425 DX News issue #955

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                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3D2    - Jacek, SP5EAQ (3D2MJ) and Jacek,  SP5DRH  (3D2KJ)  will  be  active
          from Viti Levu (OC-016), Fiji from 1 October for four  weeks.  They
          will operate on all bands, with an emphasis on the low bands,  with
          two stations using small amplifiers and vertical antennas. QSL  via
          home calls. [TNX SP5DRH]
5B     - Gab,  HA3JB  has  postponed  his  announced  activity  from  Monaco
          [425DXN 947] and will be going to Cyprus instead. Look for  him  to
          be active as 5B/HG3IPA from 25 September to  2  October,  including
          an entry in the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest. This activity will  be  good
          for the Hungarian International Police Association  Award  (on-line
          log  and  information  on  the    award    can    be    found    at
          http://www.ha3jb.com). QSL via HA3JB. [TNX HA3JB]
6W     - Stan, EI6DX (UA1OUT) will operate as 6W/EI6DX from Senegal on  7-16
          November. He will concentrate on the low bands CW,  and  will  take
          part in the Ukrainian DX and Japan  Internation  DX  contests.  QSL
          via RX3RC, direct or bureau. Updates  and  further  information  at
          http://www.ei6dx.com/senegal [TNX UA1OUT]
9H     - Once again a group of Dutch  operators  will  be  going  to  Qawra,
          Malta (EU-023) for annual holiday/DXpedition. They will  be  active
          on 80-6  metres  CW,  SSB  and  digital  modes  between  6  and  27
          September. The callsign for the group is  9H9PA  (QSL  via  PB9ZR),
          but they will also operate under their individual callsigns:  9H3AB
          (QSL via PA1SL), 9H3DZ (QSL via PA2AM),  9H3FD  (QSL  via  PA3FHR),
          9H3ON (QSL  via  PG9W),  9H3S  (QSL  via  PA3HGP),  9H3X  (QSL  via
          PE1NGF), 9H3YM (QSL via PE1OFJ), 9H3ZR (QSL via PB9ZR). [TNX PG9W]
C6     - Ed/K3IXD, Randy/K4QO, Pete/W2GJ  and  Dallas/W3PP  will  be  active
          from Crooked Island (NA-113), Bahamas on 22-26 October.  They  will
          participate in the CQ  WW  DX  SB  Contest  as  C6APR  (Multi-Two);
          before and after the contest look for C6AQO (CW and SSB) and  C6AXD
          (RTTY) to be active on 160-10 metres.  All  QSLs  via  K3IXD.  [TNX
F      - Marc, F6HQP is currently active as F6HQP/p from Brittany  until  26
          August. He will try to go and operate  from  a  few  more  islands,
          such as Ile  Callot  (not  IOTA,  DIFM  MA-017)  and  Ile  de  Batz
          (EU-105, DIFM MA-018). QSL via home call,  bureau  preferred.  [TNX
FT5G   - The FT5GA team [425DXN 948] will  depart  Paris  on  11  September,
          destination St. Denis, Reunion Island. The date  for  the  military
          flight to Glorioso will be announced as soon as FASZOI (the  French
          Armed Forces in the South Indian Ocean Zone) confirm it.  The  team
          will remain on Grande Glorieuse for  about  three  weeks,  and  the
          return flight from Reunion to Paris will be on 8 October.  Bookmark
          http://glorieuses2008.free.fr/ for further information and updates.
H4     - Mike,  KM9D (H44MY) and Jan, KF4TUG (H44TO) are now lying to anchor
          at  Tesauma, Rennell Island (OC-127) and might be QRV soon. QSL via
HB9    - Tera Radio Club (www.hb9ok.ch)will  be  active  as  HB9VELO  on  in
          September for the Road Cycling World  Championships  that  will  be
          held in Mendrisio, Switzerland on 23-27  September.  Activity  will
          be on CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY on the HF bands. QSL via  HB9OCR.  [TNX
I      - Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel  Prize  in  physiscs
          awarded to Guglielmo Marconi, ARI Vigevano  will  operate  as  IY2M
          between 1 September and 31 January 2010. Concurrent special  events
          will be organized in cooperation  with  the  Museum  of  Electrical
          Technology of the University of Pavia. QSL via  IW2NOH,  direct  or
          bureau. [TNX IK2AVH]
I      - Gerry, IZ1DSH and Pasquale, IZ1MLQ will be active as IL7T from  San
          Domino Island (EU-050, IIA FG-001) on 24-27  September.  They  will
          have two stations active  on  40-10  metres  SSB,  CW  and  digital
          modes. QSL via IZ1DSH, direct or bureau.  Further  information  can
          be found at http://www.aritorino.it/IL7T.htm [TNX IZ1DXS]
J7     - Lot, DJ9ZG and Babs, DL7AFS will be active as J79ZG  from  Dominica
          (NA-101) from 27 September to 15  October.  They  plan  to  operate
          RTTY, PSK and SSB  on  80-6  metres.  QSL  via  DL7AFS,  direct  or
          bureau. Their website is at www.qsl.net/dl7afs [TNX DJ7ZG]
KH0    - Kuro, JH0MGJ will operate on 80-6 metres as  AL5A/WH0  from  Saipan
          (OC-086) on  28-31  August.  QSL  via  JA7JEC  (direct)  or  JH0MGJ
          (bureau). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
KH2    - Look for George, K6SV/KH2 and Dennis, K7BV/KH2 to  be  active  from
          Guam (OC-026) on 25-28 August. They will operate operating SSB  and
          CW on the  HF  bands  and  6  metres  from  the  WH2DX  rental  QTH
          (http://www.wh2dx.com/). QSL via K6HRO. [TNX N4GN]
SV     - Max, IZ4JMA will be active as  SV8/IZ4JMA    from  the  islands  of
          Paxoi and Kerkira (both counts for EU-052)  from  24  August  to  9
          September. He will operate holiday  style  on  80-10  metres,  with
          digital modes activity being planned. [TNX IZ4JMA]
SV     - Demetrius/SV2GWY, Angelo/SV2GWR, Cleanthis/SV2XI,  Dimitris/SV7HRJ,
          Nick/SV7HVI, Themistokles/SW2HQF and Nikos/SW2HVD  will  be  active
          as SX8DI from the Drenia Islands (EU-174) on  28-31  August.  Their
          base camp will be on Penna Island, and they  also  try  to  go  and
          operate from the  lighthouse  on  Frini  Island.  QSL  via  SV2GWY,
          direct or bureau. Further information and log search can  be  found
          at http://sx8di.blogspot.com/ [TNX VA3RJ]
VE     - George, K3GV, will be active as K3GV/VY2 from Prince Edward  Island
          (NA-029) between 1 and 28 September. Activity will be on 15 and  20
          metres around the  usual  IOTA  frequencies.  QSL  via  home  call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX K3GV]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

