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10 January 2009                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 923
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3W     - Mike, OM2DX is now working for the Embassy of the  Slovak  Republic
         in Hanoi, Vietnam for the next three years. On  5  January  he  got
         his licence, and he will operate as XV9DX and  3W1M  on  all  bands
         CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via OM3JW. [TNX VA3RJ]
5X     - Peter, 5X4X (DL8SBQ) is active from Arua,  Uganda  until  June.  He
         runs 100 watts into a spiderbeam for 20, 17, 15, 12 and  10  metres
         and a Zepp antenna for 40 metres. He has been pirated  on  160,  80
         and 40 metres - if you worked him during the evening hours,  please
         note that Peter cannot operate after 20 UTC, because the  power  is
         off in Arua. QSL via DF5GQ. [TNX DXNL]
6W     - Tom, DL2RMC will be active as either 6W/DL2RMC or with  a  6V  call
         from  Senegal  on  16-29  January.  It  will  be  a  holiday  style
         operation, with most activity to be concentrated during the  CQ  WW
         160-Meter DX CW Contest. QSL via DL1RTL. [TNX NG3K]
A3     - Bert,  CX3AN  will  be  active   as  A35HA  from  Tongatapu  Island
         (OC-049), Tonga on 14-21 February. He will  operate  holiday  style
         on 40-6 metres SSB and CW, with an emphasis on 30  and  17  metres,
         running 100 watts into dipoles. QSL via home call. [TNX CX3AN]
CE     - Special event station XR27RAID will be active on 11-25 January  for
         the 27th Raid Atacama Desert Trophy. Expect activity on  all  bands
         and modes. QSL via CE6TBN.
CU     - CU8AS,  HB9CQL  and  HB9CRV/CT3FN  will  be  active  as  CU8W  from
         Albarnaz Lighthouse on Flores Island  (EU-089)  on  19-23  January.
         They plan to operate CW and RTTY with a focus  on  the  low  bands.
         For the CQ WW 160-Meter DX Contest (CW)  they  will  be  joined  by
         CT1GPQ  and  possibile  another  operator,  and  will   use    CU8A
         (multi-single). Then they will move to Sao  Jorge  Island  (EU-175)
         and operate as CU5T on 160-10 metres CW, SSB  and  RTTY  from  Topo
         Lighthouse from 28 January to 2 February. QSL for  CU8W,  CU8A  and
         CU5T via CT1GFK, direct  or  bureau  (e-mail  requests  for  bureau
         cards can be sent to cu8at@sapo.pt). The  team  has  a  website  at
DL     - Club station DL0PHG (http://www.a53.de/)  will  be  QRV  throughout
         2009 with special DOK 1225PHG to celebrate the  1225th  anniversary
         of the city of Philippsburg. QSL via the DARC bureau. [TNX DJ6JH]
FR     - The   Association     Radio     Amateur     des     Deux     Sevres
         (http://ed79.ref-union.org/) reports that  Daniel,  F5LGQ  will  be
         active as TO4IPA from Reunion Island (AF-016) on 13-31 January.
G      - The first known rescue  at  sea  involving  radio  occurred  on  23
         January 1909, when the "Republic" and the  "Florida"  collided  off
         Nantucket and the CQD emergency call was used for  the  first  time
         by Republic's radio operator Jack  Binns.  Celebrating  that  100th
         anniversary, the  Scunthorpe  Steel  Amateur  Radio  Club  will  be
         active as GB5CQD on 24-25 January. QSL via  G0OKF.  Information  on
         other stations participating in the Jack Binns' special  event  can
         be found at http://www.jackbinns.org/
H4     - Bernhard, DL2GAC [425DXN  917]  will  arrive  in  Honiara,  Solomon
         Islands, on 10 January. He is expected  to  stay  until  28  April,
         with a side trip to Temotu  Province  in  March  (see  H40  below).
         Bernhard plans to operate SSB as H44MS with a focus on  80  and  40
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
H40    - Sigi/DK9FN (CW operator) and  Hermann/DL2NUD  (EME  operator)  will
         join Bernhard, DL2GAC (H44MS) in  late  February  for  a  2-3  week
         operation from Temotu Province [425DXN 917]. Their flight  to  Lata
         is planned for 2 March, and Sigi will go back home on 16 March.  He
         plans to operate CW only on 160-6 metres, hopefully as  H40FN  (the
         callsign he used back in 1999).  Whatever  callsign  Sigi  will  be
