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06 March 2010                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 983
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3V     - IK7JWX and other operators (I8LWL, IC8ATA, IK2DUW, IK2GPQ,  IK2PZC,
         IK8BPY,  IK8GQY, IS0AGY,  IW2NLC, IZ2GRG and IZ7ATN) will be active
         as TS8P  and  TS8P/p from the islands of Djerba (AF-083) and Kuriat
         (AF-092)  between 27  April and 4 May.  They expect to operate SSB,
         CW,  PSK31 and  RTTY on the HF bands  and 6 metres. QSL via IK7JWX.
         [TNX IK7JWX]
8Q     - Noel, F6BGC will  be  active  as  8Q7NC  from  Madoogali,  Maldives
         (AS-013) on 13-21 March. He plans to operate holiday style on  80-6
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F8REF]
CN     - IK7JWX (5C2J), I8LWL (5C2L), IK2PZC (5C2P), IK2GPQ  (5C2Q),  IZ7ATN
         (5C2SG), IK2DUW (5C2W)  and  IK8GPY  (5C2Y)  will  be  active  from
         Essaouira and Agadir, Morocco between 16  and  23  March.  QSL  via
         operator's instructions. [TNX IK7JWX]
CT8    - Tom, SP5UAF and Marcin, SP5ES will be active as  CT8/homecall  from
         Sao Miguel (EU-003), Azores on 17-29 March. They  plan  to  operate
         CW, SSB and digital modes on the HF bands, and  to  participate  in
         the Russian DX and CQ CQ WW WPX SSB contests. QSL via  home  calls,
         direct or bureau. [TNX SP5UAF]
CT9    - Rosel, DL3KWR and Hardy, DL3KWF will be active  as  CT9/DL3KWR  and
         CT9/DL3KWF from Madeira (AF-014)  on  11-25  March.  They  plan  to
         operate mostly CW and on 12, 17 and  30  metres.  Hardy  will  also
         give RTTY and PSK-31 a try. QSL via  home  calls.  E-mail  requests
         for bureau cards can be sent to  dl3kwr@darc.de  or  dl3kwf@darc.de
         respectively. Their  web  site  is  at  http://www.mydarc.de/dl3kwr
         [TNX DL3KWF]
EA8    - Andrew, G7COD  will  be  active  as  EA8/G7COD  from  Gran  Canaria
         (AF-004) on 20-28 March. He plans to operate SSB and CW on 20,  17,
         15, 12 and 10 metres. QSL via home call,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
F      - The Council of Europe  Radio  Amateur  Club  (TP2CE,  ewwa.free.fr)
         will be active as TP60CE on 12-14 March  to  commemorate  the  60th
         anniversary of the European Convention on  Human  Rights.  QSL  via
         F5LGF. [TNX F6FQK]
F      - F5LON, F6CNM, F8FKD and F9OE will be  active  as  TM4FFU  on  10-11
         April for the Radio Maritime Day (see below). They will operate  CW
         only on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres  bands.  QSL  via  F8FKD.
         [TNX F8FKD]
FR     - Stephane,   F5UOW  will  operate  mostly  CW  from  Reunion  Island
         (AF-016) from 9 April to 2 May. He will be active on 20  metres  as
         FR/F5UOW until 17 April, then he  will  move  to  another  QTH  and
         operate as TO2R on 80-10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX F6AJA]
GJ     - David, ON4DN will be active as MJ/ON4DN/p from Jersey  (EU-013)  on
         6-9 April. He will operate holiday style  on  40,  30,  20  and  17
         metres SSB and digital modes, and he also  plans  to  operate  from
         one or more lighthouses. QSL via  ON4DN,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
GM     - MM0DGR/p will be working from  Lindean  Reservoir,  Whitlaw  Mosses
         National Nature Reserve on 6 March.  Look  for  activity  on  80-10
         metres BPSK63, CW and SSB. QSL via MM0DFV. Further information  can
         be found at www.gmff.org, a new web site dedicated to  the  Natural
         Heritage of Scotland under the WFF award programme. [TNX MM0DFV]
I      - Promoting the "Antonio Canova Award", special  station  IU3AC  will
         be active  on  1-31  May.  The  award  is  issued  by  ARI  Treviso
         (www.aritreviso.it/Diploma Canova.html) to  celebrate  this  famous
         Italian sculptor, who was born in 1757 in a village  near  Treviso.
         QSL via IK3GES, direct or bureau, and LoTW. [TNX IZ3EBA]
J3     - Sharon, M3VCQ (J38SW) and Colin, G3VCQ (J38CW) will be active  from
         Grenada (NA-024) on 11-25 March. They will operate SSB and CW  with
         a mini Yagi for 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres and verticals for  30,
         40, 80 and 160 metres. QSL both calls via G3VCQ.
KH0    - Yoshi, JE2EHP will be active as K1HP/KH0 from  Saipan  (OC-086)  on