7O1YGF & LOTW ---> The logs for 7O1YGF have now been uploaded to  LoTW.  The
procedure to follow in order to claim credit is  described  on  the  Century
Club  Awards   Weblog    (http://www.arrl.org/blog/Century%20Club%20Awards).
Please note that "if you select  only  the  7O1YGF  QSOs  you  will  not  be
assessed the fees that LoTW will report back to  you",  but  if  you  select
also other QSOs, the application will be handled and charged  as  a  regular
submission. [TNX NC1L]

CIS DX QPSK63 ---> The European PSK Club invites amateur radio operators  to
participate in the CIS DX QPSK63 Contest, that will be held from 12  UTC  on
19 September until 12 UTC on the 20th. Complete rules and other  information
can be found at http://www.cisdx.srars.org/ [TNX MM0DFV]

FO8RZ ---> Updates from Phil, FO8RZ (F5PHW) can  be  found  on  his  website
(http://f5phw.chez.com/), along with a log search that  will  updated  on  a
weekly basis. QSL via F8BPN, direct or bureau. Phil uploads his log to  LoTW
on a regular basis. [TNX FO8RZ]

HOMECOMING SCOTLAND TROPHIES ---> The GMDX  Group  sponsors  the  Homecoming
Scotland Engraved Challenge Trophies to be awarded  to  (1)  the  top  three
stations outside Scotland who contact the largest number  of  different  GA,
MA and 2A stations, and to (2) the top three  Scottish  stations  who  using
the GA, MA and 2A prefixes work  the  largest  number  of  stations  outside
Scotland between 10 August and 30 November 2009. Details  can  be  found  at
http://www.gmdx.org.uk/ [TNX MM0NDX]

