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28 November 2009                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 969
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9M6    - Tony, KM0O, is currently (25-30 November) operating as 9M6LSC  from
         the Langkah Syabas Beach Hotel club station on all  10-160  metres,
         mainly (or all) CW, including an entry in the CQ WW DX CW  Contest.
         QSL this operation only via KM0O. [TNX 9M6DXX]
CE0Y   - Lars, SM6CUK will be  active  as  CE0Y/SM6CUK  from  Easter  Island
         until 6 December, including and entry in the CQ WW DX  CW  Contest.
         He operates CW only, with a special temporary authorization to  use
         30 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
CX     - Ghis,  ON5NT  will  be  active  as  CX5NT  from  Uruguay  on  12-17
         December. He plans  to  operate  holiday  style  during  the  local
         evening and night hours, typically on 30 and 40 metres CW. QSL  via
         ON5NT. [TNX ON5NT]
EA     - Adolfo, EA7TV will be active as EG7OFM on  28-29  November  from La
         Rabida Monastery. The special callsign is  in  celebration  of  the
         800th anniversary of the Order of Friars Minor,  founded  by  Saint
         Francis of Assisi. QSL via EA7TV, bureau preferred. [TNX EA7TV]
F      - TM23T, TM4TLT and other special stations will be activated for  the
         23rd annual Telethon,  the  fund-raising  event  organized  by  the
         French Muscular Dystrophy Association that will take place  on  4-5
         December. QSL via operator's instructions. [TNX F8REF]
GM     - MS0INT is the  callsign  issued  to  the  IOTA  expedition  to  the
         difficult to access Flannan Isles (EU-118)  [425DXN  963].  Weather
         permitting, a team of five  determined  operators  (EA1DR,  EC2ADN,
         EA3NT, MM0NDX and SM0MDG) will be active from this  rare  group  on
         18-21 June. QSL via M0URX. Further information is expected  in  due
         course. [TNX http://dx-hamspirit.com/]
H40    - Siegfried, DK9FN will be active again  as  H40FN  (QSL  via  HA8FW)
         from the Reef Islands (OC-065), Temotu Province on  6-19  February.
         He will operate CW only, with a  strong  emphasis  on  160  and  80
         metres, while Bernhard, DL2GAC (H40MS,  QSL  via  home  call)  will
         operate SSB and Hans-Peter, DG1FK (H40FK, QSL via home  call)  will
         operate  mainly  PSK31.  Further  information  to  be   found    at
HH     - Steve, VE2TKH is active  in  his  spare  time  as  HH2/VE2TKH  from
         Petionville, Haiti until 15 December. He focuses on 30, 20, 17  and
         15 metres, but power is currently only available between  01.00  to
         11.00 UTC, while between 11 and 6 UTC he runs  battery  power.  QSL
         via M0URX. [TNX http://dx-hamspirit.com/]
HL_ssh - Sang Hoon Lee, DS4NMJ will  be  active  as  DT8A  from  the  Korean
         Antarctic base King Sejong on King George  Island  South  Shetlands
         (AN-010) for 14 months, from 5 December  2009  through  31  January
         2011. He plans to operate on all bands mainly  CW,  with  some  SSB
         and RTTY. QSL via HL2FDW. [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
I      - II0SB/mm from an Italian Navy Coast  Guard  patrol  boat  (QSL  via
         IS0MKX) and II3SB from Burano Island (IOTA EU-131, IIA VE-010,  QSL
         via  IW3IE)  will  be  two  stations  participating  in  the    5th
         International ARMI Contest to be held on 5-6 December  (details  at
         http://www.assoradiomarinai.tk). [TNX IT9MRM]
IS0    - A group of operators from the Sardinia QRP  Club  (IQ0QP)  will  be
         active from the lighthouse at Capo Sant'Elia (ARLHS  SAR-019,  WAIL
         SA-008) on mainland Sardinia (EU-024)  from  about  18  UTC  on  12
         December until about 10 UTC on the 13th. They will operate SSB,  CW
         and digital modes on 20, 30, 40 and  80  metres.  QSL  direct  (see
