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29 May 2010                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 995
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

8Q     - Tom, PF4T will be active  again  as  8Q7TB  from  Embudu,  Maldives
         (AS-013) on 5-25 June. He will operate SSB, RTTY and BPSK31  on  40
         and 20 metres, but he will also give 10, 15 and 17  metres  a  try.
         QSL via PF4T, direct  or  bureau.  Further  information,  logsearch
         included, can be found at 8q7tb.pf4t.nl
9H     - IT9ABY, IT9WKU, IT9ZRU, IW9HJT and possibly IT9BLB will  be  active
         as 9H3Y from Malta (EU-023) on 24-31 July.  They  will  operate  on
         all bands SSB, CW  and  RTTY  and  will  participate  in  the  IOTA
         Contest. QSL via IT9ABY, direct or bureau. [TNX IT9ABY]
C6     - Alan  K5AB   (C6AAB),   Renee  N5BW  (C6AMR),   Mark  NA6M  (C6AMS,
         www.c6ams.com), Scott K2CK (C6ASH) and Carolyne W5ETY (C6ATY)  will
         be active from Eleuthera  (NA-001),  Bahamas  on  9-25  July.  They
         expect to operate CW, SSB and digital modes on  160-6  metres  with
         three stations. [TNX NA6M]
CE     - Special event station XR200R will be active until the end of  2010,
         the year that marks the 200th anniversary of the earliest  step  in
         the Chilean struggle for indipendence. QSL  via  CE1KR,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX CE1YI]
         will participate in the IOTA Contest  as  CR6W  from  Insua  Island
         (EU-150). QSL via CS1GDX. [TNX CT1END]
EI     - Bernard, EI4II and Olivier ON4EI (EI8GQB) will operate CW  and  SSB
         as EJ4II from the Saltee  Islands  (EU-103)  on  23-25  July,  IOTA
         Contest included. QSL via EI4II.  Further  information  at  qrz.com
         under EJ4II.
F      - Once again (for the 59th year) the  Association  des  Radioamateurs
         de la Sarthe will activate special event station for the  24  Hours
         of Le Mans. This year's callsign will  be  TM24H  (it  used  to  be
         TM6ACO) and operations will take place from 30 May to 13 June.  QSL
         via F6KFI. Further information at asso.proxiland.fr/aras72/
F      - The Council of Europe  Radio  Amateur  Club  (TP2CE,  ewwa.free.fr)
         will be active as TP60CE  on  4-6  June  to  commemorate  the  60th
         anniversary of the European Convention on  Human  Rights.  QSL  via
         F5LGF. [TNX F6FQK]
F     -  Michel,   F6IPS   will  operate  as   TM66SME  on  4-13  June  from
         Emondeville, close to Sainte Mere-Eglise, to commemorate  the  66th
         anniversary of the "D-Day" landings in Normandy  during  World  War
         II. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
F      - Commmemorating the 66th anniversary of Operation Overlord,  Arnault
         F4GAJ will be active as TM6OVE pn 5-19 June.  QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX F6AJA]
FW     - FW5M (QSL via JA2NQG), FWD2A (QSL via JH2BNL) and  FW5FM  (QSL  via
         JI2UAY) are the callsign issued for the 14-24  July  activity  from
         Wallis Island (OC-054) [425DXN 991]. "FWD2A is the  callsign  which
         we were informed from Wallis by e-mail  for  JH2BNL",  Mine  JA2NQG
         says. "However, this may be changed with a  more  ordinary  one  by
         the officer in person upon our visit to Wallis Telecom".  The  team
         plans to operate 160-10 metres CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV and FM with  100
         watts and "simple antennas". The side trip to  Futuna  (OC-118)  is
         confirmed; look for FW5M/p (on 30, 17 and 12m CW) and  FWD2A/p  (on
         20 and 15m SSB) to be QRV around 22-23 UTC on 15 July and to  close
         down around 1 UTC on the 17th. QSL via home calls. [TNX JA2NQG]
GM     - MM0DFV, GM0WRR, and GM0EZP  will  be  active  as  GM4FFF  from  the
         Flanders Moss  National  Nature  Reserve  on  29-30  May.  QSL  via
         MM0DFV. Further information  can  be  found  at  www.gmff.org  [TNX
GM     - A group of YL operators will be  active  as  GB2SLH  from  Sumburgh
         Head Lighthouse on Shetland  Island  (EU-012)  between  14  and  27
         August. Main activity will  concentrate  during  the  International
         Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend on 21-22 August. QSL via  M5YLO.  They
         have a website at www.radioclubs.net/gb2slh/ [TNX G0GFL]
HB0    - Look for HB0/OK6DJ/p to be active from Liechtenstein on  3-6  June,
         including the IARU Region 1 Field Day. QSL via  OK1DRQ,  direct  or
         bureau, and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
I      - Special callsign II2TRE will be in  use  on  all  bands  and  modes
         until 31 July to celebrate the 30th anniversary  of  ARI  Treviglio
         (Bergamo). QSL via IQ2DN. [TNX IK2CHZ]
I      - IZ3JHP, IZ8OJG and IZ8NWA will be active as  II3RDP  from  the  War
         Memorial at  Redipuglia  (Gorizia)  on  29-30  May.  They  plan  to
         operate SSB, CW, BPSK31 and RTTY on  80,  40,  20,  15,  6,  and  2
         metres, as well as on 70cm. QSL via IZ3JHP, direct or bureau.
I      - Members of ARI San Dona di Piave will be active again as IL3T  from
         Torcello Island (EU-131, IIA  VE-011)  on  30  May.  They  plan  to