         21-25 March. He plans to operate SSB, CW and RTTY on the  HF  bands
         and 6 metres. QSL via JE2EHP, bureau preferred. [TNX JE2EHP]
OE     - The  Amateur  Radio  Section  of ORF  (the  Austrian  Broadcasting
         Corporation) and the Documentary Archives Radio  Communications/QSL
         Collection will  operate  special  event  station  OE10M  on  23-25
         April. This is an official "International Marconi Day" station  and
         contacts made on 24 April will be valid for the IMD Award. QSL  via
         the OE bureau or direct to OE1WHC. [TNX OE1WHC]
OH0    - Look for OH0/PA0VHA, OH0/PA2A, OH0/PA2AM,  OH0/PA2VMA,  OH0/PA3ALK,
         OH0/PA3BAG and OH0/PB5A to be active  from  Eckero,  Aland  Islands
         (EU-002) on 15-28 May. They plan to run 3 or 4 stations on  the  HF
         bands CW, SSB and RTTY, and they will be QRV also on 6 metres.  QSL
         via  home  calls.  Further  information  to   be    published    on
         www.pi4cc.nl [TNX PA2AM]
PJ4    - Michal, OK7MT and Vit,  OK5MM  will  be  active  as  PJ4/OK7MT  and
         PJ4/OK5MM from Bonaire (SA-006) from 18  March  to  1  April.  They
         will participate in the Russian DX Contest (20-21  March)  and  the
         CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as PJ4L (QSL via OK7MT,  direct  or  bureau).
         [TNX OK7MT]
T31    - The new dates for the DXpedition to Central Kiribati  [425DXN  945]
         are 2-11 October. YT1AD,  K3LP  and  other  ten  operators  (AA4NN,
         JT1CO, K1LZ, N6TQS, PY5EG, SV2BFN, UA4HOX,  YT3W, YT3WW, YT6W) plan
         to be  active  on all  bands and modes.  Further information can be
         found at yt1ad.info/t31/index.html.
V2     - Look for W4OWY (V25WY) and W9OP (V25OP) to be active  from  Antigua
         (NA-100) on 9-18 March. They will  operate  CW,  SSB  and  RTTY  on
         160-6 metres. QSL via home  calls,  direct  or  bureau.  They  will
         upload their logs to LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
V2     - Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG will be active as  V21ZG  from  Antigua
         from 16 March to 4 April. They will operate mainly  RTTY,  PSK  and
         SSB on 80-6 metres. QSL  via  DL7AFS,  direct  or  bureau.  Further
         information and log search at www.qsl.net/dl7afs/
V6     - Mike, V63MY and Jan, V63TO  have  been  active  from  Oroluk  Atoll
         (OC-260) [425DXN 982] since 2 March  and  expect  to  remain  there
         until around 12 March. QSL direct to OM2SA, or LoTW. [TNX V63MY]
V7     - Tom, N4XP will  be  active  as  V7/N4XP  from  Kwajalein  (OC-028),
         Marshall Islands on 9-22 March. He  will  operate  CW  and  SSB  on
         160-10 metres, and he also plans to give 60m a try.  QSL  via  home
         call. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
W      - Peter, VE3IKV has cancelled his 6-13 March  W4/VG3RA  trip  [425DXN
         982] to NA-058, NA-062 and NA-079. [TNX VA3RJ]
W      - Ten operators from the Amateur Radio  Outdoor  Adventures  will  be
         active as K4T from Garden Key, Dry Tortugas (NA-079)  from  20  UTC
         on 11 March until  11  UTC  on  the  15th.  They  will  have  three
         stations for the HF bands and three dedicated  satellite  stations.
         QSL  via  operator's  instructions.    Further    information    at
         aroadventures.org [TNX AI4QY]
YO     - YO6CHB, YO6EZ, YO6GBE, YO6MP and YO6UO will  operate  CW,  SSB  and
         RTTY as YP1WFF from the Cheile Bicazului - Hasmas National Park  on
         19-21 March, including activity during the Russian DX Contest.  QSL
         this operation via YO6EZ. [TNX YO6EZ]
YS     - Roberto, I2JIN will be active as YS3CW from  El  Salvador  from  24
         March to 11 April. He plans to operate  mainly  CW.  QSL  via  home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX I2JIN]
YU     - Celebrating the 140th  anniversary  of  the  local  Volunteer  Fire
         Brigade, Radio Club Marica-Zemun (YU1AVQ) will be active as  YU140Z
         until 31 May. QSL via YU1AVQ. [TNX VE3ZIK]
ZK3    - ZK3OU and ZK3YA are the callsigns issued to  Bill,  N7OU  and  Bob,
         W7YAQ for their activity from Tokelau (OC-048). After  waiting  for
         weather and sea conditions to  improve,  eventually  the  boat  was
         scheduled to leave Samoa for Tokelau  on  5  March.  Bill  and  Bob
         expect to  be  QRV  from  ZK3  starting  on  7  or  8  March.  [TNX