         qrz.com). [TNX IS0VSU]
KP2    - Sharon, K7WZB and Garry, K9WZB will be active  as  K2V  from  Saint
         Croix, US Virgin Islands  (NA-106)  on  2-14  December.  They  will
         operate SSB, CW, RTTY and  PSK31  on  160-6  metres,  with  special
         attention for 6m openings. QSL via  K9WZB  (direct  only).  On-line
         log at http://www.clublog.org/logsearch/K2V [TNX NG3K]
OH     - Santa Claus Land (OH9SCL) will be again  active  in  December  from
         the Artic Circle. Activity will be on 10-160  metres  CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes. QSL via OH9UV. [TNX The Daily DX]
OZ     - Special event station 5P15COP will be active on 160-6  metres  SSB,
         CW and digital modes  on  7-18  December  from  Sjaelland  (EU-029)
         during the United Nations Climate Change Conference  that  will  be
         held in Copenhagen. QSL  via  OZ5BAL,  direct  or  bureau.  Further
         information, including detail of the relevant certificate,  can  be
         found at http://www.5p15cop.dk [TNX OZ1JTE]
PA     - Special event station PB500GT will be active from  28  November  to
         13 December to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Grote Toren,  the
         great bell tower that is the main landmark of the  city  of  Breda.
         QSL via PA1WLB. [TNX F5NQL]
S2     - S21RC, S21AM, S21S and S21D  will  return  to  St  Martin's  Island
         (AS-127), Bangladesh on 21-25 February. They  plan  to  operate  as
         S21DX with two stations. QSL via EB7DX. They are looking for a  few
         pieces of equipment,  instructions  on  how  to  help  and  further
         information  can  be   found    at    http://iota.s2dx.org/    [TNX
ST     - ST2AR is the new callsign issued  to  Robert,  S53R  [425DXN  960].
         Look for him to participate in the CQ WW DX  CW  Contest.  For  the
         time being, QSL via S53R (direct only). [TNX NG3K]
TF     - Darren, G0TSM will be in Reykjavik, Iceland from 27 November  to  1
         December. He hopes to make some S&P QSOs during the  CQ  WW  DX  CW
         Contest as TF/G0TSM. QSL via home call. [TNX G0TSM]
TI     - TI7WGI, DH8WR, DL2JRM and DL3ALF will be active as TI7XX  from  San
         Jose Island (NA-191) from 30 December to 5 January.  They  plan  to
         operate CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY on all  bands  with  two  stations.
         QSL via DL2JRM, direct or bureau. [TNX www.rsgbiota.org]
V3     - Wil, EA7HEJ (PA0WWV) will operate SSB and CW as V31WV  from  Belize
         until 20 December. QSL direct only to Wil Lameree, Apartado  Postal
         107, 21830 Bonares, Huelva, Spain.
VE     - Special callsign VE3PARK  will  be  in  use  on  1-31  December  to
         celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada's National Parks  System.
         QSL via VE3NOO. [TNX F5NQL]
VP2M   - Mike, W1USN will be operate mainly SSB and  PSK31  as  VP2MPR  from
         Montserrat (NA-103) from 28 February to 13 March.  Bob,  AA1M  will
         operate mostly CW as VP2MPL on 6-11  March.  QSL  via  home  calls.
         [TNX AA1M]
VP2V   - Kurt, W3HQ will be active as VP2V/W3HQ from Virgin  Gorda,  British
         Virgin Islands (NA-023) on 4-16 December. He will operate CW  only,
         with a focus on 160 and 10 metres during the weekends, and  on  30,
         12 and 17 metres during the week. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
XU     - Norbert, F6AXX and Alain, F6HBR will operate CW only  (3520,  7020,
         10115, 14020, 18071, 21020, 24891 and 28020  kHz)  as  XU7UFT  from
         Sihanoukville, Cambodia on 3-8 December. QSL via F6AXX,  direct  or
         bureau. Direct cards will be replied  to  after  15  January  2010.
         [TNX F5NQL]
YB     - Adhi, YB3MM will be active  in  his  spare  time  as  YB3MM/p  from
         Bawean Island (OC-197) between 4 and 9 December. His activity  will
         be limited to 15 metres CW. QSL via IZ8CCW. [TNX IZ8CCW]

