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19 June 2010                                              A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 998
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

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EA     - EG3FI will be active again from the  Formigues  (Hormigas)  Islands
         (EU-078) on 25-26  June.  The  operators  will  be  EA3AS,  EA3ATM,
         EA3DW, EA3FKX, EA3NT and F4BKV. Last year's activity run for a  few
         hours only owing to rough seas. QSL via EA3NT. [TNX DX World]
F      - A few days after Charles de  Gaulle's  famous  appeal  of  18  June
         1940, which was the origin of the French Resistance to  the  German
         occupation during World  War  II,  the  clandestine  sea  crossings
         between Brittany and England started.  Commemorating  those  events
         of seventy years ago, special callsign  TM70TC  will  be  activated
         from Finistere from 26 June to 10 July. QSL via F6CNM. [TNX F8REF]
HB0    - Marc, OZ1MDX, will be active  as  HB0/OU4U  from  Liechtenstein  on
         22-27 June. He will operate CW, SSB, RTTY  and  possibly  PSK31  on
         the HF bands. QSL via M0URX, direct  or  bureau  (on-line  for  for
         bureau requests at www.m0urx.com). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
I      - Bob IK8BIZ, Alfredo IZ8DEP and  Frank  IK8TEO  will  be  active  as
         IB0CW from Ventotene (EU-045, IIA LT-011) on 19-21 June. They  will
         operate SSB, CW and digital modes on the HF bands, 6 and 2  metres,
         including activity during the IARU Region 1  50  MHz  Contest.  QSL
         via IZ8CLM, dircet or bureau. [TNX IK8BIZ]
I      - The Strange Radio Team will be  active  as  IQ8OM/p  from  Camerota
         Island (not IOTA, IIA  SA-002)  on  20  June.  Information  on  the
         Salerno Islands Plaque can be  found  at  www.strangeradioteam.com.
         QSL via IK8WEJ. [TNX IZ8EDJ]
J2     - Vincent, F5MJV will be stationed in Djibouti "at least until  2011,
         and more probably until 2012", F5NQL reports. He will be active  as
         J28JV on the HF bands, mainly CW and digital modes with  some  SSB,
         initially during his weekends (Friday and Saturday), then, once  he
         has  settled  down,  also  during  his  evening   hours.    Weekend
         activities from IOTA group AF-053 (Moucha Island) are in  Vincent's
         plans, but unfortunately he will not be able to  operate  from  the
         much rarer AF-059 group. QSL via F5NQL, direct or bureau.
KL     - The KL7RRC IOTA activity  from  Chirikof  Island  (NA-235)  [425DXN
         981] is now expected to take place between 22 July  and  2  August.
         The  team  now  includes  Merle/K5MT   (ex    N6PYN),    Yuri/N3QQ,
         Alexander/RW3RN  and  Yuri/UA9OBA.  QSL  via  UA9OBA  (Russia   and
         Europe) and N7RO (rest of the world). The tentative time  table  on