         operate on various HF bands  and  to  participate  in  the  Gargano
         Contest (50 MHz). QSL via IQ3SD, direct or bureau. [TNX I5JKI]
I      - Look for II3JD to be activated from the submarine "Dandolo" at  the
         Italian Navy Museum in Venice during the Museum  Ships  Weekend  on
         5-6 June. QSL via IW3IE, direct or bureau. [TNX IT9MRM]
I      - Franco, IK4YCQ will be active holiday style as IL7/IK4YCQ from  San
         Domino, Tremiti Islands (EU-050) on 5-10 June. He will operate  SSB
         on the HF bands. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX IK4YCQ]
ON     - Kurt, ON4CB and Francois, ON4LO will be active as OR9W/p  from  the
         lightship "Mayflower" on 4-6 June. They will operate SSB  on  80-10
         metres. QSL via ON4CB, direct or bureau. [TNX ON4CB]
PA     - Piet, PA3CCQ will operate special event station  PI65SRA  until  20
         June on 10, 20, 40 and 80 metres CW. QSL via bureau.  This  is  one
         of the many special callsigns celebrating the 65th  anniversary  of
         VERON, the Netherlands' IARU society. [TNX PA3CCQ]
PA     - PA08DWN will be active on 30 May, 5 June,  27  June,  25  July,  29
         August, and finally on 2 October for the annual  Furieade  maritime
         event at Maassluis, near  Rotterdam.  Operations  will  take  place
         from the radio shack  of  the  "Elbe",  a  tugboat  that  is  being
         restorated to serve as a museumship. QSL via PA3ALM. [TNX PA9HR]
PY     - The previously announced callsigns for the upcoming  operations  to
         IOTA groups SA-041 (PW8J)  and  SA-016  (PW8L)  [425DXN  993]  have
         changed.  The  Brazilian  National  Telecommunications  Agency  has
         authorized the use  of  PX8J  from  Ilha  dos  Lencois  9-15  June,
         SA-041) and PX8L from Sao  Luis  (16-18  June,  SA-016).  QSLs  via
         PY7ZY. The website for  the  expedition  is  at  www.px8j.com  [TNX
SV5    - Darren, G0TSM is active as SV5/G0TSM from Kos,  Dodecanese  Islands
         (EU-001) until 2 June, with a focus on 6 metres as usual. QSL  home
         call. [TNX G0TSM]
SV5    - Max, IZ4JMA will  be  active  as  SV5/IZ4JMA  from  the  island  of
         Karpathos, Dodecanese  (EU-001)  on  6-20  June.  He  will  operate
         holiday style on 80-6 metres all modes. [TNX IZ4JMA]
T30    - Haru, JA1XGI will be active from Tarawa, West Kiribati (OC-017)  as
         T30XG on 3-9 June. He will operate CW (7020, 10115,  14030,  18085,
         21030, 28030 and 50110 kHz), SSB (14185,  21260,  28450  and  50130
         kHz) and RTTY (10140, 14090, 18105, 21090, 28090  and  50115  kHz).
         QSL via JA1XGI, direct or bureau. The web site  for  the  operation
         is at http://island.geocities.jp/t30xg [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
TA     - The TC Special Wireless Activity Team will  operate  three  special
         stations (TC2010CCA, TC2010CCE and TC2010CCI) from three  different
         locations in Istanbul on 28-30 May. QSl via TA1HZ.  Information  on
         the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Award  can  be  found
         at www.ta0u.com [TNX TA0U]
TF     - Franz/DF6QV,  Juergen/DJ2VO  and  Lutz/DL9DAN  will  be  active  as
         TF/homecall from the Westman Islands (EU-071) on 18-27  July.  They
         will run two  separate  stations  on  160-10  metres  CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes. During the IOTA Contest they will  operate  as  TF7X
         (QSL direct to KT6YL) along with Gulli/TF9GX.
UN    -  A "World Flora Fauna" expedition to three  national parks  (Charyn,
         Altyn-Emel and Ile-Alatau) in the Almaty  province of Kazakhstan is
         planned to take place between  29  May and 4 June. Look for UP1WFF,
         to operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 80-10 metres and on the VHF
         bands.  QSL via UN0GL (P.O.  Box  15,  Almaty, 050009, Kazakhstan).
         [TNX UN6QC]
UR     - Crisna, IZ3GWJ says he will  be  active  again  as  UT/IZ3GWJ  from
         Ternopil, Ukraine on 7-19  June.  He  plans  to  concentrate  on  6
         metres SSB.
V8     - Celebrating  its  5th  anniversary,  the  Gemilang  Association  of
         Tutong, Brunei will be active as V84SGR from  Seri  Kenangan  Beach
         (OC-088) from 10 UTC on 30 May until 4 UTC on the  31st.  Look  for
         activity on 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 metres  SSB  and  digital  modes.
         QSL via V8MVE. [TNX DX World]
W      - Rick, K8GI will be  active  again  as  K8GI/3  from  Middle  Hooper
         Island (NA-140) on 29 May,  between  approximately  13.30  UTC  and
         23.00 UTC. It will be an outdoor operation, and weather  conditions
         may affect it. Rick plans to operate PSK63 (18102 kHz), SSB  (14260
         kHz) and RTTY (14082 kHz). QSL via home  call,  direct  or  bureau.
         [TNX K8GI]
W      - Max, NN5L  will  be  active  as  NN5L/p  from  North  Padre  Island
         (NA-092) on 5-8 June. QSL via home call,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
ZD8    - Takao,  JE1WVQ  will  be  active  as  ZD8J  from  Ascension  Island
         (AF-003) on  2-8  June.  He  plans  to  operate  on  80-10  metres,
         including activity on digital modes. QSL via home  call.  [TNX  The
         Daily DX]