         using, the QSL route is via  HA8FW  (bureau  preferred).  [TNX  The
         Daily DX]
HI     - Josep, EA3BT and his wife Nuria, EA3WL will be active as  HI9/EA3BT
         and HI9/EA3WL from Cayo Levantado (NA-122), Dominican  Republic  on
         21-27 January. They plan to operate mainly SSB  and  digital  modes
         on 10-80 metres, with an amplifier, a beam for 10-20 metres  and  a
         vertical for 40 and 80 metres. QSL via EA3BT. [TNX EA3BT]
I      - Angelo, IK1UGX is active as IY1GM until  31  March  to  commemorate
         the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize  in  physiscs  awarded  to
         Guglielmo Marcnoni. QSL via home call. [TNX IK1VKH]
KL     - The same operators who activated NA-234 in 2008 plan to  be  active
         as  KL7RRC  from  Ogliuga  Island  in  the  Delarof  Islands  Group
         (NA-233, new  one)  indicatively  between  20  and  30  July,  IOTA
         Contest included. Further  details  are  expected  in  due  course;
         preliminary    information     can        be        found        at
         http://www.na-234.com/index.html (click on "NA-233 Plans").
KP2    - Look for KP2/JA1CJA, KP2/JA3AVO and KP2/JA3BZO to  be  active  from
         St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (NA-106) on 17-22 January.  They  plan
         to operate CW, SSB and digital modes  on  160-6  metres.  [TNX  The
         Daily DX]
T3     - Udo, DL9HCU [425DXN 922] is currently active as T30HC from  Western
         Kiribati for about a week. "Then he will go to  Banaba  (T33HC)  if
         the boat is on schedule", The Daily DX reports. QSL via home call.
W      - Due to popular demand,  the  Old  Barney  ARC  (www.obarc.org)  has
         decided to extend the N2OB/150 and N2OB/LH special event  operation
         [425DXN 920] through 31 March. [TNX N2OO]
XX     - Vincent, F4BKV (http://www.f4bkv.net/) will  be  active  as  XX9TKV
         from Coloane Island (AS-075), Macau on until 12  January.  QSL  via
         home call. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
YN     - Stan/AC8W, Hank/K8DD, Jim/KB8TXZ and Lee/N8LJ will be  active  from
         Nicaragua for one week starting on 17 February, ARRL DX CW  Contest
         included. They will put an emphasis on  160,  80,  30,  17  and  12
         metres. They will operate as either H7/homecall or with YN2  calls.
         [TNX K8DD]
ZK2    - Chris, ZL1CT will be active as ZK2V from Niue (OC-040)  between  16
         May and 20 June. His 5-week expedition aims  to  to  give  as  many
         stations as possibile their  first  QSO  with  ZK2.  Resources  are
         limited, and he will operate maily on 80, 40, 20 and 15  metres  CW
         and SSB, with some activity on 30, 17 and 12 metres and some  RTTY.
         QSL  via  N3SL.    A    log-search    will    be    available    at
         http://www.gm7v.com/zk2v.htm, and  Chris  plans  to  update  it  as
         often as possible. [TNX ZL1CT]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DESECHEO 2009 ---> On 19 December several  members  of  the  12-26  February
2009 Desecheo DXpedition team, along with representatives  of  U.S.  Fish  &
Wildlife Service (USFWS), visited Desecheo Island  to  scout  out  operating
and antenna positions and do a preliminary unexploded ordnance (UXO)  check.
The  campsite  and  antenna  fields  were  thoroughly  swept   for  UXO  and
suspicious areas were declared off limits for  the  DXpedition.  USFWS  will
allow antennas on the ridge above  the  helicopter  pad,  thus  providing  a
clear shot to EU, NA and JA. Other antennas will be  located  on  the  beach
below  the  helicopter  pad.  Eight  HF  stations  plus  6  meters  will  be
operational.   An   incredible   array   of  antennas   has   been  planned.
Transportation  and logistics have  been  arranged for a fast deployment and
quick appearance  on  the air.  The complete Press Release #3 (6 January) is
available on  the  DXpedition's website (www.kp5.us), along with details  on
how contribute to the expedition, pictures and much more information.
A new interview with Glenn  Johnson,  W0GJ,  expedition  co-leader,  can  be
found    on    the    Documentary      Archive's        special    web  page
(www.dokufunk.org/desecheo). The  interview  was  given  to  Wolf  Harranth,
OE1WHC on 7 January.