         the expedition's website (www.na-234.com) no  longer  includes  any
         activity from the Seal Islands (NA-239).
LA     - Jindra OK1AMM, Franta OK1HH  and  Bob  OK2BOB  will  be  active  as
         LA/homecall from Finnoy (EU-055) from around  10  UTC  on  23  June
         until around 6 UTC on the 30th. They plan to operate CW and SSB  on
         160-6 metres. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX OK2BOB]
LA     - Wolf, DM2AUJ will be active again as LA/homecall from  the  Lofoten
         Islands (EU-076) between 24 June and 8 July.  QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
LY, SP - The Battle  of  Grunwald/Zalgiris,  fought  on  15  July  1410,  is
         regarded as the most important victory in  the  history  of  Poland
         and Lithuania. Celebrating the 600th anniversary of that event,  13
         special  Lithuanian  stations  will  be  active  until  15  August:
         LY1410G (QSL via LY3X), LY600A (QSL via  LY5A),  LY600BY  (QSL  via
         LY3BY), LY600CM (QSL via LY1CM), LY600DZ (QSL via  LY2DZ),  LY600GV
         (QSL via LY2GV), LY600J (QSL via LY3J), LY600KM  (QSL  via  LY2KM),
         LY600NI (QSL via LY2NI), LY600Q (QSL via LY4Q),  LY600QT  (QSL  via
         LY2QT), LY600V (QSL via LY3V) and LY600W (QSL via LY5W). Also  look
         for special Polish stations HF600PG (QSL via  SP4ZHT,  1-17  July),
         SN1410G (QSL via SP9PKZ, until 31 July), SN600G  (QSL  via  SP9PKR,
         until 31 July), SP600G (QSL via SP4KSY, 1-31 July) and SQ600G  (QSL
         via SP4ZHR, from 25 June to 20 July). The Lithuanian Amateur  Radio
         Society will issue special wooden plaques for  contacts  made  with
         these stations  (e-mail  diplomai[@]lrmd.lt  or  ly4q[@]qrz.lt  for
         information). [TNX LY4Q]
PA     - Special callsign PD80TT will be in use between 23 June and 20  July
         for the 80th Dutch TT Motor Grand Prix in Assen. QSL via PD7BZ.
V6     - Hase JK1EBA (V63AKA, QSL via hc), Sasi JA1KJW (V63JQ, QSL via  hc),
         Mat JA1JQY (V63JY, QSL via hc), Karl JA3MCA (V63MCA,  QSL  via  hc)
         and Kund JA8VE (V63VE, QSL via JF1OCQ)  will  be  active  from  Yap
         Island (OC-012), Micronesia on 22-29 June. They will  operate  SSB,
         CW and RTTY on  160-6  metres,  with  at  least  two  out  of  five
         stations active at the same time on different bands. [TNX JA1ELY]
XU     - Wim, XU7TZG and Peter, XU7ACY will be active  on  80-10  metres  as
         XU7TAS from Koh Tas (AS-133) until around 1 UTC  on  21  June.  QSL
         via ON7PP. [TNX ON7PP]
ZA     - Chris, HA5X will be active as ZA0/HA5X from Sazan  Island  (EU-169)
         [425DXN 996] on 21 June for about 24 hours. QSL via  HA5X  (direct)
         or M0XXA (bureau); an Online QSL Request  System  for  both  direct
         and bureau cards is available at http://za.ha5x.hu/ [TNX HA0HW]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

