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03 April 2010                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 987
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B8    - Slavo,  SP2JMB will operate CW as either 3B8/SP2JMB or  3B8SC  from
         Mauritius Island (AF-049) on 8-23  April.  He  will  be  joined  by
         Bogdan, 3B8/SP2FUD, who  will  be  operating  SSB  and  RTTY.  [TNX
5H     - Niko, S53A will be active as 5I1S  from  Zanzibar  Island  (AF-032)
         until 6 April. He operates holiday style using 100 watts and  fixed
         delta loops on 20, 15, 10 and possibly  17  metres.  His  favourite
         mode is CW, but some SSB is also possible  during  this  trip.  QSL
         via S53A, direct or bureau.
DL     - Helmut, DL7VOX will  be  active  as  DL7VOX/p  from  Usedom  Island
         (EU-129) and lighthouse between  22  April  and  11  May.  He  will
         operate mainly CW on  the  HF  bands,  using  100  watts  and  wire
         antennas. QSL via DL7VOX, direct or bureau. [TNX DL7VOX]
F      - Celebrating World  Amateur  Radio  Day,  the  REF's  Department  of
         Haut-Rhin (REF 68) will operate special event  station  TM68X  from
         Wittenheim,  France  on  5-18  April.  QSL  via  F8BUO.  [TNX  OPDX
F      - A group of operators from Union Francaise  des  Telegraphistes  and
         Clipperton DX Club will be  active  as  F8UFT  from  Brehat  Island
         (EU-074) on 7-12 April. They  will  operate  CW,  SSB  and  digital
         modes on as many bands as possible. QSL  for  this  operation  only
         via F5UBH, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
F      - The Charente DX Group will be active as  TM0B  from  Brehat  Island
         (EU-074) on  21-28  May.  Seven  operators  (namely  F1BLQ,  F5EOT,
         F5LOW, F5MNK, F5NBQ, F6HKA and ON4ZD) will operate  SSB,  CW,  RTTY
         and PSK on the HF bands with four or five stations. QSL via  F6ANA,
         direct  or  bureau.  A  log-search    will    be    available    at
         users.belgacom.net/cdxg after the ecpedition. [TNX ON4ZD]
F      - A group of seven operators  (namely  F4BCG,  F4FCS,  F5RAB,  F6AXN,
         F6DPD, F6DXE and F8AEJ) will be active as TM5EL  from  Sein  Island
         (EU-068) on 7-14 April. They  will  operate  SSB,  CW  and  digital
         modes on the HF bands, 6 and 2 metres, 70 and 23cm. QSL via  F6KHI,
         direct or bureau. Further information an on-line logs can be  found
         at ed28.ref-union.org [TNX F5NQL]
GM     - MM0DGR/p will operate CW, SSB and BPSK63 on 40-10 metres  from  the
         Loch Leven National Nature Reserve on  3  April.  QSL  via  MM0DFV.
         Further information is available at gmff.org [TNX MM0DFV]
I      - Several members of ARI  Sanremo  will  be  active  as  IQ1SM/p  and
         I1UWF/p from the Hanbury Botanical Gardens nature  preserve  on  11
         April. They expect to operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 40-10  metres.QSL
         via bureau. [TNX I1UWF]
JD1_oga- Once again Makoto, JI5RPT will be active as JD1BLY from  Chichijima
         (AS-031), Ogasawara on 2-7 May. He plans to  operate  CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes on 40-6 metres and via satellite. QSL via home  call,
         direct or bureau. Further information, including  on-line  log  and
         QSLling instructions, can  be  found  at  www.ji5rpt.com/jd1/  [TNX
LA     - Waldi, SP7IDX will  be  active  holiday  style  as  LA/SP7IDX  from
         Engeloya (EU-062) on 2-17 June. He will operate  SSB  and  RTTY  on
         20, 17, 15 and 10 metres with 100 watts and a  beam  antenna.  [TNX
LX     - Filip, ON4AEO  along  with  Koel/LX1ER,  Steffi/ON3AEO,  Luc/ON3CL,
         Jean/ON3JEP, Jose/ON4CJK,  Ronny/ON4RK,  Kath/ON7BK,  Adele/ZR6APT,
         Lucas/ZS6ACT, Sid/ZS6AYC and Gert/ZS6GC will  be  active  as  LX9FC
         from Luxemburg on 5-11 April. They plan to operate  SSB,  CW,  RTTY
         and PSK on 80-10 metres. QSL via ON4CJK,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
OK     - Special callsign OL35OLP will be aired  by  former  radio  officers
         OK1DNJ, OK1DX, OK1FCA and OK1FCJ until the end of  April.  It  will
         represent former HF coast radio station Praharadio (callsign  OLP),
         which operated from 1975 until 2000. QSL via OK1DRQ. [TNX OK1FCA]
T32    - The Line Islands DXpedition team  started  their  3-day  operations
         from Caroline Island (OC-281) around 05.30 UTC on 1 April. QSL  via
         SM6CAS.  QSLling  instructions  and    further    information    at
TT     - Phil, F4EGS will be on a 2-month work assignment in  Chad  starting
         on 10 April. He plans to operate SSB, CW and  some  RTTY  on  40-10
         metres in his spare time. His callsign is not known at the  moment,
         but it is likely to be TT8PK,  which  he  used  repeatedly  in  the
         past. QSL via F4EGS, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
UR     - Radio Club  Stakhanov  (UR4MWN)  will  be  active  as  EM0MFF  from
         Luhanskyi nature reserve on 16-18 April. They plan  to  operate  CW
         and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL via  UX7MA,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
V6     - JA1ADT (V63DQ), JA7GYP (V63T) and JA7HMZ (V63DX) will be active  on
         all bands and modes from  Pohnpei  (OC-010),  Micronesia  on  11-17
         April. QSL via home calls. [TNX NG3K]
VE     - Once again Gregg, VE3ZZ will be active  from  VY2TT's  superstation
         on Prince Edward Island (NA-029) on 21-26  July.  During  the  IOTA
         Contest (24-25 July) he will  operate  as  VY2X,  and  outside  the
         contest as VE3ZZ/VY2. QSL both calls via VE3ZZ, direct  or  bureau.
         [TNX VE3ZZ]
VQ9    - Jim, ND9M (VQ9JC) will be back  to  Diego  Garcia  (AF-006)  on  or
         about 9 April for four months.  He  expects  to  get  the  callsign
         VQ90JC for him to use in late May and early  June,  CQ  WW  WPX  CW
         Contest included. [TNX The Daily DX]
XE     - Celebrating the  Centennial  of  the  Mexican  Revolution  and  the
         Bicentennial of  Mexico's  Independence,  amateur  radio  operators
         from Mexico have been authorized to use special prefix  4B  through
         the end of the year.
ZL7    - Kaz, JH1HRJ (ZL3JP)  will  be  active  as  ZL7J  from  the  Chatham
         Islands (OC-038) between 27 April and 3 May. He  will  operate  SSB
         and CW on 160-10 metres. QSL via JH1HRJ,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