DXCC NEWS ---> The license for T61AA (Afghanistan) has been updated.  Anyone
having this operation rejected recently can send an e-mail to  dxcc@arrl.org
to be placed on the list for an update. [TNX NC1L]

EPC WW  DX  CONTEST  --->  The  European  PSK  Club  invites  amateur  radio
operators all over the world to participate in the EPC WW DX Contest, to  be
held on 31 January-1 February (from  12  UTC  to  12  UTC).  Object  of  the
contest is to work as many stations as  possible  using  the  BPSK125  mode.
Full information can be found at http://www.epcwwdx.srars.org [TNX CT3EE]

IOTA BASH ---> The fifth annual IOTA Bash will be held  on  13-14  March  at
the QTH of AD5A, Mike Crownover  in  Boerne,  Texas.  The  agenda  is  being
finalized and will include presentations on some of  the  most  recent  IOTA
expeditions and a nice social programme. Details will be  available  on  the
IREF website (www.islandradio.org).

LOGS ---> A log search for the special event station 4A1DXXE  can  be  found
at  http://www.dxxe.org/logsearch/index.php?cmd=preselect&log=4A1DXXE   [TNX

LOGS ---> A  log-search  for  ZD8UW  (Ascension  Island)  can  be  found  at
http://clublog.g7vjr.org/l.php?log=ZD8UW; the logs  are  being  uploaded  to

QSL CT3BX ---> Hermann, HB9CRV reports that as of 31 December 2008 he is  no
longer the QSL manager CT3BX. No new QSL manager has been nominated  so  far
and the logs are closed. [TNX K1XN and The Golist]

QSL ZS1REC ---> Effective 1 January,  the  new  QSL  route  is  via  OK1DOT,
direct only: Petr Gustab, P.O. Box 52, Cesky Brod 282  01,  Czech  Republic.
The other stations Petr is the current QSL  manager  for  are  3W22S,  3W3W,
9G5SW, 9M2/G4VGO, 9V1GO, EP4SP, HK1AR, HK3KAV,  NL7G,  TG9AKH,  WP3F,  XV1X,

QSL FROM CHILE ---> Still waiting for a QSO with a Chilean station (3G,  CA,
CC, CD, CE, XQ or XR) to be confirmed? You may  find  help  from  Jose  Luis
Jimenez, CE1KR - check http://hunting-qsl.blogspot.com/ [TNX I0DJV]

QSL VIA E77E ---> The QSL cards for a number of  stations  Robert,  E77E  is
the QSL manager for (E7HQ, E7DX, E74AW, E75A, E79D to name a few) are  still
awaited from the printer. There is no need  to  send  second  direct  cards,
just be patient. The first batch of bureau cards (Robert is the E7  outgoing
bureau manager) is expected to be mailed in March. The address for  incoming
bureau cards has not changed: E7 QSL Bureau, P.O. Box  61,  71000  Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina. [TNX E77E]

VE POSTAL RATES ---> Canadian postal rates will rise on 12 January. The  new
rates for standard letter items up to 30  grams  (1  ounce)  will  be  $0.57
(within Canada), $1.03 (Canada to the USA) and $1.73 (Canada  to  any  other
country). [TNX VA3RJ]

XE1KK/XF1 ---> Ramon, XE1KK operated as XE1KK/XF1 from a couple  of  islands
in the NA-124  IOTA  group  between  late  December  and  early  January.  A
presentation  on  these  "lunch  time"   activities    can    be   found  at
http://files.xe1kk.com/XE1KK-XF1.pdf. All of  the  QSOs  will  be  confirmed
automatically via the bureau and uploaded to LoTW; direct  cards  should  be
sent to XE1KK. [TNX K6HFA]


QSLs received  direct  or  through  managers:  3B8/SP2JMB,  3D2YA  (OC-121),
3V8BB, 3X5A, 3XM6JR, 4J3M, 4J4K, 4J5A, 4K4K, 4K9C, 4X0AI  (AS-100),  5H3VMB,
5N/LZ1QK, 5R8VB, 5U5U, 5U7DX, 5W0HH, 5W5AA, 5X1VB, 5Z4/RW1AU,  5Z4KI,  6O0M,
6V7L, 7P8BA, 7Q7VB, 7X4AN, 7Z1UG, 9G1UW, 9G5ZZ, 9H1XT,  9J2M,  9J2VB,  9L0W,
9L1X (AF-056), 9M2AX, 9M6/N2BB, 9M6XRO/p, 9M8Z, 9Q1D,  9U0VB,  A35SS,  A73A,
AH2L, AH8/DL2AH, AY1ZA (AN-008), BG7JSQ, BI4N, C31CT, C6AKX,  C6ATA,  C91LW,
C91R, CM6RCR, CN2B, CN2R, CU2X, CU7/DH3NB  (EU-175),  D20VB,  D60VB,  EL2DX,
ER0WW,  FG/F5OIU,  FJ/F6FYD,  FJ/OH2AM,  FM/F6ARC  (NA-107),   FW1W,  H40MY,
(NA-132), HK3JJH/HK0B (NA-133), HQ3Z, HR3/N6VI,  HR9/WQ7R  (NA-057),  HZ1IK,
J20VB,  J3/DM2AYO,  J39BS,  JW/IN3SAU,  K5S,  K7A  (NA-042    and   NA-241),
KB7OBU/KH2, KC4AAA, KH6ND, KP2M,  KP4AO,  LU1ZB  (AN-012),  LU4ZS  (AN-013),
(EU-029), P29NI (OC-041 and  OC-181),  P29VLR,  P40A,  P40Q,  P40TA,  P40ZB,
PJ7/K1XM, PJ7/K2GSJ, PZ5C,  PZ5C/p  (SA-092),  PZ5PA,  PZ5WP,  PZ5Z,  R35NP,
R450AD, RA0FU, RK1B/P (EU-133), RU6DX/P  (EU-185),  RZ0AF,  S79NS  (AF-024),
S79NS/p (AF-033), TC4X, TF3KX, TO4X,  TO5DX,  TR8CA,  TT8AMO,  TT8M,  TY5WP,
VK1AA/2 (OC-223), VK1ANU/5  (OC-139),  VK9ANU,  VO2A  (NA-194  and  NA-205),
Z2/UA4WHX, ZA0/I0SNY  (EU-169),  ZA0/I8LWL  (EU-169),  ZB2FK,  ZC4VJ,  ZD8N,


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