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22 May 2010                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 994
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

6W     - 6V7W is the callsign eventually issued  to  the  Spanish  team  for
         their 24-31 July activity from  Senegal  [425DXN  993].  They  will
         operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres with three  stations.  QSL
         via EA5KA. Further information can be found at 6v7w.dxciting.com
8Q     - Thomas,  OE2ATN  (www.oe2atn.at)  will  be  active  as  8Q7AT  from
         Velidhu, Maldives (AS-013) from 23 May  to  4  June.  He  plans  to
         operate SSB on 20  and  40  metres  during  his  morning  and  late
         afternoon hours. QSL via home call.
9A     - 9A2MF, 9A2WJ, 9A6AA and 9A6NDD will be active as 9A0GEO during  the
         3rd  Geoparks  Communication  Weekend  (22-23  May)  from    Papuk,
         Croatia's  first  Geopark.  They  plan  to  operate    SSB    (main
         frequencies 3680, 7080, 14180, 21180 and 28180 kHz), CW and  PSK31.
         QSL via 9A2MF, bureau preferred. Further information can  be  found
         on the Croatian Flora Fauna Program's website  (www.9aff.com)  [TNX
BY    -  Celebrating  the  90th  anniversary  of  the  Harbin  Institute  of
         Technology, special callsign BT90HIT will be in use on  1-10  June.
         QSL via BY2HIT. [TNX W6/G3MHV]
F      - Commemorating   the  70th  anniversary  of  Operation  Dynamo  (the
         evacuation of nearly 340,000 Allied  soldiers  from the beaches and
         harbour of  Dunkerque, 26 May-4 June 1940), special callsign  TM70D
         will be in use from Dunkerque until 31 May. QSL via F6KMB.
FH     - Lionel, F5PSL will be active as FH8ND from  Mayotte  (AF-027)  from
         23 May until 15 August. He plans to operate  SSB  on  80-6  metres.
         QSL via F1OKV, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
GW     - Adrian/M3TVF,  Mark/M0MTT  and  Adrian/MW0ZEN  will  be  active  as
         GB0FHI from Flat Holm Island (EU-124) on 29 and 30 May.  They  will
         be QRV from 10am to midnight each day. Expect them to  operate  SSB
         on 80, 40 and 20 metres, plus 2m SSB and FM. QSL  via  M3TVF.  [TNX
HA     - Launched into space on 26 May 1980, Bertalan Farkas was  the  first
         Hungarian cosmonaut. Commemorating the  30th  anniversary  of  that
         flight, special event station  HG30FHA  will  be  active  until  31
         December. QSL via HA5KFV and LoTW. [TNX HA0HW]
I      - Alessandro IK4ALM,  Lorenzo  IK6PTH  and  Roberto  IK6QRH  will  be
         active from Scoglio La vela (not IOTA, IIA AN-001) and  Scoglio  Le
         due sorelle (not IOTA, IIA AN-002) on 29  May.  They  will  operate
         SSB on 40 and 20  metres.  QSL  via  IK4ALM  (e-mail  requests  for
         bureau cards to ik4alm@modxit.it). [TNX IK4ALM]
I      - Special event station II1IAFZ will be active from 8 UTC on  29  May
         until 13 UTC on the 30th during a reunion of  former  crew  members
         of the Italian Navy frigate "Castore". They will  operate  SSB  and
         CW on 20 and 40  metres.  QSL  via  operator's  instructions.  [TNX
I     -  Look  for  ID9/IT9EJP,  ID9/IT9ZIR,   ID9/IT9ZZO,  ID9/IW9FRB   and
         ID9/IW9HSK to be active from Stromboli Island (EU-017, IIA  ME-016)
         between 29 May and 2 June. They will operate SSB, RTTY and BPSK  on
         80-6 metres. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX IT9EJW]
JT     - Look for JT0YAB (UA9YAB), JT0YW (RW9YW) and JT0YPS (UA9YPS)  to  be
         active from Lake Khoton, Altai Tavan Bogd  National  Park  (western
         Mongolia) on 3-8 June. They plan to operate on all bands and  modes
         with two stations and special attention for 6 metres. QSL via  home
         calls (direct only) and LoTW. [TNX UA9YAB]
JW     - LA1YM (JW1YM), LA5YI (JW5YI) and LA6XI (JW6XI) will be active  from
         Longyearbyen (EU-026), Svalbard on 23,  25  and  26  May.  Activity
         will be on 60, 40, 30 and 20  metres  CW  and  SSB.  QSL  via  home
         calls. [TNX ARRL DX News]
PJ2    - Jim, WI9WI will be active as PJ2/WI9WI (QSL  via  home  call)  from
         Signal Point on Curacao (SA-006) between 23  May  and  2  June.  He
         plans to take part in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest  as  PJ2T  (QSL  via
         N9AG). [TNX VA3RJ]
TA     - The TC  Special  Wireless  Activity Team  (www.tcswat.org)  will be
         active as TC1HLH Hoskoy Lighthouse (Sea of Marmara)  on  21-23 May.
         They plan to operate mainly on 20 and 40 metres SSB. [TNX TA1HZ]
V2     - Darrell, AB2E will be active again as V26E  from  Antigua  (NA-100)
         on 27-31 May, including a SOAB entry in the CQ WW WPX  CW  Contest.
         Outside the WPX event, he will concentrate on 12, 17 and 30  metres
         as well as on the low bands (all CW). QSL direct to home  call,  or
         LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
V3     - Mike, VE2XB will be active as V31XB  from  Caye  Caulker  (NA-073),
         Belize from 25 May to 14 June. He will operate CW and  SSB  on  all
         HF bands, including 6 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX ARRL DX News]
VK9L   - Tomas, VK2CCC (LY1F) will be active as VK9LL from Lord Howe  Island
         (OC-004) on 24-31 May, CQ WW WPX CW Contest included. He  plans  to
         concentrate on 160 and 80 metres CW, operating in his  spare  time.
         "Higher bands are  possible  should  there  be  no  propagation  on
         80m/160m", he says, while "SSB and  digital  modes  are  unlikely".
         QSL via VK2CCC (direct and bureau) and LoTW.  Further  information,
         including a direct link to the Online QSL Request  System,  can  be
         found at www.qrz.lt/ly1df/vk9ll.htm
YN     - Eric, K9GY will once again be active as  YN2GY  from  Nicaragua  on
         27-31 May, including an entry in the CQ WW WPX CW  Contest.  Before
         and after the contest he will concentrate on 30, 17 and 12  metres,
         as well as on 6 metres. QSL via LoTW or  to  his  home  call.  [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