JAN MAYEN 2011 ---> The team for the 4-16 July 2011 expedition to Jan  Mayen
[425DXN 982] includes EI6FR, HB9ASZ, K6WH, NI1L, OH2TA, SQ8X (team  leader),
SQ9C, SQ9DIE and SV2KBS. Complete details will be given in due course.  [TNX
DX World]

NEW BOOK ---> Idiom Press has announced the  forthcoming  publication  of  a
new book by Bob Locher, W9KNI (the author of "The Complete  DX'er").  It  is
entitled "A Year of DX" and it follows Bob as he makes an all out effort  to
win the 2008 running of CQ Magazine's DX Marathon  (a  year  long  operating
event during which a contestant works as many  countries  and  CQ  zones  as
possible, any band or any mode). The book also contains discussions of  what
DXing is all about, the possibilities of  DXing  in  low  sun  spot  periods
contributed by KF7E, a chapter on optimizing  your  SSB  transmit  audio  by
K7JA, a discussion of what is the ideal linear  amplifier,  and  much  more.
Book publication is 1 May, but advance orders  are  being  accepted  now  at
idiompress.com/yearofdx.php [TNX W9KNI]

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Yuri Sinitso (UA1RJ) says that effective  31  March  he
is no longer the QSL manager for a number of "World Flora Fauna"  operations
conducted between 22 August 2008 and  13  August  2009  (RA3AUU/3,  RW3GW/3,
UE1RFF/#, UE1TFF, UE1ZFF, UE3FFF and UE9WFF/#), as well  as  for  UA9XKB/FJL
(September 2006 - September 2007).  Any  question  should  be  addressed  to
RW3GW (rw3gw@mail.ru). [TNX UA1RJ]