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (28-29 November):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     DXCC                 QSL VIA
05     VP9I          SOAB LP      Bermuda                N1HRA
07     TI5A          SOSB 20m LP  Costa Rica    TI5KD or K2PLF
07     TI5N          SOSB 15m     Costa Rica             W3HNK
07     V31CW         SO           Belize                 KU1CW
07     YN2GY         SO           Nicaragua               K9GY
07     YS4U          M/S          El Salvador             N0AT
08     6Y1V          M/2          Jamaica                OH3RB
08     8P5A          SOAB HP      Barbados                NN1N
08     8P9SS         SOAB LP      Barbados                ND3F
08     CM8CAD        SOSB 40m LP  Cuba                 qrz.com
08     CO6LP         SOSB 40m     Cuba                   CO6LP
08     CO8LY         SOSB 15m LP  Cuba                  EA7ADH
08     CO8TW         SOSB 160m LP Cuba                  HB9SVT
08     FM5CD         M/S          Martinique              F5VU
08     HI3TEJ        SOAB LP      Dominican Republic     ON4IQ
08     J38XJ         SO QRP       Grenada                 LoTW
08     KP2M          M/?          US Virgin Islands       AI4U
08     NP4Z          SOAB HP      Puerto Rico             WC4E
08     T48K          M/?          Cuba                   DK1WI
08     TO4D          SO           Guadeloupe             F6AUS
08     TO5T          SOAB HP      Martinique            JE1JKL
08     V26K          SOAB LP      Antigua                 AA3B
08     V47NT         SOAB HP      St. Kitts               W2RQ
08     WP3C          SOSB 80m     Puerto Rico            W3HNK
08     ZF2AM         SOAB         Cayman Isls             K6AM
09     9Y4W          SO           Tobago                DL4MDO
09     FY5KE         SOAB QRP     French Guiana          FY1FL
09     P40A          SOAB         Aruba                 WD9DZV
09     P40W          SOAB         Aruba                   N2MM
09     P49Y          SOAB HP      Aruba                   AE6Y
09     PJ2T          M/2          Netherlands Antilles    N9AG
09     PJ4A          M/?          Netherlands Antilles   K4BAI
09     YW4D          SOSB 40m     Venezuela              EA7JX
10     HC8N          M/M          Galapagos Isls          W5UE
11     ZP0R          SOAB         Paraguay              ZP5AZL
12     CE0Y/SM6CUK   SOAB LP      Easter Island         SM6CUK
13     CW7T          M/2          Uruguay                 K5WW
13     LU8YE         M/2          Argentina             EA7FTR
14     4U1ITU        M/S          ITU Geneva            4U1ITU
14     CR2X          SOAB HP      Azores                 OH2BH
14     CR5X          M/S          Portugal               DJ9MH
14     EE2W          M/M          Spain                 EB2BXL
14     GJ2A          SOAB HP      Jersey               qrz.com
14     GU4YOX        SOSB 20m     Guernsey              GU4YOX
14     LX7I          M/M          Luxembourg              LX2A
14     MD4K          SOSB 15m     Isle of Man            G3NKC
14     MD6V          SOSB 20m     Isle of Man            G3NKC
14     MJ0ASP        SOSB 80m     Jersey                MJ0ASP
14     MZ5B          SOSB         Scotland (Shetland)    G3TXF
14     OQ3R          SOAB         Belgium                ON4RU
14     OY6A          M/S          Faroe Isls              LoTW
14     TM0R          M/S          France                 F5GGL
14     TM2S          M/S          France                 F5PED
14     ZB2X          SOSB 10m     Gibraltar              OH2KI
15     IR9X          SO           Italy (Sicily)        IW9HLM
15     IU9T          SOAB         Italy (Sicily)        IT9GSF
15     OH0V          SOSB 160m    Aland Isls            bureau
15     OH0Z          SOAB HP      Aland Isls              W0MM
15     RW2F          M/?          Kaliningrad            DK4VW
17     EY8MM         SOSB 160m    Tajikistan              K1BV
20     4X/RV2FW      SOSB 40m     Israel            UA1 bureau
20     4Z5J          SOSB 80m     Israel                  W0MM
20     5B/G4IRN      SOSB         Cyprus                 G4IRN
20     5B/HA5PP      SOSB         Cyprus                 HA5PP
20     C4I           M/?          Cyprus                 LZ2HM
20     C4W           SOAB         Cyprus                 5B4WN
20     P33W          M/S          Cyprus                RA3AUU
20     SV9COL        SOAB         Crete                 SV9COL