CQ WW WPX CW CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (29-30 May):
Call          Category        DXCC                  QSL
3V8SS         SOAB LP         Tunisia            IZ8CCW
4L0A          SOAB HP         Georgia              LoTW
4L8A          SOSB 20m        Georgia              K1BV
AO2KY                         Spain               EA2KY
B7P           M/S             China              BD7IXG
CD1R          M/S             Chile               CE1KR
CQ3L          M/?             Madeira             DJ6QT
DR1A          M/M             Germany            DL6FBL
E20YLM/4      SO              Thailand           E20YLM
E21EIC        SOAB HP         Thailand          qrz.com
EE2W          M/S             Spain              EB2BXL
EF8E          SO              Canary Isls         EA8AY
EF8M          SOAB HP         Canary Isls         UA3DX
EG8GCA        SO              Canary Isls         EA8TH
ER6A          SOSB 40m        Moldova             ER1LW
ES0DJ         SOSB 15M        Estonia             ES2DJ
G1A           SOAB HP         England             M0DXR
HS8JYX        SO LP           Thailand           HS8JYX
J48HW         SO              Greece              HA0HW
KP2B          SOAB LP         US Virgin Isls     EA7FTR
KP3Z          SOAB HP         Puerto Rico          N4AO
LS1D          M/S             Argentina          LW9EOC
LU3DKV        M/S             Argentina          LU3DKV
LX7I          M/2             Luxembourg           LX2A
MJ0ASP        SOAB            Jersey             MJ0ASP
OG0Z          SOSB            Aland Isls           W0MM
OH0J          SOSB 10m        Aland Isls          OH1RX
OQ3R          SOSB 40M        Belgium             ON4RU
P49Y          SOAB LP         Aruba                AE6Y
PJ2T          SOAB HP         Curacao              N9AG
PJ4A          SOAB HP         Bonaire             K4BAI
PX2C          SOSB 15M        Brazil             PY2MTV
RG3K          SOAB HP         EU Russia          UA3QDX
RW2F          M/M             Kaliningrad         DK4VW
S65Q                          Singapore           9V1QQ
SN30J         SOAB            Poland             SP5JXK
ST2AR         SOAB            Sudan                S53R
TA2LM         SOSB            Turkey              TA2LM
TC3A          M/2             Turkey              LZ1NK
TC4X                          Turkey              OH2BH
TI5N          SOAB LP         Costa Rica          W3HNK
TK9E                          Corsica            IZ2GLU
TM33E         M/?             France              F5GGL
TM77M         SOAB QRP        France              F5MUX
V26E          SOAB HP         Antigua              AB2E
VC2W          SOAB            Canada             VA2WDQ
VK6HZ         SOAB            Australia           VK6NE
VK9LL         SO              Lord Howe Isl      VK2CCC
VQ90JC                        Chagos Isls          ND9M
YE1C          M/S             Indonesia         qrz.com
YN2GY         SOAB LP         Nicaragua            K9GY
ZS9X          SOAB            South Africa        K3IRV
ZW5B          M/M             Brazil              K3IRV
ZX2F                          Brazil              PY2FN