PACIFIC 2009 ---> Gerben, PG5M operated from Fiji (3D2GM), Tuvalu (T2G)  and
Tarawa (T30GM) in September 2009. A  detailed  article  on  that  experience
("Pacific  2009  Ultra  Light  Solo  DXpedition"),    including    pictures,
statistics and useful  information,  is  now  available  for  download  from
www.dx.to [TNX PG5M]

QSL EI0W ---> Mike, EI2CL (IRTS QSL Bureau Manager) says  that  "significant
numbers of QSLs for EI0W arriving at the IRTS QSL Bureau bear incorrect  QSL
route information. QSLs for EI0W/P (1974 and 1975  activations)  are  proper
to EI2CL. QSLs for EI0W (2005 activations, and all later years)  are  proper
to EI2JD".

QSL K4M  --->  Approximately  5000  QSLs  were  mailed  on  26  March.  This
represents QSL requests received by 15  March,  those  received  after  that
date are being processed daily. QSLs  mailed  included  those  received  via
regular mail and OQSL. The OQSL feature will continue to  be  available  for
approximately 3 more months. QSLs received that  have  problems  -  such  as
"Not in Log", incorrect postage, no postage, no SAE, separate card  request,
or any other issue - have not been mailed and are  being  processed.  Bureau
QSLs will be mailed at some point in the future after the  major  amount  of
direct  requests  are  processed.  A   special    e-mail    request  feature
(midway2009QSLs@gmail.com) has been set up to answer any  inquiries.  Please
refrain from using it until 15 April, to  allow  the  team  to  process  all
requests on hand. [TNX N1DG]

TOP LISTS ---> The latest Topband, Topmode  and  Toplist  listings  are  now
available  at  www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.  Please  note  that
QSOs confirmed through LoTW or included in on-line  logs  are  eligible  for
listing. Send  send  your  scores,  as  well  as  any  request  for  further
information, to Erminio Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@fastwebnet.it)

VY0V ---> All's well that ends well, but Cezar, VE3LYC  (VY0V)  had  a  very
though and dreadful time while  on  East  Pen  Island  (NA-231).  His  guide
abandoned him on  the  island  and  the  promised  replacement  guide  never
materialized. Some 36 hours after he remained alone  on  the  island,  Cezar
had run out of fuel and supplies, the battery was running low, the rain  was
pouring and the wind was howling: "I decided that a Search & Rescue  mission
will be required", he says, "and launched a distress call". It took  several
hours for the rescue teams to reach Cezar at  around  23  UTC  on  1  April.
Further information on this "eventful day",  which  saw  many  operators  in
Canada and the US offering their active assistance, can be found at  qrz.com
under VY0V, as well as on dx-world.net

+ SILENT  KEYS  +  Recently  reported  Silent  keys  include  Englemar  Wenk
(DK1WE), Claude Bonne (F6DJB), Enzo Fiorletta  (IZ0FNE),  Gary  A.  Stilwell
(KI6T) and Charles C. Richardson (W8JQ).


QSLs received direct or through managers: 1A0KM, 3A2LF, 3A2MD, 3B7C,  3B8DB,
3D20CR, 3DA0EL, 3DA0MM, 3DA0VM, 3V8S, 4L6AA, 4S7TWG, 4U1ITU,  4U1UN,  4U1WB,
5E50SA, 5H2WK, 5H3EE, 5N50K, 6Y5/N2FF, 6Y7AM, 7N4QID, 7P8OK,  7X2GX,  7X4AN,
8R1PY, 9G5XX,  9L1NS,  9M0M,  9M2AX,  9V1YC,  9X0LX,  A35KL,  A92GE,  BA4TB,
KP4KE, M0OVL/p (EU-109), OH1VR/VP9, OX/EA4NA,  OX2A,  OY1CT,  OY1OF,  P29VV,
Z35T, Z37M, ZA1Z,  ZB2FK,  ZD7FT,  ZP0R,  ZS1AFS,  ZS4U,  ZS9X,  ZX5J,  ZZ6Z


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