 Station Road, Castle Bytham,  Grantham,  Lincs,  NG33
         4SB, UK
JA2ZL    Anci Yamada, 17-8-2 Takiro-cho, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0813, Japan
JA8BMK   Toshihiko Fukuta, 2115-3 Nobori, Yoichi, Hokkaido 046-0002, Japan
JD1BMM   Masafumi Ishihara, 2-305 Loran, 2-5-35  Miyazaki,  Chuo-ku,  Chiba,
         260-0806 Japan
JO7QQV   Ryuji Shishito,  Yui-Machi  14,  Nihonmatsu,  Fukushima,  969-1404,
OH4MDY   Reijo Laitinen, Mantytie 13, FI-76940 Nenonpelto, Finland
OM2FY    Branislav Daras, P.O. Box 6, 82008 Bratislava 28, Slovakia
ON7YK    Andre Bourbon, Route de Xhoffraix 30, 4970 Hockai-Stavelot, Belgium
SM6CVX   Hans Olof Hjelmstrom, Kalltorpsv. 2, 543 35 Tibro, Sweden
V51AS    Frank Steinhauser, Am Rosenkothen 17, 40880 Ratingen, Germany
VK2CCC   Tomas Magyla, 26 Simon Place, Hornsby Heights, NSW 2077, Australia
VU2UWZ   Madhu Mohan S.,  P.O.  Box  88,  Changanacherry,  Kottayam  (Dist),
         Kerala 686101, India
W5UE     Randy Becnel, P.O. Box 170, Kiln, MS 39556-0170, USA
XU7ABN   Claude Laget, P.O. Box 1373 GPO, Phnom Penh 99999, Cambodia
ZC4VJ    Andy Chadwick, P.O. Box 36575, 5526 Dasaki Achnas, Cyprus


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