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> Alain, F6BFH will be active as FG/F6BFH from  Guadeloupe
on  5-12 March,  and as  TO5SM from  Saint  Martin on  13-23 March.  He will
operate mainly CW, with some RTTY and SSB,  with  a  focus on the low bands.
QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX F5NQL]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST (SSB) ---> Object of the contest is  for  W/VE
amateurs to work as many stations in as many DXCC countries as  possible  on
160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and  10  metre  bands,  while  foreign  amateurs  (also
including KH6, KL7, CY9 and CY0) work as many W/VE stations in  as  many  of
the 48 contiguous states and provinces as possible (full rules can be  found
at www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2010/intldx.html. This year's event will  run
from from 00.00 UTC on 6 March through 24.00 UTC on the 7th. Do  not  forget
to give a look at the Announced Operations listing maintained by Bill,  NG3K
at www.ng3k.com/Misc/adxs2010.html - good contest to you

CHILE EMERGENCY ---> Following the massive earthquake that hit Chile  on  27
February, IARU Region 2 and the Red Chilena Nor Austral de Servicio  (RECNA)
request  amateur  radio  operators  to  monitor  the  following    emergency
communications frequencies: 3738, 3750, 7050,  7100,  14200,  14350,  21200,
21350, 28300 and 28500 kHz. In addition to the above  frequencies,  you  may
also want to listen to  the  worldwide  emergency  communication  Center  of
Activity frequencies (14300, 18160 and 21360 kHz), as  well  as  3720,  7045
and 7060 kHz.

CLUB LOG ---> Club Log (www.clublog.org ) is a  web-based  application  that
uses a large database to analyse amateur radio log files uploaded  by  users
all over the world. It offers band-mode league tables, efficient log  search
tools, analysis for DXpedition planning purposes and most wanted  lists  for
DXCC entities (including by date, band or mode for example).  Club  Log  can
provide empirical propagation  charts,  and  give  back  to  its  users  the
ability to find "wanted" DX spots, identify QSLing gaps  and  perform  other
analysis of their logs which  might  be  hard  to  do  with  normal  logging
As of 5 March 2010 there were 3,030 callsigns registered  in  Club  Log  and
23,298,182 log entries available  for  analysis,  but  some  continents  are
still under-represented - please help balance the database in order to  make
reports and statistics more meaningful and representative.

DXCC NEWS ---> 3V3S (Tunisia, 2009  operation)  and  D2CQ  (Angola,  current
operation) have been arrpoved for DXCC credit.