Do not  forget  to  give  a  look  at  the  Announced    Operations  listing
maintained by Bill, NG3K at  www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxc2010.html -  good contest
to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND ---> Sponsored by the  Battleship  New  Jersey  Amateur
Radio Station (NJ2BB), this year's Museum Ships Weekend will  be  held  from
00.00 UTC on 5 June until 23.59 UTC on the 6th. Information  on  the  event,
including the relevant certificate and the listing of  participating  ships,
can be found at www.nj2bb.org

T31UR & T31X ---> The Pacific Odissey team  left  Apia  (Samoa)  later  than
planned and, after a bureaucratic  hiccup,  was  expected  to  reach  Kanton
Island around 25 May. However, when they were just 120 nautical  miles  away
from Kanton, their vessel's engine failed and the captain  decided  to  sail
back to Apia (a 8/10-day voyage). "Such decision was determined by the  fact
that the entry to the Kanton's cove without engines  would  be  impossible",
the team says, "and the repair of engine in the ocean  is  impossible  too".
Their current main concern is to reach Apia safe and sound ("200  liters  of
fresh water left" and still 450 nautical miles to go on 28  May).  Read  the
latest update at www.uz1hz.com/pacificodyssey.html.

+ SILENT KEYS + Jakob "Jack" Laib, HB9TL (VK6CTL), the doyen  of  the  Swiss
DX community, passed away on  24  April  in  Perth,  at  82  years  of  age.
Licensed since 1956, he became popular on the DX scene in the early  Sixties
by operating as 9K3TL/NZ from the Saudi Arabia/Kuwait Neutral  Zone  (now  e
deleted DXCC Entity). "Noteworthy are also his many donations  of  equipment
to operators in  third-world  countries",  Peter  Langenegger,  HB9PL  says,
"which in numerous cases brought those places  on  the  air  for  the  first
Other recently reported Silent keys include Vladimir  Bozak  (9A2B),  Ludwig
Molenaar  (P43LM),  Pavel  G.  Mikhailov  (RV3ACC),  Aleksandr  D.  Kucherov
(UA3ZA), Yury A. Vershinin (UR0YC), Leslie  "Les"  D.  Hepburn  (ZL3FK)  and
87-year-old Robert R. Brown (NM7M), PhD, who passed away on 23 May.  He  was
known  worldwide  for  his  contributions  to  the    propagation   studies,
especially on on 160 metres.


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B9WR, 3V3S, 3Z80PZK,  4J3M,  5K4T
(SA-084), 5K5T (SA-017), 5N3WQK,  5N5OK,  5R8GZ,  5W0OU,  5W0YA,  6W/GM4FDM,
6W/HA0NAR, 6W1RW, 6W2SC, 6Y9V, 7Q7BP, 8Q7CE, 8R1PY,  9G5XA,  9K2F  (AS-118),
9V1SV, 9X0LX, A25NW, A61BK, A71EL, A71FT,  A92IO,  AP2DKH,  BD1ISI,  BD8ATI,
C6AUM,  CE3FZ,  CK8G  (NA-182),  CN8KD,  CT9/DL3KWR,  CX9AU,  D2CQ,  DS5USH,
HR5/F2JD, HV0A, J28AA, J38XX, J5NAR,  J5UAP,  J7N,  J88DR,  JD1BLK,  JD1BLY,
S79GM, S92LX, ST2AR, SU1HZ, T30KI, T31DX, T33ZZ, T6AG, T88CJ, TF4X,  TG9IRP,
TI7XX, TM7CC, TO5SM (NA-105), TO5SM/p  (NA-199),TX3A,  TX4T,  TY1MS,  TY2SF,
V31QS, V31RR, V63DQ, V63T, VK4SWE (OC-227),  VP8DMH,  VP8LP,  VP8NO,  VQ9LA,
YN2NW, YS1/W3MKT, YS4/N0AT, YS4U, Z21BB, Z21DXI, Z23MS, Z33A,  Z36T,  ZB2FK,


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