EA6/LU5FF ---> Javier, LU5FF says he is "slowly uploading" to LoTW and  eQSL
the almost 10,000 QSOs he hand logged from the Balearic Islands. If you  are
in a hurry, you can e-mail your  request  (lu5ff@yahoo.com.ar).  Traditional
cards go via EA5KB.

KENYA ---> The Communications Commission of Kenya has approved  the  use  of
the sub-band 7100 kHz to 7200 kHz by amateur radio operators in Kenya.

VK4FW ---> Bill Horner, VK4FW would like to make it  known  that  "currently
has no Internet capability, including e-mail address. Therefore  any  emails
will bounce. He should be operational with a new ISP within 10  days".  [TNX

WRTC 2010 ---> The WRTC-2010 Organizing Committee has  announced  a  special
awards and  prizes  programme  to  encourage  the  amateur  radio  community
worldwide to make contacts with WRTC-2010 participants during  the  IARU  HF
Championship  (10-11  July).   Complete    details    can    be    found  at
www.wrtc2010.ru. All WRTC stations will use distinctive callsigns  from  the
block R30A-R39Z; the list of callsigns will be published  on  the  WRTC  web
site one day before the contest.

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported Silent Keys  include  Ernest  C.  Bartlett
(KE5PXC), Vladimir E. Pogorel'skij (RU3OP), Aleksey S. Starikov (RU3VD)  and
Elliott Wolheim (W2MUM).