ADDRESS FOR ZS8M (CORRECTION) ---> Please note that the correct  POB  number
is 151 (*not 1151* as reported in  425DXN  #997.  The  correct  address  is:
Pierre D. Tromp, P.O. Box 151, Worcester, 6850, South Africa.  We  apologize
for any inconvenience this may have  caused  our  readers.  Further  QSLling
information on qrz.com under ZS8M.

ANNOBON 2010 ---> 3C0C went QRT on 16 June "due to logistical  problems",  a
few days earlier than planned and after  a  many  trials  and  tribulations.
There were expected to fly back to Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)  on  17  June,
and to be active again as 3C9B for  two  or  three  days.  3C0C's  full  log
(11657 QSOs made between 17.54 UTC on 8 June and 18.48 UTC on the  16th)  is
available on the expeditions's website (www.3c0c-annobon.com).

DXCC NEWS ---> The recent E4X operation from  Palestine  has  been  approved
for DXCC credit. Also approved is E4/7K1REG (Palestine, 2000 operation):  if
you  had  this  operation  rejected  in  a  past  submission,  send  a  note
(dxcc[@]arrl.org) and note the year in which this credit was rejected  based
on the date at the top of your Award Credit Slip. DXCC may not reply to  all
requests due to the possibility of a large amount of mail. You  can  confirm
that your record has been updated by checking your  LoTW  account  and  your
total(s) in the live daily DXCC listings. [TNX NC1L]

HQ3C ---> The 18-20 June IOTA activity from Cayos Cochinos (NA-160)  [425DXN
997] has been postponed until further notice "because of concerns about  the
weather conditions in the area". [TNX HR2PAC]

OPERATORS SOUGHT ---> The Oceania Amateur Radio DX Group is looking  at  the
viability of running a 7-day DXpedition to Vanuatu indicatively between  the
second half of August and the first week of September. The  expedition  will
be limited to six  people;  if  interested  in  joining  the  group,  please
contact Chris, VK3QB (vk3qb[@]wia.org.au). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

PIRATE ---> TS7C was  used  for  an  operation  from  the  Kerkenah  Islands
(AF-073) in in January 2009 (QSL via F4EGD).  This  callsign  has  not  been
reissued, F4AJQ says, and reported activity in May and June  2010  is  by  a
pirate. [TNX F5NQL]

RA9LI/0 ---> Vasily, RA9LI/0 has been no longer active from AS-086 since  11
June. The weather station's cook is ill and Vasily had to accompany  him  to
the mainland. [TNX UA9LP]

QSL VIA ON4AAC ---> Please note that Frank, ON4AAC is the  QSL  manager  for
J48T (Thassos Island, EU-174) only for the QSOs made in June 2001,  and  for
J48S (Samos Island, EU-049) for the QSOs  made  in  July  2009.  Should  you
still  need  a  card  for  these   operations,    you    can    email  Frank
(on4aac[@]uba.be) in order to receive a bureau card. [TNX ON4AAC]

QSL VIA PG5M ---> "Last year PG5M (3D2GM,  T2G,  T30GM,  etc.)  moved  to  a
temporary location", The  Daily  DX  reports,  and  apparently  there  is  a
problem in getting his mail forwarded. Those who need a QSL  can  send  thei
request to G. A. Menting, Tuinkoepel 26, 9351 TM Leek, The Netherlands.