20     TC4X          SO           Turkey                 OH2BH
20     YM3A          SOSB 40m     Turkey (Asia)          LZ1NK
20     ZC4T          SOAB         UK SBA Cyprus        qrz.com
21     4L0A          SOAB HP      Georgia               EA7FTR
21     4L8A          SOSB 20m     Georgia                 K1BV
21     9K2HN         SOSB 80m     Kuwait                 9K2HN
21     A73A          M/S          Qatar                 EA7FTR
22     VU2PAI        SOAB HP      India                 VU2PAI
22     VU2PTT        SOAB or SOSB India                 VU2PTT
23     JU1DX         M/2          Mongolia             qrz.com
23     JV1A          SOAB         Mongolia                WV6E
24     B7P           M/M          China                 BD7IXG
25     6M0HZ/2       M/?          South Korea           DS2AGH
26     E20WXA        SOSB 40m LP  Thailand              E20WXA
26     E21AOY        SOSB 15m QRP Thailand              E21AOY
26     E21EIC        SOAB         Thailand                LoTW
26     E21IZC        SOSB 20m LP  Thailand              E21IZC
26     HS0AC         SOAB         Thailand              HS0ZFZ
26     HS8JYX        SOSB 20m     Thailand              HS8JYX
26     HS8KGG        SOAB LP      Thailand              HS8KGG
26     XU7ACY        SOAB LP      Cambodia                W2EN
26     XW1B          SOAB         Laos                  E21EIC
27     4D1N          SO           Philippines           DV1UBY
27     AH0/AH2Y                   Saipan                HL1IWD
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                  JH7QXJ
27     KG6DX         SOSB HP      Guam                   KG6DX
27     KH0/WX8C                   Saipan                HL1IWD
27     T88CI         SOAB         Palau                  HA5AO
28     9M6LSC        SOAB         East Malaysia           KM0O
28     YB0ECT        SOSB 20m     Indonesia              K3AIR
29     VK6AA         M/S          Australia              DL8YR
29     VK8NSB        SOAB         Australia              VK6NE
29     VK9XW                      Christmas Island      DL1RTL
30     TX3A          SOAB LP      Chesterfield Isls      HA7RY
31     KH6ZN         SOAB HP      Hawaii                  AI4U
32     A31A                       Tonga                 PA3LEO
32     A35A          SOSB 80m LP  Tonga                  W7TSQ
32     A35KL         SOAB LP      Tonga                   W6ZL
32     FO8RZ         SOAB         French Polynesia       F8BPN
32     TX1B          SOAB         New Caledonia          LZ1JZ
32     ZM4T          M/2          New Zealand            ZL2AL
33     3V3S          M/S LP       Tunisia               DL9USA
33     AN8R          M/?          Canary Isls            EA8AY
33     CN2R          SO           Morocco                 W7EJ
33     CN3A          SO           Morocco                I2WIJ
33     CR3E          SOAB         Madeira                W3HNK
33     CR3L          M/2          Madeira Isls           DJ6QT
33     EA8CMX        SOSB         Canary Isls           OH2BYS
33     EA8URL        M/M          Canary Isls           EA8URL
33     EA9/OL8R      SO LP        Ceuta & Melilla       OK1DRQ
33     EF8M          SOAB HP      Canary Isls            UA3DX
33     IG9U          SOSB 80m     (African) Italy        I1NVU
33     IG9W          SOSB 40m     (African) Italy       IZ1GAR
33     IG9X          SOSB 15m     (African) Italy       IK1QBT
34     ST2AR         SOSB 15m     Sudan                   S53R
35     6V7R          SOAB HP      Senegal               UT5UGR
35     6W1RW         SOAB HP      Senegal                F6BEE
35     9L5A          M/2          Sierra Leone           G3SXW
35     D4C           SO           Cape Verde           qrz.com
36     9J3A          SOAB LP      Zambia                  S57S
36     ZD8RH         SOAB         Ascension Isl          G4DBW
38     A25NW         SOSB         Botswana                K9NW
38     V5/DJ4SO      SOSB         Namibia                DJ4SO
38     ZS4TX         SOAB         South Africa            LoTW
39     5R8ZO         SOAB HP      Madagascar             OH0XX
40     TF/G0TSM      SOAB         Iceland                G0TSM
40     TF3CW         SOSB 40m     Iceland                LX1NO
40     TF4X          M/S          Iceland                G3SWH
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2009.html - good contest to you