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3Z0RADIO    SP9SX       EG3MVD      EA3AXZ      OZ5K        ON4AMM
3Z0SWS      SP6PZG      EN1UCF      UR7UT       P29CS       M0URX
4K1V        UA5DX       EO0UD       UR7UT       PA30ESRAC   PI4TUE
4K9W        DL6KVA      EO3HFF      UX2HB       PA65FREE    PD1WAT
4L1MA       ON4RU       EO65JP      UU4JXI      PC25MRC     PF9A
4L1UN       EA7FTR      ER44WFF     ER1RR       PD6MILL     PD7BZ
4L5O        N3SL        EV65BK      EW3AA       PG6N        PA7DA
4L6DL       LZ1OT       EV65G       EW8OG       PJ7MF       IZ1MHY
4T4T        PY2DX       EV9WFF      EW4DX       R1FJM       RX3MM
5B4AIF      EB7DX       FY8DK       F5TJP       RA9LI/0     UA9LP
5N50K       LZ1CL       GB0CSA      GW0ANA      RP4I        RW4HB
5N50K       LZ1CL       GB1WM       M0CNP       RU3EG       RZ3EC
5R8FL       G3SWH       GB4GP       M0DOL       RZ1CWC/p    RN1CW
5R8GZ       G3SWH       GB50ATG     M5AEX       SE5E        SM5AJV
5W0OX       UR3HR       GB6MW       G4DFI       SJ9WL       LA4EKA
7S6W        SM6WET      GJ4CBQ      GM4FDM      SO1EKO/p    DL1EKO
7U3GDW      EA5FL       H44WG       DL2AWG      SO2010CY    SP1GPI
8Q7SR       DL5JAG      HA25NAR     HA0NAR      SP2010CY    SP5BMU
9A/VE3ZIK   DO7ZZ       HC2SL       EA5KB       T6AF        WA2EWE
9G5SW       OK1DOT      HF2010FCY   SP9KJU      TC07DX      OK2GZ
9H3TK       SQ5NWA      HF2010WECK  SP2QCW      TC3DEU      TA3X
9M2ADX      JH8PHT      HF777L      SQ8JCB      TC91ATA     TA1KB
9U2T        ON4LN       HI8CJG      EA7FTR      TM0CXX      F6FMT
9U4T        ON4FG       HK3TU       EA5KB       TM5KD       F5KKD
A61AB       IZ8CLM      HL30GDM     DS4FCA      TM5TW       F4BTD
A61BK       NI5DX       HV0A        IK0FVC      TM70D       F6KMB
A65BD       G5LP        HZ1MD       EA7FTR      TN5SN       IZ1BZV
A65BP       UA6MF       HZ1SK       IZ8CLM      TR8CA       F6CBC
A65CA       RV6AJJ      HZ1ZH       EA7FTR      UN5J        W3HNK
AP2TN       DJ9ZB       II2TRE      IQ2DN       UP25F       IK2QPR
BA5HAM      IK2DUW      IR1C        IK1APO      UP65KI      UN1F
BT4EXPO     BA4EG       IR9ITALY    IT9FXY      UW5U        UY2UA
C5YK        ON7YK       IS0R        F5CWU       V44KAI      W5TFW
C91IW       ZS1WY       J28AA       K2PF        VK4YN/p     VK4FW
CE1TT       EA5KB       J28KO       F6DKI       VQ9ZZ       N1ZZZ
CN8ZG       EA7FTR      J5IFD       JA1IFD      W0L         KB5YZY
CO7WT       N2CQ        J5V         JA1PBV      XU7ACY      W2EN
CQ72LHA     CT2HTN      LG5LG       LA4EKA      YI9GYS      KG4GYS
CQ72LHM     CT2HTN      LS8YE       EA7FTR      YN4SU       TI4SU
CQ72LHP     CT2HTN      LZ2010KM    LZ1BJ       YP2GEO      YO2KAR
CQ72LHR     CT2HTN      LZ24MAY     LZ1KZX      YS1/W3MKT   N1NK
CQ72LHV     CT2HTN      LZ8E        LZ2BE       YS1MAE      W3HNK
CQ72LHZ     CT2HTN      MS0TJT/p    GM4ZNC      Z21BB       W3HNK
CR6FNA      CT1MH       OD5/DL6SN   DO8LA       Z23MS       UA3DX
CS2HD       CT2FPE      OH8T        OH8TA       ZF2BG       W2CYK
CS5FAT      CT6ARL      OL26LP      OK1CZ       ZF2WR       W2CYK
CU3DX/p     CU3EJ       OM30CAQ     OM3CAQ      ZP9EH       K5WW
CX7CO       WB3CDX      ON50RN      ON7PP       ZW5B        K3IRV
D2AK        G7COD       OT7G        ON5MA       ZW7R        PR7JP
DT0IP/2     6K2EJJ      OZ2SPACE    OZ7AKT      ZX2F        PY2FN

F5TJP    Ronan Darchen, B.P. 109, 22700 Perros-Guirec, France
G7COD    Andrew Kitchen, 4 Dairy Cottages, Bank Newton, Skipton, BD23 3NT,
         United Kingdom
N1ZZZ    Jeremy C, Allen, P.O. Box 1294, Cutchogue NY 11935, USA
OK2GZ    Jaroslav Kelar, Gen. Svobody 1200, 783 91 Unicov 1, Czech Republic
ON4FG    Stefaan Burger, Sint-Jorisveld 17, 3390 Tielt-Winge, Belgium
ON4LN    Eric Lauwers, Benedictijnenlaan 25, 3010 Kessel-Lo, Belgium
TL0A     Christian Saint-Arroman, Chemin de Mousteguy, 64990 Urcuit, France
UR3HR    Leonid Babich, P.O. Box 55, Poltava, 36000, Ukraine
VE8EV    John Boudreau, P.O. Box 3099, Inuvik NT X0E 0T0, Canada
W7W      St. Helens Event, P.O. Box 2044, Poulsbo WA 98370, USA
ZS8M     Pierre D. Tromp, P.O. Box 1481, Worcester, 6850, South Africa


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