LOGS ---> A logsearch for DU1/G0SHN (and for  other  106  callsigns,  for  a
total  of  322,449  QSOs)  is  available  on  the  Nouvelles   DX's  website
(http://LesNouvellesDX.fr/voirlogs.php). Also, the log for HB0/F5LMJ is  now
on line at http://www.tuduri.net/f5lmj/Hb0/Hb0.htm [TNX F6AJA]

NOT THE MANAGER ---> As of 15 August 2009 Erik, K5WW is no  longer  the  QSL
manager for P40L and P4/W6LD. [TNX K5WW]

QSL 7P8AO ---> A log search for 7P8AO (as well as for  7P8CF,  7P8MM,  7P8OK
and 7P8YI) can be found at http://ha5ao.novolab.hu/. QSL  7P8AO  via  HA5AO,
direct only (Istvan Gaspar, Rakoczi  u.  85,  1196  Budapest,  Hungary),  as
proceeds will be donated entirely to charity (details on  this  project  can
be found on the website above).

QSL J79PAK ---> The Daily DX reports that, following HB9CUA's tragic  death,
the new QSL route for J79PAK is via HB9HLM.

QSL VIA IK3GES ---> It has been reported that  Gabriele,  IK3GES  QSLs  only
direct. This is not true. As for his latest activities from  Greek  islands,
all of the direct requests have been replied to, and all  of  the  remaining
QSOs will be confirmed automatically  through  the  bureau  system  in  late
August. As for his recent IOTA activities  from  Gokceada  (Turkey,  EU-186)
and Sveta Anastasiya (Bulgaria, EU-181), when the blank  cards  arrive  from
the printer he will apply the same procedure as above. On-line logs  can  be
found at http://www.ik3ges.it [TNX IK3GES]

YO DX HF CONTEST ---> The Romanian Amateur Radio  Federation  (FRR)  invites
amateur radio operators all over the world to participate in the  annual  YO
DX HF Contest, which will be held on 29-30 August (from 12 UTC to  12  UTC).
Participants in the contest who meet the  award  requirements  will  receive
the YO BZ Award (1st class) free  of  charge.  Complete  contest  rules  and
results of lats year's edition can be found at http://www.hamradio.ro/  [TNX

+ SILENT KEYS + Pierre-Aime Kubler, HB9CUA  (J79PAK)  lost  his  life  on  5
August, at 46 years of age, while on vacation in Dominica. He was trying  to
rescue his eight-year-old daughter (who survived) from the sea, when he  was
swept under a wave. He was found dead the day after.
Other recently reported Silent Keys include Medzit  "Kico"  Dautovic  (E72C,
former Secretary of ARABiH), Jiro Manaka (JA1MCU, the  first  operator  from
Japan to receive the 5 Band DXCC Award), Igor A. Lambrianov (UA6JW),  Mickey
Hicks (WO6T) and antenna designer Giovanni Carnevale (I1UJX).


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3D2NB, 3XY5M, 4K0CW, 4KT9W,  4L0A,
4T6I (SA-098), 5C2C, 5C2F, 5H3VMB, 5K0T (NA-132 and NA-133),  6Y8XF,  8Q7GP,
9H1BT, 9U0VB, A25VB, AO5KB, C37NL, C4SV,  C6AGU,  C91VB,  CE9/K2ARB,  CO2NB,
(AS-060), EA9PY, EW3EW, EX8M, EY7AF, H44MY  (OC-162),  H6VA,  HC2SL,  HC7AE,
HD2M, HH4/K4QD, HR9/IK2QPR, HZ1FS/p (AS-192), IL7G (EU-050), J39BJ,  JD1BMM,
JT1CO, KH2L, KP4KE, LY70W, N5BEK/TI7, OA4BHY/2  (SA-075),  OA4TT,  OY/G3TXF,
OY9JD, P33W, P43A, PZ5WP, RG9A, S92LX, SX9JZ, T31DX,  T32YA,  T32YY,  T33ZZ,
T77C, TA3J/7, TA7KI, TJ3G, TL0A, TO3R, TS7C, TT8JT,  TZ6EI,  UK9AA,  UN7MMM,
V29JKV, V44KAI,  V63MY  (OC-259),  V63TO  (OC-163),VK9GMW,  VP2EFB,  VP8DLM,


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