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

ARRL 160 METER CONTEST ---> Object of the contest is for amateurs  worldwide
to work W/VE amateurs on 160 metres CW only (complete  rules can be found at
http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2009/160-meters.html). This year's  event
will run from 22.00 UTC on 4 December through 16.00 UTC on the 6th.

IOTA ANNUAL UPDATE (NEW DEADLINE)  --->  The  deadline  for  this  year  and
future years is 31 JANUARY (one day earlier than previously).
Applications or updates submitted online on or before 31 January  2010  will
count for  the  2010  Honour  Roll  and  Annual  Listings  so  long  as  the
supporting cards sent to checkpoints  are  postmarked  no  later  than  that
date. Updates postmarked after 31 January will be processed  in  the  normal
way but scores will be held over to the following year's listing. To  remain
listed in the performance tables participants will need to have  updated  at
least once since February 2005.
On-line credit for QSOs made during the 2009 IOTA Contest is expected to  be
claimable around Easter 2010.

NAVAL  CONTEST  --->  This  year's  International  Naval   Contest  will  be
organized by the Nucleo de Radioamadores da  Armada  (NRA),  the  Portuguese
Navy Amateur Radio Club. Complete details on the event, that  will  be  held
on 12-13 December, can be found at http://www.nra.pt/

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Marc, F6DAY says he is receiving cards for  5R8AL,  but
he is not and has never been his QSL manager.

QSL GA2MP --->  This  special  event  callsign  will  be  in  use  until  30
November. Current logs are in LoTW as of 19 November.  QSLs  are  on  order,
but will not be in-hand before the cutoff for DXCC (31 December). If  anyone
needs a card for their 2009 DXCC submission,  N3SL  can  fill  your  request
using a GS2MP card. Simply indicate that with your QSL.  Those  who  already
have sent an SASE, email N3SL (n3sl@arrl.net) with the  request  to  confirm
using the GS2MP card. All  others  will  be  answered  when  the  new  cards
arrive. [TNX N3SL]

QSL 9M6LSC ---> Please note that the QSL route for contacts  made  on  25-30
November 2009 (CQWW CW included) is via KM0O. The callsign was used also  by
Brian, 5B4AIZ/G4ODV on 6-9  March  2008  (QSL  via  G3SWH).  For  all  other
operations as 9M6LSC QSLs should go via JN1WTK. [TNX 9M6DXX]

QSL PT5UN & ZW5UN ---> The new QSL route for both ZW5UN  and  PT5UN  is  via

TX3A ---> If the weather holds fine as forecast, TX3A is expected to go  QRT
at the end of the CQ WW DX CW Contest at 24 UTC on 29 November (i.e.  on  30
November at 10 AM Chesterfield time). They will depart for  Australia  on  1

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported  Silent  Keys  include  Ron  Levy  (K2CO),
Kenneth L. Adams (K5KA), Andy Jarema (N6TCQ), John F.  Mayger,  Jr.  (W4DJ),
Bob Taylor (W5LBT) and Tracy Hull, TL8HW. "In the late 1980's  he  was  very
active from Bangui, Central African Republic", Paul, W4FC says.  "He  was  a
Baptist missionary and served there for over 20 years  until  the  political
situation prohibited him from returning. He died from a heart attack at  the
age of 69 in Clermont, FL. He gave  out  many  new  country  contacts  while


QSLs received direct  or  through  managers:  3D2GM,  3W1M,  4U1ITU,  4U1UN,
4W6AL, 5H1EE, 5N0OCH, 5V7SE, 7X0DX, 8R1DB, 8R1TO, 9G5ZZ, 9M2AX,  9M6/JJ2CJB,
9Y4D, A45WG, A61BK, A7/M0FGA, A73A, AH0BT, BA8AG/4 (AS-136),  BD9TD,  C31CT,
EK6TA, EK7DX,  EY7AD,  EY8MM,  FG5LA,  FK8GM,  FO/G3BJ  (OC-050  &  OC-152),
FP/G3ZAY, FR1AN, FS/K1XM, GP0STH, GT4IOM,  H40MY (OC-178,  OC-192,  OC-162),
H44TO (OC-192), HP3AK, J28JA, J29ZG,  J5UAP,  J69MV,  J79ZG,  K7A  (NA-236),
K9AJ/VY0 (NA-185), KD6WW/VY0 (NA-185), KH7XS, KL5O,  LA2NK  (EU-044),  OX2A,
OY3AA, PJ5/AH6HY, R1ANB, T2G, T30GM, T70A, TK9X, TO8YY, TY5ZR, UN4L,  V51AS,
Z35M, Z37M, ZK2NX, ZL7/N7OU, ZS6RJ.


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