HC5AI ---> Pablo, HC5NAI passed his final test and now  holds  the  callsign
HC5AI. The original holder was his father, Alfo, who passed  away  in  2005.
Pablo can confirm all of the contacts  with  HC5AI,  made  by  either  Pablo
himself or his father. QSL direct only, as  "there  is  no  outgoing  bureau
from Ecuador". [TNX NE8Z/HC1MD]

QSL GALLERY ---> The large collection of QSL cards  on  Les  Nouvelles  DX's
web site has been updated. Thirteen different galleries  include  cards  for
the ten Most Wanted DXCC Entities (327 QSLs), the 58 deleted  DXCC  entities
(1014 QSLs), obsolete prefixes (2778 QSLs), stations from Magrebh from  1947
to 1962 (337 QSLs), D5 and  DL5  stations  from  1945  to  1962  (22  QSLs),
Antarctic bases  (803  QSLs)  &  TAAF  (Terres  Australes  and  Antarctiques
Francaises, 256 QSLs), the  various  French  DXCC  island  Entities  in  the
Pacific Ocean (304 QSLs) & the Indian Ocean (96  QSLs),  pre-1945  countries
(868 QSLs), French Departments (601 QSLs) and USA (50 QSLs), plus a  gallery
for cards not accepted by DXCC (116 QSLs). Several cards  are  still  needed
and your participation is encouraged - please  visit  LesNouvellesdx.fr  and
send your comments to lesnouvellesdx@free.fr [TNX F6AJA]

RADIO MARITIME DAY ---> On 10-11 April (from 12  UTC  to  12  UTC)  merchant
marine radio officers from several countries will be active on the HF  bands
to meet amateur radio operators for the Radio Maritime  Day  special  event.
Further information can be found at www.radiomaritimeday.org

TOP LISTS ---> The latest Topband, Topmode  and  Toplist  listings  are  now
available at  http://www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.  Please  note
that QSOs confirmed through LoTW or included in on-line  logs  are  eligible
for listing. Send send your scores, as  well  as  any  request  for  further
information, to Erminio Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@fastwebnet.it)

VK9X/G6AY ---> Phil, G3SWH and Jim, G3RTE  made  10,256  QSOs  during  their
recent operation from Christmas Island.  Phil's  website  (www.g3swh.org.uk)
is now up and working again, and the  log  has  been  added  to  the  search
facility (it will be uploaded to  LoTW  as  soon  as  the  ARRL  issues  the
relevant certificate). [TNX G3SWH]

+ SILENT KEYS +  Recently  reported  Silent  Keys  include  Zlatko  Mihelcic
(9A2CE), Barry J. Phillimore (G4VXT), Miguel Andrade Marin  (HC1AB),  Alfred
L. Pedneau, Sr (K5HKG), Juan Carlos Oxoby (LU1CC), Alf  Coupe  (VK3CQE),  N.
Ramachandra Rao (VU2NO) and Darragh E. McCluer (WA6IKS/HS0ZAG).


QSLs received direct or  through  managers:  3A2MD,  3B8CF,  3D20CR,  3D2KJ,
3V3S, 4S7CF, 4S7NE, 4U30VIC, 4W6AL, 4Z1UF, 5H3EE,  5R8IC,  6W/EI6DX,  7X4AN,
7Z1CQ, 8Q7SO, 8R1K, 9L5A,  9M4SJP,  A61Q,  A7/M0FGA,  A71AN,  A71CT,  A71CV,
A73A, AM5FUV,  BX4AQ,  C37URE,  C91VM/5,  CE0Y/SM0CUK,  CE0Z/SM6CUK,  CN8IG,
CO7PH/p (NA-201), CO8LY, CP4BT, CX4AR, CX7CO,  CY2ZT/2,  D44AC,  DU1/HL1IWD,
HK0/EA7HEJ (NA-033),  HK4CZE,  HL1/JH4RHF,  HR2/N8OO,  HR9/WQ7R,  IG9U,IG9W,
IG9X,II1TS, J39BS, J5UAP, J79PAK, J7N, J88DR, JY4CI, K7A  (NA-236),  KC4AAA,
KH7HS, KH7X, LR2F, MU0GSY, OA4BHY/2  (SA-075),  OH0X,  OL3Z,  OX3MC,  OX3XR,
T2G, T30GM, T32BJ,  T6LC,  T77C,  T8CW,  TF4M,  TG9ADM,  TG9NX,  TL0A,  TO3R
(AF-016), TO7RJ, TT8JT, TY1MS, UA0FO, UN3M,  UN7AM,  UN7MMM,  V31WV,  V51AS,
VU2ELJ,  VY0A  (NA-186),  VY0O  (NA-230),  W4PL  (NA-213),  XU7ACY,  YB1ALL,


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