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported Silent Keys include Tom  O'Donnell  (EI4Z,
the doyen of amateur radio operators in  Ireland),  Ronald  Cooper  (G0MSM),
Antonio Tarantola  (IK1IZB),  Munir  Nahhas  (VE3MYN),  Wayne  E.  Gingerich
(W6EUF) and Mauro Santini (IN3SAU),  member  of  the  IH9P  M/M  team  world
winner of the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2002.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
2U0WMG      2E0WMG      EG5FUV      EA5FL       PA75HV      PA0FAW
3C0C        EA7FTR      EG9OGH      EA9CE       PJ7/IK1PMR  PA3LEO
3C9B        EA7FTR      EH1EPC      EC1AAC      PQ7S        PR7JP
3Z0MOST     SP9PTA      EH2EPC      EC2AMN      PX8J        PY7ZY
3Z0OBOZ     SP8YAY      EH5FUV      EA5FL       PX8L        PY7ZY
4B3DX       XE3DX       EI10GPC     EI8DD       R1FJM       RX3MM
4J7WMF      RX3RC       EM44U       UT7UT       R2SRR       RV3YR
4L1UN       EA7FTR      EM5WFF      UT2UB       R300FF      UA2FFX/1
4O7CC       UA4CC       EM90AIK     UR5AW       R300P       RN1AN
5J0BV       K7BV        EN90ALK     UY5AX       S50EPC      S59DSC
5K3B        HK3O        EV9WFF      EW4DX       SD1B/6      DL8AAV
5N7M        OM3CGN      GB4DTD      GM0DEQ      SH3O/2      SM3TLG
5W0OX       UR3HR       GB5EPC      MM0DFV      SM0Q        SM0OGQ
6Y2X        DL2AZZ      GB70BRS     G8BHC       SO5UM/4     RU5A
7Q7BJ       G4AHK       GB8EPC      MM0DFV      SP45BCA     SP7BCA
8Q7TB       PF4T        GB90MZX     G0MWT       SV0LR       HB9LDR
8R1RPN      OH0XX       HF1850K     SP3JBI      SX1EPC      SV8GXC
9A0WFF      9A6AA       HF1850L     SP3EWP      SY1EPC      SV8GXC
9A500AA     9A2AA       HF1850S     SQ3PAM      TM1EJ       F5YD
9H3BS       G0SGB       HF1850Z     SQ3RPM      TM1EPC      F6ECI
9H3XW       G5XW        HF200ICP    SP4ICP      TM30PB      F8BUO
9M2GCN/6    JH3GCN      HF2010FC    SP4OZ       TM5BBC      F2UW
A41OO       NI5DX       HF2010FCY   SP9KJU      TM5Q        F4ELI
A61BK       NI5DX       HF2010WECK  SP2QCW      TM6GAL      F6KOV
A61E        EB7DX       HF35KRF     SP1KRF      TM6OVE      F4GAJ
A71BU       NI5DX       HG7DANUBE   HA7VY       TM70LM      F8KGY
AJ2L/AH0    JI3QBQ      II2PIER     IZ2GMU      TM8TOC      F4FEE
AM5FUV      EA5FL       II3JD       IW3IE       UQ3EPC      UN6GD
AM5VFU      EA5HAB      II7MNR      IZ7NLL      V31XB       VE2XB
AN5FUV      EB5GGB      J41EPC      SV8GXC      V44KAI      W5TFW
AN5VFU      EA5DWS      J88CF       EB7DX       VK7GK       DL8NU
AO5FUV      EA5FL       JT5DX       JT1CO       VP2ECF      PA3LEO
AO5SUB      EA5YU       JW1EOA      LA1EOA      VP2EMR      PA3LEO
AO5VFU      EA5DM       JW9YG       LA9YG       VP2MRT      KB4CRT
CE4UJU      XQ4CW       KH0N        JA6CNL      VP8DMH      G0VGS
CF3NAVY     VE3RCN      KH6MB       AI4U        VQ5M        WB2REM
CO8LY       EA7ADH      M0EPC       MM0DFV      W4EPC       KK3Q
CQ7OA       CT1FMX      MS0INT      M0URX       XV7ZSJ      K6ZSJ
CX4AAJ      EB7DX       MX0EPC      MM0DFV      YR60KPA     YO3KPA
DU1/G0SHN   F6AJA       N4EPC       KU1T        YR8EPC      YO8CGR
DX1J        JA1HGY      OD5/DL6SN   DO8LA       Z22JE       K3IRV
E70EPC      E73SRS      OL26LP      OK1CZ       ZD8J        JE1WVQ
E74A        K2PF        OR9W/p      ON4CB       ZS10WCS     ZS4BS
E74KC       E73Y        OZ0EPC      OZ2OSR      ZS1REC      W2ARP
EE5RKX      EA5KB       PA50AT      PA1AT       ZS6EPC      ZS6GRL

4J0WFF   Parvana Hasanova Fornati, 12584 Eden Court, Apple Valley MN 55124,
EA7FTR   Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque (Huelva),
G0VGS    Ian J. Maude, 21 Colwyn Avenue, Morecambe, LA4 6EQ, United Kingdom
K7BV     Dennis Motschenbacher, 17292 Citron, Irvine CA 92612, USA
M0URX    Tim Beaumont, P.O. Box 17, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1SF,
         United Kingdom
PY7ZY    Cicero X. Silva, P.O. Box 152, Joao Pessoa - PB, 58010-970, Brazil
RX3MM    Vitalij V. Klabukov, c/o Daniel Mattison, Communications
         Department, EBRD, 1 Exchange Square, London, EC2A 2JN, United
ZS8M     Pierre D. Tromp, P.O. Box 151, Worcester, 6850, South Africa


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